“Why People Join Your Business”

Why People Join Your Business

Let’s be honest, and go back on our magic time machine. To when we first started, a real HBB (Home Base Business) . Can you utilize that skill, of visualization. Close your eyes, and have some soft smooth music on. Better yet, go to a quiet place, out side and drift back, with a smile on your face. Wait for it……Now! POW!

1982 summer of, right in Boston. I was walking around the golf course, this is the site, that would become, one of our Nations, top golf courses, Franklin Park. Well, I was noticing, how everyone was starting to spend, more time outside, yet , never having supplies. Just the basic ones, like water, towels, and toilet paper. Hey, just keeping it real.

You get the idea. I was noticing, not talking or moving around. I became, for the first time, maybe. Aware of other peoples needs, by observation. You develop this skill, all during life. That is, if you can slow down, and breath. You must take all concentration, off of you. Center your breathing, and open your eyes. Just look around, without thinking about anything , except what everyone else, is doing. Look at their faces, and reactions. Always keep smiling, while performing this technique. Why, because smiling makes you feel good, and things will start to happen, based on you becoming happy. Yes, it works, and you can try it right now. Just tell yourself, the writer is crazy, and typing over the golf course, with no clue, it’s raining outside. That will make you laugh, and feel good? Your not the one sitting here getting soaked….LOL

Now, take all you see and focus, in on everyone’s expression, when, wait….this guy, dropped an ice cream cone, to the ground, but the truck left. How about, a women sees a shiny object, on the sidewalk, bends down, and finds a rare 1918 silver eagle quarter! Look at here face. Now , take that expression, of the first person. Think what you can do, to resolve the problem, of no ice cream cone. We are not talking about store purchased, ice cream. We are talking about that white, soft melt in your mouth, with the right amount of chocolate, covering. You remember, the chocolate covering, that use to freeze the actual ice cream, within it, on that sugar cone, with the pointy tipped, bottom. Now, what are you going to do, to make that person feel as excited, as the women who found that shinny, silver eagle quarter?

You must, understand that people, will join you in anything. Yes, they join the person, not the company or products. It’s all about you, and if your brand is solid, ethical, and many other factors, they are with you for a lifetime. No, matter how many future project you start, they are in. Hey, you have not let them down before. It’s, about you! If you are a sincere, energized, passionate, motivator. You must project power, and instill energy, to the people who you made, that real relationship, with. They must be comfortable around you, and trust your lead. You must get to know, how to make that excitement, like the women who found the silver shinny eagle, was. Hold their hand daily, if required. Just to the point, that you have empowered them to stand. Yet, never alone. Then they will become, amazing leaders, in our business. You have succeeded in our duplication process. It is to make, great coaches, mentors, and visionaries, in our business. This is the truth behind duplication process. That is why many give up. The people who bring them in, have no clue as to what the first step is. Simply develop a real relationship, with everyone you come in connection with. That is the first step. Then, empower them to start to examine, themselves to manifest, the burning desire, for personal growth. Now, coach, and mentor them, to utilize the needed skills, and techniques. Visualization, self-edification and unlimited, faith. Much more, as they develop…you get the point!

In closing, people do not care, what products or the company is. If you can get this your on your way to really understanding. They join you, and will follow you, in the business. You, develop lifelong relationships, build it on support, ethical actions and edification. You must, coach each person to the next level, of greatness. Just let them, tell you what they believe, will be success. They can only determine that, OK. Help them achieve it, by all ethical means required! Remember, at the beginning how to sit quietly and focus on visualization. Seeing others, and not focusing on, ones self. Use this skill continuously.

“People will join you because of your greatness, ethical behavior, and real human support”

I welcome, all comments be it, in support and opposition. Nothing, but love as always. Please, return soon for our next topic of , “U Be The Judge”. That is if I remember that to be the topic. “Now you can stop, with the visualization”

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  1. Hi William

    You are so right. People join you, not your business! If you can get people to know, like and trust you, you will get the results you want.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Sue, thank you for your edification! It is well received. It pleases me, that people understand this one, factor. That is all, I would like them to focus on. Then our business will get better, in retaining good solid, ethical people.

      Please, stop by again, and share the love…..Look forward to, your next post on your blog!

  2. Thanks for this post. It reminds me of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle: “People don’t care what you do, they care WHY you do it.”

    If we can keep our “why” clear throughout our marketing, we can truly build a loyal tribe to carry us and our businesses to the next level.

    1. Ylva,

      Thank you, for relating to our subject matter. It means so much, to me that, you took the time, to share your views.

      I agree, with keeping a focus on our, individual whys. That is another area, we should get into. Creating your why. That must be your driving point. When things get hard, and they will. You must have that “Why” keeping you grounded, to stay the course…

      I look forward, to your return, Ylva.

  3. Hi William! I love your technique for stepping back and watching people to see what they need! Most of us are so busy trying to get to the next place that we don’t take the time to step back and observe what’s going on around us. Thanks for the great tip!!

    1. Lori, thank you for your support and taking time to educate our readers.

      I agree, we must stop what we are doing, at times. Then set back, and take notice, about our surroundings. The skill that we utilize, is observation first. Then we take it to the next level, visualization to manifest, our passions.

      Lori, I like your visit, and really got something out of your, real content, placed here. I look for to reading, your blogs, next post. Knowing, it will be filled, with allot of usable, content.

      Please, visit again!

  4. Hi William ~ You make a great point in your article. All too often we see things online that are posted by the would be great gurus who are merely touting the next product and not taking the time to build that relationship that is so integral in not only building but sustaining any business.

    Thanks for the great reminder that a truly great business is not built solely on products but it is the relationships that we build and maintain that will make our business and personal relationships so much stronger.


    1. Jim, thank you for your insight on our subject. You see the point perfectly. Relationship building, and empowering others, to manifest that passion, for personal development, is key.

      Then, simply utilize that skill of observation and listen. Place your desires aside. Listen to them. Hear and feel their passions, dreams and goals to achieve their success, be it what ever they determine. Then support them daily, with a servants, heart. When we coach, and mentor. We learn. They will duplicate you! Your support from there, is to watch them soar!

      Jim, always a pleasure, hearing from you. Thank you for your, valued support. Please, stop by soon.

  5. Hi William ~ Absolutely correct that people are interested in the relationship and will ultimately follow YOU and not a company and/or product(s). And I do believe that most people are seeking long-term connections with others, so knowing this/understanding this simple fact and applying it is vital to your success, regardless of what kind of industry you are in. Christine

    1. Christine, you are so on point! I am pleased, we agree on that topic…

      Just being supportive, and doing what is in one’s power, to support others. This is acceptable, behavior.

      Thank you for your insight, and please stop by again.

  6. I have a post very similar to this.People join people many times even over a product.I feel you need to have passion for the product to be successful so loving the product is very important.Be a leader and a giver and Brand yourself well and people will find you.

    1. Beverly, yes agree with you, to have passion for the product. Yet, is not the product ourselves…

      We are supporting others, in reaching, that next level. How, by listening to what their success is, which only they can determine. Then we empower, their passion to manifest, the urge for personal growth. Then we coach, mentor, teach and guide them, to duplicate us. They become, great leaders, mentors, coaches and visionaries. We have accomplished, the duplication process, of our business.

      Now, the product is you. It’s about you being transparent, and passionate about supporting, others. You, being a great mentor, and coach. You, having the vision of them, being great, and achieving that next level. Now, they can stand, on their own, yet, never alone.

      Yes, be passionate about you. You are the product, and must shine above all the outside hype, on the next best thing! Make it a point to listen, to everyone who you are building, that lifetime relationship, with. They are the next, amazing mentors, our business needs.

      Beverly, your an awesome, visionary and supporter, of others. You lead, with a true servants, heart. Please, visit again, with your empowering, views. I look forward, in reading your blog’s, post.

  7. William,
    First, let me say “Congratulations for being top syndicator of the week, especially at this point of transition in TSA.” You are so right. I have been discovering, over and over, the incredible power of building relationships first and of really paying attention to what somebody wants. If they ask for it – and I listen and then provide it – Wow! I have gained a true customer and supporter, perhaps for life.

    1. Dr. Goodstone,

      It is an honor, to get edification from you on our subject matter. Thank you for clarifying, the procedure, for our readers.

      I look forward, to you blog post. Please, return in the future, with some more great feedback.

  8. Hi William

    You hit the nail on the head.
    Yes people join people and if you show your love to them they will not even think of a reason not to.

    they say you cant follow a car standing still on one place with no driver in it
    the same with MLM or business if you are not a example to your team
    and lead them with love then nothing will happen.


    1. Theuns,
      I am glad that you can understand the concept. That is wonderful and now more people can put this into practice. It’s going to be amazing to see the results. That is when, more people really develop those relationships first. Then start to mentor and lead.

      I thank you for stopping by. Please, return when we post the next topic. Your time is valued.

  9. Great post William

    I always had the wrong thinking when it came to this. I was determined to believe people joined a company- plain and simple no if and or buts about it.

    Oh boy was I wrong, I finally understood what the concept was about. They don’t join the company I mean yes theoretically the do, but who is going to help they grow and develop, answer questions about things they aren’t familiar with like keyword research, article marketing, SEO, etc? A person is certainly not the company they joined.

    It certainly made things easier anytime I read people join people and a company and definitely one less thing to worry about, as well a super helpful piece of info to pass on to others in the process.

    1. CJ, I am glade you stopped by, and reviewed the subject, today. I am honored, that it helped you, and so many of our readers.

      Let’s pray, that all put it to practice, and start that, synergy needed, in our business.

      I look forward to your next visit. Thank you for stopping by!

  10. Hi William,

    You are so right – relationships are so key to success in business. When you’ve established relationships that are built on integrity and value that you’ve added – you find that doors are open to you much more frequently. Great post, William. Relationship building is a vital concept that we are to embrace whole heartedly if we want to achieve any element of success.

    Dena 🙂

    1. Dena,

      Thank you for taking some time in your busy schedule to leave our readers and I valued insight.

      I agree, with every detail, you have displayed here, today! You got it, and simplified it, also! Fantastic, Dena….

      It’s always, a true pleasure, seeing your responses to all, subject matter. Your a real mentor, and visionary in our business. Let’s see how many people, next month, you support to achieve, that next level, of greatness. I look forward in hearing from you, soon.

  11. Hey William,
    You are right. People will follow you and not necessarily, the product. I also believe that it is best to build slow, if you are looking for retention. So many people take off on a sprint, when it should be a marathon. You have to find a pace you can stick with.

    1. Nicole, thank your for sharing your views on retention. This is a problem we are facing today, in our business. You have said, each person should find the pace they are comfortable with. Then keep to the course and achieve greatness. Wonderfully put!

      I believe yes, building real relationships take time. We should respect that everyone has a different, understanding abilities and will pace their progress based on this. Some of us learn by reading. Others learn by hands on. It is based on the type of learning, that will determine the pace, one would stick with. We just must be patient with all.

      Nicole, your a great coach and mentor. All who are under your learning should consider themselves, blessed. You understand the different learning curves, people have. That shows a passion, to really support all. No hidden agendas! Well done, Nicole….

      FYI…comas are, to make the reader pause. As we all need to do, in life…

      I look forward to reading your blog, and gaining more wisdom from your observations of others. Keep doing what you do…..

  12. You hit the nail on the head here. Empathy + Ethics = Prosperity is what I believe. We, as leaders need to know exactly where our clients are at.
    What are their goals, etc. That’s empathizing with them. And of course, ethics are the key factor to gain someone’s trust. I have been in business for years and owe my success to ethics.
    Thank you for this wise post.
    Donna Merrill

    1. Donna, you are so on point with prosperity. Ethical actions in our daily activities will be displayed, by our end results. There is no way, you will not succeed, based on your determination, of what success is. Using nothing, but ethical practices, in all you do. Caring for others, with a passionate heart. Really, supporting all people you chose, to be involved with. Priceless….

      Donna, thank you for sharing. Please, return with more insightful information. I look forward to that day.

  13. Hi William,

    Great post… I really like your writing.

    You’re right about people joining you because of all your great qualities. We really need to understand how much we have to offer on things we are passionate about.

    Visualization and focus are great tools to help you see things more clearly.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kevin,
      great choice of words on great tools to help. I agree, visualization is difficult at first. Then with time, like anything else. We get better and start to see the effect when we apply belief. The focus must be strong. We have to practice, in order to get better at many things. These are no different.

      Kevin, than you for sharing and stop by again. Your always welcomed.

  14. Great post William. I’d like to revisit the comment made by Lori above. She said “Most of us are so busy trying to get to the next place…” I’d like to add that most of us (people in general) are so wrapped up in ourselves that we are incapable of recognizing the needs of others.

    I found this fact to be really helpful when confronted with a situation where I would feel intimidated. When you step back and realize that everyone else is concerned with how they will be perceived, it takes all of the performance pressure off of you.

    1. Cheryl, that is so right. I love how you presented, the serious issue of not noticing people when we should. We all faced this, at times. All our focus is direct inward? That is why, people really never hear anyone else, when it is critical. End result, attrition!

      The attrition rate in our business, must change. The only way I see that happening is, more communication. More real mentors and coaches, stepping up. Teaching the real duplication process. This involves making more leaders, in our industry, that care. They have to regain that passion, for serving others.

      Cheryl, thank you for all your doing, to reverse that low level, of keeping good people active, in our business. Your an inspiration, to us all. Please, come back soon, and share with us.

  15. Hello William,

    You have a great article and I look forward to visiting again soon. When we visit someone’s blog or article we always learn something. Commenting is a viable way of showing a person you care and enjoyed your visit. The internet is like anything else in life, the more time you put into it the more you will get out of it. And most importantly always give value. What we give comes back twenty fold.

    You are right on about people join you and not a company.

    Being a successful entrepreneur on the Internet is all about giving value if you wish for that higher lofty place called the good life. The amount of money you make will come down to the value that you offer the world, and how much you help others. The advise I would give anyone getting started in this industry or if you are seasoned, is the following:

    (1) Find a good mentor.
    (2) Become a student of personal development and life.
    (3) Always be a student no matter how successful you become. (4) Offer as much value to the world as possible and be sure to share your strategies with others.
    (5) Remember it’s a marathon and not a race.
    (6) Always have FUN! Stick to the above list and you will have success.

    For more information on the system and strategies that have helped me and other leaders.

    Make today the best day of your life!
    Lloyd Dobson 🙂

    1. Lloyd,
      Thank you for sharing this fine points to work with. You have given us tools and shown the usage.

      I agree, having fun in what you do. If you do not have a passion, for what your doing. Then stop and re-evaluate, what it is you love doing. Then take the time to plan, to do it!

      Please, visit us again soon. Your input is always welcome and encouraged….

  16. Empowering people through the gentle act of giving them a hand up (not a hand out), keeping that hand steady while they are wobbly on their feet, and trusting them enough to STAND when they should, and being there if the ground gets shaky are key elements in building that lasting sense of trust that both builds leaders and forever gives you a place in their hearts and lives. What a powerful reminder, thanks Bill!

    1. Kim, where do you find the time?

      It is a honor for you to visit our blog here. I agree with your wonderful supportive presentation. You had me visualize a baby when it is going to take it’s first walk…that was so moving. I felt as though watching a movie…your style is fantastic.

      Thank you for taking the time and sharing with us. My readers and I

  17. I certainly agree on the concept on: “People by from People”. That has worked on everything I have been involved in… And being here online, it should of course be the same. Sometimes it just is “easier” not to get to know people enough – thinking there’s so many of us ! But like in anything really, all relationships, it should be the quality, not the quantity.
    Then again, in online business, the quantity comes into the picture as well, doesn’t it. But yes, we should not try to be anything else than who or what we are. Only genuinly – ourselves !

    1. Katri, you have placed me in an awe. I was agreeing with you on every level. I still do!

      Well put, Katri. I have stood by and watched people ruine thier marrages and lives. Just by not doing it right. Not changing their way of thinking. They limite their abilities and focus on money. What is happening, with being human and sharing, the passion of our dreams with goals?

      We will get there, one day. I support your statement, on being ourselves. As long as that is ethical behavior.

      Thank you, for stopping by and sharing. I look forward in visiting your blog and learning.

  18. William. Thanks for the post. I know what you mean by holding people’s hands, but it seems that at some point, you have to let that go and trust that people will really find their own way without you. Easier said than done. But, you know how the old saying goes. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Thanks again!

    1. Paul,
      I agree, the time will come when people will be able, to stand on their own. They will have duplicated, being a great coach, mentor and teacher. Always remaining, a student of our business. Yet, we will always be involved, in their life.

      That is what being, in a real relationship means. This is not a one night thing. We are saying, hey xyz, I will be here for you for life. We are together for the long road, per say.

      They will develop others, and extend your line of family. All will understand, the real duplication process, is in them. No a system, from a company. Supporting others, with a real heart. They learn, and teach others. Simplicity!

      Thanks Paul, for stopping by and sharing. Please, return with more insightful, wisdom.

  19. Hi William,

    A fascinating read. Your story was like taking a mini vacation!

    You have a lot of great points that all boil down to your main one that people will be attracted to you more than anything else. Be authentic, helpful, caring, and develop a real relationship. I completely agree. As for quite a few of the gurus (as mentioned by Jim Talbot in the comments), they build superficial relationships, at best. While they can be incredibly successful selling their wares, I’ve seen that they are continually reaching new customers instead of building that relationship for repeat customers.


    1. Deb,

      Thank you for supporting our topic with more detailed, information. I agree, on every area, that you have stated about relationships. You have exposed our readers and I, to tell the difference of superficial relationships. Thank you!

      Deb, thanks for stopping by and sharing. I look forward to your next article on your blog. Always a pleasure hearing from you!

  20. William,

    What you say is so true.
    I think this is great advice for everyone, even if you are not involved in the home biz model, this is about life. I think that this is the perfect way to develop what I now call living a successful life….

    Rather than seek a life of success, I think we should focus on living a successful life. That means that relationships, time, family- the deeper stuff- is the focus and not just the money.
    I stepped back a moment and visualized why I want to do this business… to help people live successfully, and then perhaps that financial success will find it’s way into our lives. We’ll have a good time getting there either way.

    By the way, my answer to the product question as discussed above… Yes products are important (you can’t lead ethically if your product is junk), but the real truth is that your product is a network of people, leadership, and the opportunity for someone to become more than who they are right now… That’s inspiring and that’s what sells.

    1. Jamie,

      You always tell it like it is. I agree, live a successful life. That is what you, the individual determines success is. Good solid information to us now! Great Job!

      Jamie you are on of our true visionaries, and I look forward to your next post!

  21. William,

    Thanks for your thoughts. While there is no argument about the need to fill an individuals void, over-provide value and build a strong relationship, in this hurry up, get ‘er done NOW society I see where some might be too impatient to develop a real connection.

    I think if one takes it too literally developing a real relationship one-on-one might slow down progress. This might be the inherent clue to the difference between network marketing and Internet marketing.

    I follow several people, teachers and leaders, without them ever having met me, looked me in the eye or shook my hand. They have not “developed a relationship” with me other than what I’ve seen on their website or heard on a webinar. I follow them and feel a bond with them because they have something I want. So I too want to be the one that people will feel akin to because I offer something they feel they need and want. My people attracting skills must shine through in every post, every video, everything I do.

    Thanks for provoking some genuine reflection and dialogue.


    1. Rick, very well response to our blogs post! Excellent….

      You have demonstrated, an understanding through your choice of words, utilized to present your point of view. Well done!

      I agree, feeling comfortable with people, we build relationships with. That is based on speaking through any method. Which would be quality communication. Telephone conversations and technologies of today. Live video feed is highly recommended, and no cost.

      Just communicate with people who your building those relationships with. Then both parties will come to a time that supporting one another with services and product. This is going to happen as you develop a real bond, as you say.

      Thank you Rick, for sharing usable content, that can be applied today! Please, stop by our blog again. You are a true mentor, and leader in our business. It shows through, the genuine information you share. Thanks…..

  22. I love your style of writing. People watching or just being aware of people is so crucial in our industry. We also have to be aware when we are holding hands for too long or even at all, at times.

    1. Joyce, thank you for your edification and support.

      I agree, time limit on “Holding Hands”, as we say. Yet, I believe in lifetime support, to everyone who I become involved in. It keeps me active and aware of what is happening in their lives. Just keeping the communication open. edifying them daily, if need be. I just like to serve with my heart. Motivate them, to bring out their passion for, what they are accomplishing.

      I support still my 33 year old son. He needs emotional guidance weekly? That is priceless, when you truly serve others daily. It give you energy that you can share, to empower others. Never knowing, what a difference you make in peoples lives, by providing the little things.

      Joyce, you are a true passionate person. It is a reflection of your dedication with people, you come to be involved with. That is a great leadership skill, that is more rare in our business, than known.

      Thank you, for supporting our blog, and stop by soon. We love feeling loved.

  23. William great post this is so true. So many people lead product first and never get this point that people follow other people.

    I read a book that talked about this in the this particular chapter it talked about if company were holding a seminar and if people were to join at the seminar what would be the #1 factor.

    And what was it? Not the product, the compensation plan nope? It was who was doing the presentation. Very powerful.


    1. Steve, thank you for sharing and supporting our blog.

      I agree, it’s about you. So be yourself in having a servant;s heart. Remaining passionate, about what you choose to accomplish. Hey, you made your mind to mentor, coach, teach, and be a great visionary in our business. You have to be honest, with yourself and everyone else. Show that energy and release all the love, through you passion. People love excitement in your voice, and activity.

      Steve, I always look forward to your visits. Please, stop by soon.

  24. William, this is a wonderful visual of what we are to visualize… LOL. Seriously, you had me right there with you, watching the person with the ice cream cone, and the other with the shiny special coin. Visualization is a powerful tool to have in our belt!

    And you are so right… people join people, and they WANT and NEED someone to take them by the hand and teach them the skills they need to succeed. I’m so glad someone did that for me and is STILL doing it, guiding me further and further along the way toward my personal goals… by teaching me to teach others.

    Willena Flewelling

    1. Willena, your are so special and it reflects in your writing.

      Your right, the importance of commitment and support. There is no time limit, on being with anyone, that is in business with you. You are responsible for them, during a lifetime. Hey, if they give up with living their dreams. You are going to have to stand, and get them back into being motivated. That is what support is. You just can say, time out? People believe in your abilities to help them grow personally. Then show them how to, create a real business successfully. You, made them believe in themselves. That leaves you, accountable.

      I thank you Willena, and stop back soon.

  25. This is a really good post William, it is SOOOO true, we are in a people business. People join people, not necessarily opportunities, if you are likable and really CARE about how they are doing in their business and try to help them whether they join you or not, that is the key. You never know down the line when these people will see the light and come to you, it’s all about sewing the seeds to the right people. If you can arise a burning desire in someone and coach them to success, then you are truly a mentor, and a success.

    You do not know what the person truly wants, only they do, and if you can ask GREAT questions you never know how they may change.

    Thanks for the post William 🙂

    1. Brandon, you are good!

      I love your post. This is edification at it’s best. WOW!

      I agree, thinking about later down the road, as Brandon stated. This is what we all must keep remembering. Do a little today and get rewarded later! Great point…

      Brandon, you know I look forward in reading your blogs, next post. You are always welcome here, thanks.

  26. It seems crazy that you would need to remind people that the product is always “YOU” when you are selling, but so often we need to be reminded! If you practice your “people skills” and frequently reference, “How to Win Friends and Influence Others,” you should see more success than if you spent the same time learning how to present benefits and features. Thanks for reminding us all!

    1. Nicole, that is very well put!

      I agree, reading allot of books, on all related subjects. That is part of personal growth. That is a great point to make. That is step one, in being a great coach, mentor in our business. Keep those creative juices flowing, per say! WOW!

      Then, selling yourself. I mean, you would need to learn how to brand yourself first. Then know your “Why”. This will get you passionate in meeting people, and really building that trust, with a real foundation.

      Nichole, I feel your a great support of people. I thank you for taking your valued time, and visiting. Please, stop by soon, again.

  27. I totally agree with you William, people join you more so than an opportunity. I like the term relationship marketing for this reason. It focuses on the relationships that are made and not just the network of people who are in your downline.

    1. Paul very well presented…

      I agree, utilizing the “Relationship Marketing” as a new label. That has a comfort level feeling about it. That does make one focus, on building real relationships.

      Thank you, for those insightful words. Please, stop by again soon.

  28. Hi William
    Oh yes, awesome words! Empathy and ethics! Ethics or core values as I like to think of them are so key to life! Everything comes down to core values in the end. I am so looking forward to our mastermind group starting later this week. Incredible things happen when incredible minds come together with no agenda, just open space.
    I am so driven by people’s energy. I really don’t care what they are promoting, i am drawn by them and what they have to offer as a person. As a branding expert, it is my passion to help people to put themselves out there before products, MLM company or whatever they are selling.

    Blessings to you.

    1. Clare, I accept your Blessings….

      See, branding is something that people out here, may not fully understand. If it was, so many would be using their names as a business. Showing a history of supporting others, and building relationships. Performance, attitude and energy are some, key elements.

      Clare, I also look forward to our mastermind met. I thank you for taking time to visit. I look forward in reading more in the near future, on your blog.

  29. Hi William,

    We are visiting your blog for the first time, and this post is great. Some time ago we heard that “our product is people” and that is so true. If you get people’s trust then they are more likely to be loyal, even when companies and products come and go.

    After learning the importance of branding ourselves instead of another person’s company or product, we decided to start our own blog, as a way to connect with people who have the same interests, and to give them “extra value” in what we have to offer… ourselves and training!

    Thanks for your post. Look forward to the next one!

    1. Tim & Sole, thank you for leaving a clear comment, that our readers can gain knowledge.

      I agree, branding yourself is very important. Giving to others first, that is how trust and loyalty is developed. You being supportive and sharing that love. That will get your relationships, to the next level. Keep being true and ethical. The rest will follow.

      Thank you both, for a real good presentation. I can feel your passion for understanding, and keeping others updated, with their feelings. Then how to apply those feelings, to motivate others. Bringing real compassion into that relationship. Now, that is priceless!

      Please, return soon and I look forward in reading your blog.

  30. Hi William,
    Agree with you 100%…people join people and not a business.
    once they join you it is your responsibility to teach and show them the way to achieve whatever their goals maybe.
    There are time when our goals get in the way and we want so much for our new distributor to achieve greatness, to achieve the level of success you know they can achieve…..this is when we need to step back and realise that it is not about us but our new member.

    Thanks for the great post

    1. Bryan

      I agree, to making my goals of supporting people reach their success based on what they determined it to be. Then we create steps to help them stay the course. Our burning passion, to get them to the next level. Will keep us focused on them. That is what it’s all about. Their goals and dreams being reached. Base on all your loving support, and guidance. Your commitment is their personal growth and creating that solid foundation, their business being successful, determined by them!

      Thanks for stopping and sharing. I look forward Bryan, reading more from you.

  31. So true William. I am so glad with the transitioning to relationship building as a basis for business. No more pretending but be genuine, likeable and good to each other and your business will grow.

    1. Anne,

      I agree, always be ethical and honest to all. There will always be others in our business, that just won’t get it. Pretending is not honorable nor acceptable.

      You must have a line that will never be crossed. That is why I have chosen years ago, to serve others. Life is much simpler now!

      Thank you Anne, for sharing this vital information. I for one, will be thinking on this for sometime. Great comment!

    1. Your absolutely right. People will follow an ethical and energized leaders. I would not give to much thought on product. Only if I needed it….

      Thank you, for stopping by. I look forward, in hearing from you soon.

  32. You are right about this fact. In general, people only deal with people they have come to know and trust over time. Building relationships with your prospective clientele is the faster, better, cheaper way to succeed online, and in any other business.

    Rich K

    1. Rick, you have said it all. Less expense and real relationship building. Now, this will bring a huge reduction, in the most valuable thing, your time! Now that is priceless….

      Thanks Rick, for stopping by and leaving usable content. Now, I look forward in you returning soon.

  33. William,
    This is the first principle I learned when studying the art of direct sales. Of course it was the first principle I learned because I did it incorrectly! Mistakes are the greatest teachers!

    1. Linda,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing with us. I think direct sales is like affiliate marketing. That is a whole ball game! God bless….

      I really thank you, and can’t wait to see your blog!

  34. William,

    Good post. Full of content and personable. I really enjoyed the imagery.
    Many times success comes along when we take focus off ourselves and serve others. Part of our service to our clients/customers is to learn to be the person they learn to trust and learn to “go to” when in need.

    Keep on keepin it real-


    1. Tonya, so true in all you have shared here. I keep wondering why people make it so complicated when it is simple. Listen, and resolve peoples issues. That is it. Do not sell things. Really get to understand people and serve them with a servant’s heart!

      You are a true loyal servant of the people. I can tell by your words of kindness. You are a visionary and very passionate about helping others.

      I value your kind and supporting focus. Please, stop by again and share that love!

  35. Bill, you have made some brilliant points here. It really is the personal approach that counts as the prospect is buying into you and not into your business.

    So many people want to “sell” the opportunity, they want to talk and talk about how good it is, how good the products are, how good the compensation plan. They do not spend long enough listening to the prospect, what they want, how they feel.

    Showing interest in the person is a part of selling yourself. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

    1. Trevor, very well put with how to really listen to others and not sell the so called opportunity.

      I agree, with all you have said to us here. This is about really caring to help others and resolve their issues, if we can.

      Thank you, for your words of wisdom and please return to share more in the near future.

  36. William, many thanks for taking the time to write this post. We all want to do business with people that we trust and respect. I will enjoy keeping up to date with this blog.

    1. Rosemary,
      I thank you for leaving some comforting supportive words for all our readers and I.

      I agree, we all desire only to do business with those we feel a connection with. The more comfortable they make us feel. The more business, we can continue to do with them.

      Please, feel free to drop by and leave us more well placed content. Thank you, again for sharing.

  37. William, you have a very special way of telling a story and describing things! Its a little cold here today where I live but reading your post made me remember enjoying the warmth of the sun in the many lush parks Ive been to.
    I totally agree with you on your points!! So often people are fervently pushing their compensation plan or trying to convince others they have the best opportunity, when instead people are just looking for real connections. Sincerely trying to help others and being a great listener can make such a huge difference. Wishing you so much success!! from your visions and mission, I can tell you’re a great leader.

    1. Eliane, you are too kind, with your words of support. I thank you for agreement with sincerely making all attempts, to help others with a servants heart!

      Making real connections, is not a job. It is a wonderful activity and fun. You must put your passion into it. If not, then you may want to consider staying, with that 9-5. You will not succeed, if you can not build real relationships daily. Just a little activity daily, towards reaching your goals. Ultimately, you will achieve success as you had visioned, and determined. Remembering, No one can choose your success details, but you! Keep active daily…

      Eliana, thank you for leaving content that is usable for all. I look forward in visiting your blog, and sharing that love! Great insight…

  38. William:

    So very true what you wrote about,,,get to know folks & become sensitive & observant to what they NEED. MLM, Network Marketing, & all Sales Involve Being a Good observer & Listener,,,,asking the right questions,,,& then Overdelivering to Folks. AS the old saying goes folks do not care how much you know, UNTIL they know how much You Care.

    Be Blessed
    Matt Geib

    1. Matt, I receive those blessing…

      You are a true visionary in our business. I agree, people care about how you treat them and what you have helped them with. Hey, have you ever just helped a lady with her bags from the market? It felt good when you just jump out and offer a helping hand, when it is needed!

      That is a perfect point, Matt. Helping people when they need it, not when it is convenient for us! That is real support. So listen to people and hear them. Do no just listen. There is a method called active listening. Targeting the persons true reason during conversation. Practice this skill and it will become better. Get with your mentor and ask to teach you that vital skill.

      Matt, thank you for your support. I look forward in your next visit.

  39. Hi Bill, Thanks for this post. It is YOU that people want to do business with. Let’s face it, there are many valuable opportunities out there, all come with pros and cons. Obviously if someone has a special need that a product/company doesn’t meet – then the YOU becomes less relevant. But with all other things being equal, people will want to do business with people they know and trust, hence the importance of building and maintaining relationships, reputation, and brand awareness!

    1. Julie, fantastic presentation!

      I have nothing to add to your post. You are truly unique and a great leader, in our business.

      I agree, build that relationship and trust up. Use all communication tools. Switch up the methods and have fun. Do not feel as a job requirement to make x amount of calls daily. Be real to yourself. Call with an attitude of comfort and excitement. Just smile and this really works. It will be felt over the phone, through your voice.

      Thank you, for leaving a well placed post. Really Julie, thank you! Please return soon and share.

  40. Hello William,

    It’s certainly true to say that people do business with people;-people they have got to know, like and trust usually. I completely agree with Julie and always smile when I answer the telephone, during and on ending my call!

    That said not every prospective customer is always a good fit for a business, I’m a firm believer in not trying to court prospective customers who seem difficult from the outset. We’re luck in that a lot of our business comes from repeat business.

    Thanks for sharing and for the comments shared here too. 🙂

    1. Sadie,

      I agree, that not everyone would want your information that will help them with personal growth and finical gain. It maybe that they have been used in the past by some want to be leaders of a company. They have a hidden reason and you as a great leader should utilize your skills in getting them to open up.

      To many times we fail in empowering others to tell their stories. We seem to believe that if they give there testimonies of a bad experience. This may have an effect on them listing to us about some opportunity we are involved in.

      I think of getting to know someone first. Learning about why they are reluctant to join any team, that will increase their personal development. Also, support them in reaching, what they consider success to be. I do not offer any information on how I make my revenue increase daily.

      All my focus has and will continue being on what they want. What happen in the past for this rejection of getting it done correctly. All based on their success in life and what achievements the set as goals. Taking me out of the equation. Everyone seems to give me all information that I can locate, what went wrong. How I can resolve that issue. How they can benefit with my team and I, in personal growth. How together with the right team of support. They will finally accomplish that dream and desire. How they will be successful as they determined. How, they will have empowerment for all the true support and edification received. How with the right devoted people being in their lives now. They will see results that will have them enjoy daily activities to reach that goal.

      It is a journey worth being involved with. When it is approached with passion and respect. Nothing to sell. Your the product and the end result is others getting to reach what the determined as success. I wish everyone would just get this, if anything.

      Keep yourself out of the equations. It’s not about what you went through. It’s not about how you achieved success as you determined. It’s not about what things you can show them with pictures. It’s only about them. What they have and want to increase. It’s about their dreams and desires. It’s about how you can support them with that servant’s heart. It’s about how you have ways to give them the loving daily support for growth, they are looking for. It’s about how you have a dedicated team of like-minded people, who are passionate about making sure they support that person.

      Sadie, I enjoyed this comment and look forward in your success as you determined. I thank you for visiting and will be looking at your blog.

  41. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for another powerful post and strong words of wisdom.

    Congrats on your continued excellence at TSA…

    This is really such a simple concept, but sadly one that is lost on so many Sponsors and Coaches. If you truly want to build stability in your business and don’t want to experience the attrition that is running rampant these days, then you have to set yourself apart from the vast majority out there.

    You can simply do this by “genuinely caring” about others and wanting to help them achieve success. Regardless of the the Company and product, it is very difficult to succeed by yourself.

    Therefore, you NEED the help of others. A supportive Sponsor, Coach, Mentor and unified team will make the journey rewarding.

    If you can portray yourself, from the beginning to be that type of caring leader, you WILL attract prospects and potential business partners that want to work with YOU and then you have to be consistent in your relationship building with these new members.

    Here is one of my favorite quotes by one of my Mentors…

    “Integrity is the most valuable and respected quality of leadership. Always keep your word,” Brian Tracy

    If you commit to helping others, you need to show up and keep that commitment.

    To your continued excellence,

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