First Contact

We have been overwhelmed with vast people not aware of “Vetting” people and companies prior to “First Contact”.

There is a protocol in business. Professionals utilize it each moment. Prior to reaching out for sales and offer of “Business” support services. One should consider completing “Due Diligence”.

We understand the pressure most people who have a “Business” vs “Company” is facing. The daily challenges to just keep alive, per say. No relief seen in the near future.

That is just your chosen perception and not a guarantee. You make that choice to change based on your experience and support resources. Perhaps you may consider realizing lasting relationships with existing clients need strengthening. How, real human interaction will retain and grow new clients with their efforts not yours? This is just one of several “Foundational” support services freely given when you know the right resource

Just realize knowledge is only accomplished by experience. Just existing is not enough anymore. There is no other realization for your survival than gaining experience with interacting and not pushing sales. It makes people feel that you care not about proper “First Contact” protocol. Consider making sure you “Vet” people and companies prior to approaching them.

When you learn from a valid source. Where to start researching people and companies. That will enable you to develop a professional profile for each one. Then, you will awaken to a pure understanding of “First Contact” protocol.

Why not be known as a person who understands “learning” about people and companies prior to contact. That may be “Old School”. Nevertheless, it is the best and never changing protocol to follow.

Once again just leave a comment on your perception of this article. You are the “Life-blood” per say of our article. You are appreciated.

This is written based on real experience which gained the knowledge to share. Also, you can gain free support in the “How To” from us. We are a source over forty-years. Never a cost, just real human interaction.

Think about doing it right the first time. Allow us to walk you through a foundational protocol. We live to serve and hold ourselves to the “Highest Standards”.

My purpose is to encourage action. Not just words but action, with others who look to support growth, and release entrapment thinking.


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