“Eyes Wide Shut”

Perhaps it is just our observation of massive people for whatever reason, continue to be zealous and miss the way per say…

If you were to consider taking your time and evaluate people and the offers they consistently bring to you. Soon it would appear that all is the same and nothing is to come out of being involved with 87% of all opportunities. It is just a weak attempt to play on your most vulnerable emotions…Vanity, Greed and Fear.

Throughout the ages of mankind. There are gifted people who have a natural ability to make even purchasing a used tire sound so good you can’t wait to make that choice. They seem to just have a way with their body movement and tone of voice. It is their smile and words chosen so gracefully. They make you laugh naturally and you feel they appreciate you. Thus, that is when they have already convinced you to make a choice without feeling like they sold you some goods, per say. 

That is just what happened without you being aware.  The last words they will say is something which sparks action off of either Vanity, Greed and Fear. It always will and will continue to work. Even when we have just now been exposed. To the oldest way to sell anything. Even sell you nothing at all. Wow, just ask for your $39..95 down and $24.95 per month. You get to meet others each week for “Affirmations” just simple, sell you a bunch of hype words and it works each time….

Well, we have made years of exposing them all and you still seek to believe millions are made online overnight? Really, you have been laid off most likely. Spend all the money you did not have and take it away from your family and self. Nothing showing yet?

So, you made it to the only so called “Clean Blog” ours with William as the writer. Nothing being sold and not hype. How about that?

Perhaps when you’re ready to learn more. Take a chance and stop wasting effort, resources and money you never had in the first place. Allow, us to invest in you and that one vision you kept hoping and lost. Now, with so much time on your hands you are reliving a hunger that seems to be growing each moment. Well, without hype get it right this time, please.

We hope you will take advantage of learning first. Vetting people and companies prior to rushing into their sales pitch. Believe us, you have nothing to gain rushing. All things that are real have no end date. Nothing good needs to be rushed. If so it is called being zealous and you will lose your way 100% of the time,each time!

Hey, just learn delayed gratification. It is the best way to achieve anything. Please, consider leaving a comment no matter what. It is the life-blood of any and all blogs. William, will reply personally.

Time to pay the bills…harmless awareness of “Real Human Interaction” what happened to those days? Take a look at our movement and see if you desire to enjoy making others feel good and acting on your prompting to edify those who mean something in your real, offline life. Plug-Out and get involved…Take a look and laugh a little…

Did you like it? Well, contact William today or five years from now. He will help you add value and share your natural appreciation to others. That is our worldwide movement you never heard of until now. Real value right? Get involved today, right “Here”.