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When you think about how long the world including USA. Has been placed on standstill. Now, no one cared when our Government handed printed money out three time to most people. It was not met to save, yet “Stimulus” checks are just that, to spend. We build our economy levels back up. Three times did nothing?

Now there were almost 3% that thought let me upgrade my “Skill Sets” and increase my value to the workforce. Most said “Its a vacation with pay. Some in a certain field of service, never will go back until no more free money being issued. Hey, they make more than they make for a whole month, each week?

Our encouragement is and always has been. Position yourself that no matter economics. You have a real legacy for your children’s children no matter where on this planet you live. That is what we stand for “Removing Basic Lack Of Needs” for each person who request for free support services.

What happen to encouraging people to learn a new skill or enhance their worth by online classes. Let us review….The individual from last year to this year would have completed workforce certification. Just 6-9 months for certifications online. Heck, if you would have done that you would have saved all monies being in anyways?

How about reinvent yourself?That was possible and still is. You would have found us or another forty plus year old company. We evaluate each person for us to invest our efforts, money and resources in vs things. Yes no our services are free support services. Amazing!

You have a choice to change careers all together. There is never a lager demand for health field staff. How about funeral home staff. You would be surprise the huge openings just in Boston, MA…nevertheless, no one is willing to go back to work when there is free money?

We just wanted to get this out here and you do your part to spread your word. No one should be alone with making desistions as how to not lack basic needs. So if you ever find yourself in that situation. Reach out to us anytime and day. We live for completing daily acts of kindness.

Hands Across The Waters”

Ethically with no hidden agendas,


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