I am told that “Purpose” is the spiritual and moral context for your life

We can begin to believe without seeing what we deeply desire. When you have focus, nothing nor anyone can stop things from manifesting in your life. Believe in service, as we all will find that is the way. To be prosperous and have no basic lack in life.

The struggle is not what to get involved with, to make money? No, it is to accept each person now and from existence is unique. We all have unique and individual purposes. Nevertheless, we are all here to serve humanity.

The awakening is to consider developing a mindset of service. Then, you will start to shape your perception. Strategic people and opportunities will arrive consistently. That is a natural way of things. 

When you get sick and tired of popping in and out of the next opportunities. Think, your purpose is more than selling products and processes. The awaken will happen when you arrive at a choice, yes choice. That is all we have is choices. Then, you will seek opportunities that inspire hope in others and support a passion to eradicate basic shortcomings in other’s lives. That opens your mind to vast possibilities.

You will attract like minded passionate others. They will not know why they are attracted to your ideas of service and creation of qualifying projects to enhance globally change. No more thinking selfishly. That is the key to prosperity in thought, life and love. Selfless acts of kindness.

Perhaps this message will encourage you to hope for more in your life. How about focusing on knowing  you have all the wisdom needed, since birth. Now, to gain knowledge of anything. One may consider taking physical action brings what we call knowledge. Get it?

Take creating a real company vs “I have a business”. When someone comes to me with “I have my own business”. That screams to my soul, this person is a salesman. They sell others products and ideas. There is nothing wrong with that. We need physical laborers whose marketing is physical and mental when done right. 

The only basic truth is “Real Human Interaction” as a driving purpose. Once you choose to be involved with real people face to face vs internet “Fake” reality. Then, you will be at the beginning of amazing adventure learning cultures and meeting a network of honest, passionate others such as you. They also have been developing “Skill Sets”.

Hey, this is a sharing from my experiences, and welcome you to get involved with a true deep comment or statement. All are needed and welcome here!

Just Say,