Sometimes Reaching Out Matters!

We forget about real human interaction daily. Based on all the quick ways that we can believe typing in various hardware is real? The need to interact in person is becoming a lost natural way of being hands on supportive.

I have traveled more than most prior to age thirty. Some would say our lives expand only by experiences. Most would say no so based on technology. We can pretend to shape our perceptions living through virtual travel and going anywhere online with vivid pictures that can be felt with the right supportive tools. That is not the same as physical experience. That physical experience in all things is the only way one can gain what we all seek “Knowledge”.

You can have your online virtual travels. I only live through my own live experiences. I go around to encourage others to accept doing the same. Not like my choices of travel yet their own. Just imagine a world of real people. Getting out of their homes and towns. Learning new cultures by making meaningful new connection offline. Yes, I said it offline.

Well, this will be an amazing ride if you visit again and read experiences from my own travels. People, Places and Things. Old fashion real hands on interaction. No more accepting new shiny things that you pay with hope of feeling something new. That is just insane. You have to physically get out of your rooms, homes and towns. Take a look at new cultural experiences by physical touch, taste and feel. Wow, to think in time back we use to only travel to and from for adventure and pleasures. Education and stimulation was our focus. Why not you now?

Thanks for taking time and reading my introduction to a new way of sharing to inspire amazing travels for us all. I will motivate you and help you consider to enhance you perception of your so called life. No, there is nothing being sold only stimulation for action. Dare yourself to experience daily changing stimuli.

We will embark on new adventure together in real life and share stores that manifest hope for a life without lacking in any area. I offer you all to interact with sharing your experiences similar to the ones I share.

You all know that the life of a site is interaction. Please, leave a comment based on the subject matter. I will personally reply. If you would like to travel, reach out to me and maybe become our monthly winner of our possible 3-Day cruise and other amazing tempting exciting activities. Our way of giving hope and encouraging more interactivity in your life.

William Earl Amis, Jr. III

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Believe In Visions Once More!