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Enough is Enough!

1st quarter


Now, we all have gotten over the first two month of this quarter. Myself, being relieved and looking forward to the next one. Do not get me wrong. I have been having, an amazing adventure, each day. Everything, I choose to take part in. Must be exciting and have a way of keeping me grounded.


We lose the sense, to take time out for yourself, daily. Killing yourself for what? Everything you gain will be left for someone else. You must take time, to enjoy each day and do things now. When, you finally, get to where you visioned. The one thing I laugh at. No one thinks to think, how old they will be? If they will be able to ride that horse, then? Yes, visualize and add yourself in the equations. You will be surprised at how your perception of a future, will be shaped.

I had to get that out, with laughing, all the way!   2 laughter



May, those who would venture into making your mind up. That is, to the point of taking action, to make some extra money. Let me warn you of yourself. If you have not learn anything now, then the chances of learning anything new, are slim. If you do not change your perception by experiencing new things. Then, how will you learn. Did you know it cost you nothing, to learn all about anything first? So, stop wasting time and money.“Learn while you earn” is a joke. Yes, I said it.

padlock and chains falling into water





We have the right to learn, prior to spending a dime. The pressure is on those, who want to sell you a product which is actually free. Yes, if you took your time to do the work, of research yourself. Free, if you walk into a library and sit down, to read. Free, if you go old school and talk with real people, in that area you want to venture in. We give free information, to those who humble himself, to ask. Be one of those people?


Many people, all this new year. Have arrived at my door, per say. They found this program, and it is what they were looking for. Yet, last week they were loving the idea of being a sale rep with Avon? Nothing will work, if you do not change your thinking. It doesn’t matter what you choose on the outside. It will not work. The excitement will die and so will your money.

4 need empowering


Programs, are for those who need others. To bring, empowering moments in their lives. Selling products, which is not yours. That is just being, a salesperson. No hype about it. Yet, those who designed their own products and promote sales, are in business.


Last, you have the smart ones. The ones who make huge profits, by giving quality support to people and business. Giving them ways, to enrich their lives and operations. They are the ones, who see a vision and make it happen. Hey, just a perception practice, since the beginning of time. Find solutions, that will increase sales, decrease expenses. Simplicity!


That is just one point of view and living it, gains experience for sharing quality information that is free for all.


Thank you, for giving me your time in sharing this article. No one has just one way to do things. We keep at it, until it has the end result, we are looking for. Find your passion and make a business, from that! You will never stop, having enjoyable days and many exciting moments, to share your story with others. That is when you will feel this lifetime journey, is well worth it.

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Nothing New Under The Sun



1 articles





I have reviewed over 100s of articles, this week. Seeking a solution as to why so many of us are still flopping around. I mean, jumping into this Affiliate to the next. We expect a change just because of the company products? That is crazy and hurts my heart reading all the stories flooding into my inbox.


We have to understand what Synergy is in business. That is the solution to all our daily challenges. When it comes to growth in our business, or company. No one, can nor ever will attempt to accomplishing anything, alone. It can not be done, based on a nature? We are beings. Who must interact with like minded people.

2 navigate





I would never share, my navigational skills. With a person, who has no access to a computer. Why, are so many of us, still doing the same thing over and over again? Only to end up blaming the people. Who shared the idea, program or Affiliate with us. They are sharing something, they love to do. Also,  has been helpful for their perception, towards something being real, as a business profession. Hey, they did it ,so why can not you? Yah, right...


There is nothing new, under the sun


That just means, what you see online and offline has been! The colors and fancy bells, with whistles are wonderful. We are lead, to spark a greed within. Money, fame and duplication. To what we visualize, of some hype lifestyle of living on a island. No money worries and all the time to do what? Sleep, golf and fish? That is boring, and I could not stay doing nothing. Ask anyone who reached their, so called level of bless. We find out, within three months or less. Life, is to be shared and serving those, who have less, is best!


Monkey leaping in the air





You will get to your Utopia level, as so many of us have! Just stop jumping around, to the next best Affiliate and programs. Why, you have not noticed. It has nothing to do with, growth. You have to visualize and live as you are there! The how’s will come. The steps are things you may want to start, writing down. Before, you jump into the next good thing. You are the only obstacle. Which stops you, all this time? Please, learn to do it right.


All the feel good and hyp out here. That is just to play on your emotions. In business we measure stuff. You have to take a look at where you are now. Then, where you want to go. Now, just write down each step until you have reached your, Utopia level. The is the only end result you should focus on. The how to get there are in the people you grow to met. What you decide to spend value time doing each day to get closure. Which, is a breeze based on you wrote it down. Look at each step and accomplish focused execution of those daily activities. You already have reach that level. Yet, faith is what you lack. Start changing your envirnment and people will appear with the how’s . It works when you believe in yourself. Learn many advisors only will help you achieve your Utopia level.


Thank you for sticking around this week. I pray all you adventures are safe. You meet unlimited new people in your life. Just have fun each day. It takes less muscles to smile, than to frown. Remember, you can always contact me, anytime.

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Handle Your Own Business!

1 uncomfortable

We have been in situations that are not comfortable. Yet, knowing it is the right place and thing we must do. That is when our persistence and attitude comes into support. Without a focused goal. No one would know what to do in each day. We would all be lost waiting for someone to take charge.


There are vast number of people who have an idea. Then, once they open their mouths about maybe making the choice to pursue it. The person they choose to share it with. Is always the same person how has been in their lives. The one who always makes them feel unworthy of just the idea. Yet, we torture ourselves over and over for not reason. Stop opening your ideas to those without an imagination. They also should have a supportive history with you.

1 keep mouth close

People will make you lose your ability to have faith in your strength. Even if you were a professional in a field. They will have the power to make you doubt your own knowledge. Those are the dangerous ones in your life. Keeping your mouth closed until you have accomplished your vision, is the best course.,


I learn the hard and long way to keep my mouth close. I have to still take all my will to do it each day, present. I allowed myself times to be to excited as things progressed. Right before one more step to the end result. My big mouth opens and then they work that negative stuff in my mind. Yes, it is all my fault. Opening my big mouth. So, I decide to change and it was not until I developed my method of just keeping quiet. Did things start happening faster, easier and exciting each day. This is a journey worth sharing now!

3 written down

Just goes to show you. Keep your thoughts written down. Follow each step as it was shown in your vision. Keep it to yourself and allow it to manifest into being. Then, once you have accomplished that. Then, it is one to a new project. You share after you have accomplished your goals. You learn various methods to accomplish steps you wrote down. Only from people who are successful with that one point. Allow yourself to learn to interact  with professionals at each level. By the time you accomplish all the written steps. You will have made your vision into reality. Then, on to the next adventure and project. Now, just repeat the same simple steps.

Thank you for reading this article. I know it is short and would not be a continued version from the last. Nor, have I shared the following with my establishing my first Foundation. That is based on the steps needed would ask for me to venture out of my home office. I can not accomplish this for the second week. We have multiple storms that have shut Boston down. We are currently going through one as I share this article. I appreciate everyone’s patience.


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Guru, What Is The Truth?

Living in Solutions!

The road to the light. Black and white. Stylized film. Large grains




This is so powerful and most of us overlook it. When you make up your mind to be determined to make that vision, into reality. That is when you have taken the first step. The first one is changing the way you perceive things.


Most follow people blindly, waste money and time they do not really have? Based on how amazing the presentation was. Now, we learn fast that we can only duplicate a plan, program or system. Not, people? That is where most people get lost.


If you can visualize yourself accomplishing what you desire. Then, take that plan and make it adjusted to your strengths and perception. The end result is what you wrote down from you vision. The system they give you is the key.


Anyone can make something work. If you learn the simple steps and repeat them over and over again. Live in solution to others daily challenges. Your knowledge with the plan you have. Supports the solution to everyone's situations. Then, you will succeed as you vision your end result to be.

3 focus plan



The hardest part is to stop jumping around to this program and that marketing thing. Stick with what you know. Master the few steps and build promising relationships. Do not pitch to people your plan. Allow time to find a common interest. Then, really build on learning about that person. That is all there is to it.


Each day try to meet three new people and you will just have fun learning about them. You will find a common passion you both can work to enrich other's lives. All while using your plan to get you there. That is how it works and no one will tell you this.

5 future

The plan you create is the one you must visualize and write down each strategic step to complete the end result. Now then, the easy part is look at it each day and follow it. Stop listening to people who never achieved what you are doing. Those are the people who distract you from your mission and talk you out of believing in your God given abilities. You accept doubt and all is lost at that point. You give up and so fail.


After that point of giving up. You blame everyone and the plan. You then find another system which sound so good. More money and wasted time is ahead. Based on you will experience doubt once again. You have to stay with one thing. Make it work as what you wrote down. Once you have accomplished that end result. You would have already visioned another project which will only add funds to your new source.

4 solutions

Just repeat growing with people and living in the mindset of solutions. Your whole being will change for the better. Called clarity in what you want. Not, what some Guru, tells you must happen their way. No, take what you need from that person and expand your written plan.


Keep focused on today and the future. Stop living in the past and surrounding yourself with those who are not able to understand your passion. You are the one who must make continued activities. To reach that end result you already made happen on paper. Just  do not deviate from each step.

8 writing

Get with me if needed. I will listen and we can create that written plan together. You then will have clarity on how to get what you want. Now, have the daily focus to execute the activities to make it manifest as it is on that paper.


Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate each person who contributes with sharing their insight on each article. Please, if you want to leave a comment. You must register with Gravatar for us to approve your comment. Those who continue to pitch with links. Will not have authorization for posting. So, you will continue wasting your time. Hey, just register for free and join us in helping others gain clarity. We are dedicated to support everyone with valid solutions.

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Personal Challenge!

1  beginningsI want to walk with, those who have made all attempts, to get something working in their lives. The people, who have wasted money and time. Those, who have had everyone laugh at their ideas and actions. Those, who have had loved ones, run each time they are approached. Yes, maybe you are one of these people. Through getting something done. Which, will leave them in a better position, to accomplish their visions, of their future.  Sound good and up for the challenge!


There is nothing wrong, with you. Just in need, to learn where to start and how to reach out for help. Not one of us, who have found our way through all the garbage out here. The things that make you feel so excited and helps you imagine a bright future. Those ideas people pitch to you. Which makes your heart pound, like when you were young again. You cannot eat nor sleep. Those ideas, which makes you feel, there is hope in your future for a better lifestyle. That one thing, which you are willing to give, “This building a source”. Which will fund your dreams. Get you to leave a work day. Which, is making you feel less, as a person who is going places, to say. Did get clarity alone.

 2 referrals

If you are not introduced to a new idea. Let us say, something you did not know existed.  How, would you understand that it is the thing, which you lacked in your life? That thing, is the answer for the change, you desire to “Get Ahead”, per say.


Well, what if there are people, who want nothing from you. Just to walk you through, what works and keep you focused on growing towards that vision, of a future you shared with them? Yes, we are people who love to see others, make their visions a reality. We are few and never want anything from you. Except, to hear your story of accomplishment, afterwards. Yes, now you can watch, as I walk you through each step. Not really live, based on it has been done. Yet, I will not leave anything out. Now, that is exciting. You will be evolving per say, while sharing the experience along the way, on your new blog. One we call “Clean Blog”. No ads, just your voice and sharing your story. Not others, one people can see, you growing and loving what you do. This is what we call a “Clean Blog”. Hey, you will redesign that business site later. The one with all the pop-ups and stuff that makes attempts to lead people to purchase programs and such. I will promise, that feeling of need to pitch, will be removed. You will feel better about yourself and what you choose to represent. It happens and the change must me one you volunteer for. It will not work with being forced to change. None of us, changed in areas being forced. You have to make the choice and it must be willingly made.


No, I will not recommend any tools, nor direct you in spending any money on programs and such. This is what works and not something that gets you to spend time and money. You do not have, to waste. Just imagine, what your future looks like. Then, next week after you have written to me with the details of that vision. We will walk through each step. By the time we have finished. You will have completed setup, of a foundation and finally established a real funding source to grow your vision.


We will also, keep you moving forward and make sure you have a voice being shared with everyone. Sharing your story as it develops. Sharing the things you learn that are helpful. It makes you a person who is transparent. You will gain readers and followers. Those who will be growing with you. Those who will be willing, to use your direction to help them, as you were helped.

new idea

You see, that is how it is done correctly, in our world. You just have to first have the willingness to change areas, you feel must be change to grow. Fear will set in, yet will not be something we will not walk through. You will learn how to use it, as an empowering marker. One, that assures you are on the right path, to gaining your true end result.


This is something a person helped me do, over three decades ago. I am living proof, it works if keep simple. There are only three areas and we will walk through one at a time. No hype and junk. Just pure action and results. Solutions, to daily challenges.


I feel this is needed and being the beginning of the first quarter. I feel no better time than now. We will be helping countless people, finally achieve their unique visions. So, get ready for the journey of your life.


Thank you all for another, amazing year. I have learned from each of your visits. I appreciate all of you and look forward in reading, so many success stories. It is going to be fun, exciting and such an amazing activity for us all. To you, I bring peace and clarity.

2 gratitude

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Is A Blog Needed?

1 importanceSo, it has been shared with me, most people do not understand the importance of using a blog. Yes, it sounds simple yet over thinking things like, keywords, SEO and other methods of keeping a solid reader based. Just to clarify of what most of us with experience use our blogs for.


Maybe, it is to share our experiences or passions with like minded people. We read things and grow personally by experience. Not, just reading yet participating in activities that are exciting and fun. Most, people will try to imagine picking the same old stuff that they read from so called Gurus. That is the mistake.

4 truth

Understanding, that a blog is simple and just a location that you create a place where people will learn about you, as a person. Seeing things in your perception, which you share usable information you found helped you, with a daily challenge. Giving your readers and visitors a chance to interact is the solid goal. I think of it as a beginning to open the insight we all have, within.

old antique book isolated

Now, knowing it is your voice and not a business site. Not like a Facebook fan page. Nothing like a sales page. Try to differentiate this key location to focus on helping others and not pitching your product and services. Think of it as being transparent to allow others to feel comfortable to open up to you and your readers.


Now, nothing is saying you cannot allow your readers and visitors. To know what you do to make you feel good. The things you found useful to help you live a prosperous life. Yet, there is a season for everything. No one wants to visit a blog and first see all these products for sell? Opening each article to hear your self-promotion of the next money opportunity.


We want real stories of your experiences, I was told. They, want to be able to relate in some fashion, towards emotions. That is why it is imperative to provide truth, and ethical self-experiences. Not one of us, is flawless. So, share struggles and how you never gave up until your goal at that time, has been reached.

5 business site

I say, it is all about sharing truth in this journey, we all life. You do not have to glamourise it. No reason to speak out of truth. Remember, things shared will have an impact on most readers lives. So, why not be honest and deliver to us those things you found challenging and share methods used to overcome them.


Heck, build a business site that walks people through what you have to offer them, from your blog they are lead there. Directing people first, to your voice, blog. Is the right way you will gain many followers and trusted friends. Make 3 new contact each day and learn about their future vision. Leave your stuff out of the equation. Your job, if you want to say. Is to find a common interest in others or passion. How? Complete that due diligence I always speak about. How? For professionals go to LinkedIn. Really, get involved with a search of their profiles for something in common. It could be having children. You both find a pleasure in supporting the same worthy causes. You get the point, right? For others go to the one location I feel is like being at a cookout, Facebook. Find a common interest in music, arts and being family oriented. Then, you take it from there. Find out what they see as a future for them. Not what you can do to make money now. Not, let me share this thing that will make you have all the materialistic things you feel needed.

3 feelikng good

Just remember, there are only three things a person needs. A roof over our heads. Food and water in our bodies. The rest is what would be called “Felt Needs”. So, focus walking them through their daily challenges, that will help provide real needs. Keep it simple and stop over analysing stuff.


Thank you for supporting us, with reading this and all our articles. I would like to ask that if you did not find what you are looking for. Contact me day or night. It is about interaction. Which is the lifeblood of any blog. Say something on our subject and be surprised at the comments with replies. Never stop doing something new each day. If you feel fear, use it. Take it as a sign that it will lead to building courage. We will walk through that together.

2 gratitude

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Taking Time To Heal

An Emotion wake up call

1 diabetes

The last four days and three nights. Made this guy, fully awaken of what is really important in my life. Breath, life and health with no other junk involved. Everything else, will fall in place for me. Just had a quick wake up call, with my diabetes. Hey, just like the movies, I was just standing engaged, in a heavy conversation with our V.F.W. Commander. We finally made headwaves, per say on a certain areas. I was excited and feeling light headed. Now, seeing everything around me turn dark and red. That was the last thing, I remember, even now. I fell and hit my head, neck and other parts all the way down to the hardwood floor. Hey, heavy 213 and 6’2” no one was stopping me. He was too small to do any quick action, hero stuff. Yes, not feel anything until the next morning. I understand, what it is to crash from blood sugar levels, now!


I wanted to share this, because of all the excitement and activities happening during this time each year. Last year, I had to spend Christmas and New Years in hospital with broken leg. I am now in the swing of consistent, lifestyle changes to avoid this carelessness, of my body, mind and spirit. I want change and desire to take my health more serious. Focus more on me, being healthy vs. going all day night, week after week without giving my body rest.


Taking time to listen to others

2 listen to ohters

There has not been one of you, close friends that have not warned me about taking time out to relax. I was careless and took away years of progress, based on this. I forgive myself, for the first time being aware of this, is the start of change. Voluntary changes works with supportive people surrounding me. I look forward in this metamorphoses.


Hey, wanted to let people know. I am blessed and highly favored. Yet, never have nor will be perfect. I am always being worked on, and love it. So, just know that even myself. Will always be included, in everything we speak about, in my whole years of blogging. I use real time examples, of my personal experiences and travels. So, feel comfortable knowing, you get real support from people with passions and flaws.


Understanding and using fear as a empowering emotion

Lightning Shock and Awe

Just know we, recognize and keep moving through all challenges and fear, is an emotion we use to keep us consistent. Feeling fear, makes you understand you are alive and moving in the right direction. Change and new methods, always brings fear at some level. Just do not allow the forbidden fruit of this, curse we cannot lift. Plant a  seed and grow in that mind of yours. It produces, bad habits. Which, always has the end results, that manifest from “The Forbidden Fruit of fear, Curse”. This is a real life, daily challenge we are all born with, It  will continue to a real, battle. The more you learn, about it. Life will become, more exciting and worth all the ups and downs.



Hey, thank you again for supporting my site. I look for all to start interaction on all levels. There is not right nor wrong within this site. We all experience various things. Share your own perception and teach us somethings.
2 gratitude

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Got To Have A Beginning

1 reading




I been reading, a lot of blogs and books for a while now. It is said, one should always learn something new, each day. Personal growth, is a key to progress in developing, an insightful mind. What do you think?


My conclusion of all the stuff, people are saying these last thirty-days. All points to how anyone, can make claims to accomplish anything, out here? Well, it is not about what is out here, for you to learn and do. It is about you, being honest with yourself. Never mind what anyone else thinks, and says. It is you, who must answer to yourself. Does that make sense?


Well, as I was gathered at a Rhode Island resort, a few days ago. I stumbled upon some serious so called “High Rollers”. Now, they talked and dressed as such. Yet, their genuine interest was in our conversation. Being natural and authentic. None of us had any flairs and airs about our details of sharing. We spoke without any agendas and naturally were bonding. One person was from Far away and another such further. I was of course from Massachusetts and that got everyone’s attention. We are suppose to be snobs. How, in the world am I holding, a real supportive conversation? Not about politics, religion. Yet, about supporting people and helping them, understand just how to gain in life. Speaking about general strategic steps. Sharing the efficiency ladder, per say. Do you know what that is?

3 focus plan

Well, without a focused plan, you can not accomplish anything, considered as progress. You can listen to people speak of, “Duplication” of a person. They, are talking non-sense. The only thing ever, that can be duplicated is a process, system or method. Not humans. Just get that and run each time, someone pitches, a “New People Duplication” program. Junk I tell you know!

Stern woman with her hands clasped in hope

However, if you have a good heart. Ability and willingness to learn something new. Then, you have arrived at the right location. We will walk through the first step and last. By the time you follow us. You will have done as we have and be able to tell your story to others. Just as I will to you.


Hey, just wanted to get this out being that New Years is around the corner. I will not be writing on Christmas, so forget about that one. Our next article will begin, with duplication possible and nothing being sold.


One question, have you ever heard of a “Appreciation Manager”? Well, if you would like to know and find an interest in getting one free, yes from me. Just shoot me a message and I will authorize access. No worries, it is free and nothing else to do. Hey, Merry Christmas if I do not write again, until New Years.


I appreciate each and every reader. Either registered or not. Please, start interacting to share your perception on each article. It is the lifeblood of every blog. Thank you again for the support.

2 gratitude

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A Willingness To Change

The willingness to change

1 change

This is found to be the first step, in growing personal and in business. We can keep doing the same old things. Then, in all amazing thoughts. We feel that things and people are plotting against us. Hey, some even blame it on God?


Let us be clear, about who we are and what we want. How can you continue, to have the same old results? That is madness, and it must stop, yes?


You must to be willing, to change. Want it, sleep it and love it. Everything changes, for the better and not worse. You must to believe, in yourself and not have doubt. That just means, to really search your past. Look for those skills, which have always been present. In everything you have done. In everything you have been apart of. You love doing it and give it no second thought in how.


Example: Some may find, that they have a natural gift of teaching. Others, may have gifts of musical nature. Many have gifts, in all sorts of areas. You just have to focus, on looking back in your life. Hey, ask those who have been around you. “Hey, what is it you find that is consistent with me”? They will gladly, give you examples and it will always be that one trait you display, during your life. It will show up, until you ascend!

3 traits

Now, you have that one consistent trait, that makes you unique and shine. You have now, clarity in yourself. It has always, been shown. This one thing, is your core passion in life. That is what you start with. That is what you, shape your vision of a future on. It will work and always has. It was within you, when you where born. Think of something that has always been with you. Yet, your were to busy looking at everyone else. Trying to duplicate others, which is impossible to do. We as humans, can not duplicate others. We can, however duplicate processes, systems of all sorts. Get this and no one will ever be able to waste your time, with a “Magical Solution”. Look, at the process and if it feels right. Complete due diligence, prior to lack of your self-discipline impulses, to get involved.


You now, must use this to accelerate your vision, into action. Write down what your vision of a future, looks like. It will always, change as time will not stop. Your vision will change, with time. Once you have gained, the end result. Another, will manifest and you will have to adjust your vision, of a future.

4 plan

How I did it. Sat down and envisioned a future. Looking at each detail, with clarity. I love to speak and help others, in everything they find as a challenge. I love to travel and meet new people, of all likes. I want to establish my first, private foundation. I wanted to be known as, “The Foundation Builder”. My main goal, is to establish a foundation. This is so, I can help all people. By, creating real foundations, within their lives. It took years, to make it happen and still working on, establishing my foundation.


Other things, came in my life. Yet, I never took my eyes off, the final result. Had to adjust things, hundreds of times. That is where, willingness to change, is important. Most find it hard and resent change. Think of it as a beginning, for a better life. Knowing this, will feel uncomfortable at first. Yet, you are going through, a sort of metamorphosis (A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means).


My next article, we will pick up, or not.

Thanks, once again for all the years of support. I love being a part of your life and appreciate you. More of us, should express our gratitude and live life, with the fullness of appreciation. It makes, positive people and situations. Manifest in your life. believe me, I am living it.

2 gratitude

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Introduction To Changes

1 Change


A little introduction of change


We are often faced, with daily challenges and find it difficult to move forward. Just as in personal growth and business productive, activities. These times are when one, may met their true self. In meaning of, without change you will continue to gain the same results. Those challenges,  you must and willingly face head on. You felt at times, the pressure of nothing getting done the way you envisioned. Why?


This is what I wanted to share. If you want things to grow, for the betterment of your life. Then, take a step back. Stop, looking for the golden grail, it doesn’t exist! May I suggest, you look at yourself. You talents and desires, must match. You continue trying to replicate, people who are not yourself. Hey, first understand we are all unique. Your calling, per say. Is not the same, as anyone else. You first must be willing to change, those things that are holding you back. Hey, I have to reevaluate myself. Yes, I recently had to change my perception of 30 plus years. Thanks to my wonderful, nurturing friend, Chery Schmidt.


By understanding yourself. That is the first step, in gaining clarity. Clarity is the ability to get clear about what you really want to achieve. That alone, is the first step of change.

3 insantity

You can not continue to do the same things. Your perception, must change with time. Time will not sit still. Neither, should your imagination and visions. You have to start at the beginning. Let your thoughts flow, on the happy times in your life. Doing what you love, the core passion, within.


Hey, allow me to share my example. It would be, to establish a foundation. One which I can have the pleasure, of enriching lives. Allowing, me to make a choice to help worthy causes, gain a surge of funding. To achieve, great supportive services for those in need. Maybe, to help a person go to college, for their great contributions to our future. You get the idea.

2 talent and desire

I found my purpose and will move on to focus. Now, focus is the ability to avoid distractions to concentrate on high-leverage activities, that produce the most significant results. Meaning, only doing those things, I know leads to the end result of my vision, Establishing my foundation, in this case example.


Now, I have wrote down the strategic methods, of obtaining the end result. My calling, if you would say. I must put into action.


This is the time, for execution. Now, execution is the ability to use strategic communication to exceed expectations and get results faster. Allow, nothing or anyone to get in the way. Doing all that is necessary, being it honorable and ethical.

6 beginning

This is the way to things, of value. You getting things done, faster and efficiently. Details of beginning, to end must be realized, prior to any activity. Focus on activity, that will grow each day your vision. Leave the little things, to be done by outsourcing them.


This is a way that works for all of us. Who have made things happen. Not for ourselves only. Yet, for everyone who humbles themselves, to ask for support.


I appreciate all of you readers and supporters of this site. We will now and in the future. Continue to bring facts, actions and clarity in our articles. You can use this information, for personal growth and business. They are one in the same, as you being one person.


May this day bring you clarity and prosperity, always. Please, interaction is the lifeblood of any site. Participate and share your perception. There is not right or wrong.


Those who seek to gain more clarity. Please, do not hesitate to contact me day or night. It is only about you. Realising what you want and learning how to begin. No shame in asking for help. Hey, it is free?

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