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Lost Connection, Check Your Email

Crazy Right?

So, I have reviewed mountains of articles and found that more than 87% have no comments = no life. Yes, we can write a new article like those challenging themselves, daily. So, what does that get you if it is just topics that has not meaning to anyone except yourself, none!

Take it like this. We, write to have others share their experiences with the topic. No two people will ever have the same experience, no matter going through the same motions. We, are made like that. So, why would anyone comment on your blog? You must read theirs and add enhancement on their subject. Something from your own experiences on what they are sharing. Hard? No, if you really choose one of their articles that has meaning in your life. Not, just the newest article on their site.

Simple, yes if you take it seriously. Not to have self promotion on something that you are marketing? No, all of us do not like to read an article that is just hype on something that makes you money. You must give something to people of value. How, just being real and only sharing what you have accomplished based on experience. No one is every going to be perfect.  Stay positive and honest. Share stories in your own way that shows your audience how through perseverance you have the end result with adjusting your original plan of action.

Here, notice how just reading three articles from those who visit my site. I have those three people, share their experiences on the topic of my article. That keeps my site alive, yes!

Think of it like this. Talking to yourself, as I do often. Can only have you agree with yourself. Yet, speaking and sharing with others, not at them. Gives you so much insight with clarity. You can resolve current confusion in your life. Sharing, your overcomings. That is selfless, based on helping those who may be going through what you have found, finally complete. No, there is never one way to have the same end results. You do not have to agree with someones conclusion in their article. Yet, share the positive highlights you agree with the end result based on your steps. That is how we interact on each others sites. That is the lifeblood which keeps your site alive.

Respect and transparency are all that is required. Being yourself, and choose to share your insight. Stop quoting people who are dead, those who have no clue who you are. Stop using their historical quotes. How, are we going to learn about you as a authority figure in your area of experience. When, you cannot have the courage to make a statement and hold your head high. You do not have to then, quote people who are historical. As saying " Look xyz, agrees with my way of doing this". That shows all of us you lack confidence and the ability to say yes means yes and my no means just that no. Take it as me being an authority on the subject matter I share.  We, would respect you more and when shared with our readers. You will gather more support of being a real authority on xyz.

Hey, just get involved and stand by what you share. That is the total meaning of my article. Share and be honest. Also, show respect and support those who leave a mark of clarity on your site. It is always wise to learn each day than to be a person who only self promotes. 


If you found yourself here. Just sharing your insight on this or any article. I appreciate each of you .When, you need to have real support through daily obstacles in your life. Be it personal or business. Reach out to me and we, will move mountains. I do not charge for free support. My way of completing my "Selfless Act of Kindness" daily. It helps keep my life balance and feels so good to do something for others without accepting anything in return. Try it and your life will enhance in every area.




Courage, is a lost emotion?

Just considering, how much all things change, yet stay the same

I was talking with a group of Veteran's at the Post. Laughing and learned that there are no new ideas about anything we view. Think about it, just for a moment. Like any shows on. They are just a bite of the old stuff that we grew up with.

You had "Three's Company" When two single girls need a roommate to share their Santa Monica apartment, they decide to offer a room to the guy they find passed out in the bathtub after the going-away party for their last roommate. Hijinks ensue. Now, take "Three 1/2 Men" I could go on and on.



Then, you have door to door sales. When, people took bride in speaking directly with people. Sharing something they spent hours learning about and gaining excitement. Their natural enthusiasm, is what makes each person purchase a product they might not even ever use.

Having the courage to really only involve your presentations. Only with products and services you believe in. Those, you actually have experience in using. That will make it real in natural "Word of Mouth" method of sharing something new and exciting. My fault in life, being over enthusiastic. It paid huge back in the day when I was serving people for a living. I sold, vast products globally.



Being natural, is almost a lost art. I hope and pray to start sharing real examples, here. I want to express the amazing reality of having fun and creating memories that empower others. Just by being myself 100%. Sharing what others are enthusiastic about.

I spend countless hours creating fundraisers for only solid selfless projects. I love it and except nothing for doing so. That is my passion, serving worthy causes. That is what I do. Ask yourself the last time you just got involved with a worthy cause that has nothing in it for you?


Hey, if anyone out here has a project. That needs some real hands on support with awareness and fundraising. Reach out to me and we can have you walk me through. You never know, if your heart is in it. Then, you may get me to help and pull all my vast resources for you support. No, there is no hidden agenda and I am not excepting anything for giving support to a worthy cause.


Think about these things and let us work for the betterment of all. Those, who just need to have someone with clarity. Enter their lives, with truth and transparency. Having a mindset, with just focus on serving others is being courageous and transparent. You are unique and have a way to get support by reaching out.


Just giving much is my focus. If I can complete one Selfless act of kindness, each day. That may catch on?

Thanks for everyone getting involve with interaction on this site. We, make sure there are no sales junk and all usable and empowering shares. 

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Making People Aware Of Your Offer

Just Don’t Get It

So, why are so many people who are just trying to give the public a service/product for use. Never able to keep people as consistent clients/customers. Who, get enthusiastic about what you have to offer. To the point, of becoming your own army of getting the word out. The best method of marketing is? “Word of Mouth”.

We, searched so many blogs/sites with real usable information. Not, the average ridiculous ads on each section. Your eyes get tired trying to find a worthy article through the maze. That is all that stuff is. Over rated stuff for sale. No meat & potatoes, as I call it.


Consider, finally locating a place that only edifies wisdom of usage. Sharing vs Selling you hype. Showing you how to walk through challenges of real time. Not online methods of marketing and the edge tools to help rank number on on some search engine. That is just stuff and has nothing to do with me as a person?

Let us try to gain real advice. The people who have accomplish just a piece of my vision of my future. I will ask one person at a time. To share a piece of what I see needed to move through the next milestone. That is called real usable information.


The way to accomplish all of this. Interactions through “Old School Methods”. Wait for it, just open your mouth on a phone, in person. Go out and be alive away from the computer. You must take each day as a chance to discover adventure in every activity of the day. Open you mind, to no limits. Search to complete just one “Selfless Act of Kindness” without an agenda. No pay no stuff. Just doing for someone as a kind act.

Benefit, is you meet someone new in face, everyday. You will get outside with fresh air and live for once. Leave your computer home. Use your common sense and pen with paper. Have cards to give to those you can help at some other time. If you give first and freely. Watch how you whole life will change. Your business or job will enhance.

If you decide you would love to learn more and be a part of something greater than self. Reach out to me below. I am a real live person. I have no tools, gadgets and lotions to sell.  I willingly give my time and experience to support you through challenges.  

1) Foundation
2) Awareness
3) Service


You want to really make a difference. Ask anyone if they are living their legacy? Well, I have for over 30 years and continue to. That is the difference between living through the word and playing as a business owner. You still have a W2 then, stop thinking you're an entrepreneur. Wake up and contact me today!

Being over enthusiastic is my flaw in life. Yet, each moment is alive for me. I create amazing memories which only inspire others. What can you say?

Thank you for arriving and I hope you share you insight to this information. I live to learn and your interaction is the lifeblood of this blog. 



Why Not You?

This Is Going To Hurt

Just getting into looking around each day. Making sure that I am where is needed the most in my communities. I travel once a month. That is my own time. It works for me and meeting new exciting people works. The stories people have, are amazing. Empowering times when you travel just to complete "Selfless Acts Of Kindness".

This brings me to what everyone, has been upset with. The idea of making ends meet. The days and nights are hard for most people. They, complain about internet. The only things all over is, "How To Get Rich". They, are being lead into false activites. These, people who post false results. Trying to count people as numbers. Making a small amount of blood money. In return, their own lives are full of the messery they are bringing to innocent people. The game online is false.

Let's review a little facts. First, anyone recruiting for selling someone's product = sales person. Second, anyone selling their dream. That has others doing all the work = systems. Third and last, anyone recruiting others in feel good groups. One's that repeat the same words over and over again = programs.

Wake-up and understand. If they work, and made millions for everyone. No one would be working 9-5. Hey, for all who are out their selling false dreams. Shame. Listen readers, you will not make million having a W2 lifestyle. Just will not happen my friends. Next, please complete research or contact me. We, walk through the person/company and group. No cost for my time. That is me completing a "Selfless Act Of Kindness".

Hey, I have nothing but time. I do not work for anyone except serving others. There is nothing we cannot work through. I have many years to contribute for all daily issues. Try me and we will have this Veteran share quality work once again.

Just get this from this short article. No one who is making money needs to have a hidden agenda. Focus on those who do not have money to begin with. I hope that soon, all those who claim to have money. Put it where their mouth is. Try to help those who have nothing grow. Feed their families and learn a quality way to really help others. Share their passion with enthusiasm. Empowering others to start to create memories that will inspire others. That will bring so much joy and prosperity in their life. The more you give without expecting anything. That is when you truly achieve worthwhile fortune.


A word for the author


"No words will support you. They, only can motivate for a while. Yet, someone accountable on your side. That can move you through a lifetime. The choice is only and always has been, yours. Learn, then take action".

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When, If Not Now?

Consider Following Me, In A Journey



Sharing, how amazing things should be, for all of us. We, have an idea and during our excitement. We, share it with those we believe, will be supportive in various ways, right?

That, was our first mistake. It is human nature, to desire to share exciting things, with others. We, go to a movie and feel so empowered. We, start looking for even people, unknown. Just a chance, to get it out of us. All that excitement. Hey, I have frightened many, with my enthusiasm. They, never thought of going, based on the movies. Yet, felt compelled. They return, and share their amazement, with their decision to go.

That is how, this idea of shaping our imagination. Into, a solid business of some short. Hey, I fell for photography not to long ago. All these years, never dreamed that would be my key passion. Not, as working or producing monies for living off of. Hey, I do it for no fee. I accept a stipend, of any size. No matter the event. I do it, based on the love of capturing the beauty, of my subject or object. It is amazing, once you find you gift given, within. That is the best way, to help everyone stop wasting time. Trying to get rich, as you think it means. Money, fancy cars, homes, travel and everyone knowing your name. That is a pie, in the sky.

Even those of us. Who, have had some sort of false belief, prior to waking the heck up. Know, the more you desire money. The harder it is, to ever get enough?

Think of finding your own, passion. Then, getting with people to brainstorm. To make that passion, a need for the masses. You, enjoy doing it, not for money, fame and false celebrity status. No, you love and live to love doing it, for a warm feeling inside. It breaths, within your soul. That is the one passion, we are speaking of.

Everything, one finds as a core passion. An activity, which burns in their minds and souls. To keep being involved, with no matter their knowledge and age. Now, there is a way to create a service. To people, who would love and enjoy it, in their lives. Just not, as their own core passion. The objective, is to get to know you, again. Really, it is not difficult. When you focus, on self. Stop thinking about, what others are doing. Stop, trying to be someone else. Other than, yourself for a change.

Many, spend priceless hours each day. Doing nothing, but making others dreams and visions theirs. You are the ones, which down, any new idea. Which, someone is providing as a service, to others. Why, because you have spent unlimited time, money and years. Accomplishing nothing, for you. Yes, harsh yet the truth, right?


What happened, in your life. That you gave up and choose to be comfortable, with what you do not have? Making someone else, business work. Giving hours of your life; for money, trade. That is insanity!

Countless, people continue to complain about something, each day and never stop. Those, people will smile and once they are with others. Who, also find worthlessness. In their, every waking hour. Gather, to gossip and complain. The same countless, who never get involved with change. Yet, believe their ridicule, is just. That is so amazingly, naive.

I say, to those sick and tired of complaining. Tired of getting nothing, in your own life, right. Those, of you who just accept where you are, as your parents have. Those who continue,  surrounding themselves with others. Who have forgotten, their own youthful ideas. You became silent, in growth and imagination. It is, not too late.

The amazing thing, about our lives. We, can start over each day. Until, we get us right back on the adventure. That is, what we only have. During this little time here. It is one beginning story, for all of us. Make yours amazing and full of trials with victories. That is, what I had made a choice and never look back. Then, you inspire and empower others. By just sharing parts of this continuous story of yours.

Everything, that comes to you. It is never, something new? Think about it. You fall for some stuff online. It looks amazing and easy. It makes promises, no one ever reads the small lettered disclosures. Riches, fame and fake celebrity status. Join this group or sale our products or participate in this program(system). Those are the only three games, played online these days. Get you to build up, false hope in failing junk. Yes, everyone says it works. Yet, if it did work, for everyone and someone like yourself? You have no experience, in this game. That is all it is. Your money goes and you still feel like quitting. You do not, for all will laugh. How, once again, you fall for this crap. Hey, that hurts deep inside.  We all, have been down that path. It is called, learning. It hurts, not only your pride but pocket. People, lose their 9-5 being stupid. Who, would stop working. Based on someone, making them believe in junk? Everyone, who desires to have what someone has edified over and over each day. The same people, that get you to spend money. Which, have been taken from most mouths. Crazy game, is online stuff.


Try, being real and take this, if anything. I am, only doing my part. Just, to awaken you, finally.  It is fine, to have dreams. Yet, would you consider being loyal, to yourself and family. Dreams, are visions. Then, you want to manifest those, in a shaping way. To provide, a service to all, from it. There is a way, that cost nothing, to accomplish this. In, no time at all. Nothing, again, nothing is overnight. So, the next time someone pressures you, into spending time, which you cannot get back. Money, which none have to waste. The more you have others, with their hands out. They, believe they deserve it, without working? I told you this is an, online game.Those who claim to be loved ones, are torn from you. Family, friends and others you will lose playing, this game.

When, not if. You are tired of wasting your time, money you do not have. Making those, who love you suffer. All   from your lack of gaining, insight. Stop wasting time, playing the game. Get with people, who enhance your own dream, into manifestation. Making sure, you can live the rest of your life. Creating amazing memories. Which, inspire others. Providing a service, through your core passion. It feels wonderful, to reach this level and share it.

Knowledge, is wasted on foolish people. Yet, soon we all have to agree to wake the heck up!

I serve, at your pleasure. Please, reach out for any free support. My way is just that, mine. You will learn, each of us and those that come after. Have our own, unique ways. You have  just, forgotten yours. We, will bring it to light . Making your life, amazing, as it suppose to be. No games, hype and sales. It is real, only when you open your eyes. Stop, listening to all the noise. Your voice guides you, once you find it again.







I am real and passionate about my life. I stand by my word and will not change. You have arrived and I hope you will leave a comment. No matter, if it doesn't align with my voice. Just leave one, to keep this location alive. We, having a dialogue, is the lifeblood of this blog. Make it alive, with sharing your insight, on this subject.  I appreciate you!


First, What Is Your #1 Passion to Share?

Image result for Passion in life

Consider once, that statement and meditate on it for a day or so. You will notice, that none of you have ever been consistent, in doing it. Not for yourself, yet family and others who would benefit. There are countless people, who need you. Those, who would appreciate you. People, who have a need to understand.Through you, there is hope. Just a chance, to have an overall well-being established. You, are the answer!

Image result for Pressure doing the right thing

Now, you feel allot of pressure and that is a good thing. That feeling, is not pressure. It is an awakening, that has been dormant, for such a long time. You forgotten, what it felt like, right? When, we love and have a blessing of a certain skill, talent, gift if you want to call it. You and myself, desire someone, besides ourselves to use, with purpose. That drives us to be consistent. Not taking action, each day.  That, would damage allot of people and even some, we will never know. Now, you understand you are part of something larger than yourself. It feels empowering, sometimes overwhelming.You, start to inspire others. By, Sharing your daily adventures, of helping others. Nothing, to do with making money, sales pitches and ROIs.

That is a place, I pray you all will get to, in your lifetime. I, live this adrenaline level, each moment of everyday. It takes it's toll on your mind and body. You, find yourself filling up with so much energy and after about three days. You are so tired, yet happy to be a part of something, away from focusing on self.  I pray, you are gifted with insight, at this moment

.Image result for Stop pitching sales

Let me share this, then I will leave for now. Once, I took my mind and activities off of sales, pitching and having people so excited. Just, by my natural ability. Poring real enthusiasm, to convince anyone. To do anything, good or not. I changed and cried out, to have my life used, to help others. I, have all I need presently and for the future no matter how long that will or not be. When, desire for something manifest, at anytime. I discern good for me or not. Will this help me expand my story for encouragement?  If yes, I get it. That simple, that easy.

Once, I took my focus off myself and money. Being, famous and such. It doesn't set you free. It, brings more burden. When, accomplished with greed, vanity and such.  However, now I spend time helping people, like you, the reader. Not, for any type of glory or money. I ,do it free and in love it. I found, at this point in mylife. It is, time to give and not the opposite. I support everyone, who are serious to develop. There desire, to make a positive effect. On our, communities. You, look back and see there is a real "Legacy", you established. That, is more than enough victory, yes? That is, real. The rest, falls in place.

Image result for Empowered by others

I speak, globally. All my prayers, for you. To, surrounding yourself with people. Who, empower you. Consider, continuing with just that! In all times, Gratitude outweighs Self-Promotion, all the time. You have to once, be honest with yourself. Be the same person, when no one can see you? That is who, I pray you consider, always being. No matter what, your endeavor is.

Hey, reach out to me. I will support you, through achieving it. That is how, I live my life each day. Never, look back. Completing, one "Selfless Act Of Kindness", each day. You may consider, trying that. Feel free, to share your adventures. You know, pile them up and that is your story. To share, with others every chance you get. That allows others, to know you. They, will want to know, what you are about. If you can help them, do the same. That is true marketing, you are the product. Just get that!

Hey, without comments this blog is dead. You are my life's blood, to say. Help us, continue to share experiences and learn to grow, together. Real "Old School" interaction. It, is not dead yet, right?


Image result for The Most High My open invitation, to reach out to me, never has an end. My support, cost you nothing. You can continue, doing things alone. Yet, believe me.

Where there is no counsel, the people fall;
But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Pro 11:14



3 Realizations!

There comes a time, when we must recognize, when it is necessary to start from the beginning. No longer, should we be looking at what use to be. How, we did not overcome that urge to spend money. Which, should have paid bills or feed our families.

There comes a time, when we must recognize, when it is necessary to start from the beginning. No longer, should we be looking at what use to be. How, we did not overcome that urge to spend money. Which, should have paid bills or feed our families.


When, we set our eyes on making more money, to do this or that. We lose our way, from the goal. Which is and always will be, meaningful done right. Yes, we may want to live better and that will cost more money. Yet, it always will mold us to maturity. Thus, becoming aware that knowledge, is growth. You, do not have to spend lump sums, to gain knowledge. You will have to invest in your education. That is not avoidable. Thus, one must budget!


Setting your mind, to focus on your way. That just means, keeping your eyes on what matters, to you. Not someone, trying to sell you their dream. Live, according to real things. Such as, pay your bills first. Then, feed your family. Now, what you have left, is what you deal with. Never, listen to those who suggest “The Sky Is Falling”. Other words, do not fall for the hype, as I did and many will continue to do. That is the “Achilles Heal”, per say in all endeavors.


During the last 35 years, of me completing everything. I have ever dreamed of and more. I found there is nothing new. We get involved, with just about anything that makes us feel good. Instead of, our focus being on serving others, for their betterment. You can make more money serving, than trying to join some system(Process) or program. Be true to yourself and others will see something they want in your supportive ways. Lots more people take notices. When you are being real to yourself and honest with them. That takes courage and persistence. No one is perfect.


You will come across, lots of opportunities. Yet, take your time and investigate the people and what is really being offered. The glamour and hype, always makes us stumble. The amazing thing, we can pick ourselves up and move forward, learning from our mistakes. If you fail to learn, it is just a looping process of you wasting money and time. When, you find everything coming out your mouth is “I do not have the time to…Then, you are not doing something, right.


“With Many Advisors, There Is Success”


Hey, if you are sick and tired of doing the same crap. Look me up and we can get you supported, while you complete your endeavour. That is an open invitation, with never a deadline. That is the difference between, a real offer of support vs pitching. None of us, like people who pitch stuff to us.


Being transparent, I want all of you to become aware of me. Allow me, to give you hands on, support. No products, services(processes) or programs. Just me, helping you through those milestones. To accomplish. your vision of success. Helping those, who are in need. Making vast people aware of you, and what you bring to the table, per say. and sharing you with others. The natural ability to express your gratitude, and show your appreciation. That is, without expecting anything, for being real and transparent. The faster, you will realize. How easy, it really is to complete “Selfless Acts Of Kindness”. This passion, to accomplish daily. Will make, masterful memories of you being, successful in all your endeavours.


It’s Never Met To Be Complicated?

Hold the press!

Consider slowing down and really being aware of your surroundings. I am just sharing what the heck happened when I was lead to believe our V.F.W Post. Hosting a "Game Night" right?

The setup was tell me, Brotherbill to reach out to the thousands of loyal contacts for over 33 years. No matter where they live. Have them consider donations of any amount sent to Post or show up for "Game Night". Hold on, I am getting to the crazy part. 

Well, I did put it out there and thank God, it was a rainy muggy. Yes, in February Boston, MA was muggy? Only a handful of people including myself, showed up. Now, I have no idea how many donated even a buck. Yet, I laugh so hard when the our Bar manager Dan. Explained the confusion was last minute event planning?

They only game was one I did not like to participate, Beer Pong. Remember, in college when you wanted to drink for free. Just show up at any house party on campus. You drink free with playing "Beer Pong". That was such a mislead and I understand the disadvantage of not having a committee establish events vs our supportive young adults from Darts & Pool teams of ours. Experience matters and knowing the environment counts.

Well, only two people out of thousands showed up. I know it was due to weather and serous virus has been going around in Boston. Making children and grown folk sick as anything. The only reason God speard me was I shut myself in my house for those two weeks. I did not know it was a serious virus going around? I was clueless and the radio station I get my daily weather did not mention when I was listening for my daily dose of radio cleaning and cooking.

That blessing of being retired prior to 33 years old. Helping people from my home office. Not watching regular TV with commercials and crazy gloomy news. Pays off big time. That is on discipline I am so grateful for.

Lesson Learned:  Research people, places and announcements prior to jumping in to volunteer or get involved. No matter titles, time on earth. You may want to develop research skills or reach out to someone who has experience in that area of knowledge.

"In Multitude Of Counselors There Is Safety"

Consider writing something about my blog when you visit. I am all about meeting new contacts and sharing our passions which drives us. When, I visit someone's site/page/blog. I make it a point to read one article and engage with relevant feedback. Keep it real and transparent. We do not just add a presentations of a site that has stuff to market?



“Time To Get Real”

OK….we spoke on the first step, at beginning your journey. To becoming, a real entrepreneur.


(An Entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”)


Well, thank goodness. You do not have to be alone, on this amazing journey. We, surround ourselves, with others. Who, have a history of achievement, in getting things done. Knowing, persistence and focus are key.

Do not waste time, looking for anything else. Keep, in line with your choice. Something that provides, service and helps others gain, empowerment.


Yes, yes... Thousands of pitches for selling lotions, potions and joining clubs. Selling, coins and gold. Hey, if there were people (besides those paying monthly) able to purchase. You would have a chance to gain a return on your investment. You will end as those, losing their last savings. Always the hype that gets us, amazing? I admit, it sounds and looks amazing, right. Can, you pay hundreds of dollars a month? I mean, now in your current financial situation, “Heck No”.

Be, honest to yourself. Do not allow anyone, to tell you “You must act today”. This is in beta, and you can make a killing. Just, remember if it was making a killing. They, would not be pitching. These people, do not even have the decency. To learn anything, about you? That should have “Bells and Whistles” popping in all areas!

I made my endless mistakes, more than most. Yet, had to get serious and learn. We are in this, to make real money. If you call yourself in business. Not making any money. You are playing like you have a business, Hey, wake up and stop. Do you understand that? Never, allow money. To be. “The Determining Factor”. You, will loose your family, and friends. Job, and bank account. Yet, you will still be jumping ,for the next new thing online.


It’s time, to get serious!


One final thing, for this short introduction to get things going. You will, be able to follow me and learn. How, you adjust your attitude and actions, is your choice. Consider, your ups and downs are yours. I will not be hurting. Nor anyone else, except you. That is hard love!

So, take one step and never be overzealous about, making money online. Online revenue, is hard and takes self-discipline. Consider, being consistent. Learn breaking things down into, three steps. Then, walk others through it. That is as simple, as it gets. No matter, online or off.


Next time folks, I will get into detail and maybe share “How, to break things down to three steps”. No matter, selling products. Providing services, to others and business. Sharing, a process of joining some club, investment (Bitcoin). Travel, and others.  Always three steps. Test me…


Time to pay the bills.

I am amazed, at all the types of applications. Have you downloaded the SendOutCards App Yet? Awesome, fun and useful. It’s always your choice, have at it!



“I live to serve, at your pleasure”

Those who need to have one on one help. Consider, reaching out to me. I will walk you through all challenges. Those, that keep you up at night. Nothing to sell ya! Just, serving others for their overall well-being. I do not want anything in return.


1st Activity “Vetting”

Hey, remember those spy movies? When, the top brass has someone, "Vet" all new members of the unit. Well, that is a real process. The term is different. All the activities, researching a person. Through their current and past life actions.

That is, what each of us may consider doing. Before, you reach out to another. Before, allowing them to be aware of your thing.That, one passionate thing, in your life. Which, drives you to continue in believing, "I can share this, and bring in money". Just, with all the enthusiasm you can muster. Yes, like seeing an amazing movie, no one has seen. You feel overwhelmed, with excitement. The first person, you can share your viewing. You jump all over, the highlights of the movie. Even, if the reviews in newspapers and other media. Has made, that person doubt. Even spending, time and money. You're sharing something, with so much excitement. Your eyes light up and you cannot stop, smiling. They, can feel so many emotions, at once. Their excitement, will not stop until they see what you have shared.

That is, the same way to share. Your passionate product, service and process. The only difference. You may consider, having the same enthusiasm, as you did. When, sharing that movie. That means, one must use, the product and service. One must master, the steps of a process. Then, you will naturally be sharing something, from within. No one, who understands, this. Can nor chooses, to try and fake, excitement. It doesn't work. It just becomes, wasted efforts and hidden agenda's. No one, wants to be sold on, anything. That is just a huge "Con".

This, is the first and only action. We, learn by practice. Not, expecting anything. Except, a pure response.  Once we, A share "Our Thing". It works, based on being real and transparent. No selling, does that.Selling, is a huge "Con" and we do not accept, being tricked to purchase, something. Never, ask anyone to purchase something you are not using, and excited about.Be real and share that passion. Allow, others to feel all that enthusiasm. It is like, you will become the light, everywhere you are seen. Your words, will excite people. When, you are not even, face to face. I live this, it is a pure adrenaline rush, daily!

Once again, this is something, learned, lived and shared. One person, at a time. I am, a real person. Dedicated to share, what is true and works. There is no promises, just facts. I, live with excitement, and it keeps me from sleeping. Become a real person, full of life and passion. One, who creates memories and establishes vast new relationships.

Hey, doing it right the first time. Priceless!

All are welcome, to reach out to me, daily. I am, a real person. My contact information, is found here. I, will not sell, stuff. I support, a huge amount of people, without accepting anything, in return. Not many, of us out here. So, please take advantage, of my generosity.

Nothing, we cannot accomplish, together. No one, can complete great changes, alone. Think, without limitations. Believe in, what is not seen, as it is here already. Get many advisors. All  your visions, of your future, will manifest. You can count on you, if consistency. Remains, a part of your, lifestyle.

"It Is Done", I declare!