Time Continues

We all have times of total loss thoughts and hope to regain perspective on what is important to use. Perhaps we can meditate on positive areas in our lives and moments of hope for things that will only enhance our overall well-being.

It’s been time enough without some fresh new ideas that will only help you choose to allow someone else to help you. That is, in all areas that need support. No one does anything for nothing, you may say. Nevertheless, we are here and have been for years.

The only thing people desire is value in their existence, in our experience. We are placed in this moment to help you discover and take action with our resources. This is done for one reason, we live to serve others and get a feeling of total “Joy” listening to your experience on the new side of living. That is our motivation for allowing such vast resources to be applied to your life.

There will always be people who just like to look and take no action in their lives. Being and feeling safe is what they will keep holding on to and have no use for being motivated in moving into new areas that they only vision as a future self.

Well, now you can get out of your comfort zone, per say. Not alone this time. Stop spending money and wasting valued time. We find building value for people is our only focus point.

Allow us to earn your belief that people can be found who really live to serve others without hidden agendas. We can improve your foundation in life. We appreciate all you have done and are willing to invest our total resources in your future. Allowing us to connect for real hands on support without a cost from you, is priceless. You and yours will be protected from those who offer riches and have only taken your time, money and dignity. Left you without hope and your dreams have stopped?

Now is the time to allow people to help you gain an unshakable attitude. Which allows an overflow of goodness and growth in your life.

We will be here today or in five years. Why not you and now? How come it took so long to find us? We have never moved and will always be waiting for those who accept a challenge in allowing us to earn your respect.

We live to “High standards”. The mind can conceive anything and we know how to manifest all you share that is good and respectful. The ideas that will enhance and improve your overall well-being are here, and now. The only limitation is in your mind that you alone allow fear.

Hope this will encourage you to start today. Just take a breath and make a choice to accept our challenge in allowing us first to earn your respect with hope to become your number one stop for all your supportive needs.

Give a man a fish, yes he will eat for a day. Nevertheless, teach that man how to fish, and he will eat for eternity. Which do you desire?

Great Expectations, we have in you!

Time To Approach Reality

Perhaps, we get lost with all the hype that we get exposed each day? Nothing more than those offers, which promise money and travel. They never deliver, yet vast people keep on wasting time, money and life, for such foolish fantasies.

Well, we have a solution and it will remain free for a lifetime! Bold statement with years of total hands on support. Yes, you have been blessed with reading this statement today. We have more than forty years experience in supporting people like yourself. Through activities that cost nothing for you. The end result is how you see yourself in the future. We are only talking about having a real foundation in your life. Keeping your finances in order. Then, freeing up a small amount of valued time to get serious and move forward each day.

There is no limitation on how well you will become with such things as having a real company driven in supplying other’s needs. This is a company that provides services based on history shows a company as such, always prosperous globally.

Please, consider allowing us to earn your choice in supporting your personal life and then be able to create a real company. If you already have one, great! 

We also will get an existing company leveled. Daily decrease in “Operational” cost with consistent customer retention with growth. This develops a natural increase in revenue. Yes, we do this time and time again. 

The decision is yours as when to allow us to earn your choice to get this right the first time. No matter, there has never been a question of if, just when you get tired of spending money and time. Losing family and friends because of your driven desire for more. That has never been the issue. Just no one makes anything worthy while, alone!

When you decide to allow us to invest our time, money and resources in you, yes you. Then, just send us a reply that it is time to start. We developed a simple form here!

Nothing in life is accomplished without hard activities and never has to cost anything except your valued time. Ethically supported by other’s resources. That is as simple an offer we can extend to you and anyone who is tired of not living without limitations.

Part 1 The Offer

Appreciation and Gratitude Expressed,

“Will” Amis

Let’s Getting Right

Considering This Year Has Amazingly Flown By!

Perhaps we can focus on positive activity. That not only serves others yet brings overflowing joy into our lives. We live to find goodness in all things we experience vs consistently allowing circumstances to dictate how we perceive each decision to be made each day.


Look, we can either thank “God” for each new day, we can open our eyes and take a breath, right? Not allowing anything to steal that Joy. Which can’t be taken, no matter what happens on this day. This is a choice, and believing is the first step. 

Not, getting into details here. Nevertheless, one can begin to choose to live a life of “Spoken Manifestation”. Why not you? We have been living like this for years. Be Careful, not only good but not so good happens, from that mouth of yours.

 Only Choosing A “Selfless” Lifestyle Is Real

It’s not about self, with us. We only desire to earn another’s choice, that is earned from us giving without expectations of receiving anything.  Even if you vision a prosperous life. One should consider not the details, yet how to get organized, without paying someone to do so? You have to put in work, it is not given to you. Nevertheless, it costs you only your valued time. No money is involved when done right!

Perhaps, you have a passion, heck we all do. How about getting organized. Then, able to live through that passion? Others will desire to listen, learn and get your insight on their lives. So, they can do what they love vs 9-5 each day or wasting life being disappointed in working at a job. Nothing wrong, we need laborers.

Consider consistent reading, learning and growing. While not wasting any more money on “Get Rich” junk. You get taken on an idea vs actually working towards getting yourself organized. Then, share your vision of a future self. Allow others to help shape that vision.  All without money being involved, from you?

Hey, real people helping others and getting only the enjoyment of reaching out to help improve life. Perhaps, one day you will give the same support?

Thanks for visiting our site and allowing us to stimulate your imagination. Hope is nothing without work!

High Expectations,


Eyes Open


Perhaps it’s been a long way to accomplish earning people’s trust in providing “Free Support”…

Sometimes all we have to do is research a person and their real company vs pitching other’s products. No one likes to be attacked with endless contacts pitching products without finding out if you even need anything?

It has become the norm to insult those of us who only seek to learn your needs and provide solutions. Then, offering our support services, which costs nothing and shall remain as such. Real people, who are driven with passionate hearts. Only providing ”Hands On” free support services. We have forty-plus years, removing ourselves out of the equation. Being part of something larger than ourselves. You are our only focus and accomplishing what you visioned is our end result. 

The “Prompting” to bring overall well-being support to others without a hidden agenda is a lost hope or is it?

Myself and Wife, have “High Expectations” and if you have read this message, please allow us to give you creative access to bring an overwhelming joyful moment in someone else’s life. Please, the cost besides your creativity, is all on us!

Have At It!

If you would participate in this needed activity, we would ask to be allowed to earn being your resource of a “One Stop” location. That is, for all your personal and business support needs. Ask, why they are free from us vs paying for support that only fails, due to lack of passionate people giving vs pitching.

It’s not a matter of if you will allow us to serve you. It’s just when you decided enough years of wasting time. How, about being a company who desires to finally gain more new customers/clients and retain the ones you have. Also, a natural growth in revenue with consistent decrease in overall expense to operate. Well, that is what we do for people and companies vastly.

No matter today or five years from now. We are always ready and willing to earn that trust from you, allowing us to serve for free.

Great Expectations,

Will & Robin

This Has Been A Challenging Year

We all have several choices through this chapter in our lives. That is one given we all can agree on. Nothing else would be equal as each person making choices for every day we are allowed to have breath!

This site has been around for so many years. Giving insight on the subject around establishing a real solid foundation in our lives and business. This will not change and more details this year will be provided. All information is based on experience which is the only way to gain true knowledge.

One thing we will not do is judge anyone with their comments. Please, the life of any site is interaction with real passionate people. When you find an agreement or disagreement, let us know.

There is never just one way of accomplishing anything during this journey. Nevertheless, we can all agree at some point. The first step in establishing a business is creating a foundation that will support a service for others. Maybe, you would enjoy creating a product that is doable as well.

Needless to say, we must first help you accept putting pieces together for the end result of a foundation. How about keeping it real and transparent. No hidden agenda with asking you for any money. No, all support is free for life. 

Now, first let us know what your deepest passion is as providing a solid needed service to others. Please, consider not thinking about what someone else is doing now. We would ask you to keep it simple and really meditate on a service that you always had a passion for doing. Something that you desire each day to master and have an end result that would bring overall well-being in someone else’s life. 

Being Part Of Something Larger Than Yourself

This is the first step and you will never be alone, with us with you making it happen this time. Let us get it right the first time, and you will be able to accomplish it if only you allow others to really help. Real hands on support from people who have over forty-years experience in such as company building and maintaining ethically achieved. 

We ask to challenge ourselves by getting you a vision and then manifesting all that shapes as you see as a future self. It costs you time only and not money? So, would you accept allowing us this adventure which only will work if you are 100% dedicated to yourself and serving others?

The time spent here reading our challenge. That is the first step and positive results. The next step is you allow us to walk-through your vision of a future self. Then, we will have you see how simple with our help, getting it right this time is simple. 


“Mother Day” real card you create and send. We pay for postage & handling. Our way of earning your respect and feel comfortable with real people giving without a hidden agenda or charging you money. Just say you love her!


Have you ever considered allowing that “Gut” feeling when being moved to contact a person near or far?  Well…that is an inner sort of voice. That direction is what is called “Prompting”. Most of us fight to just take action and most of the time it involves just reaching out to a person that comes to mind. Take action in some way to express gratitude and just give thanks for some certain reason. That is something if we decide to listen, now. All future greatness will manifest and our lives will be on paths that will make a huge difference for others and in our lives.

How many times have we thought, wow…I should have? How about the times we could have said something nice as, thank you? There are endless times we all fall short to just stop fighting those times when our deepness rises and gives us direction to take action in contacting others and moving in directions that are new!

Perhaps, now even more we must consider interacting more. We are influencing “Real Human” interaction. If one just promotes and lives a life of service as this writer. Then, perhaps the mere efforts to edify others will become like a wave of joy throughout this world. That is just a thought, prayer and speaking things into manifestation.

How about giving this writer a chance to get some insight on this subject from you? We live to learn and can only gain wisdom by experience. So, sharing yours on this subject would help not only this writer, but all who read this article.

Once again, our choice is to continue each month with writing something, to have all of us interact. Then, perhaps we can increase more subject matter that would help guide those who decide to serve others and gain prosperity in all areas of their lives, as this writer has a life full of experience. This is a choice and we hope you would allow us to support your decision. 

Just A Little Support

We all have been through transformation these last two years. Hopefully, most of us have come out on the other side stronger and with much knowledge. That being, all the experiences with others and job adjustments have created some unique and fruitful interactions on all levels of growth and what we call newness.

There has been some transformation in all of our lives that have increased so many activities that we never knew we would be involved with. The business aspect is something we focus on in this location. There is a huge need for services like never before.

Perhaps, we can all agree that more people being transparent in business is needed. It’s not about getting what is in it for you per say. Yet, allowing people to ask for all services in supporting their needs and possible lifetime connections will develop naturally.

We have learned that the more we interact on a level of seeking how to help others overall well-being in their companies and positions. The opportunities to increase more customers in the service industry is huge. There are no limitations, only those who have stopped developing more ways to adjust from one client to another are restricted to developing new ways in supporting all needs. 

Let us leave you with this one suggestion of helping companies expand their clients, retaining them and also a consistent reduction in daily operations expenses. This has been accomplished without overhead and we plan on sharing each step to help massive supportive activities globally.

This is just one resolution we are giving without expecting anything in return. Let us see if we can generate some interaction on this article and the future ones!

Hey, really if you desire to get help complete our "Discernment" document here!
We value each time you return and hope you will begin to interact on the highest level, on the given subject!