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"Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful"

We will get into perception. Which is the same, as mindset but more usage. You have to understand, that we each see things different. That is, what makes us unique and those of us special.


You feel, something must change for the better. There are to many things, you can be doing besides working 9-6 each week, for someone else. You are being used and there is not much, the average person can handle.

Before you want to enter, our world. Make sure you are a person, who has always been resourceful. I mean you can be in a tea shop, sitting and typing on some type of project. Then you reach for your wallet. No cash, cards and need a way to pay for the tea? What you do, will defined if you are resourceful. This excessive drill, will determine you being, an Entrepreneur.  Sounds funny right? You keep coming back and interacting with written thoughts. Hey, to each their own to insight. Share yours, that is what forums are for.


Let us interact here. When you arrive, read the information I gave you. It will be here all week and is for getting your mind right. This situation is serious or not depending on who you believe you are. This is about, your ability, to make others share a view that is different from what they see now. You must learn to show people how to perceive things, your way. If can do that day in and out, without thinking about it. Then you are rare breed, with us and can make it if you never give up.


Welcome to our Global Family Partners...

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The Plans Of The Righteous Are Just…

Leave it to the media, only to hype the numbers up, from what they really are. Now, we are told that unemployment has decreased, and jobs are on the rise. The only jobs that are on the rise, are those that it would take someone who lost their jobs. To take on two jobs, never to make the same, as the they lost over 18 months ago, after their benefits ran out. Most can feel this deeply as I write about it, right?


This is what has become of our great nation, and it is getting to me. I love to remain positive and share great experiences, on this site. I just had to bring this little thing up, based on the overwhelming people, arriving at our company door each day. They are in crises, over not being able to get food and shelter. This is the fact, although there are services, our great city and state are providing. They have no savings, and most are being left out. It is not enough!

I feel sadden and hear all about the wonderful support, other countries are getting? That brings tears to this Veteran’s eyes! Hey, we can pay millions to a sports figure and can’t feed our own country. You can try to make sense of this if you want to. It can not continue without something exploding. Chaos is going to happen sooner than all can believe. In Maine they just arrested a man who shared plans that were to take place in the US. Drones being used to deliver weapons of destruction. Why? --wbz source 4.11.2014


My goal for this quarter, will be one I have never made before. I am changing my whole operations, for my company. We can no longer standby, just referring people to sources to help them in their daily challenges. We are going to create a way, to bring them the one thing they need, money. Lots of it and we are almost done to make sure more is given. Not by some program, they do not work. Not by any MLM or Affiliate program. They take money.

My offices have been loading up for this activity, that will never have an end. Having the one location without expenses, for our operations. This will play a huge part in helping real people, solve real problems. Most are being taken by people who I say, have “No souls”. They are praying on the weak minded, and inexperienced. They keep popping up, over the internet with hopes, which are false in every way.


The people who are taking advantage of others, will be exposed. You have to wake-up and understand, none of us made millions of dollars, only doing services online. We have real companies, we developed and yes, some may have originated online. We also own properties, and other investments. We have whole life insurance vs. term. We have advisers with real experiences, in all areas of business. We hold life experiences in trading stocks, bonds and commodities. Living to learn, all new strategies of Global Economics.

You can start online and expand, with building a group with you all the way. You will never make millions, just selling stuff online nor providing services online, only. No, only companies and their owners with stockholders, make any money off everyone who sales their products and services offline and online. So, just get that through your head, and stop being taken advantage with all these crazy ideas, of wishing for millions. This is not the lottery and worse.


If you want to create a source online or offline, of making spendable money. You have to gain knowledge and start it off right. You have to be interactive, with people just for knowledge and not try to pitch junk to us. We do not want your money, nor need it. We give you free information and support. What you do with it is up to you. You have to make the right connections and stay with them for a lifetime. You do not sell junk to friends and family, with believing you are going to be like the people, on some crazy video presentations.


Yes, sure if you have 100 people paying $39.95 per month. Gaining nothing but a place to act like their are in business. Then they are told to get others with no end. Yet, everyone who believe they are in business, without a real company. They are just making a joke of themselves. You have to invest, in daily personal growth and learn about the type of company you want to establish.

Anyone can not do what I have, and the very few? Yes, it took years and there is no magic number or ways. You are different in every aspect, from me. I have vast knowledge and experience normally, no one would want. I love useless information, that you would say it is. Yet, during my years it paid off. Everyone is not an Entrepreneur, nor will ever be one. So, you have to make sure you understand today, what it is you want. Then develop your own plan by doing it right the first time.


I have only always, been able to lead others by walking them through only how to begin their own story. I also remain,  lifetime friends with most. 89% are doing great, some are struggling based on losing patience and wanting to make money, today! You can not determine when or if you are going to make, any money. You can only hope and believe, that if you follow a plan and learn to adjust on the way, it will work. Only if you never give up. You can never worry about what anyone else is doing. Only if you are gaining advice on a step you need, based on your own, lack of experience, with a certain part at that given time. Then you keep moving forward.


The most important part, everyone keeps missing, is the simplest. You have to take the first weeks and months setting up your foundation. Mastering the 3 fundamentals of life and business. You have to learn discipline and keep to it. You must understand, a payroll is just a term. We use mentally, not to misuse the monthly amount, that runs our Operations. Even if we do not eat good. I do not care about storms in life, my “Payroll” is never touched. Never, ever!


This is the part everyone, still will miss. You and others must calm down from those hyped presentations, and sales talk. Get a grip and if that person trying to make you join for free or not. Keeps pressure. Leave that idea alone. It is not worth the time nor trouble. Nothing real is going to just disappear from allowing others to be a part of it, if it is solid. No company that exist beyond the five year mark, is just going to vanish online. We are in a new time, when just with imagination, a company can manifest and strive.


Thank you again for sharing your valued time with our site. I am pleased to dedicate myself and resources to people such as yourself . One’s with a higher standard of living. You are needed and wanted. We thank you for your continued support here. I welcome everyone to contact me day or night for just about anything. I love to meet new people and live to support all. Maybe some are not satisfied with our free support for life. Yet, if you were paying us that is what makes the difference. Keeping it real and caring for everyone. Just ask and it will be received!


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Perception A Natural Gift?

During this week, I accept an invitation to be a guest speaking on air. I never would have done this, yet I felt compelled by my friend who offered. He is a great young man, who has a way of excitement, such as we who live for the journey. I could not wait to speak, and knew the format is free style. We do not rehearse or write down a speech.


I am use to this, as I do this each week, for almost my entire life. That is when I write anything to share information.  I will just start writing about a great adventure, (Things that I do practically each day) I accepted to take part in. I love sharing quality activities, and just watch to see what type of seed it will plant, in the readers mind. It takes time, like anything worth value. You must call upon all the patience within, and do not try to push people into doing something they are not physically or mentally ready to take part in. How, you know, is by being observant and just ask how they feel about this or that.

Know to my point. Well, the whole show was on perception. This is something I have been practicing each day, for over 10 years. You focus your mindset/way of understanding, during challenges, daily. I can call upon this practice, to view everything in my own way. Most people find this funny. Everyone believes that there is only one common way, to look or view everything we know. That is wrong, based on perception.


I walked hundreds of people through exercises, for being aware of how to use perception. I use an example of how you would view setting up an email account vs. establishing a department. They had a blast and so did I.


Well, now I would like to share how just learning each day from others, is a must. We owe ourselves to grow personally each day. The only way is to start getting involved with various causes and learning how others things. You must read books, and blogs of other people with that inner hunger. It will become second nature soon. I was one who did not like anything that was not technical, in nature. Now, I can not put books down nor stop reading others blogs.

I search for just one new person, to meet each day. I really do not give it much thought, because I am a people person. So, it could be while on an elevator, going to meet my sister for lunch. I will start a general interaction with anyone. I do not use a line that is given to everyone. I just can feel if a person feels comfortable speaking with me, not at me. They may have a cup of coffee and I will ask, where did they get it from. What type is it? Just anything to get them to feel in control of information, being share in less than 3 seconds. Then, I will always end up giving my card out to people and gathering their emails. I will also try to gather all contact information. I will continue contact for the rest of my life. I will become a new contact, with them and share my gratitude for their time.


It is, all about perception and you will learn the more you practice the better it gets. It is a naturally ability, we all have and just put away for some reason, long ago. The younger you are, the more you will remember when, people use to say “You are in your own world”. That is exactly what is feels like, when using this gift. You start to feel empowered and know not where from. Yet, your insight, is off the charts, per say. You see things in a different way and it will not change back to the same boring way, of the past. Everyone feels the need to see things the same. When, we are made to share how we perceive things, for a common understanding, yet being unique in getting there. That is how we know we are being genuine, and using perception the right way.


Hey, thank you all who start interaction on our site. I appreciate each person and would show it if you use the free tools I share at the end of each article. Gravatar and Shareaholic with CommentLuv. Just get right and sign up for free. That way myself and others will be able to share the love.

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Transparency Today!

When I finished productive activity, from another two day working spree (insomnia). I felt so excited from listening to a good friend, for hours. We put in the hours to interact, yet I knew something was going to happen, based on a gut feeling. Well, the next thing I knew, we were speaking about the mindset of people. The ones who want to create a business and have no clue where to start.

I learn a valued lesson, I had forgotten. Being one who assumed, people would do their due diligence, on how one should perceive being a real company owner. That is before they actually would invest in their venture. You would think, they studied and researched before beginning, right? No, more than 89% of people arriving online, are looking for a way to produce some type of money. Even if it is an extra $50.00 a week. That would help with putting real food, in most homes.

So, I was Schooled by Chad, and it felt great! How dare me, believe that people would be like myself. Do the research, so you will not get burnt, per say. No, they actually waste money. they never had in the first place. Like being a junkie, hooked on dope. Loss of time, which causes all kinds of falling outs. They loose their spouses, jobs and worse. Time is gone, which you can never get back! Heck, I can get another spouse and job...just joking, or am I?


I was lead to believe, with education or not. During life, you grow up with surroundings that teaches anyone common sense. You learn to watch your back, with all activity. Well, everywhere you turn, things are exposing people, getting taken for money,  Why would anyone, not complete due diligence?

Well, it is not up to question, it just is. I forgot, not to assume anything. You learn this in accounting, back in my days. Wow, we can be so naive, with such things as believing in junk. It was not even that, I came to find out. All about your mindset, perception. That is all, there is to it.


Now, I had to change everything, to make this right. So, knowing that, begins a new day with making sure the first thing, I walk new people through her/his mindset. The perception of things in a world, they have no clue about. Then I can go into, how to create an Operational Budget with a solid foundation.

The whole balance of my world, had a clear light shining once again. I was back focusing on the person, is the product. Nothing else matters, except that. We all have been losing our way, over analyzing crap, and that I am sorry for. I made my changes with the vast group of Global Partners, I have had the honor of being one. I told each person, what had happen and now I am sharing it with the world.


If we learn each day and keep that fresh in our minds. Not giving into the delusions, of the hustlers out here. Keep focus on personal growth and helping others achieve the same. Help people with perception, which shapes their mindset. We are doing our best as mentors and leaders. We who take the responsibility, of walking others through daily challenges, must keep updated with what counts. Each person, is unique and should be shown the respect of the truth. That is the new way of learning, with us today.


Value of a new friend, who becomes more understood, as time goes by. Is worth more than any sale, I can imagine. I am here to serve others and give them value, each step of the way. They deserve my 100% focus, each day. That is what I am committed to and reminded of this the other day. What a difference a day does make!


Thank you all for visiting my site. I appreciate everyone who contributes. May it be with leaving a comment or just taking something, away with all the interaction going on here. I would love to hear from everyone. If there is anyone, who desires to gain more detail on any subject matter, within this site. Please, contact me anytime. My contact methods, are on the right side. Yet, call me day or night. 1 (888) 888-8902 ext. 75152. I am being transparent, to all.  Hey, if I have offended anyone, don’t waste to much energy on being upset. Life is to short, and no one knows when they may ascend. Apologies truly!


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We Must Begin Somewhere!

We have come to the point where, I must share the foundation. This is the most exciting part for me to walk through. Yet, let us recap, the learning shared so far.


1. Operational Budget - (We know this has nothing to do with a personal one. Just review past post).


2. 3 Fundamentals in life and business.


3. Importance of establishing one place, that will run your company, globally.


4. Multiple pre-established departments. This involves your imagination, and visualization. Even though there will be 10 emails, that are separate in nature. They are full service departments, that you should subcontract, the overseeing of your daily operations in each, as you grow.


5. The importance of having mentors, for each step of your growth in business, as well as personal growth.

The Foundation


This is what we consider, important in building a company. The first part will be an amazing establishment, of your departments. One location, with all the current needs and future needs, of your company. Our own experiences, have shown there are a few, that stand out. No one, is better than the other. It is within the features, pricing and support. That is what makes the difference in choice. You have to complete, your due diligence One is only about $10.00 and has the most features to this date. So, when you have located this one, you will know your investigative skills are above normal. Before you get frustrated, just contact me from the right side and I will give in to walk you through it.


You should have, 10 emails and each with their own functions to run a real department, within itself. They all have their own security access, which can not be run by the other. Then, you will be given your own voice platform, as part of locating this find. There are too many tools, that are included, with such a doable price. This location will also be your platform, to express your passions, and tell everyone your observations on any topic, you desire. This is where your blog will be located. This will help in branding who you are, and generate a following.

Next, your foundation will not be complete, without more than one way to interact. You will have customers or clients, daily to support. So, one must have a location, that will allow them to see a real person, responding to their questions. This is where fun and enjoyment are mixed. Here, you will master how to use a video email, at no cost. This is an amazing tool that will increase, interaction which everyone needs in business. Lot’s of free training located here!

How about, a location which you can learn, to interact with clients and company owners. Yes, it is free and has more to it than just socializing. You will learn, so many topics that only helps you personally, and with you establishing your first company. All this for free!  I can share this without it being a sales pitch. B3 is my home of global proportions. I love the people and support is unmatched. Join us here and learn to find your voice. You will learn how to share your passion the right way. Welcome, to a real Family Place!


There will be much more, and we are not done. Yet, for this week, all we have is what you are receiving. I will always appreciate your interaction here. I long to have each person, sharing their insights and allowing others to do the same. It is how we are to interact, with each other naturally. I am, looking forward in hearing from everyone, even the new people who have not begun to interact, with us yet. Thank you all and have a great, prosperous week.



2 Little Things That Matter!

We must not forget to guide you on 2 little things before we move forward with creating your first real company. Do not get it confused with doing business as this or that. You are going to establish a real company if you just follow the walkthrough I am sharing with you on this blog.


Now, without a tool that will record you time and activity professionally. Allow, people from around the world to meet in a secure location without cost to them for making a phone call. Also, you will be able to build somewhat profile at this location also. That way everything you email them, talk with them and spend time helping them through your company will have a record. This is good business practice and imperative for all companies. No I will not refer any companies during my walk through to establish a company right the first time. You will have to complete your due diligence and find one that is free. It is out there and easy to locate if you start to think like one who is going to be CEO of their own company soon. If you get exhausted just contact me and I will give in and walk you through it.

OK you have this one location and feeling great being almost done with creating your solid foundation for any company to run off of. You have an Operational budget that has not been expanded even with this added support tool to run things. The foundation is nearly complete with the next step being done now.


Do not forget to register for free with two locations. These will save time and make sure when you have something to say on any subject when visiting others blogs. You picture, name and email will be given. Also, after you have placed a comment on anyone’s blog your last article from your blog will generate. This is giving more traffic to your blog and that means more contacts to start interacting with twice a week or more. You goal is to find something you both share a natural passion for in life. That is easy when you are remaining positive and looking for good in every person and situation. It is there, as easy to find like the sun in daytime and the moon at night. Yes, not on a cloudy day, we got that!


Here are the two locations and you may want to register it with you primary business email that has your first and last name  This will save you lots of time and hassle. You want to start thinking of those 10 email accounts as connected to pre-setup departments of your real company.


1. Public Relations -

2. Member Services -

3. Accounting -

4. Customer Service -

These are just the first Departments of your new company each will have it’s own email to interact and also contact manager, task, calendar and much more. Which all are separate from each other. Do not forget you have six more pre-setup department areas just waiting for you to activate them later during growth. All this and more has been included in the $10.00 per month Operational budget. I have an Entertainment department which is connect with New England DJ’s Assoc. My own living older brother is the CEO of that  Entertainment department and well qualified with education plus, experience in that field. Your mind is the only limitation there will ever be.


Now, to give you those two areas we spoke of:


Hey, register for free at it is free!

Then register for free at Shareaholic it is free!


Those are not affiliate links, which you can not get from me within my articles. I believe in keeping that clean and real. If you need to speak with me just locate my contact information on the right side and we will meet.


The last area for today will be B3 as we call it. View all the training videos and it is free. ( Now Bizz Blogging Buzz)  and all the videos that you’re allowed to access before joining. This is a key location that will train you to communicate globally and learn how to run, maintain and nurture a blog. This is the platform to share your passions. Relate each article to business in some fashion. Such as tell your story and then close it by relating it to how to create a group of passionate supportive people. Yet, join now and never look back. It may state a fee, and that is something the owners are working to update. It cost nothing and if you complete the join membership you will realize that nothing is being asked that you cannot accomplish. . Enter Now!


That is not an affiliate link as I stated you will not find in this article nor my blog. I live to serve and this is one of the ways. You are worth all this information free and I would gladly walk each person through all steps one at a time. Remember always break everything down to three steps and it will be simple.


This will bring us to a close for another week or so. I appreciate your visit and look forward to all and any interaction you feel good to leave. We learn and teach each day which brings excitement to our lives.

OK let me leave you with something to challenge me with. I believe that we all can accomplish anything we can really visualize. Not that crazy book stuff yet feel, touch and taste what we dreamed about. It is rare yet you can teach yourself how to do this anywhere at anytime. I have achieved it in three easy steps. First I had to do it alone in a quiet place which was hard to find. Yet, once I sat and focused with the pictures, articles and smell of the object. I started to really see myself with it and in it. I could not believe it at first and thought that the hunger I had for so long was finally making me crazy. The third month doing what I had did once two months in a row. This time I had no doubt what I visualized was going to be. I went to the place I knew they had this object and their it was. I told this guy I am not leaving without it and that is all there is to it. I walked off without any money down and had it for four months without one payment. It was a special model car that was only for show purposes until they would get enough orders to announce it on the market. I do not believe in luck or being lucky. I knew that it works and continue today using the same method, without falling a sleep. It works not matter if you or anyone believes me, I live with doing this even to this day. I just wanted you to know no matter what anyone else is doing. You should always pay attention to yourself and make sure to share experiences no matter if it makes you uncomfortable or no one believes you. You would be surprised at all the people who agrees yet have no courage to interact on your blog to edify you and support that core message. I will once you get that blog up and running based on to me what people believe is their choice and has no bearing on what and how I do things.


Thank you all for supporting our blog here. I sometimes may offend people and that is not done on purpose. Yet, I must express and share my passions with my experiences with knowing some will get it and some will not. This is harsh and I know it yet being myself 100% is not always pleasing and easy to even myself. You think that if I offend someone it is something that I look to enjoy, your wrong. So, in advance I ask those who I offend or have to find the kindness in you for forgiveness. If you can not, then I pray I find it in my heart to forgive you. Still I hope you are getting something out of my articles that is usable information, then I can rest assured that my work is done.


Mental Challenge of Leadership

I remember a friend of mine, based on her love of life. She has been dormant for sometime until this year. I have spent countless hours with her sharing navigational activities along with the 3 fundamentals of life and business.


1. Getting started by building a solid foundation.

2. Being consistent by keeping it simple and just duplicate without over analyzing.

3. Never give up on anything you start.


Now, she could not stop jumping around and that was a huge problem I thought she made a choice not to do anymore. You can never change people and should not want to. When they become transparent with you, that is when it counts. Most people find it hard yet this is the key to making things happen. You have to develop trust with others, as far as creating a team to prosper,and in understanding what it takes to make extra money online or offline.

This is the mentality you have to develop and it will not happen overnight. You are a person yet unique and have a gut feeling, which is your instinct. Finding out what compels you to hunger to be better in just about at everything. This is what you have to meditate on daily, until you gain a comfort of believing in yourself. You have to develop unyielding faith, and that is something only you can feel. Just believing in things you will, yet they do not exist or have not manifest. Yet, you live as though they have. That is unyielding faith.


Not following others or having someone lead you will be challenging. Each person must learn how to govern themselves, in all activity that works for them to grow their company to be. No one is going to do it for you. So be wise and understand that everyone will support you by edifying, empowering words and comfort with agreement from time to time.

They can not do the physical work to create and grow your company. That is why so many people say cruel things towards those who mentored them at a level and they somehow believed that people are going to actually build a company for them, without their participation whatsoever. Do not start to create something blindly which so many believe they have a business because of selling someones’ products or services. I rather have a company of my own, than to repeat being governed by just a different entity? This is not why millions per year are trying to make money away from their 9-5 or subcontracting business.


You will see lots of negative people in your way on this lifetime journey. Yet, do not be discouraged at all. Give them the love and forgiveness without taking anything hurtful they may say or write about your support to them. That is not them, yet that anger which is an emotional evil, they allowed through. Leave it and them alone. Until they come around to being the happy bright people they are.Your heart will be saved thousands of painful beatings.

One thing I would like you to feel and understand about being too emotional with how others show a lack of gratitude towards you. I have been there and continue from time to time wondering why people never give edification to the right people. The ones who have shown them the right activities and shared their passions to empower them for achieving greatness. This will always be a sharp pain in my heart, as well as yours. No one will ever understand vindictive people and their ways. We can only forgive them and move forward knowing that showering them in love is more powerful than revengeful thinking. Judgement on them will be given to a higher authority, for the better.

Now, you have an understanding and usage of a real Operational Budget. You have listened to the harsh reality of this adventure, without an end. So, you still remain confident that you want to create a real company?

Then you are ready to start to build that solid foundation. We are now going to walk through what is one way in building a solid foundation, with the basic needs of running a real company. Remember, this is going to be your company, we will be building and if you follow our given information. You will have the same end results as myself and others who have achieved living, loving and being in their dreams. Each day is a blessing and I know that all the fun and excitement are only here based on the passion I have been allowed to share with others, such as yourself. We have to live a life of gratitude and share it in a way others feel the warmth resonating from our presents, words and voice.


Thank you for preparing yourself for the right way the first time. We are going to have fun and learn how to create our daily adventures. Next time we will walk through creating a real solid foundation. I would like you to take this time to re-read this share for the benefit of getting your mind right for being a real company owner. If there are any who desire and have the hunger to get it right the first time. Contact me day or night on the right side and we will get you started.

You are needed, and respected here!

Again we come to a close for this week and I want everyone to know how much I personally appreciate the interaction for all these years. My life is surrounded by such empowering people and I would not have it any other way. Thank you for continued following and sharing your insights. Always welcome to continue this with us here and I look forward to it.

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Getting Started – First Fundamental Activity

We are going to travel through the basic setup for those of us who desire to not only to create a company of our own. Yet, generate revenue for personal needs and business projects, and causes.

Maybe you can understand that first we want to know how much it will cost to start. That saying how much do I need to get started and build a solid foundation. Nothing in life can exist without a foundation and it better be a strong one.  Now, there are places that will make you believe that paying for a service is better than one that is free. That is just not true and we only deal with truth based on we are not sharing how to be an “Affiliate Marketer” or salesperson. Hey we need people who believe in making someone else dream come true is a real business?

Let us take a look at what we are talking about vs Affiliate Marketing. Now, Affiliate Marketing is: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as 'retailer' or 'brand'), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as 'the affiliate'), and the customer. The market has grown in complexity, resulting in the emergence of a secondary tier of players, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third party vendors. source: Wikipedia

We are in the business of building trust and a real personal relationship with each person we come in contact with daily. That is a whole other area of interaction and sharing only what we love doing ourselves. Our drive is based on usage and not the dollar. That is a real way of producing sources of revenue ethically and honestly. Not saying Affiliate Marketing is not ethical yet most do not use and therefore, they are pitching. You can now see the difference and if I had to choose over again. It will remain interacting with people for a righteous reason other than to make a buck.

Knowledge: Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer.[1] However, both are distinct forms of marketing and the main difference between them is that affiliate marketing relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to drive sales.[1] source: Wikipedia

Now, let us move forward with getting you to the right place for a minimal investment that I believe most can afford until they have enough growth that the cost will not exist. You do not have to spend money while building a Operations to run your company globally and create a solid foundation. You have to always be patient and complete your due diligence every step of the way.

There are many service providers which offer a platform which you could build your Operations from, the average cost about $10.00 per month. Yet, none have what we have found to offer the most for the price, per say. You can have 10 future departments pre-established for growth. Also, unlimited live support daily and your own online address for this new company you will establish. No other place as of this day offers what this one gem has shown us. It is up to you to complete your due diligence with finding such a place. I refuse to allow this site to start recommending and pitching for one thing.

Next, make a Operational Budget which is very different than a personal budget. You can not touch your payroll and other business support reserves. Yet, with a personal budget you can take from one to give to the other which most believe is creative. That only gets you deeper in debt. So, focus on learning about what an Operational Budget looks like and make your own based on where you are at now. The only expense should be for $10.00 per month on that one location that you will have the rest of your life as your virtual Operations for that company you will establish later. Also, any office expenses if any based on starting off you would work from home and that is all taken care of. Yet, during tax time you should be able to have expenses deducted and that is when you will need to speak with a tax professional.

Now, you can be one who has accomplished what most never get around doing. Operational Budget, one location that has it all even 10 departments setup, with a blog for your personal voice. That is very important so people can get to understand the human behind the company. You express your passions weekly to everyone for interaction on the subjects. You gain trust as a leader in your industry and a person who knows what the heck they are speaking about.

This is just the first of three fundamentals that will have you accomplish great things. You will be able to make those visions manifest if you understand it will take effort from you. You alone are responsible for your future. You must commit and accept responsibility for all your choices. No one is responsible for you except yourself. No blaming others for your lack of focus, knowledge on how to do something. You have to complete due diligence on every single thing prior to making a decision or choice. Get serious and do not think of this as a situation where you can see what happens? Take it serious and not as a hobby which everyone gets uninterested after a while. This is just the beginning and along way from even establishing your company. You have just completed setup of your Operational Budget. Located the one place you will run your company from anywhere in the world. Congratulations!

Until next time we will venture into setup of your foundation the right way. No matter what your  company will do for humanity. You are not defined by your choices of producing revenue to fund projects, causes and personal needs. That has nothing to do with your company. Just remember this over and over again. Sources of revenue are just what it is a source not a company.

Thank you for supporting this site and please contact me for just about anything on the side. I look forward in creating interaction and making new friends daily. I understand that pleasing everyone is not going to happen. Those who I have hurt in some emotional way accept responsibility for your choices and do not blame me for the lack of due diligence being accomplished on your part. There are no excuses just those who fail by giving up. Never give up no matter what. Learn and attack that challenge in another way!


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Let Another Take Center Stage?

The first time I opened my eyes this week and started to challenge myself to really just listen to each person who connects with me daily. I never put so much focus on such a task and thought this will be easy. Yet, never giving it thought when it was for a job requirement. Now, that I am my own boss it should be the same, right?


The joke was on me for I found most people only want to hear themselves talk. When we are on a subject of review for someone reaching out for help in an area in their lives they find overwhelming alone. The people I have chosen to help me with this case was the wrong choice. I did not know more people who are of a giving nature and one’s who are out to support people who ask for help at never a cost. They are the ones of our communities that will listen yet always stop your sharing and compare your experience with one of their own? Hey, I thought this was about listening and then resolving others situations. This amazed me as I am the one who had to catch this. So, I wanted to experience if this also happens with people I am not consulting and maybe  other professionals who seems nice.

I went to the best place I could think about and still most of the people want to be heard and never stop. I looked back at the comments left not only on my “Clean Blog” yet 100s of others and it was the same thing. People now just want to feel involved to hear themselves talk it was really freaking me out. I looked and read the same articles and comment based on what it made me feel their core message was based on my insight. I did not share something that happened to me which always throws readers of the purpose of their visit to someone else blog, to interact with the writer.


It was not my imagination and I found the same people do it over and over again. I do not know how to classify this found fault with some of our professionals out here. Example, I love to give people a chance to tell me about their services and products for my profile I have built of them. That is so my company can refer people in need when they need them, to the right person. Well sharing this is a great thing for me and I feel making huge leaps forward in getting people real help. I read so much and learn people can not wait to standby and jump into the middle of your conversation just to change the focus on non-related situations of themselves. It is not even that they realize they are doing this. I bring it up now without feeling emotional about it. They feel injured in someway yet a valued lesson is learned. If you are going to act like you care just stop focusing on you and leave your stuff out of the equations. Please, give the people a chance to share without you taking their time away with one of your stories. They have the stage at this time is what I tell people now and make a joke about it so I do not lose another friend based on their emotional hangups.

The reasoning behind this habit of 67% of our race is lack of attention and feeling of being needed, loved. Most people feel they are not appreciated so every chance they have they must be the center of attraction. Not realizing the ones who support others and do not take honors are the ones who are truly blessed and highly favored.


Do not allow others to know what you are doing for supporting other like giving donations. Why bost so you can claim some fake gloriory? Allow others the chance of being on center stage when you claim you have made it to a level that you live to give.


Thank you for your continued support by arriving at our site and interacting with each subject. Yes, share your feeling of what seems to be the core message to you. Each article has many messages and has been written by one writer. He believes that you will find one that will relate to a real life situation that needs to be spoken on. It does help to feel that you are not the only one who has been through situations. Thank you and return soon.


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The Fundamentals Are There!

I realized that not everyone understand how to recognize when they are about to give up on something that was fueled by pure passion. I mean the kind of passion that leaves a lump in your throat each day. You feel like your heart is racing 100 miles per hour consistently. You never feel tired and do not even give a thought to how many hours you have been at it. That is working with pure passion!


When I wake up in the morning after my alone time with me and my maker. I can not wait until I think about what vision if any came along during the little time I was allowed to sleep if any. I have been noticing it is always something to do with others and me making sure I am on time with doing what they ask of me to do. No matter what it is, my vision always have me doing some wild imaginary stuff. Things that can not happen in real time like flying without moving stuff.

However, when these rare visions happen, they have me wake-up with so much excitement that I can not wait to figure out how to make it happen in real-time. That is my daily challenges and they are very intense. I love a challenge and look to learn from them.


Yet, my mind has been catching up with my body lately. I have to give time to balance in the mornings and that is something I am not use to yet. Most people would give up doing just anything if they are faced with the same feelings of excitement in the morning yet knowing they can not act on them right away. It takes days before I can accomplish them once I place them into three easy steps.

I learned a long time ago if I break things needing to be done in parts, say three parts. I get it done easy without panic, confusion and giving up on it all together. When I walk people daily to do the same thing no matter how big or small the challenges maybe. They follow when we do it together then after long they give up and then revert back to the same issues. I do not have to understand the mind of a human to make sense of what is going on with them. They are not motivated unless I am with them That means they really do not have any interest in making things happen yet would love for others to do the work.


Being experienced in business and working with various types of people. We learn that if someone says they want to learn and do something that you find passionate. Then walk them through it as planting a seed. That is all you can do with them and the rest is up to them to get it done. If you walk people through the fundamentals of a thing they claim to love doing. Just by loving it, should be enough to keep them motivated if they are true.


That is what we think and never is right. No one can do anything for anyone else except themselves. You can support people by edification on amazing activities they accomplish. You can go as far as walking them through a given fundamental time and time again until they are confident. Yet, to be consistent in learning more and taking responsibility for themselves is something they must accept and then commit to.

I use to feel so bad for people when they spent time, money and had me support them all the way through something they feel will help enhance their lives. Most make it to understand the fundamentals and flourish. The 2% of people who just do not get it will not remain transparent and ask for more help to understand the fundamentals. They just drift back to their old ways of not getting it done right. You know them and it hurts to watch it. They seem to be like in the movies with reverting to jumping around wasting money and time on junk that will not get them to where they want to be in life. They just drop out from reality as you have opened their eyes to and we are not talking about days. No, we are talking about investing in people for years and then out of nowhere they vanish with all the energy, time you spent with them gone.


Let me be clear that you have to move forward without giving it a thought. You will see them around and hear the next best thing they found and how it will work this time. Hey, nothing will work if you do not change yourself to be real. Understanding fundamentals will never change yet it will have you on a solid foundation that will help you gain the growth, prosperity and understanding all of us have sooner than most.


Thank you again for supporting our site here and may we all just except that not everyone has the Entrepreneurial Spirit we few have. Most just play as they are someone else without loving them self first. We can only continue to find those who want to change and enhance their lifestyles for the better.


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