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Take Care, For Your Actions Affect Others!

my pledge

Give to each person, who is seeking to make money online. My pledge, to being transparent. Lead no one, to false belief, that millions are made online, if done right. Only 97% of everyone, who attempts to make money online, fail. They, just give up, do to lack of resources and guidance. You, can be the one who determines, which you will allow yourself to be. The person who never gives up, so can not fail. All choices are made by you. You alone must live with the end results of your choices. This alone, would make one complete due diligence on anything which requires choices. Others, in you life are affected by all choices of yours. Just take care, for your actions will affect others. Love does no harm. That, is my oath and code, I live by. What will yours be?

Each person, may want to evaluate the truth, of what is being entered. Having a clear understand, of what "Marketing Method" they are getting into. Our Industry, is vast and full of so called "Sharks". Hey, no place on earth, is pure? You can no longer, blame anyone for your choices and the results, which affect your life. Do not allow, another day of you grumbling, pointing the fingers at anyone. All that is needed, for you looking in the mirror and see the truth. You are responsible, for where you are today, and if you move forward for tomorrow. Leave the past alone. Seek to visualize only yourself the future. Living as you vision now, as pretending, all is given and no resources are limited.  Then, all you desire, will begin to manifest. You must also begin to get involved with only activity, which reflects that lifestyle, now. This, will show belief by faith. Just living, not by what is seen now. Yet, what is to come in your life, as you visioned.
invest in yourself.
There are only 1% of us in Marketing, who ever make something, out of sharing what we are passionate about. Then, attracting people, who are interested in learning. What makes us so, enthusiastic about what we do. Why we few, seem, to have total joy in our lives. That is what, attracts you and everyone else. This is what you must have a passion to learn, each day. Start only being involved with things of a passionate nature. You decide now, to live in joy or revert back to your old self. That which, is dead. The choice has always been there, within. Waiting for you, to hunger just enough for the truth. Just think of why you are continuing to read, this?
Think about it. When I share my daily activities, in an exciting way. I live as I speak, with enthusiasm, all the time. My choices, of what and how I choose to do things. That is based on, pure excitement and persistence in my devotion, to live a life of giving. This was natural to me, and can not be taught. You must posses, a  deep desire, to serve others. Never looking for a benefit, for self. The hardest thing, is leaving the belief that instant gratification, is the only way to live. Historically, delayed gratification is the only true method of desire. Imagine, visualize and accept it to be. Process is the way of life.
Now, if you read the following definition, of the various ways to choose to Market. Then, like myself and the 1% of people globally found. When choosing, to love what you do each day. Is the best practice and sharing it, comes natural. Only get involved with believable things, and causes ,which moves your soul. You will never go wrong, if you believe in something, not someone.
Just try being thankful
The deference between "Network or Affiliate Marketing" v.s "Attraction or Referral Marketing". Will most times, get confused, and misused. You have to understand, the true definition and how to use the better.
Affiliate marketing is commonly confused, with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing, use third parties to drive sales to the retailer.[1] However, both are distinct forms of marketing and the main difference between them is that affiliate marketing, relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to drive sales.[1]
Use, this article wisely and it will guide you, to a better understanding, to start with. Now, there can be no more excuses, for you to do this right the first time. Get with people, who understand these truths. You will not make all the right choices. Yet, understanding there are more than one way to have things get done. You just never give up, then you will never, ever fail.

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Presenting The Whole Package!

\  right mindset


Now, we have made it clear about the right mindset = perception, of what it means to create your first company. Let us move forward, with saying you have established your solid foundation. Also, completion of your Operations. You have all required departments, pre-established. Learned, every decision you make, must be accepted, as your responsibility.

The whole point, of you setting up your Operations first. Is that you will be establishing, massive contacts and making people aware that you exist. Many people are waiting for someone, such as yourself. You have found, that one core passion, that will keep you up at nights. The one thing, that no matter your emotional state. You will be hungry, to keep moving forward. This is your "Why" the "How's" do not matter. That is not your job, per say. To know, how it is going to be done. Your focus, is on taking the steps to get it done!

Making the commitment, to do only ethical things, is a must. There are going to be, vast numbers of people. Who, do not believe in, what you are doing. That is not your concern. You simply, move on to the next person. Making sure, you keep in touch with those you met. They will come around, maybe in a week or 5 years. If you enjoy something and it is useful. This thing, everyone is doing anyway. You just found a way, to make it fun, less expensive and time consuming. Do you understand, that you have found something, that is already being used. It is already part, of everyone's life, as an activity. They, just do not know, that you have located a way. to make it simple. This is a "Gold Mine".

Keeping away, for the old mentality of MLM, Affiliate Marketing. This is not working and hard to try to build, a source of money from. You are on a mission, to build your first secondary source, of money. This is not, from selling goods and services. It is about listening to people, how they got to where they are now. What of the two reason's people are online, do they fit with. Either, they are online for researching and playing online games. Maybe, they are online for the same reason you are. Hey, they are and that is something you have in common. Yet, you found away, to find your core passion and get paid for sharing it. Helping people enhance ,their lives and offering them away, to make a living by simply giving to others. That is a method, of making real spendable money online. No one, in their right mind, will object for you to spend 3 minutes, to walk them through it.

share with one new person

Your goal to speak with one new person per day, is working for you. Understanding, that building a relations with each person you meet. That is the adventure, which you will be writing your life's story, from. Which will take place, not to far in the future. You will be, telling it to people you met and experience more excitement, as you story grows. This is, the way it works and you have found out, how to make it work for you.

This industry you are in, has changed many times over. It is now, at the momentum stage. Everyone can fill it. No one understands, what is happening. They can tell you stories, of what is not working. They are doing what use to be done, to create a new source to make some money. They are going to continue, going in a circle. Until, you can share your perception ,with each person. Never, give up and keep consistent.

The world of Referral or Appreciation Marketing. Has been around, since man has existed. It is just something, that gets lost with greed, fear and competition. We are feed false stories. That you have to focus, on getting people to spend lots of money each month. They, must be lead to believe, urgency and panic are feelings to take action. They are lead to believe, they must act without thinking. They must make a decision today, without due diligence. The world is ending, if they do not keep spinning, in this circle of false perception.

we need heros

You are like a hero. Going person to person, without a hidden agenda. You bond, with each person and share ideas of improving your life with enhancements. Nothing, being sold from either one of you. Both learning, usable information and exciting adventures, are being shared. Before you know it. They are asking you, what it is, that keeps you going. Why, does if feel so comfortable, sharing with you. They, desire to hear you story, now! That is when, you share how you got to where you are. Then, walk them through, how they can enhance their life, doing the same simple thing. That is sharing and not selling. It works and always has. It is a natural thing, to be enthusiastic about something you love, doing. You would do it, without making a little money, on it. That is easy and simple to follow and duplicate.

No fear, greed and panic is needed, in the right industry. We use ethical methods, to share our love for what we do. We move forward, to the next person who may benefit from our knowledge. Not everyone, will like it. That is OK. We just move on. Yet, remain in a bonded relationship, with each person we meet. Sharing our gratitude, in many ways. That is having purpose and vision. That is not, the selling method of, "How to make money online". Pitch pages all over the internet, is dead.

moving forward 2

Now, take it and move forward, doing it the right way. You can stop, blaming others and situations. You alone, made everything not work or work for you. That is in doing, everything. You may want to go back, to each person that you have attacked, their character. You insulted and hurt, their feelings. Just express, your actions were not called for. Make it a point to move forward. Knowing, each choice to do something or not. You must take responsibility, for the end result. Yet, knowing that there is always, a different perception. This will make it easy, to forgive yourself. Then, think about steps, to make the end result not permanent. Our outcomes can be changed. Just doing something a little different, will make a huge difference. Just try it, and you will agree.


I pray, this helps people out here. We will get into, details on more, later this week. I appreciate, everyone who interactions on our site. You, make this workable and enjoyable. I am always, willing to listen to everyone, sharing their story. Hey, we have a new monthly talk show, just for that. You sharing your story, of how you got to where you are now. Just 3 minutes per person. Yet, thousands of viewers, looking for a person, to walk them through setting up, their first source to make money. You all are welcome, to catch it. Thank you again and enjoy, the rest of our articles.

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Where do I begin?

the begining

I want to start from the beginning, and leave out all the hype. Nothing, that this series will have left out. This is for those, who really are online for the purpose of making an extra dollar. Yes it is being done, yet you will not be able to do it if there is not plan. You have to have a straight forward approach on what the heck you have to do. There is just simple ways to do it.

This is not to promote any location online or offline. You are to find what is empowering to you. Then, learn how to share that and make some money. It is not bad to like something you do or involved with. Then, share it in a way that is expressing your own experience. It has to be something that involves activities that will enhance other's lives.


Hey, I woke up and went to remembering people that has or had an influence on my life. Helping me shape who I am. The way I choose to live. My brother often visits me. He is into entertainment industry. This guy never had to work a day of his life. Yet, later on after so many decades he felt his dream is always at a still. He believes that others dictate his success in living his dream. No, he has real education and only fall back. When he fills others must be on the same journey as he. I try my best. Just to let him know, no one can or will have the same dream. That is what makes us so unique. Yet, you will find during this lifetime journey. There will always be people, who share the love of the one thing, you love. Then, you should get together with them to learn. Just to figure out what methods they use that are successful to make money. Doing what they do at certain times.


We get lost with our mentality on, asking the wrong people what is next. There are milestones, for each step in the process to generate money, from something you love. First, you have to believe in your own abilities. That is, to learn from people along the way. One may know how to write an article. Another may master promotional steps. Such is the way, for any industry you may love to get involved in.

Climb with me, nothing will stand in our way.

Take time and learn before you jump into something. That is the difference from us who have, and those who only continue to spiral down the same dead end. You have to be able to empower yourself. That is why the first step is to live and love what you do. Then, the rest we can now walk through.

Make it a daily habit to talk to a new person, each day. Learn their reason why, they are online. It is only two reasons anyone is online.

1. To search for things or play online games.

2. To make money. No matter the amount.

There, now you will have something to talk about with just anyone. No matter if you are out for coffee or tea, as for me. You can interact with everyone who has a phone, computer or any other device to get  online. They are everywhere!

Next, we will walk through the second step, establishing your solid foundation to operate anywhere in the world.

Just to recap. You understand between now and next article. You may want to search yourself. To find what it is you love to do day in and out. Each day you would love to do it. Also, loving it so much. That even talking about it, people can feel your enthusiasm. That, is when you know you have found, what people call their "Why".

If you feel the need to have me walk you through a process. Just to figure out what the heck you love to do each day. Just contact me with the information on the right side. You will be one with a clear perception of your "Why".

Thank you for participating on our site, here. The more people interact on each article. The more we understand what to bring you and help in this lifetime journey. We call a wonderful life.

"Reach out and show your gratitude today. To the first person that comes to mind" 

When you are ready, just ask me how. 

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Gambling = New Launches?

gambling addition

Yes, if I would be so bold as to just let it finally be said. I have been approached by to many people. Every week the same thing. This is going to be huge "Launching" this program or that.

My professional years, of selling stocks, bond and commodities. You have to add insurance of all kinds. You are not only. gambling on something that has no history and time, to see if it will make it or not. Those, Launches are and will continue to be, a serious gamble. They, are why most people despise, our industry. All the horror stories, are based on people feeling they were taken advantage. That is so silly.

take your time

We, are all grown and make our decisions. Most, without doing any due diligence. They, get rapped around an enthusiastic person. Telling story of something, that could be. We, with experience and understand. Can see through this person, in two seconds, a pitch is a pitch.

Hey, this is the quarter, as in decades past. We are going to be swamped, with huge weekly number of pre-launch this and pre-launch that. Hey, if you have the money to gamble and the spouse will not leave you, on this one? Then, go for it.

It is like those gambling addicts. You never accept that lottery and gambling of all types. They, are playing on your greed or lack of control. Yes, there are some of us, which each time gambled. We hit huge. Yes, just like you Chery..only stated your name, based on your telling over 1 million of us on facebook? No harm met.


Yet, we must learn how to invest, in our self. Based on looking for a future and not a piece of some hyped, untested product or service. Hey, it takes five years for a real MLM company, to be stable and before a momentum can even begin. Why, would anyone believe, there is any consistent growth for a pre-launch? Short fast term money, and not for all who jump in. That is why hundreds each day. Jump in and out of the next best pre-launch. No matter, how many times they never made a dime. That is pure, insanity?

 start here

There are some, who master pre-launches. They, have groups which scan the global for them. With hundreds of follower of each five to 10 main experienced people. They, decide to bring or try to. Each followers my all means needed. You have to understand they are like investment clubs yet the main top people are they ones who get the boat load of quick cash. You may make something yet will invest between $100 or more. It is never going to last.

My experience and practice. Would be complete your due diligence and understand, quick money will not last. Yet, growing it right with a real consistency. That, will last and grow.

keep an eye out

Just keep your eye out for people, attracting you to pre-launches. Who are they, and is that what they keep investing in? Hey, someone will make money. Off  those, who want quick cash and risk everything. Once is all it takes, for you to get burnt. Then, it will be to late, to listen to this experienced, advice. You have to learn sometime, just try to avoid the pricey, way.

The choice is always yours. You alone, will be left with the end result. Yet, this situation is one, you should learn all about the company and the person, these days. The group of people, making the connection to get you to jump, all over this pre-launch, also. This is the worse quarter each year!

I appreciate everyone's insight, on each subject. Yes, I write about my own experiences and trails. I have been burnt, huge in the early 80s and never allowed that weakness, of greed to take my common sense over, again.

Next time, we will get back on subject. I will not stop this time. My step by step walk through, will begin. I am going to walk you through a live establishment, of a real company. You can follow the process and will gain growth personally,for your new company. I will not, promote any products or locations. You must make contact, with me personally, for one on one. I have my doors open, to all who just asked.


Just remember, to not allow greed into your thoughts. Just, gather things consistently, and all will be given to you. We will work, with you and make it happen, in three steps. This offer is open today and ten years from now.

Thank you, for all the support you bring by your interactions. This is our one location, that is free of pop-ups. We make it our priority, to bring usable content. Always, willing to continue a dialog.

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Establish, Look and Be A Company!

Please, Listen prior to reading my article!

So many people, within the last three weeks. Have approached me, directly. This is about, the setup of pre-established departments. Then, how to use them, in day to day operations of running their company. Yes, this is from a one person company, to a huge global one. They work the same, and each much be done. You have to lay a solid foundation ,or both.


I have walk through how to, with so many people. So, I will make it clear for everyone, on any level of education. You, have to find that place. Which, has the pre-established departments capability, within their one location. Once, you have done so, it will be a matter of getting them done. Your mentality, must be one with experience of running a operations, of a real company. If you do not have this experience. Get, with us who have and are willing to walk you through, the process, free!

That is all about, completing your due diligence. Yes, you want to setup your company, in one day. Then, start making all the money you heard of, that can be made, online. Well, if you are not willing to get it right the first time. You are going to be like 87% of those who believed, they would make money. They, are still wondering about, not willing to stay in one place long enough, to see the momentum happen, You have to invest in your education, company and daily interaction.


I, will let you know the truth. You must continue to provide for yourself, and family. You will not be doing anything different, than what you are doing, now. You will not, make a huge profit, right away. You have to live, breath and dream of your company. That is, how it will be, not now.


Your resourcefulness, will be tested daily. That is what, will tell if you have, a true Entrepreneurial Spirit. You will be lonely, and feel abandoned by friends, family. You will make hundreds of contacts weekly, if you interact right. They, are not the people you grew up with, no family. Yet, as time goes by. You will start to connect, globally. Your profits, will start showing at that first place, you made a choice to create extra money to fund your company operations. Your company, will evolve with real purpose. You at the head of every decision.  Now, you have made it, to where only a few of us ever have been. You spent, four years or more. Living, sweating, and dreaming of your company as it will be, now have made it manifest. You, no longer have to spend every given minute, dwelling in the shadows. You are a rising, empowering company owner.

How, we have generated funding, to shape our companies. Will never, be your determining factor, in what our company, focus and services are. No, we can have various departments, running multiple projects. Which, generate funding from running our operations. To, supporting a local children, causes. You run the show, per say. Yet, must be willing to continue doing, whatever it is you do. To, put a roof over your head, food in your stomach. That is for, no little than four solid years. If you do this, without stopping in growth activity. Remaining ethical, in every transaction. Not, looking for the short cut, which there are none. Putting in the work, you have to, as a company owner. You will, without doubt be established. You are going to grow in members, and projects.


Having the problem, of where to put good use, of the money. Is the problem, you will soon have. You must, vision each day, as more than the next. To many people, give up. That is right before, it is about to show the momentum. Which, will not stop, once you learn how to make the 3 fundamentals, of life and business. Work in your daily lifestyle.

As always, this is shared by my personal experiences, and due diligence. When, you can not find answers to questions. You have to find people of character, that will be willing to share clarity. We are all around the world. You, may need open your mind and mouth.

Thank you, for supporting our site. This alone, gives us the courage to keep producing, usable information. My goal is to, start you contributing with interaction. That is the blood, which keeps any site alive. Thank you again, for even spending a little time here. I am only a click away, for answers you may need to be answered. We do not sell anything nor allow payment for our supportive activities. It is all about you!


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Coming, to a new Understanding.




This is coming, to the close of the second quarter. Most, would not even understand, what the heck I just said. They are still, not getting the transformation. You, want to create a real company,as to being a business owner. One is just another way of saying, you are a glorified sales person. The other, you have established a solid foundation, and setup your global operations, with pre-established departments. This, is all with an expense, less than a cup of coffee?

You, understand that selling other peoples’ property and programs. That, in itself. Will not, qualify you as a business owner. You are just a person, who sells, other peoples’ stuff?

One, can and will establish a real company. Be one, who is in business, without narrowing it down to a certain thing. You, have various ideas, on how to generate money. That, makes it an amazing thing. You can, start one project to create a resource of revenue. Reach, the highest level of production. Then, that one is on auto-pilot. You, search for another amazing, fun way to make money. That, is what separates you from normal people. You are always, hungry for more.


Yes, you give back. Anyone, who ask for help, there it is given. The things you are involved with. That doesn't make money. They, are called causes. You join four a year. That is enough, that it is doing good, for all. You, focus on getting things done, for each one. Just make sure, that they are projects. Which, have an end date. The only, on going project you have. Is to create a real, Legacy. Until, you ascend. Your life and all that happens. Is a huge journey and you create each amazing day. Either, you make it enjoyable, with unlimited excitement. Or, continue to complain, on every challenge, each day. The choices has always been yours. That is the only thing. We as humans, have control of. The difference between Entrepreneurs and others. We, accept to complete due diligence on everything, choices must be made on. Others, jump around clueless to everything. Which, do you find yourself being? If, you do not like something, change it.

That, is what I want to focus on, today. You, being a real logical person. All up, until now. Has been for practice. Now, you are not going to continue, in wasting your time, on foolish things. You, can be 18 or 98. When, you reached this point, in your life. Then, nothing nor anyone can or will stand, in your way. Playing, like a business owner. Being, a real company owner. Those, are two different things. We, are only going to walk you through, the latter.


First, you have to be a real company owner. Which, means to stop using those silly free personal, email accounts. Gmail, Yahoo and all alike. As, a company operational email, contact location. No one, would take you serious. They, nor I would want to invest one dime, with someone who can not even, be serious to have a real company operation. You need, to have pre-established, departments. That is what makes us stand out. We are in this, for the long haul.


No more, playing as you own something. Really, get involved with like minded people. Stop acting, and start producing real results. You have been tirelessly, walking along a rope. You, are never making ends meet. Yet, still spend money each month. Why?


There is a limit, on how long you are to go without making a profit. Did anyone, sit you down and walk you through this? Well, now you have me. I will walk you through, from day one to infinity. This, is one learning platform. The only one, you will need, forever!


One thing is. You have to interact here. There is no one side, to it. If, you want to establish a real operation. That, will never end. That is, within your real company. All, without the hassle of payroll, yet legitimate. Everything, is above water, per say. We will walk you through it, all.


Thank you for keeping your attention, thus far. I would like you to send me any questions, daily. I will personally, answer them. Now, we will end this segment, today. I will pick up next article. Feel free to call me or setup a one on one. We, never charge for a lifetime of real support. Your interaction, is the life line, we need. You make it all worth while.




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Dream, Imagine and get it done!


We continue to challenge ourselves, each day. I will never have a clear understanding, on why our nerves promote, an uneven feeling. Hey, take each challenge as a quest. Visualize first, before you charge off, believing you have a solution. You have not even given through on the urgency, if any. We all do this, day in and out. When the first challenge of the day appears. We just count on reaction vs. thought process. Our minds, jump to find similar situations, with the activity it took, to get the best end result.


I made this scenario, for all of us to take time out. Just stop doing what you are, and sit back with a clear mind. Now, think about what conclusion, you came to make your first decision, to start your day. Now, just sit still, without taking anything for granted. Visualize, steps to take for you to accomplish moving forward. Having, that challenge being resolved. This is the exercise we do each day, when facing all challenges. Nothing is going to move the world, if you start thinking before you jump into action. Sometimes, doing nothing is more than required, to solve issues.

The compelling feeling overwhelmed me. I had to share this today. I came from reading so many blogs, and other reading sources. People are not thinking, for themselves. That is only to avoid, responsibilities we have to face. More people, enjoy and want to make sure, that the blame of something, can fall on others. That is the huge problem, in our industry. No one wants to be the first, at anything.


Well, the sooner everyone wakes-up and get creative. The better each day in our lives, will be. You have to take chances, to a certain degree, to grow. Why would anyone want to never experience new things, is beyond my understanding. Some say, there can never be something new. Only, because of the few of us, who dare to share our imagination. Allow everything to progress, with new developments.Yet, we also have to be willing to lose everything, on a new idea. Hey, I have been there, so each new project is accepted and done. This is without fear, and uncertainty.


When you start to doubt, your own designs. Who else will believe in them? You have to take chances that are risky. The question should always be, how much are you willing to go without. That will measure your abilities, to accomplish more in your life. It all all about the creative journey, you choose and not the end result. Each time we accomplish a goal. There should be three more waiting, for your attention to accomplish.


Never stop dreaming. You just have to learn how to apply the right activities to that vision. Then you have a 3 step solution, to develop all new things. That is your choice, to really explore unlimited possibilities. We all can achieve, so much more in this lifetime. Take a chance, once in a while. You may even, amaze yourself.


Thank you, for arriving here and interacting on yet another article. Sometimes I have to change the message. Not every article is about you, making some kind of revolutionary discovery, is it?


Please, if you ever desire to expand your insights, to me personally. Just contact me via the right side of this page. I am willing, to learn something new each day. That is, what I love and enjoy. Let us try to make a difference today, in someone else life. I am...




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Your Perception In Action

William Amis + Badge.jpg

"Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful"

We will get into perception. Which is the same, as mindset but more usage. You have to understand, that we each see things different. That is, what makes us unique and those of us special.


You feel, something must change for the better. There are to many things, you can be doing besides working 9-6 each week, for someone else. You are being used and there is not much, the average person can handle.

Before you want to enter, our world. Make sure you are a person, who has always been resourceful. I mean you can be in a tea shop, sitting and typing on some type of project. Then you reach for your wallet. No cash, cards and need a way to pay for the tea? What you do, will defined if you are resourceful. This excessive drill, will determine you being, an Entrepreneur.  Sounds funny right? You keep coming back and interacting with written thoughts. Hey, to each their own to insight. Share yours, that is what forums are for.


Let us interact here. When you arrive, read the information I gave you. It will be here all week and is for getting your mind right. This situation is serious or not depending on who you believe you are. This is about, your ability, to make others share a view that is different from what they see now. You must learn to show people how to perceive things, your way. If can do that day in and out, without thinking about it. Then you are rare breed, with us and can make it if you never give up.


Welcome to our Global Family Partners...

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The Plans Of The Righteous Are Just…

Leave it to the media, only to hype the numbers up, from what they really are. Now, we are told that unemployment has decreased, and jobs are on the rise. The only jobs that are on the rise, are those that it would take someone who lost their jobs. To take on two jobs, never to make the same, as the they lost over 18 months ago, after their benefits ran out. Most can feel this deeply as I write about it, right?


This is what has become of our great nation, and it is getting to me. I love to remain positive and share great experiences, on this site. I just had to bring this little thing up, based on the overwhelming people, arriving at our company door each day. They are in crises, over not being able to get food and shelter. This is the fact, although there are services, our great city and state are providing. They have no savings, and most are being left out. It is not enough!

I feel sadden and hear all about the wonderful support, other countries are getting? That brings tears to this Veteran’s eyes! Hey, we can pay millions to a sports figure and can’t feed our own country. You can try to make sense of this if you want to. It can not continue without something exploding. Chaos is going to happen sooner than all can believe. In Maine they just arrested a man who shared plans that were to take place in the US. Drones being used to deliver weapons of destruction. Why? --wbz source 4.11.2014


My goal for this quarter, will be one I have never made before. I am changing my whole operations, for my company. We can no longer standby, just referring people to sources to help them in their daily challenges. We are going to create a way, to bring them the one thing they need, money. Lots of it and we are almost done to make sure more is given. Not by some program, they do not work. Not by any MLM or Affiliate program. They take money.

My offices have been loading up for this activity, that will never have an end. Having the one location without expenses, for our operations. This will play a huge part in helping real people, solve real problems. Most are being taken by people who I say, have “No souls”. They are praying on the weak minded, and inexperienced. They keep popping up, over the internet with hopes, which are false in every way.


The people who are taking advantage of others, will be exposed. You have to wake-up and understand, none of us made millions of dollars, only doing services online. We have real companies, we developed and yes, some may have originated online. We also own properties, and other investments. We have whole life insurance vs. term. We have advisers with real experiences, in all areas of business. We hold life experiences in trading stocks, bonds and commodities. Living to learn, all new strategies of Global Economics.

You can start online and expand, with building a group with you all the way. You will never make millions, just selling stuff online nor providing services online, only. No, only companies and their owners with stockholders, make any money off everyone who sales their products and services offline and online. So, just get that through your head, and stop being taken advantage with all these crazy ideas, of wishing for millions. This is not the lottery and worse.


If you want to create a source online or offline, of making spendable money. You have to gain knowledge and start it off right. You have to be interactive, with people just for knowledge and not try to pitch junk to us. We do not want your money, nor need it. We give you free information and support. What you do with it is up to you. You have to make the right connections and stay with them for a lifetime. You do not sell junk to friends and family, with believing you are going to be like the people, on some crazy video presentations.


Yes, sure if you have 100 people paying $39.95 per month. Gaining nothing but a place to act like their are in business. Then they are told to get others with no end. Yet, everyone who believe they are in business, without a real company. They are just making a joke of themselves. You have to invest, in daily personal growth and learn about the type of company you want to establish.

Anyone can not do what I have, and the very few? Yes, it took years and there is no magic number or ways. You are different in every aspect, from me. I have vast knowledge and experience normally, no one would want. I love useless information, that you would say it is. Yet, during my years it paid off. Everyone is not an Entrepreneur, nor will ever be one. So, you have to make sure you understand today, what it is you want. Then develop your own plan by doing it right the first time.


I have only always, been able to lead others by walking them through only how to begin their own story. I also remain,  lifetime friends with most. 89% are doing great, some are struggling based on losing patience and wanting to make money, today! You can not determine when or if you are going to make, any money. You can only hope and believe, that if you follow a plan and learn to adjust on the way, it will work. Only if you never give up. You can never worry about what anyone else is doing. Only if you are gaining advice on a step you need, based on your own, lack of experience, with a certain part at that given time. Then you keep moving forward.


The most important part, everyone keeps missing, is the simplest. You have to take the first weeks and months setting up your foundation. Mastering the 3 fundamentals of life and business. You have to learn discipline and keep to it. You must understand, a payroll is just a term. We use mentally, not to misuse the monthly amount, that runs our Operations. Even if we do not eat good. I do not care about storms in life, my “Payroll” is never touched. Never, ever!


This is the part everyone, still will miss. You and others must calm down from those hyped presentations, and sales talk. Get a grip and if that person trying to make you join for free or not. Keeps pressure. Leave that idea alone. It is not worth the time nor trouble. Nothing real is going to just disappear from allowing others to be a part of it, if it is solid. No company that exist beyond the five year mark, is just going to vanish online. We are in a new time, when just with imagination, a company can manifest and strive.


Thank you again for sharing your valued time with our site. I am pleased to dedicate myself and resources to people such as yourself . One’s with a higher standard of living. You are needed and wanted. We thank you for your continued support here. I welcome everyone to contact me day or night for just about anything. I love to meet new people and live to support all. Maybe some are not satisfied with our free support for life. Yet, if you were paying us that is what makes the difference. Keeping it real and caring for everyone. Just ask and it will be received!


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Perception A Natural Gift?

During this week, I accept an invitation to be a guest speaking on air. I never would have done this, yet I felt compelled by my friend who offered. He is a great young man, who has a way of excitement, such as we who live for the journey. I could not wait to speak, and knew the format is free style. We do not rehearse or write down a speech.


I am use to this, as I do this each week, for almost my entire life. That is when I write anything to share information.  I will just start writing about a great adventure, (Things that I do practically each day) I accepted to take part in. I love sharing quality activities, and just watch to see what type of seed it will plant, in the readers mind. It takes time, like anything worth value. You must call upon all the patience within, and do not try to push people into doing something they are not physically or mentally ready to take part in. How, you know, is by being observant and just ask how they feel about this or that.

Know to my point. Well, the whole show was on perception. This is something I have been practicing each day, for over 10 years. You focus your mindset/way of understanding, during challenges, daily. I can call upon this practice, to view everything in my own way. Most people find this funny. Everyone believes that there is only one common way, to look or view everything we know. That is wrong, based on perception.


I walked hundreds of people through exercises, for being aware of how to use perception. I use an example of how you would view setting up an email account vs. establishing a department. They had a blast and so did I.


Well, now I would like to share how just learning each day from others, is a must. We owe ourselves to grow personally each day. The only way is to start getting involved with various causes and learning how others things. You must read books, and blogs of other people with that inner hunger. It will become second nature soon. I was one who did not like anything that was not technical, in nature. Now, I can not put books down nor stop reading others blogs.

I search for just one new person, to meet each day. I really do not give it much thought, because I am a people person. So, it could be while on an elevator, going to meet my sister for lunch. I will start a general interaction with anyone. I do not use a line that is given to everyone. I just can feel if a person feels comfortable speaking with me, not at me. They may have a cup of coffee and I will ask, where did they get it from. What type is it? Just anything to get them to feel in control of information, being share in less than 3 seconds. Then, I will always end up giving my card out to people and gathering their emails. I will also try to gather all contact information. I will continue contact for the rest of my life. I will become a new contact, with them and share my gratitude for their time.


It is, all about perception and you will learn the more you practice the better it gets. It is a naturally ability, we all have and just put away for some reason, long ago. The younger you are, the more you will remember when, people use to say “You are in your own world”. That is exactly what is feels like, when using this gift. You start to feel empowered and know not where from. Yet, your insight, is off the charts, per say. You see things in a different way and it will not change back to the same boring way, of the past. Everyone feels the need to see things the same. When, we are made to share how we perceive things, for a common understanding, yet being unique in getting there. That is how we know we are being genuine, and using perception the right way.


Hey, thank you all who start interaction on our site. I appreciate each person and would show it if you use the free tools I share at the end of each article. Gravatar and Shareaholic with CommentLuv. Just get right and sign up for free. That way myself and others will be able to share the love.

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