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Opening Statements






So, I had reviewed over 100s of blogs, this week. Getting back into the swing of things. I have noticed this months trend. It is all about making

people feel the need to panic? Yes, you read this correct.


Seasons Bring Chaos


During, each year at this time. We have been given endless ads, pitches and such. Just to get us to believe in the next shining object. Hey, most fall for this every month. No wonder people have a bad taste in their mouths.

2 agree

Let Us Just Agree


When, someone shares a something they find. Which, has enhanced or enriched their lives. You can feel the truth by their enthusiasm. I have not found one person who can hold back natural excitement.


Now, think about those who never understand. What the heck, they are sharing. They, have no long application, experience. They, are just out to sell you, on an emotional trigger.


3 natural

Natural Way of Being


It would be better. If there is any solid belief. They even use. what they are pitching. Also, they took the time to learn about you, as a person. Just to understand. when you may need this or that.


I believe. that if we start to search for understanding. people's’ desires, needs and life. We would be able to interact. on a natural level. Hey, if my friend teaches, WordPress. I may use her talents down the line, when I feel the need. Not, when she would suggest. to pitch it?


I just want people to understand. That, it takes time to build interest. There is no different in finding something, you love to do. Learning how to share, that one thing, naturally. When, the appropriate time would be. Then, you would really help others. It is all about, perception.


5 food for thought

Food For Thought


Think of each day, as a chance to share your perception. Just on anything you find, which helps enrich, your life. That is the way, to really interact on a natural level. Not offend anyone. Just something to think about?


I wait for the day. We all can just stop with the same old, pitching techniques. There are no way. Re-writing stuff and trying to hype it, would make millionaires? There are no formulas, programs. Which makes people rich, ethically? Just get over the hype and put in your hours like us, who came before you.


6 growth

Real work and learning to listen. Then, love what you are doing. Learn from people who have reached, certain milestones. Keep moving forward and enjoy your life. Stop looking for what others have. Search to serve others, in ways that you enjoy and all will be revealed. Learn to love interacting, just for the understanding and clarity gained. More people are willing to give you knowledge, free just for the asking.


I want to thank each and everyone. For the years of supporting our site. I am working on bringing quality, usable information. We learn by listening and interaction. Let us practice each day, to learn something new. Looking forward, to hear what others insights will reveal, here!

ending for all blog post

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Making A Statement!

1 monday
So, I was thinking on my walk today. I had been focusing on, starting something new. A huge supportive project. That would help our elderly, living situation. That is, the people who are in hopic and active living facilities. Not, people like myself. Living in my home and having a ball interacting, daily.


I had come accross this email, today. It was saying how nothing is new. Everything, you can think of doing, has been done. That is from living on and island. To traveling the world in a balloon. It was right.

2 monday

Hey, even in the Bible. The same things are spoken of in length. I spent a week doing my due diligence on the subject. I could not come up with one new project. That has not been done before. Yes, I may not have thought or started it. Yet, someone at sometime has.


That just brings me to this time of season. With all the holidays arriving and coming to a close. We scrambled around and miss the beautiful season changes around us. Take a moment each day and appreciate all that has been given to you.


3 monday

I am going to spend the rest of my life. Sharing my daily gratitude for those who have made an impact, in my life. I have countless old and new connections. It is time for me to appreciate them, and their talents. Which, only enhances my life.


This is a great attitude in business. As well, as in life. We all have fallen to wanting things now. Never, accept to be patient and grow slowly, wise. I think that is a great way to understanding things. We have to learn first. Then, grow to love it. Now, we are mature enough to share it appropriately.


4 interaction





Just wanted to say hello, to all of you. Interaction, is the lifeblood of all our blogs. We need more readers. To share their perspective on every article. Hey, there is no right or wrong. You should understand this with clarity. An article, is my way of sharing an adventure, learning experience, per say. Then, you read it and share your insight on the message, within. No right or wrong about it?


Thank you for being in my life, everyone! This has been an amazing year. Full of hope and joy for me. You have made it possible, for me to have more,\ perspective, on things in general. I love growing with all of you. Enjoy the share and please, contact me if there is anything I can help you with.

ending for all blog post

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Execution The Final Fundamental of Life and Business

picture 1

This has been the strangest week. I have officially, been on vacation prior to this month. Yet, some obligations or choices. I made the mistake of taking work along, on my annual road trip? That was not only crazy, yet bets the whole purpose of, doing what I want and when.


Being a person, forced to work for himself and take it easy if I wanted, for the rest of my young life. Had a challenge. I still, at this ripe age. Continue to forget, the mind training of U.S. Air Force, with the I.R.S and working for all Govt/Private institutions, during my earlier years of employment.


That is why, we can finally get to the last part, of our 3 part series. Yes, your patience was tested. Hey, I am still being molded and must learn how to stop working, on vacations. That is based on what I do. I love it and it is not a job like 9-5 nor for anyone, except those in need.

picture 2

We have walked through the first two parts, which were;


  1. Clarity - Think of it as learning, about foundational building. Then, finding out what you have a core passion of doing, for the rest of your life. There, is always that one thing we put away, in our “Mind Closet”. That is the passion you have to find and then learn how just doing that. You will be able to leave, the non-productive job. Love is the key and doing what you love. Do this and everything will work for you.


  1. Focus - This is based solely on you, finding that real one thing you love. That thing, which makes you feel so good doing, day in and out. It will always fall on service to others, in some realistic way. Hey, making others feel good about your passion. There is where the adventure begins and changes start. All in a natural artform, way.


Now, the final part of the “Three Fundamentals of Life and Business”. You have made it this far. We are going to jump right into it.

picture 3

Execution, is the final fundamental. Which, must and only can be accomplished. When you have completed the first two. This is where most of us, have given up. We lose the way, with looking at what others are doing. You have to build confidence, in your abilities and surround yourself with those who, only edify it. Hey, at first you choose to be alone. Learning and processing your thoughts. Then, the adventures just naturally take shape. Based on that focused execution, of related, daily activities. This is how, your vision will manifest.


Now, you found that one passion. You understand, that it takes time and you are willing to build your foundation, right. Your passion, is what that one thing is and now you only focus on daily. Yes, daily activities that only move you closer, to achievement. No more non-productive times. Do not waste money, time and energy on what others are doing. You have to grow personally, each day. How? By being enthusiastic on everything you choose, to be involved with. Only participate, in activities that surround you with that one passion, of yours. Once you know, love eat and sleep that passion. Your perspective on daily life, will be enhanced and enriched. Not one day goes by, without me seeing ways to help others, with my passion. That one thing I found, within me. I love and live it, each day. I do not worry nor concern myself, on what the new trend is, in marketing?

4 just try to be thankful

My passion works and by each day. Learning from 3 new connection’s, lives. Growing with them, while continued further growth, with contacts I have known. I learn about real people and their lives. I feel good, about growing with each one and helping them by sharing my passion, beliefs. We bond naturally and no pitching junk. That is normal, human interaction.


The point in executing daily actions, that are only growing and sharing your core passion. It will change your whole perception, on self. You are here, to spread love and clarity for others. The empowering gifts, you were born with. They will manifest, once you have learn to use these three fundamentals, in everything you make a choice in doing.

picture 6

One last key word. If you learn how to break every goal into only, three parts. You will always reach that goal. Your vision of your tomorrow, will manifest faster, as you apply those fundamentals and make them part of your existence.

Thank everyone, who has given me the chance to share experience and real result. Which we, all will have. Only if you get real and make a choice, today. You are taking back your future and will not allow anyone, to tell you about yourself. You are capable of self-design and must learn to trust you again.


I appreciate, all our registered readers and guest. I thank you for supporting, with each visit and please add you comments. So, we can keep this site alive, with interaction. That is and will always will be, the lifeblood of a blog.  May peace be with each and everyone. Prosperity is here, if you desire it as much.

ending for all blog post

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Fundamentals Of Live and Business – Focus!

1  food for thought

Food for thought!


Yes, it took time and I am still on an official, vacation. I have just been traveling and attending functions in support of our, Senior Living around the USA. I am learning a lot with meeting new and interesting friends. They, are all helpful and full of exciting times.  I had the blessing, being asked by my older brother, Wendell. To accompany him, with entertainment support, for all functions. What a great honor and learning experience. Priceless!


I am grateful, to my older loving brother, Wendell. Always, militant and hard core, yet I love him and appreciate his lifetime of patience, with me. I am not an easy person. to understand. Being humbled, is the key in everything!


I am a people person. I love to interact, naturally. Learning more each day. How to actively listen vs. just hearing people. Not one waiting, to get their glorious, perspective in there? You know, the character of people. Hey, I am not labelling. Just being real and keeping transparent.


I felt the need to share, getting out and about, is the key to know, what people are into. Staying online, day in and out is not going to help, increase people’s awareness of your passion. Get up and get out. I have a listing where you live, to live interaction of professionals in all areas. They are after work hours, during each month. Just food for thought?

2 3 fundamentals

To our business at hand. Continue with our 3 fundamentals of life and business.


We walked through, sometime ago. The first, Clarity. I made you aware to write detail on your future vision. Yes, get a paper and pencil and write in detail. Remember, this is going to change during your lifetime journey. That said and done!


Let us move forward to the next, 2nd Fundamental of life and business. You may have figured it out? Focus…


Now, we are addressing your understand and can visualize your future vision, each night prior to going to sleep. So, now focus on only, what needs to be done. Keeping in mind, that “Rome” was not built in a day. This is not, “Let us see how fast”...No.


By this I mean. Hey, if I felt that in order for me to make x amount per week, month or year. Each day I must accomplish these three things (Proof, breaking everything down in three steps works). Let us call it, milestones. Then, each day something different. Until, you get closer to realizing, or manifesting your future vision.

4 stay foucsed

You can not, allow your thoughts to drift. Eat, sleep and live each daily 3 steps. Which will bring you closer. There will be people, and situations. Which, will seem to be blocking you from staying focused. Car going out of whack. Your friends, family putting their two cents worth of perspective. You can only blame yourself, for not keeping that mouth quite. Hey, I know. Try to not let everyone, who is not part of that days step. In your head, to unintentionally cause chaos. That is ourself destruction, which always happens.


Until you develop habits. Yes, good habits to avoid others from misdirecting your thoughts. You alone, make choices each day. You alone, will make this work or not. You, have to the final decision. So, do not involve everyone, as you usually do. Keep that mouth shut! That is why, it is imperative to write your thoughts down.

5 practice

So, if you feel the need to share or brag about things, that have not happen. Just remember, when you boast about things not here, yet. Something, always happens to make you eat those words. So, take it easy and write to yourself, to let that bad habit out. Yes, it took me years and still fighting my own mouth. You get so excited and cause harm to things being shaped. Based on your focused, attention. Write things on paper and keep off that computer. That is going old school. For some reason, things happen when you write it, with your hands. No one, can explain it? Somethings are better not knowing? Keeps the mystery in each wonderful daily adventure.


In closing, please, Focus, is the second fundamental of life and business. You have to practice a thing. Before you can master it, right? You will be on your way to shaping your new days. Remember, 8,400 seconds in each day. Ask yourself, each night. What have you accomplished, this day?


You are always, welcome to contact me one on one. No cost and I will listen to just about anything, you would like to speak about. That is all part of my free support, for a lifetime project with no end date.


Keep your attention on:

  1. Clarity
  2. Focus


The 3rd, fundamental of life and business. Will be published shortly and may not be the very next article, I write. Hey, you need to to practice the first two. It is not a race and no matter what. Everything, worth something, takes time.


Thank you, to all our readers and please interact on all our articles. No one has the same perspective and experiences. Each article, is based on my lifetime of experience and those who work with me, in our Global support efforts. Looking forward, in listening to each and everyone of you. Hey, take a step. When you get sick and tired, of being sick and tired. Call or write me!

ending for all blog post

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Be A User, Not A Sales Person?

running around lost

I was not amazed, at how all this week. Most people, are running around looking for that one thing. That they can evaluate, as a beginning of a new funding source. One that is ethical and not full of hype. That is a challenge, for us all.


First we have to have clarity, with what it is we want to share. If you do not use a thing. Nor are a real part and believer. Then, you will not only waste time, yet all your efforts, will come to less than nothing. You will develop a bad reputation, with everyone. You are a person who consistently, pitch junk. Things yourself would not even use? You are playing with people’s emotions. That will never remove, the bad taste in our mouth, when it comes to you?

3 focus questions

To understand, that we have to be users of what it is we wish to share. The thing that will enrich, people’s lives. That is a thing, to be involved with. Then, it will become a funding source, you can be proud of.


To many times, we see people pitching this or that. It makes no difference, how they pitch it. They are selling things, that they do not use nor believe in? That makes no sense to them, and to you. Yet, they continue to bounce around, from this program and this thing. No passion, purpose or clarity on what it is they should be doing. Blindly, feeding on greed, money and fear?

2 share what we use

Ask yourself, these questions. Is this thing something I can use? Is it a thing that others will find, they need in their daily activities? If you can answer, these two questions. Then, you have found something, which may work. Clarity has been reached. Next, you will have to focus and execute activity, that only brings your vision, to life!


The last part is, you have to believe in it. You have to have a passion in using it, daily. Then, make sure you would use it, even if by just sharing it. You would not make money, with doing so. Then, that is a passion of yours, which will be shared by most people. Would you use a thing, even if no making money was involved? This is a key question you should always, ask yourself.

4 making people happy

Take having a passion, in making people happy. You must ask yourself, if it makes you feel good doing it. Will it make others also? Are people doing it, yet not finding a pleasure in usage? Well, if you have clarity and use it. You find it to be enjoyable, each time you use it. Then, this one thing is a thing, which must be shared.


How to share such a wonderful find? You first have to get to know people. You interact with them, in a natural way. Not, for pitching something, just for them to get involved with? Not for them having, to be another sales person? No, you have a passion and love sharing it. Yet, the first thing, is to find what that person does? What they enjoy and find a reason, they would love using, what you find as a pleasurable thing. Then, after you have known about that person and can say, “We are truly connected”. By knowing them, things they love to do. There family and habits. Then, you have followed protocol and can engage in a higher interaction. Then, you can share, by walking them through. That thing, you find as a passion. Not a product to sell. If you can do this, you are going to have your vision of a future.

5 proper introduction

This little lesson, is one most never can live by.They, will not take the time, for proper introduction. That is insulting, to people. I feel, that if someone took the time to learn about me. Focused, on having a natural conversation. Then, as time goes by. We share what our passion is. That will always, end up the best way to introduce something you use and believe in. Experience, will guide you and belief, will be what you are shaping. Then, share your perspective on that thing. Now, live by this and repeat for each person you met.


Thank you, once again. For reading our perspective, on doing it right, the first time. What works for us. May work for you, in various ways. Yet, the end result, will be the same. You have to believe, in yourself. No doubt, with your abilities to be honest and ethical. Stop looking at those, with no morals and keep focused on just being you. Our uniqueness, is what makes others, love being around. You have to know yourself, and always be that which you are. Do not envy others, nor want to be like anyone, except you.

6 questions

If you find, that you have developed questions? Contact me day or night. I am one person, who loves to meet people, just to learn about them. I do not sell products, nor want to. Please, do not waste your time, in pitching to me. I can not be pitched, and after you have read this article, over and over again. You will never be able, to be one who jumps at pitches!


Thank you for all the time and support. Your interaction with our articles, is the lifeblood, of this site. Please, no matter how short or long. Just comment and let us interact, in a way to gain clarity. Change only happens when you are ready. I want to enhance your life, and not change it. Think about this, and then get with me, when you want to do this right.

ending for all blog post

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Fundamentals Count!

You can make your own light, in this world!

I want to take everyone through three steps that has helped most people, who started off. Realizing, the sooner they learn about our industry. Make a decision based on nothing but pure desire. To make their own dreams into reality.


I felt compelled to get this out today. My long time friend Ronnie Phillips. Drove by my compound today. Amazed, I was listening to him share his experience with working at his age. Only turned young 53 and feels thought wasting time making other’s dreams come true. Those were his words. I laugh at that statement. That is what I felt when I was in my twenties, yet did what I had to do. It is not a matter of how long it take each person. We are all unique, so it will take you a different amount of time, than say, me. I stopped working at age 33 and now in my 50’s I felt amazingly well.

2 Challenges

Each day there is not one person, speaking with me. I just listen, as hard as it is to keep my mouth shut. I am getting better at it. Yet, no one is not taking action little by little. Hey, Ronnie has a little truck and doing his thing. While still part-time parking cars at his age? Yet, we are going to work together. I live for challenges in other’s lives.


Let us talk about Clarity, which is the first of the three fundamentals. There is no way to gain this, without writing your vision in detail. Yes, it will change as you grow. That is a fact. Also, there is never going to be a time, where it will not stop growing. That is part of this journey, we call life. Get over this and then start writing a rough draft.

3 sync

Once you fine tune it. Read it out loud to yourself. Over and over each day. Let the words sync into your brain. You will always refer to it, until you ascend. That is how you gain clarity each day.


The next time, we will go over the second fundamental. You will not guess until I share it. So, you will just have to wait. After this one is shared. The third will be shared and an ending that will motivate your mind. You will never be the same, as those who witness before you. I love it and you will also.


Thank you, for your continued support on my site. I live to serve others and making a living by giving. When you get sick and tired of all the hype out here. Just get with us and allow a walk through to education yourself in our industry as a whole. Lots of people are very upset with us for sharing this educational production. It is priceless and valued into the thousands. We live to give free information. Hey, if you compiled 10 years of research and lived in every library. Then, you would be able to produce such an amazing educational piece. Love it!

ending for all blog post

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“The Light Bulb Moment”

1 light buble moment


I just felt compelled, to write this information. Which, I have used and experienced ”The Light Bulb” moment. There must be an easy way, to say this. Just take it personal, and make sure you breathe.


Everyone, comes to a standing point. You have to make up your mind. How much, are you willing to give. No one, not me nor family or friends. Will be able to help you, with making clarity of your vision. Without that, you will never achieve that greatness within you. I do not care how many chants, affirmations performed, by you daily. Motivation, only encourages one. You have to take action, to get things done. If you just take that, from my sharing, good enough!


2 quiet place

You have to find a quiet place, for one hour. I heard this, go in a closet or basement. Get serious and visualize. It is just a word, used to, imagine things. You have to dig deep, within. Just to pull out, that core passion. That one driving force, that is going to help you see a vision. Yes, by yourself. Only you can do this. Make sure to breathe and allow your imagination to flow.


I can see, a clearing. The clouds mixed, with the sun, and blue sky. Looks like a spring day and I can see myself. Getting off a private plane. I am, not able to see my traveling party. I am escorted to a limo. Then, driven to a place, that is surrounded by a private beach.


You, have to let yourself go. I can do it now, while typing and moving. I can shut the world around me, out. I kept practicing. Which, allows me to grow. I have moved, to a place that only allows me. One chance, to get where I visioned. Yes, I am responsible for it, not my mother, friends nor you. What I am and where I stand, right now. It is all on me. Mistakes all the way to this place, all on me. You have to accept responsibility.


3 live your visioin

That is the way, you have to perceive your life, growing. You, have to put in the time. No one, can do that, but you. You have to live, breath and eat your vision, daily. That is not a game to see if it works. Shut that tv off. Stop spending hours on end, doing nothing yet online. Stop looking at the cell phone. Get the heck out, your home and mingle with real breathing people. Make it an amazing journey, with no end. All work and no play is bad.


If you, are struggling each day. Taking yourself, further away from you dreams. You are living and breathing, each day. To make someone else, dreams manifest. You are a person, who is killing all those ideas, within. You are going to make, the one location, with dreams and full of wealth, happy. (The graves have people in them. Their passions and ideas died with them. They refused to listen to their inner force. Now, they have all the time to listen?).  Do not allow this to be your ending. Scary, yes!


4 edify

I watched a video, which edified my way of thinking. That just means, perception is in my control. I make my world, the way it has to be. The way I see it, and spend my time visualizing my future. I watch it shape, as in my visions. You have to break free, from allowing people to bring you, backwards. Move forward with all your heart. Do not listen, to the "Naysayers" those are the people, who live only in the past. That is dead to me. Pray for them, and move forward. You have greatness, waiting to be release. We all have it, and that is purpose. Clarity!


You have to dig and sweat, for your future. No talking and sitting around, drinking. Always with people, who are doing nothing. They want to sit around and talk, without execution of action.


5 living in the past

Hey, we all wasted time, living in the past. Getting up Monday through Friday going to a place, we really hate. Yes, I said hate, with all our hearts. Then, why the heck are you still there? Giving someone else, your good years. Letting them, take away your imagination, time and energy. Making you, be like everyone else. You feel it more, as you grow older. You start hating things, around you. You complain, like everyone else. That is your fault. Wake the heck up.


You time is now. Get up and stop with staying in the house and only go out to drink and party. You say, hey I have to blow off steam? What? That is crazy.


Look at the company, one has. That will tell you so much, about them. Losers, will always have excuses. Those who desire more, execute action. Most have learn to only talk, in the future of how they, see things around and their future, self. You have to live by faith. Which means, to live as, you vision yourself then, now! That is clarity. No matter what anyone says. They do not control your future, nor know what the heck they are talking about. When it comes to you!


6 living by faith

You make up your mind, right now. Are you going to be, who you visioned. Then, only look and speak, about the future of things. Be different and never look back, nor allow anyone to take you back. in time Get smart and clarity will come. Write down, your vision in detail. This is of where, you want to go and how you will be. You must write it on paper. Then, you will be able to visualize, by reading it, over and over. You will add to it, every time your vision increases.


At that point. You will be able to, share it with the right people. Who can visualize, while they are reading your vision. They will support you, in the area they specialize in. That is why, you network. To meet those, who can keep you focused. On only, executing daily activity. T o get you, the end result, your darn vision.


Everyone, always ask. How it has and continues to be done. There are only, a few of us living our visions. Then, adding to it, each day. That, was not by luck or anyone else. Except the individuals, putting in time and energy. Staying focused and only activity executed, is for their vision to manifest. Priceless, when done daily. Years, of dedication and repetition. Just look at all our athletes. Perfect, example.


Thank you reader. Your support is appreciated and needed. When, you leave a comment. Do not be uncomfortable, to share your insights. We live, for interaction and daily education. We all are unique. That is what makes, our lives an adventure. Love it!


By the way. If you want, that inspirational video. Just email or call me. I did not have anything to do with production . No payment. of any kind, given. It was something, I actually stumbled upon. Wild, watching 23 inspiration videos, and this one, was branded on my inner being. Can’t and will not, shake the emotions, WOW!

ending for all blog post

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Perspective with experience!

1 educate

I finally finished yesterday, during a photo shoot. My conclusion, to educate more people, on our glorious industry. This is, a difficult task. Most people believe that, Network Marketing (This will help everyone to follow me, sharing truth of our Industry) is not a real profession, such as a Lawyer, Doctor and such. Not you people, who work for a company with titles. That is just great, and we need you. Yet, I will never go to make someone else, dreams manifest because of me trading time, and money for a set price. I have to work longer, when I need extra cash?


  1. Network marketing, is a type of business opportunity, that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tupperware, fall under the network marketing umbrella. They will always be recognized, as a possible sources of funding. People's needs and desires. Also, fund those who own their company. Which, doesn't deal with products.
2 naysayers

Hey, I had family members in Boston, believe for over 3 decades I was wasting my time in our industry. Crazy to retire from a government secured job. Hey, that was at 33 years old. I am over 50 to this day of writing this article.(Faith).


You know, our history, with worldwide serious institutions. Which, provide the most detailed, yet dry education in the world. We have every thinkable countries, power players, children. They, go to the best engineering, medical and such, locations. Then, leave US to enhance their birthplaces. They, pretend to give the impression (make (someone) feel admiration and respect.), that they are forced to be educated here, from political powers in their bloodline, families. Not, true and this is Networking ,at the highest level. The level, of politics. Amazing, and I have met thousands, who come to get their authorized documents, for educational visas.(Government, approval to live not work, for only educational purposes).


So, we can now begin to educate people, global. Who are not noticing, Network Marketing is a human natural social activity. We just can not hep it. It takes no educational training. You have it in your DNA make-make up. You know how excited, something makes you. Then, you can not wait, each day to share it, with the first person. Well, that natural human interaction, is Networking.

3 two or more

Now, put Marketing with Networking most should have a clear understanding, now? This is from the beginning, of time. We may never agree,how humans come to be. Yet, you can do your due diligence, and come to the same end result. Interaction, is a inner germination, of us all. We, can not be in solitude. All must interact everyday, with a live human being. It is natural, for us to share only something, we have personally, experienced. Leave all the hype and junk out of this equation.


Now, you can place both words, with simplicity understanding. Networking, is natural for all of us. Interaction to share our daily thoughts and experiences, is natural. Now, if a company has a item, in their stores. I find it unique and usable. I purchase it , and fall in love, with using it daily. I look and become aware we all do it, daily. This is from modern history. I become resourceful and seek to contact a company to ask. I love this item and have been addicted to usage. If and when I naturally share this. Will you give me something in return. Simple, and think about this next time someone says "Network Marketing".


The Warning to all: Anything ethical being shared by one who uses it. They used it and will continue, no matter if making extra money for sharing what they love, was involved. That is the people to listen to. Those are the ones you spend time bonding with. They, are th people who must gain your curiosity to start you due diligence on them. Then, the company who created, what they are addicted to usage. Not, those who sell junk, documents and such.

4 food for thought

There are hundreds, of non-ethical people. That are driven only on greed for money. Very educated and put that to use. They always, find new techniques with Technologies. To, get your attention and to start pressing buttons. The colors and huge letters, excite you. We all know, that testimonials never have a date. Based on, most only happens rarely. Please, family comes first. Yet, do not get confused with desire and greed. Anyone, who puts copies of checks and talk all about money, this is what I maid. Yes, take a look at my last bank statement. Those, are the people to run from. Never, ever, never get involve with them. You will be with people, for the remaining time you have with us, we will miss you!

However, you have a way to stop wasting, so much money, day after day. You can act as a professional expert, in our industry. But, inside you know, that all the money, time and years are still being wasted. Hey, everyone runs from you . That is only because, you are reflective and this again, is he "Millions over night". I can pay my rent next month. Wake up and get serious about a real professional industry. Does a Doctor get millions, over night. Heck, it takes them a little over 8 solid years just to make money. They, cannot work during their studies and residency? You to this date, have no clue why the 123 companies' products and services. Never produce, a real ethical source to fund your personal life. Then, establish you first company. All for the final end result, a legacy to know. When, you ascend. Everyone you love, will be taken care of. You spent the great years, as a real adult. Helping global causes, and being recognized as a strong, community supporter. Heck, spoke on stage consistently to hundreds, around the world.

That is what experts, in our industry have as their end results. What will you?


Thank you, for interacting with comments. Which express, your perception on this article. Also, which apply to this core message. I pray, it helps all of our readers and make you start educating yourself. That is, of our industry that really is ethical and now recognized globally. As a true profession, such as a Doctor, Lawyer and such. Not, people who work for a company, no matter the title they give you. You are a labor worker or 9-5 person. Hey, we need those who are satisfied, to have to always work longer, for a price. Yet, making others dreams become a reality. It is time for all of us, to awaken. (I mean no offense, to those who love what they do for a company. Feeling this is the place I will retire soon, from) Beware, most companies are failing and all those years on retirement will never be secure?

Note from Bill--- I have always supported people. No self-promotion on my site, here. Yet, please if you ever read an article through this site. I waiting to have more details appear next time. Just call me at my toll free number and I will share answers, visually to all your questions about our glorious industry, without pitch junk to you. (Trying to get you to bond and waste money on a scam, MLM/Affiliate Marketing. I do not belong to that stuff. I own my company for over 3 decades and stand behind our "Free support for life".

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Take Care, For Your Actions Affect Others!

1 my pledge

Give to each person, who is seeking to make money online. My pledge, to being transparent. Lead no one, to false belief, that millions are made online, if done right. Only 97% of everyone, who attempts to make money online, fail. They, just give up, do to lack of resources and guidance. You, can be the one who determines, which you will allow yourself to be. The person who never gives up, so can not fail. All choices are made by you. You alone must live with the end results of your choices. This alone, would make one complete due diligence on anything which requires choices. Others, in you life are affected by all choices of yours. Just take care, for your actions will affect others. Love does no harm. That, is my oath and code, I live by. What will yours be?



2 innocents

Each person, may want to evaluate the truth, of what is being entered. Having a clear understand, of what "Marketing Method" they are getting into. Our Industry, is vast and full of so called "Sharks". Hey, no place on earth, is pure? You can no longer, blame anyone for your choices and the results, which affect your life. Do not allow, another day of you grumbling, pointing the fingers at anyone. All that is needed, for you looking in the mirror and see the truth. You are responsible, for where you are today, and if you move forward for tomorrow. Leave the past alone. Seek to visualize only yourself the future. Living as you vision now, as pretending, all is given and no resources are limited.  Then, all you desire, will begin to manifest. You must also begin to get involved with only activity, which reflects that lifestyle, now. This, will show belief by faith. Just living, not by what is seen now. Yet, what is to come in your life, as you visioned.

3 invest in yourself

There are only 1% of us in Marketing, who ever make something, out of sharing what we are passionate about. Then, attracting people, who are interested in learning. What makes us so, enthusiastic about what we do. Why we few, seem, to have total joy in our lives. That is what, attracts you and everyone else. This is what you must have a passion to learn, each day. Start only being involved with things of a passionate nature. You decide now, to live in joy or revert back to your old self. That which, is dead. The choice has always been there, within. Waiting for you, to hunger just enough for the truth. Just think of why you are continuing to read, this?


Think about it. When I share my daily activities, in an exciting way. I live as I speak, with enthusiasm, all the time. My choices, of what and how I choose to do things. That is based on, pure excitement and persistence in my devotion, to live a life of giving. This was natural to me, and can not be taught. You must posses, a  deep desire, to serve others. Never looking for a benefit, for self. The hardest thing, is leaving the belief that instant gratification, is the only way to live. Historically, delayed gratification is the only true method of desire. Imagine, visualize and accept it to be. Process is the way of life.


Now, if you read the following definition, of the various ways to choose to Market. Then, like myself and the 1% of people globally found. When choosing, to love what you do each day. Is the best practice and sharing it, comes natural. Only get involved with believable things, and causes ,which moves your soul. You will never go wrong, if you believe in something, not someone.

4 just try to be thankful

The difference between "Network or Affiliate Marketing" v.s "Attraction or Referral Marketing". Will most times, get confused, and misused. You have to understand, the true definition and how to use the better.


Affiliate marketing is commonly confused, with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing, use third parties to drive sales to the retailer.[1] However, both are distinct forms of marketing and the main difference between them is that affiliate marketing, relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to drive sales.[1]


Use, this article wisely and it will guide you, to a better understanding, to start with. Now, there can be no more excuses, for you to do this right the first time. Get with people, who understand these truths. You will not make all the right choices. Yet, understanding there are more than one way to have things get done. You just never give up, then you will never, ever fail.

ending for all blog post

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Presenting The Whole Package!

\  1 right mindset


Now, we have made it clear about the right mindset = perception, of what it means to create your first company. Let us move forward, with saying you have established your solid foundation. Also, completion of your Operations. You have all required departments, pre-established. Learned, every decision you make, must be accepted, as your responsibility.

The whole point, of you setting up your Operations first. Is that you will be establishing, massive contacts and making people aware that you exist. Many people are waiting for someone, such as yourself. You have found, that one core passion, that will keep you up at nights. The one thing, that no matter your emotional state. You will be hungry, to keep moving forward. This is your "Why" the "How's" do not matter. That is not your job, per say. To know, how it is going to be done. Your focus, is on taking the steps to get it done!

Making the commitment, to do only ethical things, is a must. There are going to be, vast numbers of people. Who, do not believe in, what you are doing. That is not your concern. You simply, move on to the next person. Making sure, you keep in touch with those you met. They will come around, maybe in a week or 5 years. If you enjoy something and it is useful. This thing, everyone is doing anyway. You just found a way, to make it fun, less expensive and time consuming. Do you understand, that you have found something, that is already being used. It is already part, of everyone's life, as an activity. They, just do not know, that you have located a way. to make it simple. This is a "Gold Mine".

Keeping away, for the old mentality of MLM, Affiliate Marketing. This is not working and hard to try to build, a source of money from. You are on a mission, to build your first secondary source, of money. This is not, from selling goods and services. It is about listening to people, how they got to where they are now. What of the two reason's people are online, do they fit with. Either, they are online for researching and playing online games. Maybe, they are online for the same reason you are. Hey, they are and that is something you have in common. Yet, you found away, to find your core passion and get paid for sharing it. Helping people enhance ,their lives and offering them away, to make a living by simply giving to others. That is a method, of making real spendable money online. No one, in their right mind, will object for you to spend 3 minutes, to walk them through it.

3 speak with one person

Your goal to speak with one new person per day, is working for you. Understanding, that building a relations with each person you meet. That is the adventure, which you will be writing your life's story, from. Which will take place, not to far in the future. You will be, telling it to people you met and experience more excitement, as you story grows. This is, the way it works and you have found out, how to make it work for you.

This industry you are in, has changed many times over. It is now, at the momentum stage. Everyone can fill it. No one understands, what is happening. They can tell you stories, of what is not working. They are doing what use to be done, to create a new source to make some money. They are going to continue, going in a circle. Until, you can share your perception ,with each person. Never, give up and keep consistent.

The world of Referral or Appreciation Marketing. Has been around, since man has existed. It is just something, that gets lost with greed, fear and competition. We are feed false stories. That you have to focus, on getting people to spend lots of money each month. They, must be lead to believe, urgency and panic are feelings to take action. They are lead to believe, they must act without thinking. They must make a decision today, without due diligence. The world is ending, if they do not keep spinning, in this circle of false perception.

5 we need heros

You are like a hero. Going person to person, without a hidden agenda. You bond, with each person and share ideas of improving your life with enhancements. Nothing, being sold from either one of you. Both learning, usable information and exciting adventures, are being shared. Before you know it. They are asking you, what it is, that keeps you going. Why, does if feel so comfortable, sharing with you. They, desire to hear you story, now! That is when, you share how you got to where you are. Then, walk them through, how they can enhance their life, doing the same simple thing. That is sharing and not selling. It works and always has. It is a natural thing, to be enthusiastic about something you love, doing. You would do it, without making a little money, on it. That is easy and simple to follow and duplicate.

No fear, greed and panic is needed, in the right industry. We use ethical methods, to share our love for what we do. We move forward, to the next person who may benefit from our knowledge. Not everyone, will like it. That is OK. We just move on. Yet, remain in a bonded relationship, with each person we meet. Sharing our gratitude, in many ways. That is having purpose and vision. That is not, the selling method of, "How to make money online". Pitch pages all over the internet, is dead.

5 moving forward

Now, take it and move forward, doing it the right way. You can stop, blaming others and situations. You alone, made everything not work or work for you. That is in doing, everything. You may want to go back, to each person that you have attacked, their character. You insulted and hurt, their feelings. Just express, your actions were not called for. Make it a point to move forward. Knowing, each choice to do something or not. You must take responsibility, for the end result. Yet, knowing that there is always, a different perception. This will make it easy, to forgive yourself. Then, think about steps, to make the end result not permanent. Our outcomes can be changed. Just doing something a little different, will make a huge difference. Just try it, and you will agree.


I pray, this helps people out here. We will get into, details on more, later this week. I appreciate, everyone who interactions on our site. You, make this workable and enjoyable. I am always, willing to listen to everyone, sharing their story. Hey, we have a new monthly talk show, just for that. You sharing your story, of how you got to where you are now. Just 3 minutes per person. Yet, thousands of viewers, looking for a person, to walk them through setting up, their first source to make money. You all are welcome, to catch it. Thank you again and enjoy, the rest of our articles.

ending for all blog post

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