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Getting Real, Baby!

1meeting people

I love, meeting new people each day. Right now, I have walked a distance from home. To the local library. I have meet several people, just doing that. Who would know, that one knew my only and older brother, Wendell. I was amazed, at how he spoke in respect and excitement. You could feel the real emotions flow, from his words.


That is what we all want, from those we know. Just to have them, share with someone. They know of you. How, helpful you are and patient. You get the idea. So, why do we not remember. When, we get excited about some service, that helps us. We are so eager, to share it with others. Yet, never stop and think it out. That can backfire, most of the time. No one wants to be pitched!


May we find the time to really give thought to our presentations. Also, the most important part, is timing. Yes, we feel the need to jump and push this or that. Yet, if you take your time and listen to each person, share their daily challenge. Then, figure a way to help them. The next time you connect, would be perfect to share what may enhance, their lives and business. Keep it transparent. The experience will, feel good to them and yourself.


Yes, we all have motives. Let us try to keep our reasons to share something, real. Not focusing on money, pressure and fear. Like most people, who have no clue in marketing. It is not something like being a car salesperson. Pushing you to get in and sign. Pushing you to do all the things, you said you would not. No offence to Car Salespeople. Just making a point.


3helping othersSo, take our time to help others and allow this to be our focus. Motivation, would be the good overall feeling. You have walked someone through a challenge. They appreciate you more. You have opened a door. Which,  will soon be used for ethical reasons. Once you miss with someone and take advantage. That will stay part of you name, reputation. You will never, have anyone realize. Who you are and why you love, to serve others. Just sharing valued things, that work in your life. Compared that to, gathering products and programs. Just to push on people. Information overload is the result. When, you do what you do for money? It never last long.

4 your choice


The choice, is always yours. Just take it from me. The more you love helping others. The better your life is going to be, in all areas. Hey, what were you doing prior to catching the bug, to be an entrepreneur? Keep doing that. Until, you find your core passion. Which, helps others. Then, you have something to grow. One day, you will  leave. The activity you are doing, to produce revenue. That is how it works. Time and patience. Learning each day and have many advisers.
Thanks for stopping by. Please, get involved by sharing your perception. We value your presence and welcome a contact even just to talk. I will always extend my support in any area you find a challenge. Never asking you to put money in my hands. I live to serve and expect nothing.


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An Awakening!


As I reviewed, my prior experience, with interaction. I noticed a pattern of follow-up. The way we all were instructed. Seeing, if there was additional information needed. We keep saying "Follow-Up" is needed. Until that person can or will be satisfied. Enough to accept our offer, product or program. That was, the wrong mentality and actions.

Think about this. Would you like someone to treat you, as just a number? Well, most people who believe others, are making a fortune with selling someone else product, program or others. Would be mistaken and I will walk you through, how it really is done. Now, there are rare times , when someone is offering their products or services, with you in mind. Yes, it will enhance your lifestyle and help with relationships. Yet, only if you are willing to evaluate their perception. Take your time, to see how and if it will help your situation, at all?



Those of us, who have been in an industry for over 30 years. We understand, that you have choices and that is what we look at. When our first contact, is made. Now, I would just listen to you share. How, you got to where you are. Finding a common passion, we share, such as serving others. Then, help you focus on finding, your one core passion. You will know, by the feeling of it being an activity that  makes the hairs on the back of your neck, stand! It is that one activity, which you feel, compelled to share, with whom ever. You just need, to find a way to make it payout, right?

That is why, if one thing you can learn today. Get many advisers. Then, meditate on what they share. Which, will only their perception.  So, the bottom line. You will have to make a choice. Only, after you have seen all options. To make your core passion sharing, payout. Keep it this simple, and you will be able to accomplish it. Sharing your perceptions, is the goal. Try not to focus on what others have. This is not a competition. There is enough room, for each person on earth. There is and never will be, a shortage of solutions.


I will always, be around for support. There are those of us, who live to serve, at no price. We love giving free support, in all areas of enhancing one's lifestyle. Finding some of us, is a seeking. I would advise you to accomplish.


Thank you, all for supporting our blog, here. Lots of older articles were left off, from the original blog content. I do apologize. I will look back and see if I would bring some updates, to topics that were presented. In the meantime, you may want to take a look. At how, you got to where you are now? Then, be real about what your core passion is. Which can, serve others. Leave yourself, out of the thought process. If you find a thing that others need, want and desire in their lives. You have found your own way. To serve and enjoy doing it. It will be all based on your own core passion, being shared. Solving daily challenges, with what you can present. That is the way, we do it right.






Getting Back!

2nd family creat

It has almost been an entire month since my blog was up and running. We had so many ideas for change and lost some data on the way.

Yes, I backed up my entire blog . Some themes are not compatible. Thus, running into serious issues.

However, sharing from one's experience is the best thing. All you have to do is continue learning, supporting and sharing. Then, you can give good insight on various subjects.

I read a few blogs last week and getting around to this week. I will post articles as they develop.

Just wanted those who registered before. Please, feel free to do it once more. Your information is gone. Use your real first and last names. That way I can personally respond to a human.

Thanks for all you years of support. Everyone is appreciated.

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Getting Started – First Fundamental Activity

We are going to travel through the basic setup for those of us who desire to not only to create a company of our own. Yet, generate revenue for personal needs and business projects, and causes.

Maybe you can understand that first we want to know how much it will cost to start. That saying how much do I need to get started and build a solid foundation. Nothing in life can exist without a foundation and it better be a strong one.  Now, there are places that will make you believe that paying for a service is better than one that is free. That is just not true and we only deal with truth based on we are not sharing how to be an “Affiliate Marketer” or salesperson. Hey we need people who believe in making someone else dream come true is a real business?

Let us take a look at what we are talking about vs Affiliate Marketing. Now, Affiliate Marketing is: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as 'retailer' or 'brand'), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as 'the affiliate'), and the customer. The market has grown in complexity, resulting in the emergence of a secondary tier of players, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third party vendors. source: Wikipedia

We are in the business of building trust and a real personal relationship with each person we come in contact with daily. That is a whole other area of interaction and sharing only what we love doing ourselves. Our drive is based on usage and not the dollar. That is a real way of producing sources of revenue ethically and honestly. Not saying Affiliate Marketing is not ethical yet most do not use and therefore, they are pitching. You can now see the difference and if I had to choose over again. It will remain interacting with people for a righteous reason other than to make a buck.

Knowledge: Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer.[1] However, both are distinct forms of marketing and the main difference between them is that affiliate marketing relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to drive sales.[1] source: Wikipedia

Now, let us move forward with getting you to the right place for a minimal investment that I believe most can afford until they have enough growth that the cost will not exist. You do not have to spend money while building a Operations to run your company globally and create a solid foundation. You have to always be patient and complete your due diligence every step of the way.

There are many service providers which offer a platform which you could build your Operations from, the average cost about $10.00 per month. Yet, none have what we have found to offer the most for the price, per say. You can have 10 future departments pre-established for growth. Also, unlimited live support daily and your own online address for this new company you will establish. No other place as of this day offers what this one gem has shown us. It is up to you to complete your due diligence with finding such a place. I refuse to allow this site to start recommending and pitching for one thing.

Next, make a Operational Budget which is very different than a personal budget. You can not touch your payroll and other business support reserves. Yet, with a personal budget you can take from one to give to the other which most believe is creative. That only gets you deeper in debt. So, focus on learning about what an Operational Budget looks like and make your own based on where you are at now. The only expense should be for $10.00 per month on that one location that you will have the rest of your life as your virtual Operations for that company you will establish later. Also, any office expenses if any based on starting off you would work from home and that is all taken care of. Yet, during tax time you should be able to have expenses deducted and that is when you will need to speak with a tax professional.

Now, you can be one who has accomplished what most never get around doing. Operational Budget, one location that has it all even 10 departments setup, with a blog for your personal voice. That is very important so people can get to understand the human behind the company. You express your passions weekly to everyone for interaction on the subjects. You gain trust as a leader in your industry and a person who knows what the heck they are speaking about.

This is just the first of three fundamentals that will have you accomplish great things. You will be able to make those visions manifest if you understand it will take effort from you. You alone are responsible for your future. You must commit and accept responsibility for all your choices. No one is responsible for you except yourself. No blaming others for your lack of focus, knowledge on how to do something. You have to complete due diligence on every single thing prior to making a decision or choice. Get serious and do not think of this as a situation where you can see what happens? Take it serious and not as a hobby which everyone gets uninterested after a while. This is just the beginning and along way from even establishing your company. You have just completed setup of your Operational Budget. Located the one place you will run your company from anywhere in the world. Congratulations!

Until next time we will venture into setup of your foundation the right way. No matter what your  company will do for humanity. You are not defined by your choices of producing revenue to fund projects, causes and personal needs. That has nothing to do with your company. Just remember this over and over again. Sources of revenue are just what it is a source not a company.

Thank you for supporting this site and please contact me for just about anything on the side. I look forward in creating interaction and making new friends daily. I understand that pleasing everyone is not going to happen. Those who I have hurt in some emotional way accept responsibility for your choices and do not blame me for the lack of due diligence being accomplished on your part. There are no excuses just those who fail by giving up. Never give up no matter what. Learn and attack that challenge in another way!


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Let Another Take Center Stage?

The first time I opened my eyes this week and started to challenge myself to really just listen to each person who connects with me daily. I never put so much focus on such a task and thought this will be easy. Yet, never giving it thought when it was for a job requirement. Now, that I am my own boss it should be the same, right?


The joke was on me for I found most people only want to hear themselves talk. When we are on a subject of review for someone reaching out for help in an area in their lives they find overwhelming alone. The people I have chosen to help me with this case was the wrong choice. I did not know more people who are of a giving nature and one’s who are out to support people who ask for help at never a cost. They are the ones of our communities that will listen yet always stop your sharing and compare your experience with one of their own? Hey, I thought this was about listening and then resolving others situations. This amazed me as I am the one who had to catch this. So, I wanted to experience if this also happens with people I am not consulting and maybe  other professionals who seems nice.

I went to the best place I could think about and still most of the people want to be heard and never stop. I looked back at the comments left not only on my “Clean Blog” yet 100s of others and it was the same thing. People now just want to feel involved to hear themselves talk it was really freaking me out. I looked and read the same articles and comment based on what it made me feel their core message was based on my insight. I did not share something that happened to me which always throws readers of the purpose of their visit to someone else blog, to interact with the writer.


It was not my imagination and I found the same people do it over and over again. I do not know how to classify this found fault with some of our professionals out here. Example, I love to give people a chance to tell me about their services and products for my profile I have built of them. That is so my company can refer people in need when they need them, to the right person. Well sharing this is a great thing for me and I feel making huge leaps forward in getting people real help. I read so much and learn people can not wait to standby and jump into the middle of your conversation just to change the focus on non-related situations of themselves. It is not even that they realize they are doing this. I bring it up now without feeling emotional about it. They feel injured in someway yet a valued lesson is learned. If you are going to act like you care just stop focusing on you and leave your stuff out of the equations. Please, give the people a chance to share without you taking their time away with one of your stories. They have the stage at this time is what I tell people now and make a joke about it so I do not lose another friend based on their emotional hangups.

The reasoning behind this habit of 67% of our race is lack of attention and feeling of being needed, loved. Most people feel they are not appreciated so every chance they have they must be the center of attraction. Not realizing the ones who support others and do not take honors are the ones who are truly blessed and highly favored.


Do not allow others to know what you are doing for supporting other like giving donations. Why bost so you can claim some fake gloriory? Allow others the chance of being on center stage when you claim you have made it to a level that you live to give.


Thank you for your continued support by arriving at our site and interacting with each subject. Yes, share your feeling of what seems to be the core message to you. Each article has many messages and has been written by one writer. He believes that you will find one that will relate to a real life situation that needs to be spoken on. It does help to feel that you are not the only one who has been through situations. Thank you and return soon.


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The Fundamentals Are There!

I realized that not everyone understand how to recognize when they are about to give up on something that was fueled by pure passion. I mean the kind of passion that leaves a lump in your throat each day. You feel like your heart is racing 100 miles per hour consistently. You never feel tired and do not even give a thought to how many hours you have been at it. That is working with pure passion!


When I wake up in the morning after my alone time with me and my maker. I can not wait until I think about what vision if any came along during the little time I was allowed to sleep if any. I have been noticing it is always something to do with others and me making sure I am on time with doing what they ask of me to do. No matter what it is, my vision always have me doing some wild imaginary stuff. Things that can not happen in real time like flying without moving stuff.

However, when these rare visions happen, they have me wake-up with so much excitement that I can not wait to figure out how to make it happen in real-time. That is my daily challenges and they are very intense. I love a challenge and look to learn from them.


Yet, my mind has been catching up with my body lately. I have to give time to balance in the mornings and that is something I am not use to yet. Most people would give up doing just anything if they are faced with the same feelings of excitement in the morning yet knowing they can not act on them right away. It takes days before I can accomplish them once I place them into three easy steps.

I learned a long time ago if I break things needing to be done in parts, say three parts. I get it done easy without panic, confusion and giving up on it all together. When I walk people daily to do the same thing no matter how big or small the challenges maybe. They follow when we do it together then after long they give up and then revert back to the same issues. I do not have to understand the mind of a human to make sense of what is going on with them. They are not motivated unless I am with them That means they really do not have any interest in making things happen yet would love for others to do the work.


Being experienced in business and working with various types of people. We learn that if someone says they want to learn and do something that you find passionate. Then walk them through it as planting a seed. That is all you can do with them and the rest is up to them to get it done. If you walk people through the fundamentals of a thing they claim to love doing. Just by loving it, should be enough to keep them motivated if they are true.


That is what we think and never is right. No one can do anything for anyone else except themselves. You can support people by edification on amazing activities they accomplish. You can go as far as walking them through a given fundamental time and time again until they are confident. Yet, to be consistent in learning more and taking responsibility for themselves is something they must accept and then commit to.

I use to feel so bad for people when they spent time, money and had me support them all the way through something they feel will help enhance their lives. Most make it to understand the fundamentals and flourish. The 2% of people who just do not get it will not remain transparent and ask for more help to understand the fundamentals. They just drift back to their old ways of not getting it done right. You know them and it hurts to watch it. They seem to be like in the movies with reverting to jumping around wasting money and time on junk that will not get them to where they want to be in life. They just drop out from reality as you have opened their eyes to and we are not talking about days. No, we are talking about investing in people for years and then out of nowhere they vanish with all the energy, time you spent with them gone.


Let me be clear that you have to move forward without giving it a thought. You will see them around and hear the next best thing they found and how it will work this time. Hey, nothing will work if you do not change yourself to be real. Understanding fundamentals will never change yet it will have you on a solid foundation that will help you gain the growth, prosperity and understanding all of us have sooner than most.


Thank you again for supporting our site here and may we all just except that not everyone has the Entrepreneurial Spirit we few have. Most just play as they are someone else without loving them self first. We can only continue to find those who want to change and enhance their lifestyles for the better.


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Change Already, the year has?

Yes, I caught you doing the same things as years gone by, nothing worth building upon. You continue just to waste endless hours playing online games, and complain that what you are trying to accomplish is not producing results you had visioned.

There is always a time to stop and get this stuff right now. You have all the excuses and they are worthless. You have to take charge and put those games on hold with everything else just for a moment. You are not promised tomorrow so stop acting like you have it.


Once we realize that life is finite. We wake the heck up and get busy to leave some type of legacy if we are true of heart people. People who realize the bigger you can dream of being part of something that will help massive people enhance their lives in someway. The more things positive seem to happen daily for you when you put away playing those online games.

Learn how to create daily adventures and it will feel as life is a huge online game which you make things happen. Never stop doing activity that only supports growth towards each goal you set until it is accomplished. Then you will never know failure again. You only fail if you stop before it happens. That is just about in anything you can put your mind to.

Once you can change that dream into a visual picture show. You are on your way in creating unlimited possibilities such as we few are able to do now. Time it took to learn the fundamentals. Which is your first step in doing anything worth doing, fundamentals.


Most are out here happy for the new year 2014. Well, I am one on the few who celebrate each day no matter the year. I do not know when my time will come yet rich and poor have the same end result, ascending.


So, the next time your wasting time online playing those games. Just think of the money, and time you vested into creating a foundation and then hopes of resources of revenue. They are not going to grow by you just sitting around complaining about this or that.


Hey, you were shown a location right to learn and master the fundamentals of growth. Stop waiting for others to hold your hand and get off your butt with navigation through each and every area on a given location you have access to.


People rely on holding of the hand process when it comes to learning new and exciting things. All one must to is tap buttons and read until they understand the fundamentals. Then put them to use as videos teach them. The rhythm will be found and then lights out!

Hey, we all can learn new things and no fear should be involved. You started out with nothing and the most you can visualize is more than nothing. So, celebrate each day as doing things you wanted and when. You may not have the chance tomorrow. Now, do not start with gloom no, rejoice in knowing you are the creator of you future if you visualize it.


Thank you for taking time out and supporting our site here. I love to listen and find out what your passions are and how you will take it to share it. The next step for you would be to learn how just doing that you can fund all your personal needs and business projects.  Take care!


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All In The Attitude!

This week has been so much talk about people comparing what the other is doing and why it is healthy for us to be so into knowing it. This is the theme over and over again with each other article I have read through this week.


Making plans to see what everyone else is doing and comparing it to what you are in love with doing is not healthy. People make things up as they go instead of changing things about themselves which they find useless. Just like when I use to wear sneakers more days than six. Now, I would not be seen in sneakers unless it is a rare occasions for painting or something of a physical yet limited physical level. I do love shoes not sneakers.


My business helps unlimited people to accomplish their core passions without all the expenses and walking them through steps to get things done within their own business helps achieve so much for their lives. If I spend one minute to see how others would help this person in the challenges I do and continue to support. I would have no time to get stuff actually done.


Having me spend time searching for one new person to learn their contributions to our communities is a serious daily task. Do I look for ways to make it easier for me to gather such information and experiences faster, no. I love making the effort in looking around the streets, museums and such hangouts for people who seem facing challenges I have been doing this for more years than most have been alive. It brings out the natural cat like talents of being aware of more things surrounding me in any given moment.


I love the smells and beauty of the neighborhoods which I find that people who end up being my new contact and which I gather all sorts of fun and exciting experiences from them. Most people no matter , love to share experiences with strangers. I feel this is based on they may never see them again. Then I throw in a free photo session during our interview with them is just a joy to each person. No matter if they live on the streets or in a high rise. Everyone loves a photo opp.


Taking the experience with me and our people in developing ways to enhance others lives is the full purpose of my daily adventures in the searching world I have created. My pictures speak for them and I make sure when used to create my cards of gratitude it speaks the core message I found during my interaction with each person. This is exciting and brings joy to them and me.

It is so easy to make people smile if you smile first. You heal your body by just this one thing and I wanted to get people to start using their given talents to interact with each others. Then next week we will begin to walk you through three easy steps that have been very nurturing and profitable to me along with most of our Global Family Partners. You too will share in it and love the feeling if anything else.


When you pop online to make money you get nothing no matter how hard you try and who makes you spend money you do not have. You lack the mental attitude to attract it to you. You also have to start by doing it right the first time and that is where experience comes in. There has never been a button you can press nor someone showing you something that can be done once. You have to believe in you and that it the first step in getting your mental attitude right for this journey which is for a lifetime. We will be here all the way and free support for a lifetime is all we can give with our sharing of experiences which made our lifestyles profitable and productive.

You will get what you want from my series I will present part one you just received. Next is the area most do not like with each new part I will remind you of last weeks core message. This way by the end if you take actions each day. You will find that everything you ever wanted is now manifest and you never saw it until then that one moment. You will look in the mirror and tell yourself this must be a dream. No, I am confident to awaken something within you and not until my choosing. You will never know what the heck made it happen and that is the best part of having each day an adventure and appreciate everything about it. Just be grateful for one thing and acknowledge it each day. That is all I am asking of you.


Please, interact if you feel the need to which each blog is only alive by that action. I rather you speak your insight on my subject for each article than to praise the design of my blog. Please, our blogs are the voice of the person, me William. I want you to feel who I am and be worthy of any and all praises being received for messages you have felt by reading my words.


Thank you for stopping by and enjoy our prior articles which I pray will be of interest or just a way to awaken your feelings to share and find your core passion. Then we can work to help you share that passion in a way to have just sharing it pay for all your personal desires and business needs. What a wonderful world that will be.


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Order In Chaos

I have lost something on Wednesday and it has transformed me into being one who will not tolerate weakness within me at any given time. God did not make people other than to be empowering and encouraging to others in times of supportive need. Lots more on this one subject matter, yet this is not the point.


My adventure was so huge it is still going on from Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving of this year. The huge difference is I was not adding Budweiser to the mix the day before Thanksgiving.  I have never travel down this road making all types of prep-foods. Enjoying some close friends and having just a blessed day.


My new and improved “Operational Budget” has been visualized and now written down on a piece of paper. Now, yes I am ready to conquer the world per say.


After further review I felt missing my core part of it all. Those people all around me being magnetized with what it is being sharing by me to a small group of people, I love to start off with introducing myself as Billyjr. Then the rest is up to the crowned.


Now facing this unknown time being without legs, and motion based on broken right leg. Things at first seem overwhelming looking at it one way. Then I prayed, yes for hours alone in a dark place. No room mate in this hospital and all the piece I needed to get right. I knew something was wrong with my rhythm and had to find it again.


Please, always remember things that happen to you, you allowed. It doesn't matter if someone physically placed their hands on you or not. You alone have the choice to walk away even if they had a weapon. Most people believe the stronger will be the one to come out on the right side. That is not true.

Sometimes one must leave it alone and move forward in live. I choose to leave the matter alone and ignore comments from those who have no clue of what really happened and why. I have so much faith in GOD that the situation is forgiven and I moved on.


Just wanted to say hello to everyone and thanks for your prayers. All the support letters flooding my home mail and email accounts brings warmth and hope back into my life. I seek no justice for me and will not press charges against the younger man. Life will balance all things in time. We are to move ahead with a smile, of passionate love and support.


Please, interaction is the lifeline of a blog and yours is wanted with much open arms. I look forward to many more years speaking of greatness and sharing empowering moments.


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Focus On What Is To Come

Instead of thinking about debt, confusion and hopelessness. We all should focus on the things to come. One person had shown me that by thinking about the next day as an artist painting on canvas. We can shape our tomorrows with certainty only with the strength of unyielding belief. 

You do not have to believe in God just to have faith. You can be in your world and shape all things you believe to be. Then take action in many ways ethical to make it happen. The only dreams that do not manifest are those you choose to stop make happening. Most people just need the support to know what steps will get them closer each day to reaching that dream.

Let us get serious and stop making excuses on who is to blame for this or that. You make up your mind that this thing will happen and find the steps to make it so.

I have lived both sides long ago and find that each vision I receive is sparked from being involved in helping others and not focusing in my self gain in any way. That is the so called magic of being prosperous. No hidden tricks and purchasing of stuff. Just real hands on getting things done without expecting others to do the groundwork for you.

Today we have so many people making it hard to believe in anything except what and how we are taught in schools. Times have changed and those who are not willing to adjust on the way will be left by the wayside. Nothing to gain and just working to make others’ dreams become reality. You are left with scraps and others laughing at your unwillingness to enhance your own life.

When is it that you believed what people were saying and it mattered that you gave up on hope, dreaming and making each day a great adventure. Hey if you work 9-5 that is only your fault and we need people like you to serve others the only way you feel safe. You have choices and that is about it. Yet, making them and the end results is only your responsibility.

So, if and when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired of slave labor without any security from that company who you sold out to. Then the choice to enhance your lifestyle is waiting. There is never a right or wrong time. No matter how young or old you are doing it right the first time is what this is all  about.

I am dedicated to help everyone focus on what is to come. You only control the choice and the actions that you have to be prepared to take on daily is a challenge. Balancing your current responsibilities and knowing it will take up to 3-4 years before you will be free to do as you wish and when. You will see an enhancement within your revenue to the point that you will feel that your years of slave labor are over. That is when you have to rethink before quitting that 9-5 job. You should not think about that until your new revenue sources are 3xs the amount you make. Then you are safe to feel comfortable to increase your hours within that area to expand your revenue sources more. Then later you will create a real business with a solid foundation.

Most people jump around from sources of revenue never growing each one at a time to the highest level within that location can payout basically. Then find another source of revenue to repeat the three step process that we before you have understood and know it will never be mastered yet contained with the fundamentals being mastered.

More on this in detail later next week and I pray all will be well for you and your family. Those who feel the moving within their bodies to do more and accomplish great things for mankind are the ones who will make a change that will result in leaving their true legacies. Those who continue to chase fantasies without any foundation and guidance will inherit only the wind.

Remember within numbers things are done and for the better of all. You can not ever accomplish much alone. So, start networking with solid ethical people who have the same Entrepreneurial Spirit as we. You can and will enhance every area of your life with the proper support and guidance. Take your time and learn with making some what growth in your current situation.

Thank you for supporting my site and continue to interact with us here. Even a wise man can learn. Me learning each day is part of my daily activities. Most give up on dreams and never get it until it is too late, they ascend. We all will , and what you do for others in the time you are here is what counts. Also, each day is here for you to experience something new and love living your own adventures you create. Nothing is given to those who have no vision and action to make those vision materialize. That is a process you will learn and must.


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