Perception vs Perspective 


We travel through being adults with accountability. Learning at an early age there are choices and we must live with the results good and bad per say. Nevertheless, such agreement for accountability cost us family, friends and other loved ones. It also cost Spiritually, Mentally and Monetarily. All so high it makes us hesitate and lean more on Vanity, Fear and Greed. That is the way things have been growing from every level of people living these days.Why?

Well, that is our perception and we agree that it is difficult to ever hope for more natural enhancements in our individual lives, communities and earth sustaining all the trash we continue to massively produce. Wow, no wonder so many people resist to work, live a life of prosperity through serving others vs self-centered living. Look around you and notice no one is concerned about anyone really except self. Wow…

Hey, Just For The Heck Of It

Let us help you visualize a possible future with our support in “Direction Guidance”. Take this for instance. Perception is what you interpret. It is your understanding of a given situation, person, or object. It is the meaning you assign to any given stimulus. Perspective is your point of view.

People have only one thing of ownership…Choice. Nothing else is ours to claim, realistically. We live based on choices in a twenty-four hour period. What is reality in your “Perception” is only yours! We go through the day making choices and hope those involved with our decisions be it personal vs business(work) will agree. 

Our “Perspective” can change through allowing others to share their “Perception” on a given matter. We must make a choice to move forward in our lives and company business.  A wise quote of ours that through over forty-years experience shows to be true based on our “Perspective” gained through experience. 

“Without consultation and wise advice, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they are established and succeed”. Amp Prov 15:22

That has always been our focus when developing services, communities and sustainability of Earth. We live for service and have a great life by doing just that. We hope to encourage others to work with us on various new projects through development, formulation and implementation. These three steps are the equation for all new things that manifest. We as people owe it to each other more unity and collaboration yet action vs talk is needed more even now. 

Thanks for reading this article and as always. The interaction here is the life-blood per say of all blogs. Interaction is leaving a comment even if you do not agree to the core sharing still leave a comment. Keep it ethically transparent and above all stay on subject. Thanks for all the years of support.

If anyone needs help in life and developing a real company that serves people, communities and earth. We would be honored to help and work as a lifetime partner. Just contact us and we will be a part of brainstorming, formulation and execution. It works and we are living proof. Together much is accomplished! Just be a part of something greater than “Self”. 

May peace be your compass as it is our chosen one!


Each day we are faced with unlimited choices. Most have not stopped, breath to give thoughts at each moment we must choose this or that?

Perhaps me being an over-thinker per say. Laugh so much each day at myself. It keeps me balanced in ways to press forward with all my given strength. When living a life of serving people, communities and earth. One, has not time for sympathy in regretting prior choices when that reflection of the day arrives always at the end prior to shutting it done for sleep.

My hope was to somehow inspire all readers to reflect prior to a new day upon us. Take a few minutes and start a day full of positive clarity. It is not as hard to challenge change that could lead to a new outlook in your own life. Perhaps, taking three little minutes to be thankful for somethings. Claiming this day is going to be lead by “Peace” and how your expectations are high. That is simple and as time flows you will develop more deeper in reflecting and starting your new day off right!

So, no we have not changed our theme per say. Just felt a prompting to allow all readers inside my first moments each day is powerful. No one is saying that nothing will not challenge you during a given day. Nevertheless, we are more equip for all opposition. You may reach the level of clarity as for myself. Each day and thought it. I pray for more oppositions based on vast experiences. That is when the other side, per say will be amazingly such as an overflow of prosperity in all areas of your life. It consistently happens to me?

Well, in the future we will return with phases of sharing the more you help others with witty ideas of service to enhance the overall of people, communities and earth. The more somehow your own life and all you vision without Vanity, Greed and Fear will manifest. It just happens to be a fun exciting way to travel through this journey called life.

We, live for interaction with others. Would you please leave a comment on the subject matter. Sites can’t exist without “Lifeblood” and that is what each comment is.

Being Among The Brave

Amazing Newness Daily

This is a long time for your viewing eyes. We have been traveling around the US and landed in Texas of all places. It was most welcoming and the people are awesome with their daily attitudes hungry for exciting new adventures.

Looking through six plane flights, just to arrive in Texas. Made me realize how many people have never felt true interaction. In a physically present atmosphere.Perhaps we would benefit from participating in more personal one on one interactions. These “Zoom” and other platforms are just not real enough for this writer.

Well, more people have reached out for support in so many areas of their lives, and companies. Now, things are never going to be the same in the world. Which, I believe minus all the deaths. We are going to create amazing new friendships and professional new types of services that will promote unity and peace.

The funny thing about meeting new people and company owners. Each one is just a person who chooses to be accountable for themselves and others. That is all we have been doing for over forty years. How is it that more people are just realizing it? The more you seek to help others. The better your overall life is?

Now, we are back and ready to get consistent in helping our readers with clarity and services that will enhance your life, company and this world. Just ask and we will walk through how we invest our money, efforts and resources in your life, company and communities.

Remember, we never have participated in selling you anything. Not going to start. In our country the USA. There was free money being issued now it is all done. More people have no clue what they are going to do. The bulk was receiving more money sitting around not working. So, companies and all went out of business. Even masterful churches are going?

So, in closing we extend for people, communities and earth. Our services and will invest our money, efforts and resources in your life, company and community. Just reach out to us today!

It would only take fifteen minutes one on one with “Will” and that is the beginning. No fee for our support and you will gain massive experience, application of wisdom and growth for overall well-being in your life, company and communities.

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Understand that interaction is key. On this blog you are our blood supply with comments. So, perhaps you would consider sharing your insight on this article subject. Let’s remain ethical in comments and keep to subject matter. You are noticed, appreciated and needed!

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Virus Who

When you think about how long the world including USA. Has been placed on standstill. Now, no one cared when our Government handed printed money out three time to most people. It was not met to save, yet “Stimulus” checks are just that, to spend. We build our economy levels back up. Three times did nothing?

Now there were almost 3% that thought let me upgrade my “Skill Sets” and increase my value to the workforce. Most said “Its a vacation with pay. Some in a certain field of service, never will go back until no more free money being issued. Hey, they make more than they make for a whole month, each week?

Our encouragement is and always has been. Position yourself that no matter economics. You have a real legacy for your children’s children no matter where on this planet you live. That is what we stand for “Removing Basic Lack Of Needs” for each person who request for free support services.

What happen to encouraging people to learn a new skill or enhance their worth by online classes. Let us review….The individual from last year to this year would have completed workforce certification. Just 6-9 months for certifications online. Heck, if you would have done that you would have saved all monies being in anyways?

How about reinvent yourself?That was possible and still is. You would have found us or another forty plus year old company. We evaluate each person for us to invest our efforts, money and resources in vs things. Yes no our services are free support services. Amazing!

You have a choice to change careers all together. There is never a lager demand for health field staff. How about funeral home staff. You would be surprise the huge openings just in Boston, MA…nevertheless, no one is willing to go back to work when there is free money?

We just wanted to get this out here and you do your part to spread your word. No one should be alone with making desistions as how to not lack basic needs. So if you ever find yourself in that situation. Reach out to us anytime and day. We live for completing daily acts of kindness.

Hands Across The Waters”

Ethically with no hidden agendas,


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Integrity: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles;moral uprightness.

Wow, this is a quality found in all deepest parts of everyone. Just as resistant we become to seek only good things in each person who appears in our lives, even just for a season. Those of us who give our life to service. We have daily choices of serving in all areas of basic needs of others.

Perhaps in time and lots of patients through trials of all types. We can all agree to start being part of something greater than self!

We can walk with such a life as going purpose of serving all who come in humility. Asking for help to help with lacking basic life needs. We can walk through achieving unity and resources for each person.

This is far from being achieved each day. Our hope is that this article will start a seed of confidence. Those who are willing to open your perception to unlimited support. There are those who live to serve others still among us all. We are dedicated to your overall well being.

This article is one of many to arrive and be created by witty ideas and manifest witty inventions. We will invest our money, efforts and resources. To all who are in need with lacking basic needs. Also, those who desire to serve and want more than selling others, products and processes. You deserve a real company with support and development no cost for you to establish. No hidden agendas and debt. 

So, now is your chance to become a vision of what you have been seeing for so long. No more paying monthly for hope of selling products and procedures. No joining groups paying to say words which somehow will transform you and produce vast riches? Really…

Hey, you have waited for such a wonderful door being open per say. Now, take your time and this offer is open forever. All real good is not to be rushed. We have been around for over forty-years. God willing we will continue 100 years more.

Thanks for being patient as we adjusted our committed services. Now, our time is to be shared and produce vast new people achieving all good not only for their families. Yet, global healing and prosperity. 

Consider leaving comments on all articles and we will interact. Nothing is rejected that has to do with the  topics. We need interaction which is the blood of any blog. The sole writer is William and he agrees to invest in each person who calls upon us.

We appreciate you and would enjoy interaction with you leaving a comment. We also would offer you any support with a developing project you may have in mind. Thanks for supporting this location.

Help us help you if you desire our investing money, resources and efforts. No money from you only interaction. Complete our “Commitment” document“.

“Eyes Wide Shut”

Perhaps it is just our observation of massive people for whatever reason, continue to be zealous and miss the way per say…

If you were to consider taking your time and evaluate people and the offers they consistently bring to you. Soon it would appear that all is the same and nothing is to come out of being involved with 87% of all opportunities. It is just a weak attempt to play on your most vulnerable emotions…Vanity, Greed and Fear.

Throughout the ages of mankind. There are gifted people who have a natural ability to make even purchasing a used tire sound so good you can’t wait to make that choice. They seem to just have a way with their body movement and tone of voice. It is their smile and words chosen so gracefully. They make you laugh naturally and you feel they appreciate you. Thus, that is when they have already convinced you to make a choice without feeling like they sold you some goods, per say. 

That is just what happened without you being aware.  The last words they will say is something which sparks action off of either Vanity, Greed and Fear. It always will and will continue to work. Even when we have just now been exposed. To the oldest way to sell anything. Even sell you nothing at all. Wow, just ask for your $39..95 down and $24.95 per month. You get to meet others each week for “Affirmations” just simple, sell you a bunch of hype words and it works each time….

Well, we have made years of exposing them all and you still seek to believe millions are made online overnight? Really, you have been laid off most likely. Spend all the money you did not have and take it away from your family and self. Nothing showing yet?

So, you made it to the only so called “Clean Blog” ours with William as the writer. Nothing being sold and not hype. How about that?

Perhaps when you’re ready to learn more. Take a chance and stop wasting effort, resources and money you never had in the first place. Allow, us to invest in you and that one vision you kept hoping and lost. Now, with so much time on your hands you are reliving a hunger that seems to be growing each moment. Well, without hype get it right this time, please.

We hope you will take advantage of learning first. Vetting people and companies prior to rushing into their sales pitch. Believe us, you have nothing to gain rushing. All things that are real have no end date. Nothing good needs to be rushed. If so it is called being zealous and you will lose your way 100% of the time,each time!

Hey, just learn delayed gratification. It is the best way to achieve anything. Please, consider leaving a comment no matter what. It is the life-blood of any and all blogs. William, will reply personally.

Time to pay the bills…harmless awareness of “Real Human Interaction” what happened to those days? Take a look at our movement and see if you desire to enjoy making others feel good and acting on your prompting to edify those who mean something in your real, offline life. Plug-Out and get involved…Take a look and laugh a little…

Did you like it? Well, contact William today or five years from now. He will help you add value and share your natural appreciation to others. That is our worldwide movement you never heard of until now. Real value right? Get involved today, right “Here”.




Greed Gains Troubles

We have reviewed vast locations within the internet. Only to discover so many people are still lost. That is to day, with being taken by all the hype of making money online. They still believe all the scams that have been released at each platform.

Look, you receive an email message and it is from a free email provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc…). Nevertheless it is written as though from a  real company, most banks like Bank Of Boston. It always plays on Vanity, Greed and Fear of the recipient. Based on your level and abilities. Most are taken in because of the false promises. The people who issue these lies/scams have done some due diligence on most of you. They understand which of the three weaknesses to play on. Most are bored and can’t go physically to work due to C19…

Hey, if this article can give you hope that there are some of us, like this writer. Who each day searches and exposes all fake sources. The problem is we can only help one person at a time based on humility. They contact my office and we walk them through how to eliminate such proposed fake money making foolishness. 

The hard part is when there is a group out here. Selling nothing, there is no real product. They are hyping up foolish lies. Paying for feeling good with quoting words? Paying for made up paper online books? Really…

Nevertheless, people now are so taken in because they have all day to read junk and hope to make money so when and if they are called back to work. They would be living some hyped fantasy as seen within pictures on what is known as “Pitch or White” pages. They hype you up with false belief playing on your Vanity and Greed. Then, to make you pay $39.95 after more just to join a group of others who got taken in by the hype. The bad thing is you have too much time on your hands. Even those who work from home their days are shorter based on no need to transport back and forth to work. 

I hope each person who reads this short article. Would challenge us and contact today. Allow me personally walk you through the pitch that made you waste money. Then, I will walk you through how to avoid being taken advantage. 

We love people and invest in people vs things. I only pray you would allow me personally to wake you up! If you do, then I will accept to invest in you and walk you through what that means in real life. No hype and no money out of your pockets. This is how life has given you an open door per say. I am just tired of people being taken in by hype.

Please, consider not jumping into the next opportunity in making money online. Just wait copy and paste to issue to me. I will walk you through how it is all hype. Then, accept to earn your consideration for us to walk through my company investing time, effort and money in you. No joking no hype and never money from you!

We believe in each reader. Remember consider leaving a comment which is the lifeblood of all blogs. I value your insight and all will be posted stay on subject matter. Hey, again we support any person who ask for help. Investing in people is priceless…

When not if you need real human support…contact my staff