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Getting Started – First Fundamental Activity

This is a republished article. Following my new posting prior. My life is dedicated in starting from the beginning. Through my blog, we will walk through only truths. As I, have experienced. No products, services nor programs. My "Clean Blog". So, get ready and let us collaborate. There are many ways to come to the same ending. 

We are going to travel through the basic setup for those of us who desire to not only to create a company of our own. Yet, generate revenue for personal needs and business projects, and causes.

Maybe you can understand that first we want to know how much it will cost to start. That saying how much do I need to get started and build a solid foundation. Nothing in life can exist without a foundation and it better be a strong one.  Now, there are places that will make you believe that paying for a service is better than one that is free. That is just not true and we only deal with truth based on we are not sharing how to be an “Affiliate Marketer” or salesperson. Hey we need people who believe in making someone else dream come true is a real business?

Let us take a look at what we are talking about vs Affiliate Marketing. Now, Affiliate Marketing is: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as 'retailer' or 'brand'), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as 'the affiliate'), and the customer. The market has grown in complexity, resulting in the emergence of a secondary tier of players, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third party vendors. source: Wikipedia

We are in the business of building trust and a real personal relationship with each person we come in contact with daily. That is a whole other area of interaction and sharing only what we love doing ourselves. Our drive is based on usage and not the dollar. That is a real way of producing sources of revenue ethically and honestly. Not saying Affiliate Marketing is not ethical yet most do not use and therefore, they are pitching. You can now see the difference and if I had to choose over again. It will remain interacting with people for a righteous reason other than to make a buck.

Knowledge: Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer.[1] However, both are distinct forms of marketing and the main difference between them is that affiliate marketing relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to drive sales.[1] source: Wikipedia

Now, let us move forward with getting you to the right place for a minimal investment that I believe most can afford until they have enough growth that the cost will not exist. You do not have to spend money while building a Operations to run your company globally and create a solid foundation. You have to always be patient and complete your due diligence every step of the way.

There are many service providers which offer a platform which you could build your Operations from, the average cost about $10.00 per month. Yet, none have what we have found to offer the most for the price, per say. You can have 10 future departments pre-established for growth. Also, unlimited live support daily and your own online address for this new company you will establish. No other place as of this day offers what this one gem has shown us. It is up to you to complete your due diligence with finding such a place. I refuse to allow this site to start recommending and pitching for one thing.

Next, make a Operational Budget which is very different than a personal budget. You can not touch your payroll and other business support reserves. Yet, with a personal budget you can take from one to give to the other which most believe is creative. That only gets you deeper in debt. So, focus on learning about what an Operational Budget looks like and make your own based on where you are at now. The only expense should be for $10.00 per month on that one location that you will have the rest of your life as your virtual Operations for that company you will establish later. Also, any office expenses if any based on starting off you would work from home and that is all taken care of. Yet, during tax time you should be able to have expenses deducted and that is when you will need to speak with a tax professional.

Now, you can be one who has accomplished what most never get around doing. Operational Budget, one location that has it all even 10 departments setup, with a blog for your personal voice. That is very important so people can get to understand the human behind the company. You express your passions weekly to everyone for interaction on the subjects. You gain trust as a leader in your industry and a person who knows what the heck they are speaking about.

This is just the first of three fundamentals that will have you accomplish great things. You will be able to make those visions manifest if you understand it will take effort from you. You alone are responsible for your future. You must commit and accept responsibility for all your choices. No one is responsible for you except yourself. No blaming others for your lack of focus, knowledge on how to do something. You have to complete due diligence on every single thing prior to making a decision or choice. Get serious and do not think of this as a situation where you can see what happens? Take it serious and not as a hobby which everyone gets uninterested after a while. This is just the beginning and along way from even establishing your company. You have just completed setup of your Operational Budget. Located the one place you will run your company from anywhere in the world. Congratulations!

Until next time we will venture into setup of your foundation the right way. No matter what your  company will do for humanity. You are not defined by your choices of producing revenue to fund projects, causes and personal needs. That has nothing to do with your company. Just remember this over and over again. Sources of revenue are just what it is a source not a company.

Thank you for supporting this site and please contact me for just about anything on the side. I look forward in creating interaction and making new friends daily. I understand that pleasing everyone is not going to happen. Those who I have hurt in some emotional way accept responsibility for your choices and do not blame me for the lack of due diligence being accomplished on your part. There are no excuses just those who fail by giving up. Never give up no matter what. Learn and attack that challenge in another way!


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Your Choice!



That is how I will start my comeback. I have been away healing from broken leg and back issues. All is well after several years of getting back to walking and such. 

I felt compelled to start sharing my experiences with making a difference for others! Yes, to help you the reader. Accomplish all that you can have hope for.

I read a number of articles each week. That is, to get a feel of how many of us are on the same subject matter. You can learn so much from just being quiet. Then, listening to others share their views. Most are on the same subject matters. Yet, not one person is sharing getting to solutions. The same methods, formula. 

The way to think of this, simple. We are all unique. Yet, all of us can come to the same end results. No one will accomplish this by the same steps. Just think about it?

I have been online for more than most. In a professional nature. It has nothing to do with products, systems or process, nor programs. Those are the mighty three. Yes, complete your due diligence and return to comment. 

You made it to the only "Clean Blog" out here. Most, will be amazed at the prior articles. These, are all my life experiences. Being placed in my own words. Not for personal gain!

You are here to finally, get clarity on all things. I am going to read each and every response. Placing those, without selfish focus on selling stuff. You know, marketing junk. Then, will share with all of you our collaboration. Hoping that you will find one time. Which, you will add your perception. That is all we are doing. Yet, speak from only your experiences. Not something read. That is the only way you will move forward to accomplish being a doer vs talking and wasting your life, money and connections.

Well, that will be it for this portion of me "Telling My Story". Hey, reach out to me with any challenges prior to my, next post. I have no products, programs or procedures, to sell you. I run a "Clean Blog".


I live, to complete one "Selfless Act Of Kindness", per day. 










Taking the first step awaken!

An Entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”.


That rings out in my mind all day. I have studied and practice living. Not, just sitting around talking. Action, is best when you focus on "This is, Benefiting Others". Now, what every you feel, really doesn't matter. The only focus is idea, action and awareness. That is simple. Learn, to break every action, you choose. Be careful to understand. Your choices, will have an effect on your life.

Pic 1 06292016

There is a school Chichetekelo school of Arts & Science. Hey, it's been in operation under the vision of Chairman Floyd Mayfield. He is an experience man who places faith first. Just a way of saying a vision is real once you take the right action to manifest. It is easy once you do it over and over again. Nothing worth while, is absent ,of risk. That is why everyone online is just playing as they own a business.

Real companies must be established. There are only three steps to creating a real business and making things happen.

  1. The Board of Trustees
  2. Management
  3. Operations

Pic 2 06292016

That is simple, as we break things down. You can overthink a thing. Never, get up and running the way you visioned. Loss of family, friends and all you money. Should have thought not to quit that day gig?

Well, there is still hope. that is what I spread each day and well worth it. No, I receive gratitude. That is enough for me based on you do all the work. People, want instant gratification. It will never happen. There is always the right season.

Here, let me put it this way. You must plant a seed prior to germination, right? Well, I just planted the biggest seed in readers lives. Now, it must manifest. Just like your ideas for a company. You want to see it manifest into something that not only helps you. Yet, helps others. That is the formula to make any idea work. It must produce good results. That only means, people have to benefit not you being one-way. Self pleasures, me, me, me. That is what, more than 89% of people desire, self-focus. Never, getting anywhere except broke. We have all experienced this starting off. Before computers. They, just make your monies move faster away. Until, you learn.

Pic 4 06292016

Insight: May you find that if you focus your energy. To making others lives more livable. You will never feel your are working again. Simple get an idea and break it down in three parts. Now, gather others during the right time. To make it grow. You will never do it alone. Yet, mentors are always out here. Match up with people during each step to launch your business. If it is ethical and usable with a far price. Then, everyone with common sense. Will become your clients, customers and others. Just remember, to be consistent with sharing your appreciation for each person. Really, talk with them to learn about their passion in life. Meanwhile, gather information, such as full name, address and family members? What they are doing now and where they see themselves in the near future. Now, you have mailing address with their names. Keep sharing your appreciation to each one. Keep them updated with your growth and needs. Be transparent and all will be amazing.

I will continue, when I return. My blog, has grown so huge. The ability, to find time on placing a new article, each week. That is not realistic, in this season. May you find a need to call me and I will freely walk you through. Any, daily challenges. This is, what I live for.

Selfless acts 3

"Serving Others, With A True Servant's Heart".


Safe Travels,




This is the first for me!

First oneUntil speaking with Floyd. Who is a great man with vision. To accomplish great things, for those who have not. You must understand. What we take for advantage. Others , have done so much unheard of acts. Just, to get a place to sleep and a little food. Each day, is a challenge. It is bad, just in each city.

Hey, I am not someone to judge you nor myself. We, are where our minds have allowed us, to visualize as a life. No matter, it comes down to each person. Choosing from the day they are born. No matter the direction, others share. To keep us, from repeating their failures. A word, used to through out, To make people feel, useless. Yet, there is no reality, that Failure is some place or feeling. Which, each one of use, continue in the area. We did not accomplish and gave up. Solution is to, keep looking at a solution from a different way. That is, until you accomplish it. Then, there is no more thought or feeling of failure. You, always have the resources, your mind. Gain more experience, in every area. Which, is ethical.

Second one

How, you feel. When, there is an interest. Do not over think . Why, you feel pulled toward this new, exciting area in your life. It is not something to think. Too many, just do that and talk all their lives. They, are in our families and some friends. They, seem to be stuck in time. Always talking, about what they had or done. Never focused, on what makes you grow. Completing selfless acts of kindness, each day. Having a fun time, doing something for just about anyone, besides yourself.

When, your eyes are open to that truth. You will learn the three steps. Imagination, Visualize, Write it in only three steps. That is the challenge, breaking everything down into threes.The reason people are confused and fall for any type of methods, groups or programs. In making, such massive money? Doing nothing, but pitching that group, program or method to others. They, in turn are to do the same. Right, maybe with all the hype and glitter, in the presentation. The person, who walks you through there way. Attempt to make each person feel. It is possible and  good. Hey, they have you believe, everyone can do it? Hype is amazing and I know. I failed to stop presenting things I made happen in my life. Believing that others have the same passion and drive. I am sorry, for that to everyone.  That made me know. What, humility is. I have no desire. To live like that, again.

Third one

I feel hurt, seeing vast numbers of people . Walking into things, without seeing if it is just a method, group or program, You did not create it? Nor one of the people, who brainstormed it to manifest. You, will maybe make little money. Hey, gain vast number of people. Who, wish they never met you. This is a breakdown, of what continues. Even in this, century. Can you believe it?

No worries. I am dedicate. To give you the truth, without hype. No monies, are involved. I do this to help you, and others. Learn to stay away, from such things. Pitches, are worthless. When someone is not phased, by glitter and hype. Ask yourself, what is this person's agenda. If they share it, first off? If not, keep moving. You will see, after they are finished. It is money driven. They have, no real value. You will not, make any funds appear. If it is not, a needed service or product. All gained, will be on the internet you purchasing made methods to teach you what? How, to promote that persons product or service. This is a give away. A, wake-up call. Pray, for your eyes to be open. Your ears, to hear truth. Gain, insight all the time.

Fourth oneThis, is what style.  I am going to be sharing, here. I had a time, to not participate in writing, anything. Had to get right, with re-organizing my environment. Now, everything is changed. New ventures, have begun. It is all, a lifetime, journey. Yet, you are responsible for yourself. Others, are always, inspired by you. Knowing that, should empower you. To think and then, take action. No more, talking and wasting your life. Just focus, on helping others, with all your heart. Get involved, with real passionate, events and projects. You will ,meet the right people. They, will start to flow into your life. No effort from you is needed.. Things, will start to happen, beyond your control. Then,  just focusing on others. Will bring you, growth and prosperity. Now, that is how you will manifest, revenue and it will not stop.

Speaking from a lifetime, of experience. I am always learning, each day. I am driven, in completing. A selfless act, of kindness. This is ,without planning or picking a person, to take action. It has been working. Amazingly, with no effort and thought. I love, being free of worries and anxiety. Healthy, and growing slowly, wise.

Fifth one

Hey, respect always,


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There Will Always Be Self-reflection!

1time stopsHey, things happen and we learn from the past. Yet, letting go of it takes more than anything we have within ourselves. The total change will happen. Only when we are ready to go forward with a new perception.

I learned and loved. The time will pass by faster as we grow wisely, older. Yes, sounds like a movie. Yet, this is our life. I notice everyone forgets to celebrate it? Never made much sense to me. 2thoughts

If you could really know that the short time we have here. Is just for you to love and live life. To help others celebrate theirs. Just to be kind and learn new things each day. Hey, some never get to leave their own city?

My life has always been on the go. The only time it slowed was the last four years. Now, that I am healed and know how to tap into strength needed each day. Nothing can be too large for me to accomplish. That is, worth my time.

Spending my time accomplishing selfless acts of kindness. That is my only agenda. Yes, my passion in my life. I love to keep active and mentally, challenged. That way I am always learning and growing.

Maybe, I can keep this site up again. Who knows and if someone needs me. You know how to contact me, anyway.

Thanks for the continue support. We will make sure to post more articles. Now, that we are healthy and growing. Lots to share and all positive. Keep me updated with your activities. 3selfawareness



There Should Not Be Just Seasons Of Giving

sesons of giving 1

There should not be just seasons of giving. I found all year long. People who have touched and been a great part of my growth. Not limited to just personal, growth. Worth sharing my gratitude for the part they played.


Many will feel that giving should be a two way things. About 94% of people. Will only give when they believe of gaining something to increase a part of their life. Be it work related or personal.

truth giving 2


That is not valued as giving. Truth be told on giving. I learned the more you give without having a hidden agenda. The more your life changes without effort. Things just get easier. You whole being is made alive. It feels, for the first time. You taste things, differently. Value, is on every minute of the day. Being thankful, for just being able to open your eyes. The things, once not even thought about. Now, are valued and expression of total gratitude, is overwhelming. Actually, changes your perception, on everything.


What if everyone could stop doing what is needed for living. Keeping food in your stomach. How about a roof over your head. Heck, if you have children, even more. Clothes on your back. Water to drink. Those are the only core needs a human, must have to survive. The rest is just self-need. In other words, Felt-Needs.

open 3

So, take a look at a video that will have you in tears and also. Open up your heart to the highest level. You will not be able to forget this video in a lifetime. Only people who are selfish and self-centered. Those who only focus in on money, money and nothing else matters. They keep telling themselves. If I have all this money. Nothing can stop me from buying, this or that. I can do anything I want. I will never have to work for anyone, ever. More focused on them and no one else. Those people, will never understand what it means to serve others from your heart. Not having an agenda for giving. Not expecting anything for giving. That is when life will change.


Take a look and the second one is for those who are under 40 years of age. Make a difference in someone else's life. Look for one selfless act of kindness activity, daily. I tell you now, your whole life is about to change. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


Everyone can enjoy and appreciate this video.


Under 40 people, shout out!


If you have enjoyed and were moved by those two videos. Then, would like to share your gratitude to those in your life and those who have touched your life. Just start here!

listen to your heart end

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I Have Been Waiting For So Many Years

Making A Point


I have been waiting for, so many years. Just to read, about how one of those ‘Super Overnight Get Rich” people. Give, usable information. That is, without a hidden agenda. Would it not be a blessing, for people who made it. Just to be real and help others. That is, without expecting anything, but appreciation?


May you find that if someone approaches you. States, see my bank account. Hey, let me share how I know this person or that person. They are only fooling themselves. When, you have time, prior spending money. Actually, wasting it? Notice how much time, they spend during their pitch. To spend your money. But, they state themselves, being so well off. How they travel, here and there. Please, that is all hype and costly. When, they come out year after year. That is when they need to keep making more money. That will keep their level of living, real to them.


When, you learn to always. To complete, due diligence. Hey, just research that person. You will always find. They are broke. That is their reasoning for massive, recruitment into some program or product line, distribution. Always, items you already get on a bargain. No $10.00 for soap or oils?



Just Sick And Tired Of Being Sick and Tired


When, you reach that point. You will gain clarity, on that pitch, you receive. It doesn’t matter about the video, face to face. You may want to start, putting a hold on impulsive, reaction. Such as, joining things over and over again. Look, at your track record, really.


Here, Is Free Usable Information


The only way, to make money online or off. Is to serve, the general public. It doesn’t matter, yet service is the most rewarding and lucrative method, of making vast amounts of money. Your are providing a need and receiving honest pay. That is not, work. You find a service, you love to do. One, that you have a natural passion, for doing. It, will be easy. When you only, focus on serving others vs money, greed and being noticed. Appreciation vs Self-Promotion, wins everyday.


We, who remain in the backgrounds. The ones who provide service, over and over again. Only, with our core passion. Each must find theirs. The service, may become the same as vast amounts, of people. Yet, your method of doing it, is unique. Each person, has a unique character.


Not Feeling Alone, Again!


This is the start, of keeping it simple. Giving you, usable information that will help. Only, when you apply, self-discipline and persistence. I will be a phone call away, for real hands on support. You can contact me and leave a message 24 hrs a day. Just tell me, when to make contact.  What area, you have a challenge with. Remember, we who have give support ,free. No agenda, except to collaborate. Nice!


A Question To Answer


Question? Can you stop working or doing what you do, to make money, keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach. Remaining clothed. To really live and enjoy life, without making another dime? Well, I do and it is not something everyone, has the courage, to accomplish.
That is, what you want to be able to answer, YES! Then, you have reached a level. No one can ever, take away from you. Spending your time, consulting on ethical, worthy causes. I live and love it. Would you, like to do the same? If so, continue to check out my blog, once in awhile. Hey, start at the first article. Then, work your way back up. Call me, with all questions and support needs. Not one of us, ever could have made it, alone. Those, who tell you other wise. They, can only fool themselves, still.

4 your choice


True Success, No Cost


1. You and I work together for your growth and success,with no out of pocket cost to you, ever! Simplicity!

2. Phase 1 = You have our team growing your revenue stream daily, from this first free resource. Again no cost, from you.

3. Phase 2 = You learn from Better Networker articles, the education required to remain successful. Repetition, is the key to success on all levels.

4. Phase 3 = Follow our communications via email once a week and watch your revenue growth. Real income from our support system. No cost!

5. Phase 4 = Duplicate by communications with our team and those who we give you to education.

This will be the only exposer, to our support system. We are link minded, real people, that care about your success. There is no rush to join us for your success. We are not going anywhere. We do not sell things to each other. We make success stories and change peoples lives for ever! This, all of this, without a cost, from your pocket! WOW! Yes, you read that, right?

We have only one request after your success. OK, here comes the catch... We get to write about how we worked as a team, and publish your story, OK.

This takes nothing to think about. Yet, we are so supportive with everyone who we come in contact with. Once you are accepted with our community . We evaluate the real needs, and desires of everyone who response. Only focus on ethical, positive, and lucrative changes. All present and future situations, that you will have. We are and will remain, your only true resource, for support. Our services will never cost you out of pocket, OK. Just a phone call or drop an email for a resolution. This is the real human support way. We all have been waiting for, and never found. That is until now!

You receive our free support, for your lifetime. That will never cost you a dime, out of your pocket.

We focus one day at a time. This keeps everything simple, right. A person with a need and now has a one stop resource. All with never a cost out of your pocket.just want to start one day at a time. This means to get you real spending revenue, for your health and welfare. There are, and never will be, any strings attached.

First go to the company that supplies us with all revenue to accomplish your future revenue growth at no cost to you. Please remember to return here to go to where to start your success.

I am the writer here, and you can verify my true authentication at that location:

After you have completed the required research of where support comes from and how to get started. Drop me an email on my personal account. This way I will monitor your growth and If you need to communicate with me. I will help you one on one. I answer all my emails and not a system.

Well, here is to your future of building a real solid financial foundation, without a cost out of your pocket!

Summary: Research where the support comes from Enter Here, Read the article of support Enter Here. Last, join our team at no cost Enter Here.

Alls Well

Bill Amis

1-888-888-9802 ext, 75152 office 24hrs a day, OK.

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Excepting Courage

We, are going to change the format, for this location.

postcard glimmer

We, have shared from experience. Trials and challenges, with their solutions. Now, I would like to walk through areas, which you have written in about.


Once you determined to find away, in make extra money. You may, want to search out. What it is, you love to do. The one and only activity, that you burst with excitement. Each time you are able, to find time to do it. The one thing, everyone who has ever been around you. Notice about you. Being, the core of your character. The one activity, you excel in and love to do. That is what we focus to share and walk you through getting compensated. Yes, getting paid for what you love to do. Most only talk as it being something to say? Yet, we have been living it, with ease. Knowing someone real. Who living it, makes the difference.


“Talk is Cheap”


Example is myself. I love to talk, with just about anyone. Not just conversation, about me. No, about using the ability to actively listen. Then, share a clear three step, solution. To all their challenges, as they feel exist. The one thing, holding them back. The milestone, to accomplish before the next step, they desire.  May it be personal or business. That is my love, serving. I love it,  since being a child. I live it by action, each and everyday. Serving others, in just about anything ethical and honest. That is my character, makeup. Where my heart, guides me.


Perception is everything


My feelings, starting off with setting your mind to develop, a different perception. That with faith is all you need. You will, enjoy each day having fresh eyes. Nothing, will ever seem the same, for the better. Just allow us, to walk through each step. By the time, you finish with this series. You will look up and notice a change. Not just in your way you perceive, everything. Yet, no more wasting money on anything. You, are going to develop patience, with yourself. Also, learn how appreciation vs. self-promotion. Which appreciation, wins everytime. Doing selfless acts of kindness, each day. This, will enhance your life and business. Speaking from, self-experience.

3 down

No Hype


May we find, time each week. To meet here and get the facts, without all the hype. Also, I will share questions, with the solutions. That is, directly from you and all other readers. We decided, comments are not needed, to follow articles. Solutions, being shared from all the questions submitted, is more usable.


It is never about, opinions. That leads to people, believing their perception is the only truth. It is always, about listening and being able to accept. We, all arrive at the same solutions, through other methods. The point is getting things done, right and ethical. RIght?

Selfless acts 3

Well, you can always shoot me your insights. I  will post them, with solutions. Only, after we had a one on one. I love real people. When, I get each person, to open up. Share in detail, how they arrived at, what they shared with me. Then, we are opening a new way, to share what works.


If anyone, feels they need immediate support. Contact me, no matter what time it is. I will get back to you right away. After we speak, you will get my direct line, to use in the future.


1-888-888-9802 ext. 75152


“Serving others, with a Servant’s Heart”

wisdom shared 4


Open Invitation Of Truth

My voice message for you!

1quality books

I had a chance to read, many quality books, this week. It was a busy one. We, were involved with our general elections. Boston had it’s running for, the Ward’s representatives. I actually participated giving support, for one person to win, and she did. I thank God, for that and all the energy we put into it. That was well worth, the effort.


May we all find a cause worthy enough. That we feel compelled to participate in something greater than ourselves. That is what make you grow and we all may want to do this consistently.

2 selfless acts

My time is always devoted, in helping others. By actually giving my time and God given talents. I love waking up each day. Knowing, this is a huge beginning of another adventure. Allowing me to share and learn many new things. Creating opportunities, for me to complete selfless acts of kindness. That is, each day’s attitude and activities. Real person, with a core passion to help others.


We, must evaluate ourselves, from time to time. That is the only way we can see what our weaknesses are. Then, also our strengths. Once this is done, nothing can stop us from moving forward in growing. Being able to do more and contribute in our communities.

3 worthwhile activities

Hey, the more we can resolve issues and create new opportunities. The better our lives become. We have more time and can focus on worthwhile activities. Sometimes, we may get lost for a few seasons. The best part of living, is knowing that you can get back up and dust off the negativity that causes bad choices. Now, we can start by not allowing our thoughts to stay on emotions that make us forget, we control our actions and reactions. No one is to blame for our choices. We have free will and that makes our decisions more powerful. When we are given, this huge responsibility, there is time to think a little prior to reacting or acting on a thought.

4 beginnings

This is just a beginning of our interactions. May this start a conversation, with us. That we will grow to gain some kind of comfortable feelings to participate in sharing what we perceive as our own realities. Perception is the key. Yes, we can change our own and never should allow conflict and confusion, to enter our throughs in ma. When, we are making decisions, which are the basis of our, belief.


Thanks again for all the years supporting our site. That is with sharing quality usable information. I hope that you all continue to contribute such quality shares. No worries with comments not being seen. I will share them, with the public word for word. Also, my personal reply. We are in a new time to get things done. The more participation on an idea. The better outcome for growth.

5 end article