Being Passionate About Your Dreams

We must visualize, and set goals based on that dream. All will manifest once you have master that skill of visualization. That is what I have lived by for over thirty-years. I believe in you and the power of your mind. No limitation exist…

Dreaming is something we may have gotten out of practice, with all the daily activities. Being a responsible person, per say. Has sent us in a downward pattern of routine. False, reality that has been instilled in us, by our so called higher education institutions. Blocked our passion to dream. That with ridicule from love ones. Don’t be a dreamer, and get your head out the clouds. WOW! If people would only be supportive…

If we go back to our child hood. Really close those eyes, and visualize your first bike. How about, that first soft ice cream, from the truck that you had to always run so fast for. Once you made it stop, with all your friends. No one could talk for awhile, without taking many breaks for being out of breath. Well, anything you wanted you utilize “The Skill” to master.

Visualization, once put in to daily practice, based on what your desires, dream and success as you determined. Will manifest all things, into being. It works, and I am living proof.
You will not have to waste time on how. That is not your job. Just see it in your mind. Write down, you will achieve this or that by such a date. Then live as though it is already here! That is the power you have had and forgot to continue using it. Your only limited is in your mind. Change now!

The more you support others and share that love. The more you will be closer in each step of success, as you determined. Always using due diligence, in every decision is required.
If you focus on supporting others. Really helping them live their dreams, by mentoring them to be successful. That is success based on what they have determined it to be. Then edify them daily, will resonate a burning passion within, for personal growth. Now, coach them through each step to achieve their success. Mentoring them all the way of living their dreams. No doubts and all empowerment!

I feel, this is much needed. Your style of support will show, by your passionate determination you have, in really supporting others. Helping others achieve greatness, as they see it. Your a passionate mentor, coach, teacher and visionary. A great leader in our industry. I for one, would appreciate the empowerment you give to others. Duplicating yourself to create, ethical new leader in our business. This is simplicity at it’s best!

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Understanding Your Business Choices

Being passionate in what you do is key. The products in MLM that one must purchase monthly is tricky. You must understand the needs of the masses instead of your love of a product, some company is requiring you to purchase on a monthly basis, to qualify for a little revenue of return. Yet, you must load up on things of no practical continued usage to you. That is when you realize that $49.95 per month auto-payment is just not worth it. To late on getting back your money and apologies required to all your family, friends. What a joke!

That is why, I believe in mentoring, coaching and leading others in being successful as each determines, what success to them is. That is a real HBB and can be very profitable. It is not about selling products. It is about developing real relationships and empowering others to have that burning desire for personal growth.

You are the product, period. You build relationships with those people who have common desires. Your going to be with them the rest of your life. This is a key fact in developing a real relationship. Then you are mentoring each person and helping them reach each daily step, to accomplish great levels of achievement. They then become a duplication of you! You then start with more people repeating the process.

You may ask, how can you be creating revenue, if your only building lifetime relationships. Hey, anyone who supports me and helps me achieve personal growth. They are the ones who I will purchase things during my lifetime. It is that simple. They also are visionaries who lead you to understanding and personal development. They also, solve daily problems, you have been expressing to them.

You must give first and then help others. Put yourself out of the equation as me, me. Focus on empowering others in personal development. Then coaching, mentoring them, with edification daily. Leading them to resolve all issues based on you being a great visionary. Never selling anything except yourself, as a true hands on supporter.

You now are in the position to listen and teach others, how to master a skill of visualization. They have no limits except in their minds. Show them how to live their dreams on a daily basis. Hey, I love to travel the globe helping people understand, they can achieve everything their hearts desire. The only thing standing in their way is limited thinking. I teach them how to visualize, which manifest things they desire. They tell me what is success as they determine. I mentor and empower them to the point of intense desire, burning within. They are so empowered for personal development, and duplication of being mentors, coaches, leaders and a visionary in our industry.

Helping others with a servant’s heart. Giving them their dreams and showing them real support, all the way to success as they determined. It is so amazing, all the stories of success I have received. You will always love what you choose to become. A great mentor, coach, leader and visionary in your own HBB.

That is priceless!

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The Biggest Obstacles And Challenges For People In Our Industry?

To understand what having a HBB, is all about. Everyone seems confused with what is really going on, in our industry. It’s not about, who you know or product. That is why, all are struggling to make anything work. Bouncing around all over the place. Calm and peace is needed today!

I agree, develop real relationships with everyone, you connect with. You are the product…just understand that. No one is joining any opportunity or purchasing product, based on them liking a company. Just get to the bottom line here!

OK, you are the product. You must have a burning desire, within for personal growth. Then manifest all that power, to really support others. Energize them, and edify them daily. It’s about finding out what anyone, mother, sister and all the unlimited people, desire and dream about. Build those real relationships, and listen to what everyone is saying. Stop with the sells pitches, they never work. That is a big problem. Very view of our great mentors, coaches, and leaders. Instill support daily, to everyone in their business. You must listen to everyone, and stop focusing on you! It’s about the other person growing personally. Learning how to duplication you!

You are a great leader and visionary. Get to know what their determination, of success is. Then focus on a plan, that has daily activity for them to reach that success. Coach them in personal development, by referring books, and getting them involved in mastermind groups. This is a fantastic way to duplication support. Now, you have build a real lifetime relationship, that they are truly friends and clients. You are the great problem solver. Now you develop another person. That is the cycle of things being simple. It’s not a race. This is a real business, that if built correctly, on solid foundation. It will last more than your lifetime.

Gain everyone’s respect and confidence by really being involved in their lives. Support them daily with edification, and other methods. Then, teaching them how to utilize the Visualization method. This will harness, all their energy to manifest, unlimited achievements. Now that is Simplicity!

The Biggest obstacles are ourselves, with taking the focus off of self. Then applying it to others for their success. Challenges are understanding that we are the only products. People join People not opportunities. People purchase products from those who excite them. Who have a track record of supporting them in life. Those who edify them and not pointing out negative things about them. Those who only focus, has been on their success, as they determined it. Also, helps them develop their personal growth.

In closing, get involved with everyone in building a real relationship. Motivate them as the great mentors and coaches, as you are. Then duplicate yourself within them. Manifest unlimited energy, in all your actions and conversations. This excites everyone and they will want to follow you no matter where. They will purchase a roll of toilet paper from you. No matter how much more it cost them. It’s about making people understand their value. No limits exist, and they are shown that.

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“Why People Join Your Business”

Why People Join Your Business

Let’s be honest, and go back on our magic time machine. To when we first started, a real HBB (Home Base Business) . Can you utilize that skill, of visualization. Close your eyes, and have some soft smooth music on. Better yet, go to a quiet place, out side and drift back, with a smile on your face. Wait for it……Now! POW!

1982 summer of, right in Boston. I was walking around the golf course, this is the site, that would become, one of our Nations, top golf courses, Franklin Park. Well, I was noticing, how everyone was starting to spend, more time outside, yet , never having supplies. Just the basic ones, like water, towels, and toilet paper. Hey, just keeping it real.

You get the idea. I was noticing, not talking or moving around. I became, for the first time, maybe. Aware of other peoples needs, by observation. You develop this skill, all during life. That is, if you can slow down, and breath. You must take all concentration, off of you. Center your breathing, and open your eyes. Just look around, without thinking about anything , except what everyone else, is doing. Look at their faces, and reactions. Always keep smiling, while performing this technique. Why, because smiling makes you feel good, and things will start to happen, based on you becoming happy. Yes, it works, and you can try it right now. Just tell yourself, the writer is crazy, and typing over the golf course, with no clue, it’s raining outside. That will make you laugh, and feel good? Your not the one sitting here getting soaked….LOL

Now, take all you see and focus, in on everyone’s expression, when, wait….this guy, dropped an ice cream cone, to the ground, but the truck left. How about, a women sees a shiny object, on the sidewalk, bends down, and finds a rare 1918 silver eagle quarter! Look at here face. Now , take that expression, of the first person. Think what you can do, to resolve the problem, of no ice cream cone. We are not talking about store purchased, ice cream. We are talking about that white, soft melt in your mouth, with the right amount of chocolate, covering. You remember, the chocolate covering, that use to freeze the actual ice cream, within it, on that sugar cone, with the pointy tipped, bottom. Now, what are you going to do, to make that person feel as excited, as the women who found that shinny, silver eagle quarter?

You must, understand that people, will join you in anything. Yes, they join the person, not the company or products. It’s all about you, and if your brand is solid, ethical, and many other factors, they are with you for a lifetime. No, matter how many future project you start, they are in. Hey, you have not let them down before. It’s, about you! If you are a sincere, energized, passionate, motivator. You must project power, and instill energy, to the people who you made, that real relationship, with. They must be comfortable around you, and trust your lead. You must get to know, how to make that excitement, like the women who found the silver shinny eagle, was. Hold their hand daily, if required. Just to the point, that you have empowered them to stand. Yet, never alone. Then they will become, amazing leaders, in our business. You have succeeded in our duplication process. It is to make, great coaches, mentors, and visionaries, in our business. This is the truth behind duplication process. That is why many give up. The people who bring them in, have no clue as to what the first step is. Simply develop a real relationship, with everyone you come in connection with. That is the first step. Then, empower them to start to examine, themselves to manifest, the burning desire, for personal growth. Now, coach, and mentor them, to utilize the needed skills, and techniques. Visualization, self-edification and unlimited, faith. Much more, as they develop…you get the point!

In closing, people do not care, what products or the company is. If you can get this your on your way to really understanding. They join you, and will follow you, in the business. You, develop lifelong relationships, build it on support, ethical actions and edification. You must, coach each person to the next level, of greatness. Just let them, tell you what they believe, will be success. They can only determine that, OK. Help them achieve it, by all ethical means required! Remember, at the beginning how to sit quietly and focus on visualization. Seeing others, and not focusing on, ones self. Use this skill continuously.

“People will join you because of your greatness, ethical behavior, and real human support”

I welcome, all comments be it, in support and opposition. Nothing, but love as always. Please, return soon for our next topic of , “U Be The Judge”. That is if I remember that to be the topic. “Now you can stop, with the visualization”

Just Get To The Point!

3:26AM on a Tuesday morning in Boston, Massachusetts, and I have all the energy after reading for four hours. Now, I would love to share some positive information, that will change the way you think of Network Marketing or HBB ( Home Base Business).

So, you would like to start a part-time business, running out of your home? OK, that will be accomplished, and you will have all the free support from a real live person, who presented that fantastic opportunity, you just can’t say no to…

Before entering any opportunity, please use due-diligence, in researching all of the following. Yet, start by inquiring through that person, that gave that presentation, or made a phone call, which heightened your attention level, to a real sweaty, mouth watering, state! WOW!

Now, follow these suggestions, and your evaluation of a project or opportunity, will be that much improved to make a real choice, join or not. Now, that is the bottom line and keeping it simple!

1. Who is introducing you to that opportunity. Hey, are the giving you an inside warm feeling that you just know they will help you, each step by step. I mean, reaching that level you only dreamed of…

2. That person, did they express the attitudes, of their sponsor, or the person who convinced them to join? If, so, are they involved in your training? We are talking committed people, who interacting with people.

3. What system is in place to help with your personal growth, and training? Is there a conference call nightly, that you can plug into?

4.Can you do this project, and make money? Will that person who presented this information, be willing to help you reach your goals, for creating a level of monetary comfort, or independence?

5.Can you use the products or service being offered to the masses? Junk brings the end result, Junk!

Let’s recap on what should be on your mind, when making a choice of which program will take you to that next level, of success. Knowing one thing, only you can determine what that success, is. However, you are required to be serious, about your personal growth, and level of commitment. It’s only and always been about you! Please take that if anything else.

Finding someone who will hold your hand, step by step. Through the hard times, and easy. That will go along way with the passion, that is driving you to want, a real Home Base Business, or Network Marketing Business.

So our recap:
– You will find a person you like to work with. Remembering this is going to be a lifetime bond. Do not take this process lightly.

– You want be with people who edify you, and support your actions in a positive way. You want to make sure you can do this certain opportunity. Having the mental, and physical support system, is priceless. This is a key ingredient.

– You want to believe the person who introduced you, to this amazing life changing opportunity. Has the ability, and character, to train you. Also, they are in a group, that will be involved in your training, and development, process.

– You want to ask all questions, regarding how the money is to be made. Get details, and see if it is a simple, duplicatable plan. Nothing complex, yet simplicity, that anyone can accomplish. Remember, you want a plan that promotes helping others, accomplish success. This is a business about people, not products!

People fail in our business, based on several things, and that will be communicated in the next article. I do not want to overwhelm anyone!

Please leave a comment, which is greatly appreciated, and welcomed.

Thank you for stopping by.

Just A Fair Chance

Just A Fair Chance

That is all I keep hearing from so many people I come in contact with, daily. I want to help them all, yet not enough time in one day? Maybe if there were a networking group, that was dedicated to developing peoples’ personal, and financial growth.

That is the topic of today, getting to the right source, and loving the results.

I wonder if that can be accomplished in one day. We can start the journey together, and see if you are at the right place to complete all steps, needed to get you , in the right direction.

Once we meet people, on our social media platforms. The first action is introduction, and getting information prior to making contact, is a breeze. That is, based on information given to anyone who wants it, and no cost, ever. I wonder how many people are aware of this location? No selling, just pure knowledge, and step by step instructions. This is wonderful, and full of unlimited people who you may not know now, but certainly will in the future.

Amazingly, what I just became aware of, was the fascinating platform, we all have used, and may still be utilizing today. This is going to be a crazy ride, with me today. I am so excited to share this information, and will give it to you, Now!

Please, Think About This…

Have you ever started looking at how many people you may know at a social media platform, say Facebook? What I am making the attempt to show you, is placing the title of a profession, that is suffering in our economy today. One that has been searched for, and placed on front pages of various news papers. Like a Realtor . Place that, Realtor in the search area, on Facebook, and watch how many people are displayed. It is a gold mine. This is just the research stage, it gets better!

Next, you can see if they are actively online, at that present time.(Tap into them and see if they are online) If so, then connect with them, after you have reviewed their bios. Now you have matched with only people that you have something in common. You never want to sell any product or services. This introduction is just that, time to get deeper to understanding, what they need and want. Speak with them and not at them, by ending each sentence with a question, based on the last response of their current involvements.

Think about

Ask your self, what they are focused on today?
How are they accomplishing, setting personal goals to grow?
What have they been doing to better their personal success?

It does matter what their feelings are, and how you would support them, to reach that next level of comfort.

Now that they, and yourself are comfortable with one another. This is the correct time to direct a possible phone connection, where you can evaluate further, their needs for support. Just be real, and do not lie or make any attempt to sell anything. This is not the purpose of socializing with this method. You are just making contact with five people during a given day, using this method via facebook. They will follow you to allow a phone contact. It has been shown , once a person feels comfortable, they will allow transfer of phone numbers. They are usually the one to call you back. That is based on prior contact, and the level of comfort you have achieved. This is easy based on your ethical, prior research into their bio, for that need you can supply. This is simple, after proper training and application. The more you move out of your comfort zone. Then you are learning a new skill and will reach that level of accomplishment. Repetition is the key.

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment. I welcome content from all. It’s about improving others and with help, we will get it done!

WOW! Finally Exposed

First day, my eyes are exposed to the truth in our business. Sad to say, over eight hours grinding, twisting exposure to dry information. Yet, there was no escaping what had to be done! Dedication was called upon, to sit there through the night, and dawn. This was to gain information that is not given to the masses. I needed to obtain this only for you and others that I am drawn to give my free support. Helping you and others personal development, and economic growth, is my focus point.

As a Leader in our industry

We are in a daily battle, within. When you first start off to develop a real home business. You had the idea, that this is going to work. You will not give in to all the hype, that is around every corner. No more listening to others with their projects, and statements of “Hay, I have the best thing for your”. What, you did not want anyone, selling, anything! am I right?

Your focus, being the current project, and it being the last one you would put your hard, earned money, in it. You can call failing and believe it was an investment. Please, continue to do the same thing. You will continue to loose money or that so called investment. So no matter what, this thing, is going to work.

Please forgive me! I do get carried away at times…

Others level of success has nothing, to do with you. Did you hear me?
Your success is not measured by any degree of what someone else considers success. Just keep remembering that. You do not want to be with anyone, who puts up items to brag of, as their accomplishment.

Remember this…

A true leader, and great mentor, is one who only focuses on your needs and goals. That will help develop your personal growth, for the end result of success, base on your belief.

I apologize, and from this day forward. I will support personal growth in anything you and others believe in. Let it be your idea, of what that should be. Well, that is what our focus is on.

Now, that is what true support is all about. There is no more selling of anything.

It’s, Only Been About You!

What I recognized, is we need your real product or services. Then we must work together for exposure in our own unique way. That will bring the required reaction we all look for, true support, ending with success! Yes, yours…

That is so simple, to mentor others and support their goals, for your ideas to manifest into existence. Then bringing it to market, for a profit. Everyone is successful, and that can be duplicated with others, to produce the same result! Now that is priceless.


The primary agenda, your personal development. That is and all ways will be, the key factor. This will enable everyone, to be successful. No matter which product or service they are promoting. The more people who get this information now,  will only add to our lifetime mission,  global economic independence, for all without favoritism or judgment.

Now it is time to take action. Please let me here your needs and how to modify my plan to help in your success. I want to mentor unlimited people to gain true success stories.
Sounds good, yes?

So, I welcome all comments, to help me. You made it this far base on your determination. Take the next and final step in getting involved in your success.

I look forward to hearing from you. Your input is needed, for a real clear understanding of where you are and what you are going to accomplish.

Thank you for all of your patients.