Sometimes Reaching Out Matters!

We forget about real human interaction daily. Based on all the quick ways that we can believe typing in various hardware is real? The need to interact in person is becoming a lost natural way of being hands on supportive.

I have traveled more than most prior to age thirty. Some would say our lives expand only by experiences. Most would say no so based on technology. We can pretend to shape our perceptions living through virtual travel and going anywhere online with vivid pictures that can be felt with the right supportive tools. That is not the same as physical experience. That physical experience in all things is the only way one can gain what we all seek “Knowledge”.

You can have your online virtual travels. I only live through my own live experiences. I go around to encourage others to accept doing the same. Not like my choices of travel yet their own. Just imagine a world of real people. Getting out of their homes and towns. Learning new cultures by making meaningful new connection offline. Yes, I said it offline.

Well, this will be an amazing ride if you visit again and read experiences from my own travels. People, Places and Things. Old fashion real hands on interaction. No more accepting new shiny things that you pay with hope of feeling something new. That is just insane. You have to physically get out of your rooms, homes and towns. Take a look at new cultural experiences by physical touch, taste and feel. Wow, to think in time back we use to only travel to and from for adventure and pleasures. Education and stimulation was our focus. Why not you now?

Thanks for taking time and reading my introduction to a new way of sharing to inspire amazing travels for us all. I will motivate you and help you consider to enhance you perception of your so called life. No, there is nothing being sold only stimulation for action. Dare yourself to experience daily changing stimuli.

We will embark on new adventure together in real life and share stores that manifest hope for a life without lacking in any area. I offer you all to interact with sharing your experiences similar to the ones I share.

You all know that the life of a site is interaction. Please, leave a comment based on the subject matter. I will personally reply. If you would like to travel, reach out to me and maybe become our monthly winner of our possible 3-Day cruise and other amazing tempting exciting activities. Our way of giving hope and encouraging more interactivity in your life.

William Earl Amis, Jr. III

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Believe In Visions Once More!

All Is Possible

Time and time again. We all have had moments of silence in our lives. I am not the exception to this weird delima, in life and business…

We had seven people who are dear to us family and friends. Pass away this year alone. Knowing that we all good and not good. End the same way , deceased. We could believe that the more we accomplish serving others. Maybe that would earn us some grace but that is not how it is done in heavenly places and in life.

We have chosen to serve you and all who humble themselves and reach out to us. That would be the first step in accomplishing all you desire. There is a positive flow of things for all of us to accept and change our perception on life. This is the only way to accomplish much by being involved in something larger than yourself. Take your focus off of you have to do this or that. Allow us, you and myself to join forces per se. Get things balances and help you gain that visual future self.

Nothing is more precious than seeing visions manifest. That is what happens each day in our lives. Nothing we have done graces us to this perception. It is a fact that two or more people focused and determined. To accomplish all that is good for everyone. Not selfish and Vanity, Fear and Greed emotions involved. That is the only time nothing will come to anything in your life.

That is just how life balances things and wasting time to rationalize the details is a waste of life and time. Accept doing for others makes it so much easier to accomplish your goals, dreams and visualization of a future self. It is proven by my life and those who I have had the honor of serving even now.

We leave the past dead, per se. There is nothing gained looking back in the rear mirror as we all say…

How about you write down how you visualize yourself in the future. Then, reachout to challenge us to help you. Just by that beginning step things in your life will suddenly change for the better. No one can accomplish anything worth value alone. No one not even you.

Look at how wonderful life is and stop seeking selfish endings. Cars, homes and junk last but a minutes. How about overflow of prosperity from now until you ascend…That is worth more than gold and anything. How to obtain this without expenses, hurting people and sales?

This is the question that we will share by example. Walking you through each step that you accomplish more each day. The power per se…holding you back from gaining daily knowledge of all things. Your imagination with consistent activity that molds and manifest your visions. Once you have mastered living vs working for things. You will be able to help others and travel with courage . Unyielding belief in more than your own abilities. You have not been able to do as you desire and when. So you so called abilities are just in your own imagination. You can get higher education but no one will walk you through how to apply book knowledge to real life situations. How does or can it help accomplish support for all mankind. How about just to have you live without worries and stress? More accomplished with a life of no limitation overall, right?

Let us get started with the first step. You writing down your vision of the future you. We will accomplish amazing things together. There is nor will ever be any cost to our lifetime support and real human interaction. Can’t find this anywhere and never will. Learn more contact me and I will share with your help. More and all about you…

Thanks for understanding things take time worth having. It just took all this time for you to locate us. We are in more places but desire to help one person at a time. Just put me to the test?

We appreciate all who interact here buy providing your perception on the subject of bing truly involved in others lives. Bringing back “Real Human Interaction”

Peace Is Your Guide…

Stop think and take action with courage!

Sharing one’s experience to encourage and influence others, priceless. That has and will continue to be my only purpose writing to promote interaction from you, the reader.

Perhaps you allow me to challenge you today. Get to consider to allow me in serving you to get balance in your life and prosperity in all areas. Hey, if I tell you how to make 2.3 million dollars. There would be unlimited people calling day and night seeking some formula, process. That is a problem with all of us. Greed, Vanity and Fear is the temptational tools used in the art of promotion. That leads normal people to waste money as the end results. Loss of jobs, family and marriages.

I will confess and dedication today. Anyone who reads our articles will become aware of vast knowledge that goes past the normal thinking into a new prosperous perception. All at no cost This will be accomplished without selling, pitching and grifting( sometimes used with a plural verb ) a group of methods for obtaining money falsely through the use of swindles, frauds, dishonest gambling, etc.).

“People, listen to me today. No one should be paying anyone ever for quality self-experienced knowledge to prosper in all areas of life and business economics”

This is the first awareness

Your mouth causes all things to happen. No matter positive or negative. Most people do not meditate prior to jumping into action. Making choices asking those who have nothing did nothing and will never do anything, except make sure they act as though they control the world per se. Those in your life will always believe against your given abilities. Waiting for you to once again fall on your face per se. You have been going about this thing wrong. You consider leaving the past out of your thoughts, mouth and life. Then, and only then you will be able to begin moving into a new and prosperous life. I live this and practice the art of being one who dedicated his life for over 43 years now. Just to help people, causes and countries. We all are dedicated and open invitation to you without and expiration. Allow us to serve you as we have for over a decade. We will be ready when you are. We invest in people now and in the future.

Perhaps learn to research, meditate and wait for the revelational instructions. Inquire with us. We are a Global Alliance fellowship. People living amazing lives without lacking and focused on providing one stop support at no cost ever! Those of us who experience all things share and when someone reaches out for personal and business needs. We listen, then together walk through that day solutions. Then, put into physical task to get it done. It is already done! That is what we live by.”

Understand all of us live at an unusual higher standard most can not and will not. So, first knowledge is most times wait and complete due diligence on a give choice. Then, seek help stop Vanity, Greed and Fear. Asking for help is not weakness. That was the first supportive message. More to come sometime soon…

“No lack in any part of your life”

We respect all people who share a common desire to enhance where they are in life and business. We together will make it done without expenses and false purchases of junk. Stop buying junk online and make a difference in your life based on your vision of a future self. It’s about you are the investment not selling junk for others to prosper. Really why would I not have my own real company and help others though finding my vision of a future me. Peace is your guide for daly decisions.

“Stay Fiercely Courageous”

William Earl Amis, Jr. III

We appreciate you and welcome to our exposing the truth,
William Earl Amis Jr. III
1-888-888-9802 ext. 75152

Influencer What?

Being a natural Influencer, can only happen when you place others feeling before yours. Knowing that providing all kinds of support services. Just is not enough to be determined “An Influencer”.

42 years and 9 months as of this day. My life and business speaks volumes of selfless supportive activities. Thus, giving me unyielding experience in people’s needs and devoted my life to providing such support of those needs.

Most companies misunderstand people who care naturally of the overall wellbeing of others. We, cannot help the way we are made. Only enhance our desires by more experiences. None of us know what is going to happen. It is exciting finding out. By providing more support in new areas of interest.

We, have been around this world and gone through so many cultural experiences. I prefer to explore more people and listen to their stories. How they, have overcome so much in a short lifetime. That empowers me to gather our team in brainstorming. Establishing a powerful group to focus on such amazing new ideas of services.

I keep my mind open. Enjoy daily adventures into the unknown areas of people’s minds. Talented people from all walks of life. Hey, it is a process we live through. Learn more of what people need. Provide it with passion. Always make people feel welcomed as you feel in all situations. There are no challenges, just experiences.

If you find yourself in a closed area. You would reach out for help. In life no difference. We, will provided help for all areas of your life. So, give me a call today. We, can walk through all issues. We, do not charge and enjoy challenges as you call them.

Try to think positive each moment. Have only time for passionate people, places and things. Surround your environment with uplifting creative visuals. I would enjoy a chance to help enhance your life and business. Never a cost for our support. This is our passion and all have more than enough in our lives.

Fiercely Courageous

Brotherbill (Will)  

Doing The Right Thing!

So, prior to reviewing three new sites. Gathering my lifelong search. To gain knowledge and amazing adventures. That is harder than most believe. Once you get outside. Off that crazy computer. Keep all gadgets at home. Discipline myself off of phone. Only if it rings and important. Now my ex-coworker. He, still checks in, loyally. We, are men who spend 35 years as running partners. We, have to grow up, right? calling to check in twice a week for over a year. What is going on with such friends. I got rid of all those energy drainers. Harder, when most are family..Lol

Well, the funny things is on my radio. Big fan since the T.V. is call the idiot box. As, my grandparents use to say. Stuck with me all my life. No wonder I get so much done. Most men my age play T.V. games. I never found interested. Always figure real life is more than enough drama and energy draining. Love the saying “Energy Draining”. Well to the point. They are talking health. Yes, me and 232 million other’s home at this hour. Me, I retired at 32 years old. Yes, this is based on grace and opportunities. Remember, not watching much TV. Had time to be in the real world. Hint, hint…

They were speaking about a pill for this. I stopped after 10 minutes. Then, notice 10 pills for other 10 pills and then powder junk. What  I am hearing this right. I notice my recordings. I told you that I am engulfed loving research all my life? Well, I am in love with research all my life…Lol Back to it then. So, then notice all things have a pattern. I see different than normal. My vision is blessed by seeing the glow around people and feel their deep gut emotions. I use to freak people out. I had to stop sharing it. Oops..after all these years I just started back up

So, compared to endless people. Reaching out to me. To evaluate this or that. Some good ideas but nothing is new since man gained more understanding. It is just presented in ways. To manipulate us to change our perception. To the point of reacting on purchase of useless stuff. Joining useless programs, groups, tribes. Paying $23.00 for soup. What is with this $49.95 for paper made by someone who paste & copied from someone else. That makes no sense. To speak in the mirror each day. Wait, you are paying monthly auto ship for paper to encourage you to continue doing what you been doing since discovered a mirror? When you say it like that. It makes you disappointed at your sponsor, right?

Just a little hint. We as humans only have choice. That is all we can say realistically of ownership. The rest we are called stewarts. Can’t take anything with you when you ascend except???? Choice!

Well, look for more insight for now on. I have change my way of helping by investing in people. If you are a person, Which I pray you are…Just reach out to me. We, are a global group who want to help only people who. Have been cheated and still are. Those who feel a deep hunger to help others. Those who serve because that is there passion. No worries it is not a joke. I am normally just goofy. I love the truth and exposing lies.

Hey, be careful online. Really, complete your due diligence prior to allowing anyone in your world. That includes companies with hope of making money online. They prey on weakness. Three Vanity, Greed and Fear. It is simple to have anyone purchase anything. When you have a natural gift of perception adjustments. I have it since young. Yet, only use it for exposing those who continue not being ethical. I would like each person to take advantage of #60DayChallenge. It will blow your mind. They are giving away real usable …Oops can’t share not authorized. Follow that link. I am only here to serve. I appreciate your time. Please, I cannot live without interaction. Share your theories and ideas on this article. No worries I can take it.


I serve with a true servants hart!

Nothing is Impossible

In accomplishing, globally balance and enhancement. In each person’s life and business. Becoming, a source of knowledge and hope. Making, sure action, is the way to accomplish, all things. Than, just brainstorming sessions. We, make progress.

Giving, into something larger, than self. That, is purpose. Others, can feel with agreement. That is, meaningful and will result in, more balance, in one’s live. That means, vision and purpose, are clear. That is, my choice for your life. 

My life, has been dedicated. To such and more, for others. Nothing, I do is ever for, self-gain. Being, part of worthy projects and causes. Helping, individuals gain a foundation. Also, balance living their, legacy. That, is worthy. Reaching out and providing, no cost base support. To people and businesses, is priceless.

All, continued with, professional attitude and gratitude.

Sharing knowledge, from vast experiences. Those, making a true enhancement. In the lives, they touch. That is, being used. As a true, conduit., Worthy, for a few minutes. To, share your, vision. Real, human interaction, is the only way. To make, a difference. 

Join me, with an “Old School” touch, awareness session. Hey, no cost base and video junk. Real, human interactions. Focused, on your vision. What, will happen, That’s, up to you. Sharing, your vision of passion. All, without a hidden agenda. Priceless, worth your Legacy.

Please, always complete due diligence. On, contact, businesses, etc…Start, in LinkedIn for me.

I appreciate, all. Maybe, you would consider. Leaving, an insightful comment. That is, the lifeblood of all blogs. This, guy would appreciate that. I am, always seeking knowledge.

William (Brotherbill)



Products and Service vs. Relationships

The produce is key and the attracting point. The service is imperative, and must be with the highest quality.

Now, what is the product? Would you say it is you. When you meet someone and your all excited to talk with them. You would first need to understand what they want and their desires. Then by placing yourself out of the equation. You really are utilizing targeting listen skills. You know it’s about them and only them. Your being supportive and actively listening. They can feel comfortable talking with you. In that short time you have started to build a real relationship.

That is when the bond cords have sprouted, and have manifested the first phase of trust. Hey, your the product and they will follow you in any project and purchase anything based on your passionate actions. Listing, edifying their dreams and desires. Empowering them to the point of understanding. How you will help them live their dreams. How you have a team of supporting like-minded people, waiting to assist in all ways. Your the product and what you can do for them, with all your resource within that team, is the service.

Anything from a company as products/service offered to paying members. Even if that pay is your time. These are just resources, that are given at the right time to resolve daily issues everyone has. This is a way of thinking that will put the focus back on the people. This is what makes it easy and duplicatable.

Just give to others and it will come naturally. The monetary will produce beyond your imagination. The more you give yourself and truly support others personal growth and success as they determined. The more you will receive based on giving to others not expecting anything in return. That is what makes great leaders, coaches, mentors and true visionaries in our industry.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please, would you be so kind as to leave a comment, that will help all gain more clarity on our subject. Thank you again!

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