Choosing To Build That Business

We all need to re-evaluate what we are doing and is it worth it to us. Is it duplicatable for others to achieve, what they decided success is. Has there been any product, that is usable for the masses? Would I purchase it even if there were no others using it? Do I really need what is being offered? These are my questions when evaluating a company to join.

Yes, thousand of questions and I have no feelings, when it comes to business building except it must work for all. I leave out all emotions attached. I join projects based on the people, who are presenting it to me. Also, what type of true support is involved. How long has the business or company been established, and what is the profit margin. I get to know the originator with the individual bringing me in.

I must utilize due-diligence, before getting involved with the person and company. This is going to be someone that will be a new relationship for life. The company must use ethical practices at all times. I complete research to the maximum, before agreement with my wife to participate. Allot of prayer, is involved at each phase of research. Then I come to a conclusion. If that person who is making a valid attempt to recruit me. States at anytime of a limited open window to join. That is a “light bulb” moment to run….

I believe that if you have passion and a strong team. It would not matter what the products are. As long as they are real and usable. People end up losing to much time and money with the next best thing. If you stay long enough, with a real business project. It will payoff ten fold. That being a single place to create real leaders on one team, attached.

The best business is helping others reach various levels in personal growth, and achieving their success as the determined. Being in the people business, is the most rewarding choice I have ever made. Resolving unlimited peoples problems, daily with my resources is priceless. Knowledge is rewarding and to be shared with others, to limit their daily struggles.

Just choosing something I love doing daily. That I am passionate about and time passes by fast, when I am doing it. This just makes me feel good everyday. Now, that is when you know it is the right thing for you to do. It never get tiring at any moment. I get so excited daily, just thinking about what I do for others. I can’t wait for the next day, so I can serve others. That is all I ever wanted to do. That is what I do. Help others become successful as the determined. Empowering others to burn for personal growth. I coach, mentor and teach others to become the next visionaries, coaches, mentors, teachers. I create mastermind groups, for total support of all who desire more for them, and their families health and welfare. Building for the future of our industry. Keeping it real and alive!

It’s about being honest with yourself. Complete all due-diligence in researching the person who is introducing this business or company. Then do the same for the company. Next, is this something that you will have a passion for daily. Wake up and all that energy emerging from within to get going to start doing it. You would loose time while being involved in the activity you have made the decision to be a great part of you life. These are the people and company that will be with you for a lifetime. Your family must agree if there is one. Your body and mind must be in tuned with all activity. No, press or stress just so much excitement that it would not matter if bills pile up for the first thirty-days. You would do this all day without pay. Is this that something you have version, to bring all your desires and dream into being. Does this help the people in any way. It should scream all will need this and share this information with everyone without offending them. Usable and duplicatable for all. No hidden payments or tricks. All ethical people are involved. The company has a great history globally and/or locally. This is something that would make you not hide your face in public.

Now, you have found that dream maker platform. This is what you visualized into being. No limitations. Only a fun, joyful journey with the ones you love. Now this is perfect, almost. You will still need your “Why”. No after that, this is magnificent!

Want to know more? Camelot maybe, or is this a real place unknown to the masses. Just a few chosen ones have been invited to this Shangri-La….

Thank you for your time and interest. Please, would you be so kind as to leave a comment, that will help all gain more clarity on our subject. Thank you again!

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“Why People Join Your Business”

Why People Join Your Business

Let’s be honest, and go back on our magic time machine. To when we first started, a real HBB (Home Base Business) . Can you utilize that skill, of visualization. Close your eyes, and have some soft smooth music on. Better yet, go to a quiet place, out side and drift back, with a smile on your face. Wait for it……Now! POW!

1982 summer of, right in Boston. I was walking around the golf course, this is the site, that would become, one of our Nations, top golf courses, Franklin Park. Well, I was noticing, how everyone was starting to spend, more time outside, yet , never having supplies. Just the basic ones, like water, towels, and toilet paper. Hey, just keeping it real.

You get the idea. I was noticing, not talking or moving around. I became, for the first time, maybe. Aware of other peoples needs, by observation. You develop this skill, all during life. That is, if you can slow down, and breath. You must take all concentration, off of you. Center your breathing, and open your eyes. Just look around, without thinking about anything , except what everyone else, is doing. Look at their faces, and reactions. Always keep smiling, while performing this technique. Why, because smiling makes you feel good, and things will start to happen, based on you becoming happy. Yes, it works, and you can try it right now. Just tell yourself, the writer is crazy, and typing over the golf course, with no clue, it’s raining outside. That will make you laugh, and feel good? Your not the one sitting here getting soaked….LOL

Now, take all you see and focus, in on everyone’s expression, when, wait….this guy, dropped an ice cream cone, to the ground, but the truck left. How about, a women sees a shiny object, on the sidewalk, bends down, and finds a rare 1918 silver eagle quarter! Look at here face. Now , take that expression, of the first person. Think what you can do, to resolve the problem, of no ice cream cone. We are not talking about store purchased, ice cream. We are talking about that white, soft melt in your mouth, with the right amount of chocolate, covering. You remember, the chocolate covering, that use to freeze the actual ice cream, within it, on that sugar cone, with the pointy tipped, bottom. Now, what are you going to do, to make that person feel as excited, as the women who found that shinny, silver eagle quarter?

You must, understand that people, will join you in anything. Yes, they join the person, not the company or products. It’s all about you, and if your brand is solid, ethical, and many other factors, they are with you for a lifetime. No, matter how many future project you start, they are in. Hey, you have not let them down before. It’s, about you! If you are a sincere, energized, passionate, motivator. You must project power, and instill energy, to the people who you made, that real relationship, with. They must be comfortable around you, and trust your lead. You must get to know, how to make that excitement, like the women who found the silver shinny eagle, was. Hold their hand daily, if required. Just to the point, that you have empowered them to stand. Yet, never alone. Then they will become, amazing leaders, in our business. You have succeeded in our duplication process. It is to make, great coaches, mentors, and visionaries, in our business. This is the truth behind duplication process. That is why many give up. The people who bring them in, have no clue as to what the first step is. Simply develop a real relationship, with everyone you come in connection with. That is the first step. Then, empower them to start to examine, themselves to manifest, the burning desire, for personal growth. Now, coach, and mentor them, to utilize the needed skills, and techniques. Visualization, self-edification and unlimited, faith. Much more, as they develop…you get the point!

In closing, people do not care, what products or the company is. If you can get this your on your way to really understanding. They join you, and will follow you, in the business. You, develop lifelong relationships, build it on support, ethical actions and edification. You must, coach each person to the next level, of greatness. Just let them, tell you what they believe, will be success. They can only determine that, OK. Help them achieve it, by all ethical means required! Remember, at the beginning how to sit quietly and focus on visualization. Seeing others, and not focusing on, ones self. Use this skill continuously.

“People will join you because of your greatness, ethical behavior, and real human support”

I welcome, all comments be it, in support and opposition. Nothing, but love as always. Please, return soon for our next topic of , “U Be The Judge”. That is if I remember that to be the topic. “Now you can stop, with the visualization”