Just Get To The Point!

3:26AM on a Tuesday morning in Boston, Massachusetts, and I have all the energy after reading for four hours. Now, I would love to share some positive information, that will change the way you think of Network Marketing or HBB ( Home Base Business).

So, you would like to start a part-time business, running out of your home? OK, that will be accomplished, and you will have all the free support from a real live person, who presented that fantastic opportunity, you just can’t say no to…

Before entering any opportunity, please use due-diligence, in researching all of the following. Yet, start by inquiring through that person, that gave that presentation, or made a phone call, which heightened your attention level, to a real sweaty, mouth watering, state! WOW!

Now, follow these suggestions, and your evaluation of a project or opportunity, will be that much improved to make a real choice, join or not. Now, that is the bottom line and keeping it simple!

1. Who is introducing you to that opportunity. Hey, are the giving you an inside warm feeling that you just know they will help you, each step by step. I mean, reaching that level you only dreamed of…

2. That person, did they express the attitudes, of their sponsor, or the person who convinced them to join? If, so, are they involved in your training? We are talking committed people, who interacting with people.

3. What system is in place to help with your personal growth, and training? Is there a conference call nightly, that you can plug into?

4.Can you do this project, and make money? Will that person who presented this information, be willing to help you reach your goals, for creating a level of monetary comfort, or independence?

5.Can you use the products or service being offered to the masses? Junk brings the end result, Junk!

Let’s recap on what should be on your mind, when making a choice of which program will take you to that next level, of success. Knowing one thing, only you can determine what that success, is. However, you are required to be serious, about your personal growth, and level of commitment. It’s only and always been about you! Please take that if anything else.

Finding someone who will hold your hand, step by step. Through the hard times, and easy. That will go along way with the passion, that is driving you to want, a real Home Base Business, or Network Marketing Business.

So our recap:
– You will find a person you like to work with. Remembering this is going to be a lifetime bond. Do not take this process lightly.

– You want be with people who edify you, and support your actions in a positive way. You want to make sure you can do this certain opportunity. Having the mental, and physical support system, is priceless. This is a key ingredient.

– You want to believe the person who introduced you, to this amazing life changing opportunity. Has the ability, and character, to train you. Also, they are in a group, that will be involved in your training, and development, process.

– You want to ask all questions, regarding how the money is to be made. Get details, and see if it is a simple, duplicatable plan. Nothing complex, yet simplicity, that anyone can accomplish. Remember, you want a plan that promotes helping others, accomplish success. This is a business about people, not products!

People fail in our business, based on several things, and that will be communicated in the next article. I do not want to overwhelm anyone!

Please leave a comment, which is greatly appreciated, and welcomed.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. The team and mentor that you work with is so important in any business. Without having the right people your business will fail. I have learned that through experience. If everything else is right, except the people around you, your business will fail. Do not ignore your gut.

    1. Andy,

      I agree with understanding, that real support is essential. I see to many people who join a program, and are left alone. Then lead to believe, that everyone in our business, will not support their people.

      Just a few bad apples per say, can make unlimited people, leave our businesses. It is up to us, to correct that. This is obtained, by being in consistent communication, with all our people, we sponsor. Helping them grow personal and financially should be a key point.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving information that supports our business. I look forward in reading more from you!

  2. We all want to believe that the people who involve us
    in a home based business are on the up and up. It
    is a judgment call to make. But, responsibility for
    the decision is in the “eye of the beholder.” Due
    diligence is a must. We have to get the stars out of
    our eyes and look in the mirror. RICK

    1. Rick,

      You are absolutely right, in we must focus on what is being offered. Not the presenter, with the amazing pitch! Staying alert, with all the information that we are given, a that fast past, can lead us to a bad decision.

      Thanks for your insightful, words. Please feel free to visit, and leave usable content again.

  3. Hi Walliam,
    I like your perspective on how one should consider who is offering the opportunity and how. We often forget how we present ourselves and information says a great deal about how we do things and what we respect. We represent the company, or the business and that should be the starting point.

  4. Lesly,
    Thank you for the clarification and pointing us in the area of your focus. I do agree with you on remembering one is representing a company or the business when giving presentations.

    I think about, what this person, who request my information, is looking for, or desire. How, can I serve them, in gaining an understanding, on how applying this product or service, will get them to their, goals. How, I will be there daily, if required to support them. How my group will focus on their growth, and success. Instill in them, they will not be alone, and will grow to the next level.

    Thank you, for stopping by and giving us a focus point. I thank you, and please stop by soon!

  5. Excellent post.

    I am a veteran network marketer, researched the industry for over 20 years and have been with m y Primary business for 16 years.
    You can pick who you wnat to partner with.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Maggie, thanks for stopping by, and giving our readers, the straight truth!

      Yes, we all have choices, when it comes to who we choose to work with. I make it a point, not to judge anyone. I keep my focus on what they are saying to me, as to their desires, and needs. The needs seem to be all the same. As to wanting a comfortable living. They want this now! I show them how it can be done. Then we, make the plan for success. Not mine, yet, what they determine, as success.

      I believe in people, no matter where they come from. It’s about where they are going, that I find so fascinating.

      You are always welcome to leave a comment that is useful. I thank you, Maggie for sharing your fast experience. It is leaders such as yourself, that will help our business grow with quality people willing to serve others!

  6. Thanks for the tips William. What you said about “only you can determine what that success is” very important. How far you go all comes down to how committed you are willing to be. The commitment and motivation is the “fuel that drives the car”. The people, support, program and products is like choosing what kind of car you want to drive. The car may be great but without the fuel, it ain’t gonna go anywhere.
    I guess you could say that you need to have both to succeed (the “fuel” and “the car”). A lousy cat won’t get far either. I’ve been involved in some MLM business before I think it is not my thing. I guess I just don’t have the “fuel” for it 🙂

    1. Lian,
      No, your not lacking, what it takes, to accomplish, what that success is, for you? No one, can do it alone, in this business. You, may have not had, a real hands on, ethical mentor and coach. It is much different, starting a HBB ( Home Base Business) than, joining some type of opportunity. One is your name being branded, and every action is for your, success. The other, joining someone’s opportunity, is everything for them and that company. You own nothing, and just selling things, that belongs to someone else? (This is the same as having a 9-5, remember) You recruit, and have people duplicate, selling products and purchasing them, monthly. Who makes all the revenue, once again. Some one besides, you. You call that your business? Just a fancy 9-5, right?

      Over 30 years ago, I have chosen, to brand my name, William Earl Amis, Jr. III as a real “Home Base Business”. I took an early retirement package, from the Internal Revenue Service, and this was after returning to the United States, as an Honorable Discharge U.S. Air Force Personnel Specialist. Coming back home from Germany. Just a fancy way of saying Veteran, who had come home, and then worked, for the powerful, U.S. Government. Now, he has had, a HBB, for over 30 Years, with huge success, that he determined, what that is. Utilizing due-diligence, all the way.

      I was blessed, with being in the, “Door to Door”, marketing business. Very helpful, with all the people, coming into my group. It was different then. You build lifetime relationships, first. Then solve, daily problems, with all the people you known. You strengthened friendships, and made a huge profit. All just by being a servant, to the masses. I held each person’s hand, through each growing step. We build their personal skill levels, that empowers each. Then we build a real, solid HBB. This was accomplished, on a foundation, that last beyond, our lifetimes. That is what it’s about. You, and always have been!

      Now, Lian it hurts my heart, when someone like you. Wants to through in the towel, per say. You have to much energy, and smarts. You have no limitation, other than, what you make-up, in your mind. That is not your fault. It is what all are tough, no matter where the are, from. Limitation, has been the false belief, since ancient, times. Now, more powerful people, are exposing the truth. Helping all, who would like change. To become, who they really are, unlimited beings, with so much amazing, skills. You just need, the right mentor and coach. No hidden agendas, and only focus is on you, daily. That is all you need, to accomplish, everything in your heart!

      Lian, don’t give up. We are here to help, manifest that energy within you, at TSA. Connect with me there, and I will introduce you, to all the supporters, who are here for you. WOW! All this love, and no cost! That is what giving back, is all about. Helping those, who want it. Not, based on any hidden agendas, and potions to sell…

      I look forward, to your next blog post. I pray it will be full of life, and beautiful visualizations. Keep on dreaming, and take action, with little steps.

  7. Hi William, you make some good points for helping people to choose a team partner they can work with and to help them become successful. I think the most important thing to look for, is someone you feel comfortable with, and also someone who can guide you to find strategies that work for you.

    There are so many different ways to find prospects nowadays, and not all those “ways” will suit everyone. A new distributor may not be as good with the strategy their upline uses, so they’ll require guidance and coaching to find something more suited to them.

    Have a terrific day! regards from Julieanne

    1. Julieanne, you make valid points, here. Guidance and coaching, seems to be needed more, these days. If you would like to retain your members. The basics are needed, for an overview, with all new members, it may seem. Holding their hands, is a requirement, now. At lease, you will develop a real friendship, that will last a lifetime!

      I agree, if your upline ( The one who recruits you in the business) is not being your mentor. Then seek guidance, and support above, or some location within, that company. Now, if you utilize due-diligence, and inquired key questions, on support expectations, from all. This includes sponsor and upline. You will not have any problems, growing personally, and your business.

      Julieanne, always a pleasure hearing, from you. Please, stop by again!

  8. Hey Bill,

    I enjoyed your post..thanks for sharing. You touched on many key points that Networkers need to be aware of if they choose to build a Home Based Business, especially in the incredible Network Marketing Industry.

    It is essential for EVERYONE to conduct their due diligence, first and foremost.
    It is just as important for the person looking for a Sponsor or mentor to ask the right questions, as it is for the potential sponsor to find out what the needs of his potential business partner are.

    This shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should conduct an interview and make sure that all of these questions are answered to your satisfaction, not just take a leap of faith.

    There is too much attrition in the Industry now and it only gets worse when people are brought into a business and then abandoned.

    As you stated, you need a team and support to help a new member to achieve success. There must be a system in place and it must be duplicable and simple, so it can be done by everyone.

    The following is very true and nobody can succeed on their own..
    T= Together
    E= Everyone
    A= Achieves
    M= More

    Keep the great posts coming,

    1. Marc,

      Words of wisdom sprout out, from within your being. Great comment, and one to use right away!

      I love the explanation, of TEAM. I know that will go along way, with all the readers.

      You are a amazing person, and a true leader, in our business. You are always welcome, to our blogs. Thank you, for stopping by.

  9. Hi Bill, thanks for the valuable points about how to choose a network marketing company. I am new to network marketing. I did what I thought was my due diligence in that I needed to fully understand the products before I got involved. As the products are very relevant and congruent with my “day job” – i joined. I learned the hard way about the sponsor support (or lack-there-of) and hand-holding however, I am not the type who simply sits back and bemoans my fate. I simply jumped right past my now invisible sponsor to others in my upline – all the way up when necessary, and also others not on my team but just as helpful and supportive. The company promotes teamwork and is true to their brand promise. Without guidance, help, support, etc. this would never work. I am a huge proponent of teamwork in any organization!

    1. Julie, your an inspiration to all newbies and others, out here! That is so fantastic, all the love and support, from people you would have never met, if you did not get involved. Jumping into uncharted waters, per say. Is always frightening, for all of us. Good for you!

      The point that you joined, based on product liking? That could be misleading. We should be cautious of joining, any project based solely, on the product line. Remembering, it would be based on, what the masses are looking for. Not our personal feelings, on a product or company. No one would ever make a business run from home, if it was based on, their liking a product, v.s. what the masses are looking for. Also, you must like the people you are working with, yes? When you commit to join, you are going to be with them for a lifetime. Something to really consider if you are serious about starting a real business? Just somethings to think about…..this is a business, not a hobby?

      Just a word of, future caution. Be passionate, about learning and growing personally, with people around you, who truly care about, what you think of being successful, is. Not, what they went through, or how they obtained a huge home, in the Hamptons. That is up here where we, New Englanders live. It’s about your journey and living your dreams. Having them manifest today! That is living a real successful life to me. What is your success? Think about that, and get back to me, OK.

      My readers, and I thank you, for your insight and visit. I love to see how things are going, or developing. Please, keep in contact with us! Your determination is a display of greatness within you! Stay on course, and keep straight paths. Not looking at every new best thing, coming out. Stick with your team, for the end result. Your success!

      I feel, your developing into a huge asset to our business!

      1. Hi Bill,

        Thanks for the thoughtful response and suggestions. I guess I wasn’t clear when I said I like the product LOL You are 1000% right and as a marketer I am well aware that it doesn’t matter what I like 🙂 – it is what “they” like/want/need/etc. What I MEANT to say is I joined because I recognize the value of the product to my target audience. Better? 🙂

  10. Hi Bill,
    Very well explained …
    As Marc pointed out team work is what it should be all about….
    Helping our new person to learn how they can achieve whatever they are looking for.

    I was taught that the first 30 days of a new distributor was very important… teach them how to get into profit and they will do the same with their people.
    and do keep it super simple (KISS)

    Great post.

    1. Bryan, wonderful to see you here, with your fantastic way of sharing!

      I agree, with team work being a strong point, of focus. Everyone, putting something into the hat, per say. Helping each other, grow personally, and structure a foundation, for a successful business model. One that each can duplication!

      I welcome you, stopping by and sharing great edification, to others in our business. Please, come back with more, insightful information, that we all can be empowered with.

  11. Hi Bill,

    First of all please check the spreadsheet with TSA that your link appears correctly… Somehow my browser did not recognise it and I have to find your blog via Google. Thx…

    You are right on with your message and I just can underline the message Marc Korn stated (btw it is a pleasure working with him). It is so true when people start to engage with network marketing the majority do not understand that they go into a (if successful) livelong bond with the sponsor. This obviously goes beyond business and many families in our industry even interact offside the network marketing arena with each other. So, due diligience about the opportunity and clicking with the sponsor/business partner is a must to go a long way and fulfil any desire in this industry… Don’t forget Network Marketing is a vehicle to start a journey into business owner ship from which much, much more can develop!

    Thx for this great post and all the best.


  12. Alex,

    Thanks for the words of support to our fellow leader in our business. He is an inspirational person who always supports others with a servants heart! blessed he is!

    I agree with you, understanding that creating a home business, is the beginning of something greater. It will have you thinking as a business owner, and not an employee. You will see for the first time, the freedom to come and go, as you wish. Work when needed, yet it is not work. This is based on choosing something your compassionate, about. Then, you love what your doing. You look forward, in sharing that love, with unlimited people. It’s about you, and that is all! Your happiness, is the path, that will not let you down. Your building your business, with like-minded, ethical people. Sharing and caring! Build it passionately….

    Alex, always a pleasure, having you drop by, and inspiring our readers! I look forward to more, in the near future?

  13. William – Fantastic job you’ve done with this post in pointing out what an individual needs to consider when joining any HBB. Most people end up letting their emotions get the best of them and forget to do some due-diligence.

    Personally, when I first decided to look into network marketing, I just trusted the person sharing the information with me and fell in love with the idea of all the time and money freedom. I had no idea where to begin to start a due-diligence process. Your tips here help point people in the right direction.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. – Debi

    1. Debi,
      thank you for all the supporting words. You have helped our readers see that due-diligence, should be used consistently. It is not a one time action to be taken lightly.

      I agree, most people let their emotions get in the way of making, real valuable decisions. That can make a difference in their success. What they determine it to be.

      It is OK to listen to your feelings of love, joy and others. Yet, in business do what make you happy and can help others. This will get you to the next level, your success as you determined. Keep it simple and support all who receives it.

      Debi, it has been a joy reading your experience when you first started your business. Now, your a great mentor, coach and leader in our industry. WOW! No, limitations…..Good for You!

      I look forward in reading your blog this weekend. Please, return soon and share!

  14. Bill

    I have tried network marketing offline but never online.

    One of the challenges that I have faced is having someone approach me for an opportunity, telling me that I can have financial freedom and all the money that I want. Yet they arrive in a beaten up old car, wearing scruffy clothes.
    I am in the U.K. and we are many years behind the U.S. in network marketing unfortunately.

    U.K. people have a whole different view on successful people. Americans praise and glorify people who make it to the top financially ehilst over here, as soon as the get anywhere near the top, the media and press are ready to have a go at them and knock them down.

    It is a shame.

    1. Trevor, misunderstanding of what success truly is only based on an individual’s belief of success as they determined it to be…

      I agree, so many people get the wrong idea of a business and what is involved. This is based on others pretending to be great leaders, mentors. teachers and visionaries in our industry.

      You are right to have not gotten involved with someone who is not ethical and honest. Just looking to recruit someone without building a real relationship first. Then getting to know what their dreams and desires are. Then listening to them to understand what they determine is success. Now, showing with them the steps to accomplish this. Then sharing skills that will take them to the end result of success, as they determined. This is a process, when done correctly will have a lifetime relationship build on trust. Then the rewards will be unlimited.

      Giving first and developing a real relationship. Edifying daily and motivating towards the goal. Teaching vital skills that will help others, with personal growth. Manifesting that burning desire to succeed.

      Trevor, your a passionate leader in our business. One people can count on in every given situation. Share that love and watch it manifest deep desire for personal growth. Then you will create great leaders and mentors in our industry. You would have duplicated yourself. Simplicity

      Thank you for this visit and I look forward in reading your insightful blog.

  15. Hello William

    This really good advice. All to often people make decisions on impulse and whilst impulse may be an important part of the decision process, when you deal with some out there in the virtual world, it is more difficult that gauge that person and so it is even more important to take due diligence in the decision making process before embarking as you say in a long term relationship!

    First time reader of your blog. I will be coming back!

    All the best

    1. Stevie,

      I agree, with the difficult being involved with people, who you can not touch, yet see, online. It is not the same as 30 years ago, in marketing. You had to develop, lifetime relationships face to face. Utilizing the phone sometimes to setup a house call. Now, people thought that method, was dead. It is not a method. It is a requirement, even more today. It is just that you can utilize, lots more tools, to reach and develop more relationships, with future clients, that are becoming friends. Simplicity!

      Thank you, for stopping by, and reminding us, how it use to be! I believe, we are headed for some fantastic opportunities, once everyone, is on the same page!

  16. Hi William,

    The #1 thing about this post on finding a mentor is that You Practice What You Preach. I know for a fact that you have followed every step of you own advice, here, in finding that person you want to work with for life.

    Looking forward to our life-long friendship, my brother.


    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

    1. David, I know you where placed in my life to bring me peace! God works for all who are willing to bear the cross for others. Am I my brothers keeper, Yes!Amen…

      I agree, we must be willing to live as we desire others to follow. I would not ask some one to undertake any activity, I have not mastered myself. You lead and I follow is something that I live by.

      Our friendship is more than a chance. You and I will help many of people establish ethical actions. Personal growth beyond our imaginations!

      Thank you for all you do in my life. Let’s get unity back in our industry!

  17. This is wonderful advice, William. People nowadays are looking for additional income streams, and some are perhaps a tad desperate. There always sharks in the water looking for the easy prey. Thanks for sharing this information.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss Leslie.com

    1. Leslie,
      you inspire me daily, and I will be empowered by you supportive words for time to come!

      I agree, people want instant wealth and believe that is their true success. Until a ethical, honest person shows true interest in their personal development. That is to empower them to give serious thought to what is truly in their hearts. What they really believe to be success.

      To long have all the hype of a HBB has been thrown in faces. People are easily lead to a down fall.

  18. William,

    You give good points here and researching a business opportunity. Training and support are areas new people in networking marketing will require. Of course, the business should be centered around the product or service and not the opportunity. My feeling is if the products and service offer great value, the opportunity will take care of itself.

    Mike Sweeney

    1. Mike, I agree business should not be centered around opportunity. Yet, the product is you. You are the product and the energy that you empower people will manifest their hunger for personal growth. Then the service is all the true passionate support you provide, for them to accomplish their success. That being what they determine to be success.

      Our focus as mentors, coaches, and leader in our industry. Will always be on people who intrust their health and welfare, based on our ability to help them achieve greatness towards their desires.

      You are a great leader and visionary who has demonstrated passion for helping others succeed. I know all who come to you for support, will be on the right path towards living their dreams. Becoming a duplication of being powerful leaders with purpose and ethical activity.

      Thank you for all the insight in helping our readers understand what to focus on. Well done…

      I look forward to reading your blog, and gaining more wisdom to share with all.

  19. Hi William,
    You have hit the nail when you say getting into HBB, that research has to be done as there are so many opportunities offered out there these days. I agree with you that you have to ask questions on the products, the upline, whether there is going to be continued support, how the money is made and anything that is of concern to you, that you have to be absolutely certain that you are happy with the explanations…just to reiterate what Marc have broken down on the word TEAM.. I like that
    The following is very true and nobody can succeed on their own..
    T= Together
    E= Everyone
    A= Achieves
    M= More

    1. Irene, your are very insightful with due diligence, which is required with each step, before entering any opportunity. People get lost with all the information that is presented to them, in one meeting. It is so overwhelming for the newbies and some professionals. They get lost in all the so call guru hype. Think about this, if the so call guru is successful. Why would they not offer true support to help people, develop their personal growth at no cost. Hey, even their so called free ebooks, have key words to make people click and pay? What…

      So much is to hyped on making millions in such short times. Not being realistic at all. We need to develop more ethical activities in truly edifying others to the point that they achieve confidence to ask the right questions.

      When will the great mentors instill the right path to duplicate themselves with others. That way we all can be together to achieve more?

      As always Irene you inspire me to talk straight from the hip, per say.

      Thank you for stopping by and giving hope! May we all have faith that will guide us to true greatness.

  20. Hello William,

    First, I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS for being the top syndicator in TSA last week! I appreciate your quality posts.

    There is so much wisdom in this post that I had to comment. Inquiring about the person we decide to connect with for an initial “join” is profound and is worth a response. The person you connect with initially is vital to your success. It has to be a person who has the ability to train, guide, and teach duplication so you can succeed. Unfortunately there are so many marketers out there who are self-centered and are more focused on WIIFM (What’s in it for me). I just finished posting to a blog by Matthew Neer who listed the 5 points of spiritual marketing and one of his points listed is Step 5 Expect Divine Intervention-For me, the right person surfaced that matches all of the positive characteristics that you listed.

    You noted, “You want to ask all questions, regarding how the money is to be made. Get details, and see if it is a simple, duplicatable plan. Nothing complex, yet simplicity, that anyone can accomplish. Remember, you want a plan that promotes helping others, accomplish success. This is a business about people, not products!” If a marketer can find a coach or mentor that can do that, then the right coach or mentor is discovered. I connected with a coach that fits this description perfectly. Her name is Andrea Goodsaid, and because of her, I will be successful. It is so strange. This post almost seems like you met Andria and decided to write a blog about her.

    Again, congratulations and thank you for your clarity and thought.

    Raena Lynn

  21. Thanks and Congratulations for all you have achieved, William. But you stated that basically if someone “… joined, based on product liking? That could be misleading. We should be cautious of joining, any project based solely, on the product line ….” I was always under the impression that we should “Believe” in the product we are looking to get others involved in and purchasing. Somehow I want to equate my belief and my clients desire for the item as one and the same.

    Having a real relationship with people is what I am coming to understand is what the business I have chosen is all about. Working with people that want the best for their people and who really, genuinely feel that their success is based on the success of others is a quality I feel I have finally come across.

    I just want to thank you for reminding me that it’s not really about how i feel about the product, but it’s what my clients see the product doing in their lives that matters.

    Charles Seay

    1. Charles,
      your right, you should believe in the product, which others may join your group for. Yet, the produce Charles, is and always will be, YOU. See, it’s not about the company, or internal products product, by that company. People only join groups, businesses, projects, based on who introduced them, and the people within, that connection. If your are an ethical, fun person. So much energy, and timely with responses. A true severance heart, in supporting the masses. Your going to generate unlimited people, joining you into any program, or business. It would not matter, if the only inner product, was a roll of toilet paper, at $5.00 USD. Then every store, will sell that same product, for $3.00 USD. People, would not care! They are only joining, base on how real, you have developed, a relationship, with them. People, do things that make them feel good, happy, and loved.

      I am inspired, to write an article on ” Why People Join My Business”. Thank you Charles, for inspiring me, to get back to work, on a Sunday? I will wait til Monday, of course…

      It is always, a pleasure no, honor, being blessed, with someone, such as yourself. Sharing, how important it is to care, really care, about others. That is real character, and you have it!

      Please, return in the future and share more with our readers and I.

  22. Hi there William,
    I’m sure all of us commenting on this page has run in to the same issue of sitting on the fence. There will always be decisions in our lives that are easy to make while others are hard. I’m sure your post will certainly help those fence sitters make a decision to join the person whom introduced them to the product/opportunity a lot quicker than if they didn’t have your suggestions at hand.

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on getting to TSA’s # Syndicator of the Week!!

    Jaclyn Castro

    P.S. I have complete and total belief that people join people NOT products or opportunities. (In reference to your first suggestion)

    1. Jaclyn,

      You have made, a fantastic observation, on the people we meet. Then, what happens after we introduce them, to our business. However, they are reluctant, to commit in joining, our group. We had established, a real relationship, with them. Now, we felt that they had a need, for joining our program or business. What, they are still not sure, if this would help them, or there maybe a hidden agenda, somewhere? Oh’ Well just a friend, not sure of their abilities, to duplicate your success.

      Now, this is when you jump or put on the hat, of mentor and coach. You must get them to the confidence level, to achieve greater things. You must motivate them, that there is no such thing, as limitations. They only exist, in the human mind. This is based on years, of formal education, that is structure to make everyone, believe in limitations.

      What your mind can conceive, you will achieve. You have the ability to empower them. Jaclyn, your a visionary, a motivator and one of our greater leaders, in the business. There is nothing, you can not achieve. Helping people, with your passion, will empower them, to visualize themselves, achieving their level of success. Based on what they, believe is true, success. It is up to you, to manifest their inner strength. It is up to you, to harness, the energy you, radiate. Then, release all that energy, into them, which will increase, their ability to channel, that unlimited power. To finally, visualize themselves, duplicating, every step in your business. They can see, massive people circling around them, to be guided, to success. All because you, utilized techniques to help them, learn the skill of visualization, to manifest anything, you can imagine, into being! WOW…

      As I said, Jaclyn, your a wonderful, exciting person. Who has abilities, not yet released. They are so powerful, and focused. You can empower, unlimited people to learn, techniques they did not believe, to be within.

      Thank you, for Stopping by, and I look forward in seeing your next, video presentation. I know it will be, inspiring to all your readers, and I.

  23. Hi William,

    I can easily see that you’re a person that walks the walk and talks the talk. You certainly share openly, honestly and with quality. Making such seemingly difficult decisions that can affect our lives in many ways can always be helped by doing your due diligence and finding the wisdom of those that have been there, done that… traveled the road and created a path.

    It’s so very cool of you to help others in this way. You’re even leading the way by being the top TSA syndicator and in doing so, you’re helping others again. I’ve enjoyed your comments on my blog and I’m sure everyone in the TSA appreciates you, as well. Best wishes!

    1. Deb, thank you for edifying my serving others ethically….

      I always look forward to reading your responses and blog. I feel you have so much to give others with your vast experiences.

      I agree, in finding others that are genuine in support your desires and dreams. That being, you achieving every goal towards your success as you determined. Always using due diligence and gaining wisdom along the way. It’s not a race we have chosen. This is a journey that takes a lifetime. If you think of it that way. You will accomplish ever required step, with quality and honor.

      Thank you Deb, for sharing and edifying this writer. I look forward in reading your next great article. I have been inspired by reading your thoughts.

  24. William,
    I believe in MLMs, yet I’ve never been successful. I’m sure if I’d have had a leader like you describe in my first one, Xocai – healthy chocolate I would have succeeded. I knew nothing and my ‘leader’ was not who I needed. I LOVE the chocolate, I believe in the chocolate and yet…. I signed up 15 people and none of them were marketers so as long as they paid their $125/month, mine was paid for. I got the $50 one time check for signing them up but spent it trying to pursuade friends to start selling by paying their almost $300 start-up fees. Almost 2 years later, 1/2 of them are still buying chocolate every month, but I have to be receiving my auto ship in order to receive the commission. No matter how much I love the chocolate, I’m not willing to spend $50/month on it!

    I’ve tried too many other programs that I haven’t loved as much, with better training and not been successful with any of them.

    I’ve decided to try affiliate marketing, a whole new learning curve!

    I love TSA and look forward to learning more from you!!

    1. Linda, being passionate in what you do is key. The products in MLM that one must purchase monthly is tricky. You must understand the needs of the masses instead of your love of a product, some company is requiring you to purchase on a monthly basis, to qualify for a little revenue back.

      That is why, I believe in mentoring, coaching and leading others in being successful as each determines, what success to them is. That is a real HBB and can be very profitable. It is not about selling products. It is about developing real relationships and empowering others to have that burning desire for personal growth.

      You are the product, period. You build relationships with those people who have common desires. Your going to be with them the rest of your life. This is a key fact in developing a real relationship. Then you are mentoring each person and helping them reach each daily step, to accomplish great levels of achievement. They then become a duplication of you! You then start with more people repeating the process.

      You may ask, how can you be creating revenue, if your only building lifetime relationships. Hey, anyone who supports me and helps me achieve personal growth. They are the ones who I will purchase things during my lifetime. It is that simple.

      You must give first and then help others. Put yourself out of the equation as me, me. Focus on empowering others in personal development. Then coaching, mentoring them, with edification daily. Leading them to resolve all issues based on you being a great visionary. Never selling anything except yourself, as a true hands on supporter.

      You now are in the position to listen and teach others, how to master a skill of visualization. They have no limits except in their minds. Show them how to live their dreams on a daily basis. Hey, I love to travel the globe helping people understand, they can achieve everything their hearts desire. They only thing standing in their way is limited thinking. I teach them how to visualize, which manifest things they desire. They tell me what is success as they determine. I mentor and empower them to the point of intense desire, burning within. They are so empowered for personal development, and duplication of being mentors, coaches, leaders and a visionary in our industry.

      Helping others with a servant’s heart. Giving them their dreams and showing them real support, all the way to success as they determined. It is so amazing, all the stories of success I have received. You will always love what you choose to become. A great mentor, coach, leader and visionary in your own HBB.

      That is priceless!

      Linda, you have inspired me to write another article, for supporting all who really feel they have no love to make it in our business, anymore. Together we will restore them to achieve greatness.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing. I look forward to visiting your blog and learning valuable insight.

  25. William wow the sponsor you describe here would be the ultimate person to work with huh?

    But all to often people come across that way and give you the warm and fuzzy only after you sign up they just don’t deliver.

    One more suggestion I would give is to ask for some contact #’s of other people of people in the business.

    Not just a typical 3 way maybe somebody on the team. But I guess if they are just getting started you will just have to use your better judgement.


  26. Steve, so insightful you are! Well Put…

    I agree, there are great people who do exist as in my article. They are real and have been in our business over 30 years. They are not into selling and only work with people, who show a true passion for success, as the individual determines.

    I agree, to develop a real relationship is first. The one who is going to be your mentor, coach, leader being the person to funnel through. As in a real relationship, you would give each other numbers, skype and other contact tools. Not a 800 number for the masses. Remember, they are going to be in your life. Choose wisely and utilize due diligence. Hey, read everything about them. To much sources of information on everyone today, and it cost you just a little time. You will benefit from researching everyone who offers you opportunity. If they are ethical and really supportive. They will not rush you into making a lifetime decision. This is going to be a fantastic journey for both. That is if it is created ethically.

    Steve, always wonderful energy I receive from you sharing. Please, return soon and give our readers more challenges, that only can improve their personal growth.

    You are “Awesome”.

  27. Hi William,

    You are right on here! Choosing who you want to work with is such an important decision that we must not take lightly. This alone could be piece that keeps you going or kicks you out.

    Also, you made a great point about doing your research and asking all the questions. Starting a business is a big decision if you are going to take it serious.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Talk soon,

  28. So true in that when someone joins a business they are really joining with the person who sponsored them. There are so many things that come into play here and you covered them. There needs to be good upline support and good product and a good system to follow to help others be successful. And I fully agree, do your due diligence before doing anything.

    1. VaNessa,

      I agree due diligence is first before jumping into any opportunity. No pressure. Just get it done and save lot’s of wasted time and energy. Not to mention revenue.

      VaNessa, It is a pure delight having you come to our blog here. Please, visit soon again.

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