Just A Fair Chance

Just A Fair Chance

That is all I keep hearing from so many people I come in contact with, daily. I want to help them all, yet not enough time in one day? Maybe if there were a networking group, that was dedicated to developing peoples’ personal, and financial growth.

That is the topic of today, getting to the right source, and loving the results.

I wonder if that can be accomplished in one day. We can start the journey together, and see if you are at the right place to complete all steps, needed to get you , in the right direction.

Once we meet people, on our social media platforms. The first action is introduction, and getting information prior to making contact, is a breeze. That is, based on information given to anyone who wants it, and no cost, ever. I wonder how many people are aware of this location? No selling, just pure knowledge, and step by step instructions. This is wonderful, and full of unlimited people who you may not know now, but certainly will in the future.

Amazingly, what I just became aware of, was the fascinating platform, we all have used, and may still be utilizing today. This is going to be a crazy ride, with me today. I am so excited to share this information, and will give it to you, Now!

Please, Think About This…

Have you ever started looking at how many people you may know at a social media platform, say Facebook? What I am making the attempt to show you, is placing the title of a profession, that is suffering in our economy today. One that has been searched for, and placed on front pages of various news papers. Like a Realtor . Place that, Realtor in the search area, on Facebook, and watch how many people are displayed. It is a gold mine. This is just the research stage, it gets better!

Next, you can see if they are actively online, at that present time.(Tap into them and see if they are online) If so, then connect with them, after you have reviewed their bios. Now you have matched with only people that you have something in common. You never want to sell any product or services. This introduction is just that, time to get deeper to understanding, what they need and want. Speak with them and not at them, by ending each sentence with a question, based on the last response of their current involvements.

Think about

Ask your self, what they are focused on today?
How are they accomplishing, setting personal goals to grow?
What have they been doing to better their personal success?

It does matter what their feelings are, and how you would support them, to reach that next level of comfort.

Now that they, and yourself are comfortable with one another. This is the correct time to direct a possible phone connection, where you can evaluate further, their needs for support. Just be real, and do not lie or make any attempt to sell anything. This is not the purpose of socializing with this method. You are just making contact with five people during a given day, using this method via facebook. They will follow you to allow a phone contact. It has been shown , once a person feels comfortable, they will allow transfer of phone numbers. They are usually the one to call you back. That is based on prior contact, and the level of comfort you have achieved. This is easy based on your ethical, prior research into their bio, for that need you can supply. This is simple, after proper training and application. The more you move out of your comfort zone. Then you are learning a new skill and will reach that level of accomplishment. Repetition is the key.

Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment. I welcome content from all. It’s about improving others and with help, we will get it done!

34 Replies to “Just A Fair Chance”

  1. Hi William
    You write an interesting post about social networking. I think there is one thing we should respect when using social networking platforms…they are intentionally for social purposes. I think we should be careful how we use them for business.
    Pitching people straight up for a business purpose is just not the thing to do. Making friends and connecting with people first is the best way to do it I find.
    The more you network respectfully, the more successful you will become.
    I wonder what you and your readers think of this?

    Best wishes


    1. Peter, that is what I agree with you on, social media. It has the golden key for meeting people and getting to understand their views, on what they believe in. Not, about you or I, and when you understand that! It will be only about them. That will be when you have truly branded yourself, as a great leader/mentor. People will seek you out for advise, and then trust in your evaluation abilities. That is when they will request for you to make a true referral, on products and services. That is true success and service to others!

      Thank you for everything that has been shared. You are a true visionary, in our ethical business. When people like yourself contributes real content, on positive attitudes for inspiring reactions. That motivates all readers, to complete due-diligence before beginning involvement in “The next best thing”. Now, that is an accomplishment, that I stride for in every meeting, with like-minded individuals.

      We, create and share our visions, to spark just the right amount of energy, to flow into others. That bring their creative mind, to take action and product true leadership. Then they will accomplish the next level of success.

      Thank you for contributing, to our common goal. Others success and personal development, is first!

  2. Hi William,
    Knowing your market, their desires and their way of thinking is the thing that separates professional marketers from those who can’t earn a single dollar online.
    The internet is so awesome for finding exactly what you’re looking for… people who are hungry to know more on particular topics and this is where your profit starts to grow if you can put yourself in their shoes and predict their way of reacting.
    There’s a lot to learn on the subject… the best thing to do is, obviously, to start contacting people! Experience can teach you so much!
    Thanks for this great post,

    1. George,
      I agree with you on people utilizing the internet for searching to gain information on a particular subject. Yet, more people are overwhelmed and easily get lost with choosing which link to click for updated, and detail information on any given subject.

      When using the internet for researching any topic. I believe people will get better the more they learn to correctly navigate. It is just a tool, that can give you the best or worst presentation on any subject.

      I could never put myself in the mind of anyone? I can however make contact, and listen to their response to real content, they have located on a given subject. Then, together we can evaluate if that information is applicable.

      It will remain a journey that I for one, enjoy. Being involved in research, and getting all the useful information. After shifting through none stop content. Then we would apply techniques, that should get us to the point, we were searching for.

      Your insight is much appreciated, and I look forward in more feedback in the future. I can see you are one who places a high authority, on getting results. That is why it has been a pleasure, having you visit today!

      George, please keep sharing with our readers. I believe everyone can benefit from your responses. Authoritative and to the point!

      Having a great mentor, will save you allot of painful, wasted time. Keeping one away, from useless information. All gathered from, unreliable sources.

      That is why fantastic leaders, such as yourself, are within TSA. I have been so fortunate, to have such support, and I will continue to utilize all of TSA members. That is how I, avoid getting overwhelmed.

  3. Hi William,

    Wow! I must say that your blog is simple, yet sophisticated. I find it easy on the eyes compared to most of the blogs I’ve visited. You are sharing your ideas, knowledge, and professionalism without the “bling bling.” Your words are not simple. Your words come together to create a peaceful and enlightening experience.

    Anyway, I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is a sign of growth when we can step back and truly analyze our motives in social networking. In my opinion, I think most people get caught up in the competition, whether it is financial or a contest or accumulating the most of something. Let’s face it, that has always seemed to be a quirky human characteristic. So we grow, we learn, we experience, and eventually we become seasoned. Oh no, does that mean old?

    As we progress through our day and meet new people, it’s easy to get distracted from our purpose. Your example of the introduction, “This introduction is just that, time to get deeper to understanding, what they need and want.” is profound because you emphasize that their feelings do matter. It is only when we come to that conclusion are we able to support and go to the next level.

    It works both ways. I know I am attracted to people who I feel are sincere and supportive of me. We can tell…

    You make an excellent point persuading us into reverse thought. Instead of using the old cliche, “putting yourself in their shoes,” you present three questions we should ask ourselves:

    1) What are they are focused on today?
    2) How are they accomplishing, setting personal goals to grow?
    3) What have they been doing to better their personal success?

    I’ve decided to print these three questions out and tape them to the front of my computer. It will be a friendly reminder to stay on track. As network marketers, if we could sincerely understand and answer these three question in our mind during or connections, the quality of our efforts will be ten-fold.

    It is after the comfort level is met when the real bonding comes in. I just added you as a friend today in TSA and I think in addition to Facebook, TSA is an excellent social platform to give anyone a fair chance to reach their personal and financial goals.

    William, you present yourself as a true leader and you have a gift to articulate your message. I enjoyed your post very much. Thank You.

    1. Raena, well gathered thoughts, and expressive writing on your part! Remarkable enlightenment, I have received from your comment. Now, that is edification in its rarest form. Nothing less, would come from a visionary, as yourself.

      I will put into practice, the method of tapping those key elements to my keyboard, and brand them on the tablet of my heart. There no one, will be able to distract me, in my formulated, way of thinking.

      I applaud you, on the straight forward, writing style. I remember things by visual aids. So, when I read responses such as yours, WOW!

      I thank you for stopping by and leaving usable content that all the readers can put in practice daily. This will help all achieve a personal touch in supporting with true character.

      Thank you and please visit again. I look forward to reading your next post on that fantastic blog of yours! Nothing but love…

  4. Hi William. I really enjoyed reading this post, and it gave me some ideas on how I can better connect with people on the various social media platforms. It is often easy to get those friends or followers but often difficult to to figure out what to do with them. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss Leslie

    1. Miss Leslie, wonderful to receive you here on my blog. I have been following you lately and amazed for one so talented!

      I agree with you on how we are faced with the difficult task of understanding people without being physically in their presents. I know we have technology, yet it is not the same as being able to shake one’s hand. I try not to think of what I can do for anyone. I allow them to explain what the expect of me. The I show them how we, will accomplish what they perceive as success. That is my focus point. Their needs and my passion to resolve all issues.

      You must understand, I am not alone in supporting them. Oh no, I learned you need a dedicated team, behind each person. Yet, I have one better, to say. I have a warm receptive, unlimited source, of dedicated professionals. Ones, who are standing by. Willing to make time, to assist every step of the way. It is all about emerging oneself, with ethical people, like within, TSA. This is where I draw more knowledge in every given situation. No? just test me?

      Yet, back on track. I love that you stopped by, and left real content. One that gets me so energized, to write a new article. The more I magnetize to great visionaries, like yourself. The more my heart increases, and that oxygen flows, to my little brain. That is empowering! Hey, everyone has been around some people, that just lights up a room. Well, get me with the loving, and supporting people, within TSA. I shine, and spread the love, to all who deserve it! WOW!

      Miss Leslie, you are doing well, and I will continue to review your success. If there is anything, I can do. You know how to contact me. Oh yes, thank you for The YouTube connect. I will be visiting your lovely site, again. Just ran late!


  5. Hey Bill,

    Thanks for providing this very insightful view into what social media should really be all about.

    In this day and age, if we are going to provide ethical services for our social media friends, it has to begin with true attraction marketing principles.

    You have to be a go-giver and a person of value. As you said, it is NOT about any cost whatsoever, but rather to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

    If you are a person that is seen in the eyes of others as a provider of valuable content and overall value, you will attract like minded entrepreneurs that WILL want to form a business relationship with you.

    It is all about developing meaningful relationships and truly being a Mentor with a Servant’s heart. Once you develop this proper mindset, your personal and business life will grow without bounds.

    I am all about continuous learning and self improvement and the last paragraph of your post reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by one of MY favorite Mentors, Brian Tracy..

    “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”

    I love your writing style…keep these great posts flowing.

    To your massive success,

    1. Marc, thank you for that beautiful, edification. You are a true leader, and should not stop producing, the training and guidance that we have been blessed with. This comment displays, remarkable character, and you have achieved greatness. Now that is a level that takes many a trial and error. Experience, is one path, to greatness. Well, one of the key elements. Marc, you wear it well…

      When you put others before yourself. That is, any position of growth. They become more than numbers, and downlines. That is something, I never will mention. I prefer friend, group member. Those are more emotional, and that is what I work with. Not make decision, based on feeling alone. No, but you have to be able to feel comfortable with people, who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. WOW! Think about that one? I just had a light bulb moment, AMAZING!

      I must keep on track, sorry! You are patient in you presentation, and persistent. Never pushing people to act, like the end of the world, has come. I believe that all readers can relate to that one?

      Thank you for stopping by, and as always. Leaving us in awe, with the wisdom you share. I will speak with you soon!

  6. Hi Bill,
    Great post my friend.
    Indeed we have to perceive social media as a great way to build relationships and not a spamming machine.I like that words sound very natural and powerful at the same time.You prove that you possess emotional intelligence:to care about others ,to give them first value and then receive.
    It’s like in the real life,nobody won;t be able to talk if they don’t feel confortable with you.And the respect,the aprecciation and friendship you earn them ,not steal them. You pointed out some basic things for facebook prospecting.
    Consistency gives power to this habit(talk with 5 people daily).At the start,many even won’t answer you or talk too much.But determination is the key:)

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post!
    All the best,

    1. Radu,
      Thank you for the comment. Real content, as you have presented, supports how we benefit from communicating, with people who we connect with. Once we have developed a relationship, that is when we begin to become aware of like interest. Then we can move from there. Sharing ideals and creating real businesses together.

      That is what we learn from each other. Things or ideas that are common. Then we can have a comfortable feeling, that we will enjoy being involved in different projects, that can only have the end results, of success.

      Thank you, and please return for more of your insight on the given subject. I welcome all to leave content, that will help other achieve greatness!

  7. I love this post. You are clearly demonstrating the power of social media. Use it to find people of like interests and build a relationship with them. Eventually, you will have a person to person conversation, which will further improve the relationship. This is exactly what social networking is all about. Well done!

    1. Karin,

      Thank you for your evaluation on the subject matter. You are a person with vision and your comments have real content. To simplify relationships on the platforms we utilize, is a key factor of understanding the methods put in place to create real social atomospher.

      We can not empathize enough, on the importance of finding likeness, with people you meet. Once that level is reached, you have nothing but on going communication. Then that develops into an amazing meeting, of the minds. You will get much accomplished, that will benefit all.

      Learning the wants, desires and dreams. Then develop a plan, with like minded individuals, as a uniformed group. That has so much empowerment, to sore to heights, unimaginable. Now, that is reaching the next level.

      Thank you for the enriching comment, and please share more the next time you come to visit.

  8. William,

    What a great read. You really demonstrated you knowledge and love for social media. I can tell by some of the other comments that other people have gotten good information from your blog. Great job and keep up the good work.

  9. Gary,

    Thank you for the comment left here. You inspire so many people with your methods of being a leader, and visionary!

    Loving the connections, to people from all over. Helps one balance the level of service, provided to others. Truly becoming involved in peoples lives, for improvement of personal development, and financial growth. That is reward within it self! That is when you find harmony, in a steady movement of achieving, greatness.

    The more we give our all, to help others. The more we find peace, within. We can complete tasks, that have a fantastic result, for all.

    Gay, leaders such as yourself, in our business. Deliver passionate content, that can only motivate action. Now, that is worth sharing real content, that may help others. Getting to a point, of full service, without limitations, is an ultimate goal.

    Thank you for stopping by, and giving your support. You are always welcome, to help in simplify, the content, presented.

  10. Hi Billy ~ Imagine what the internet could be like if more individuals who utilize social media would actually use it to be “social”, as you state, to find people you have things in common with, connect with them, find out about them, and be willing to establish real relationships, which do take time…for me, this is what social media and connections on FB, Twitter, etc. are truly all about! 🙂 Christine

    1. Christine,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. Your comments are supportive, and a great reminder for all, to follow. Use social platforms, for what they are intended for. Such as learning, and growing with others. That is priceless in your personal development. You will increase your brand, and create life long friendships. Then each may offer a needed service or product at the right time.

      Christine, you are one of our great leaders in this business. I look forward to following your progress!

  11. Bill

    Great post it is true with a little creativity and hard work you can make dynamite connections in social media.

    And doing what not most people do thinking about how to address others needs is a powerful combination.

    I was on the phone from a guy from Germany the other day I have met on facebook.

    A great blogger and marketer this would not have been possible in any way except with social media.


    1. Steve,

      That I must agree with connection and understanding other’s needs. That is the focus point! Fantastic…

      I believe, all can learn no matter where you may be in life. These platforms, are a place to create unlimited relationships. No hassles, and sells pitches. Real contact, with new people daily, is what will change your thinking. That will lead you to understand others, and their way of solving issues. Use this to develop solutions, as your friendships grow.

      Steve, thank you for visiting, and leaving real content! I look forward to following your blog.

  12. Hey Gary,

    You are right on target. I am amazed how people think they will get you to respond to their offer without building any relationship.

    It totally turns me off. — and if they did happen to have some good stuff to share, and I though the product or service was worth buying, I certainly would not use their affiliate link.


    1. Guy,

      I agree with so many people are in a rush to make a dime. They are not practicing ethical action, when meeting others, on social platforms. They only see a numbers game.

      This is how it was over ten years ago, in Marketing. We travel around conducting unlimited meeting, daily. Travel to rallies around the globe. No internet. Phone and pads, with pens. Lots of paper, and motivational tapes, and books. You had to earn by living a fast pace life, away from family. We did some amazing things.

      Now, you can develop lifetime relationships. Getting to know people, is what this is about. Then you both help each other, in time. It is not a get rich thing. That is the problem, with all the internet hype!

      I for one, will not tolerate such practices, and teach my people to run the other way. Not just one kind of business or company is the best. Yet, stay with a solid company, while creating multiple sources of income, from one platform. I find blogs, are the easiest, and have true purpose.

      Guy, always a pleasure reading your content. I look forward in reading more on your blog!

  13. William,

    I completely agree that Facebook is amazing for research! The fact is that people who are in the same industry usually think alike, so finding the keywords to describe them is an amazing way of finding them in droves through social networking.


    1. Andy,

      I agree on utilizing the find tool, on a given social media network. Once you locate a list of people, with likes, similar. Then what? I mean do we just contact them, when they are online or send them a message, to become friends? These are the first impressions, they will receive from someone, they do not know.

      I would be wise, as to connect with people who are friends, of you new friends. Perhaps, get an introduction from your friend, to them. Then develop that real relationship, that is required, before you can understand, what it is they what and need. This is socializing, at the highest level. We are not just building a list, of unknown people?

      So, Andy I do agree, with the skills of locating like-minded people, in a given platform. But, caution should be utilized, on what method of introduction, will be put in place.

      Thank you, for your insight. It is always, a pleasure having usable content, added. Please, stop by again. I look forward, in reading your next post!

  14. I always get wary when people on facebook contact me “out of the blue”, on the chat. most are friendly at first, but quite often it’s obvious there’s an agenda behind the contact. I would prefer to get to know people on their status updates first up, if they post regularly you can start building a relationship.

    Or, else contact people who are replying to my own status updates., that’s even better.

    Have a terrific weekend! Julieanne

    1. Julieanne, that is a good observation, when connecting with people, who you may not have knowledge of. They contact you, when your online. This is based on their, research abilities, they found you. OK, then a conversation starts, of which they inquire, what are you into?etc… Then what for it…POW! there is the sales pitch, for something you are not even interested in. You feel offended, based on you did not even give permission, to start a chat, with you. The nerve of some people, out there just pretending to care, and only thinking about making money! They are friends of friends, and most likely did not have contact your real friend, for years.

      We must be careful, yet, not afraid to communicate, with people. If that was the case, none of us here, would be developing a real relationship. We understand the hidden educate, of communication. We are building lifetime relationships, and so be it. If one of use are faced with a problem. We have real caring friends, that are in our business, to resolve problems. This is simplicity!

      Thank you, for your support in stopping by, and leaving some interesting point of views, on our subject. Your an inspiration, to our business. I can’t wait to see your next blogs, post! Always a pleasure…

  15. Hi William,

    You make it sound so easy! But I think the reality is it isn’t. It takes a few times of connecting to feel safe that someone isn’t going to hit you with their agenda. It takes a while to build relationships. When it becomes a trusting relationship then it’s great. Facebook is a gold mine and you have to use respectfully. Most of the relationships I have now have come from TSA! Before I joined it was difficult making connections – not anymore. That’s why being in a “tribe” works so much better. Appreciate your post!

  16. Lesly, always a pleasure, when you stop by, and keep us focused on our subjects!

    Your right, that I make it seem easy! Yes, communication skills are developed through, practice. You may not be comfortable, with even speaking in front of say, 250 people, to give a lecture. Some of us are…We may not feel comfortable, communicating face to face or heck, even on the telephone. Some of us are born communicators, we even talk to ourselves, to hear how our articles, sound out loud. There are techniques, that get people comfortable. Yet, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, yes? One must be bold as a Lion, yet, cautious in one’s steps, to achieve greatness. What ever that person determines, that to be….

    If done correctly, this Social Media Platform thing, will be the next wave of great things! You must agree, the time in developing a real meaningful relationship, is natural for you and I. Yet, millions of people, would not even know where to start a conversation. They over think it, when it is what they do naturally. They have been communicating effectively, since five years old. When they wanted something, they would communicate, in their individual ways, to accomplish obtaining that thing.

    We must help others, get out of that comfort zone. This will manifest qualities, and skills, that they would not even recognize, originating, from within. They will have the courage, to accomplish anything, they put their minds to. Well, that is just a small piece of the pie!

    I love when you stop by, and get the creative juices, flowing within me! I look forward to your blogs next post!

  17. Hello William

    William, I believe the key to using this media is to know that people want to be understood, not talked at. Asking the right question s at the right time is very important in finding out if they really have a problem that we can solve. You have outlined the steps to necessary to build trust and discovering if they have a problem we can solve.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City USA

    1. Perry, I greatly appreciate your supporting observation on targeting people’s problems.

      I agree, building trust and being aware of, if there is a underlined problem, is key. That is when we must really listen and not just hear people, we are making an attempt to support. There is a technique of targeting listening, that I have utilized over 20 years. This is a skill that is improved with experience, and has been a key element in manifesting people’s problems.

      Perry, always a pleasure and a true learning experience upon each of your visits. Please, return soon!

  18. William this is simply a great idea.

    Connect with 5 people daily make it more about quantity than quality I really like that.

    But not just connect with them try to connect with them in a deeper more meaningful that is really thought provoking for me.

    I love the information you have here very awesome blog and content William.

    Thanks for sharing,

      1. Steve, nothing but more loved shared. We who now your supportive activities. Understand what is truly being shared by you.

        Your still a huge assets to all looking for great leadership!

    1. Steve, wonderful for you to clarify all information that is presented to focus on quality.

      I agree, making real relationships with any number of people daily is key. I would take one person per day and develop that relationship. Then get clear of what they desire and want to achieve, as they determined success to be. Always coaching them, and empowering them. This will manifest serious desires, for personal growth. Duplication, Duplication.

      Steve, you are a fantastic detailed person. Who has paid the dues to earn recognition as a great mentor, coach, leader and visionary. This is a fantastic honor, having you visit our little place here! My hat off to you Sir….

      Please, return with more supportive sharing. I look forward in reading an updated blog post on your site.

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