WOW! Finally Exposed

First day, my eyes are exposed to the truth in our business. Sad to say, over eight hours grinding, twisting exposure to dry information. Yet, there was no escaping what had to be done! Dedication was called upon, to sit there through the night, and dawn. This was to gain information that is not given to the masses. I needed to obtain this only for you and others that I am drawn to give my free support. Helping you and others personal development, and economic growth, is my focus point.

As a Leader in our industry

We are in a daily battle, within. When you first start off to develop a real home business. You had the idea, that this is going to work. You will not give in to all the hype, that is around every corner. No more listening to others with their projects, and statements of “Hay, I have the best thing for your”. What, you did not want anyone, selling, anything! am I right?

Your focus, being the current project, and it being the last one you would put your hard, earned money, in it. You can call failing and believe it was an investment. Please, continue to do the same thing. You will continue to loose money or that so called investment. So no matter what, this thing, is going to work.

Please forgive me! I do get carried away at times…

Others level of success has nothing, to do with you. Did you hear me?
Your success is not measured by any degree of what someone else considers success. Just keep remembering that. You do not want to be with anyone, who puts up items to brag of, as their accomplishment.

Remember this…

A true leader, and great mentor, is one who only focuses on your needs and goals. That will help develop your personal growth, for the end result of success, base on your belief.

I apologize, and from this day forward. I will support personal growth in anything you and others believe in. Let it be your idea, of what that should be. Well, that is what our focus is on.

Now, that is what true support is all about. There is no more selling of anything.

It’s, Only Been About You!

What I recognized, is we need your real product or services. Then we must work together for exposure in our own unique way. That will bring the required reaction we all look for, true support, ending with success! Yes, yours…

That is so simple, to mentor others and support their goals, for your ideas to manifest into existence. Then bringing it to market, for a profit. Everyone is successful, and that can be duplicated with others, to produce the same result! Now that is priceless.


The primary agenda, your personal development. That is and all ways will be, the key factor. This will enable everyone, to be successful. No matter which product or service they are promoting. The more people who get this information now,  will only add to our lifetime mission,  global economic independence, for all without favoritism or judgment.

Now it is time to take action. Please let me here your needs and how to modify my plan to help in your success. I want to mentor unlimited people to gain true success stories.
Sounds good, yes?

So, I welcome all comments, to help me. You made it this far base on your determination. Take the next and final step in getting involved in your success.

I look forward to hearing from you. Your input is needed, for a real clear understanding of where you are and what you are going to accomplish.

Thank you for all of your patients.

32 Replies to “WOW! Finally Exposed”

  1. Hi William,
    We very much agree with you that self-development is the key, not the product or the business. You can succeed at anything once you have developed yourself to a level that will sustain the success available at that level. And you never stop advancing in levels. This success is not just business and financial either, by any means! It is success in your personal life as well, your relationships with your family and everyone else you meet in your life and your relationship with yourself.
    Thanks for emphasizing this very first ingredient to success!
    Dawn and (Dave)

    1. Dawn and (Dave),
      I wanted to thank you for taking the time, which I know you both, being our strong leaders in this industry, was difficulty. Yet, thanks for being straight forward and honest, in your evaluation/review.

      I agree with your comment, on the people who want to achieve that level of success. Must be willing to change their paradigm. Their actions will show proof of this being accomplished. The results will be a better person, mother/father and friend. Some one who lights up a room when they enter. That is a great person such as you and Dave. All would be honored to have as a mentor/sponsor in any business project. So I know, both Dave and yourself, can share some wonderful insight on development of the body and mind. Showing it being the primary equation, in reaching the highest level in our business, Mentor!

      Thanks you two for all your support in my perception and growth, with TSA. Showing all the support and love, we all have gotten use to!

  2. William,
    I have to agree there is a lot of hype out there. So many fake mentors, too. When I first started online I had a couple of mentors that encouraged me to get in to their business. I tried to do build my online business doing what was told to me but it didn’t work. I wasted so much money on hype. I know better now.
    I am glad you are getting the word out. You will save so many newbies from making the same mistake.

    1. Jaden,
      Thanks for responding with such edification. I’m glade to have brought that message out, so people can start applying due diligence. By choosing not only the business, but the person who will become, their sponsor. That is very important, along with really evaluating the business. A person may be presented, with a fantastic business plan. If they do not have chemistry, with their would be sponsor. The whole experience, will not become successful. The results, will end with a person, not believing in our business.

      We need more positive people in our business as leaders. That is what we are determined to build, daily. Strong qualified leaders, with vision and ability to really step-up the training. So the new recruit will achieve greatness!

  3. Focusing on who we will become is important, working on personal development!

    I believe that being a TRUE Go Giver and helping others will eventually get you your desires.


    1. Bill,
      That is right to the point! One should truly help others accomplish their goals. Being focused on each steps required, to develop personal growth, is and will remain a key factor. By showing love, per say. Will have amazing results, in branding your name and reputation.

      Your recognition will encourage others, to seek you for services. This alone will add real value to your name and increase a strong presents.

      Willingly giving your time and energy, is so rewarding. All your supportive actions, in honestly helping others accomplish their desires. That demonstrates, true professionalism. This is desperately needed in our profession. Your reputation will be strengthened, and people will know you as a person with character. Now that is Priceless!

  4. Hi William,
    Personal development that leads to belief and action is certainly the basis for success in anything that we choose to pursue throughout our lives. I agree, we definitely greatly benefit from mentors and leaders who work with us and support us towards our best interests – leaving out the hype. Thank you for being among the mentors who are committed to leading with a servant’s heart. 🙂

    1. Dena,
      Your deliverance of an evaluation, has a unique style that strengthens my belief, in more people out here, being steadfast in supporting others, with a loving touch. That is missing more each day in our profession.

      Thank you, for taking your valued time, in giving such supportive energy, to continue on the servant’s path. A lifetime of serving others, for their success is what it’s about. When you see unlimited people improve in the areas of their choice, for the better. It brings a warmth, that takes you to the next level. Then add people who have like minds, and bring real wisdom to you. WOW! now that is fantastic….

  5. Hi William,

    I can “hear” the passion in your “voice” as you write. You are clearly a person of great generosity. A beautiful thing, indeed.

    Due diligence in what you are thinking of investing in when it comes to your personal development, or anything else, is excellent advise. There are a lot of people out there that care only about getting your wallet out of your pocket rather than truly helping you. This is one thing that I hope to help put an end to, so we are really on the same path here. Well done!

    1. Deb,
      Thank you for your moving evaluation, on my article. It is people like you, who keep things moving in the right direction! You are committed in exposing the truths, no matter what feelings are produced. Feeling can be adjusted, yet truth is more hidden in this profession.

      Just consistent focus, on reminding people not to rush into anything. These days to many offers, pitches, and others. Display the same messages of fictional, limitation of time to join. That is not true with legitimate projects or offers. If everyone would take the time to complete research, prior to jumping in the next big thing. Our business would be uniformed and more people would be confident in their decisions.

      Deb, please understand that I am dedicated to your cause, which is mine! More people like ourselves are putting an end to actions, that are not ethical in our profession.

      Let’s keep connected, and amaze the masses!

  6. Hi William,
    I like what you said about a true mentor is concerned with helping the other person to succeed. As a therapist, I have worked with couples who may have a different agenda from what I would want for them. But it is my goal, as a counselor and coach to help their attain their goals, not mine.
    The other statement you made that I like is that others’ level of success has nothing to do with yours. So important not to judge ourselves by what someone else has accomplished. Instead, we need to focus on our own goals and dreams and learn what we need to do to accomplish that.


    1. Dr. Erica,
      Thank you for your insight in responding, with supportive wisdom. I look forward in reading your articles.

      I have done some research with others, in why people pitch to others a program or service, with displaying their actions, as success that the prospective customer or recruit, should base their decision on joining or purchasing. That is not what it is about, is it? When giving ethical information, for others to evaluate.

      I believe that one should show information in an easy to understand format. That shows benefits, which would support others needs and desires. Something worth value if it be a service. Then something that can help in personal development, and growth, if for joining/creating a business. Getting to now the person first, in order to truly serve them.

      I stride in helping others accomplish, what they want, to reach the highest level of their success. The method of choice is first, getting to know the person, and develop a plan with them. That is to accomplish what they desire. There development and success, being key areas of consideration.

      Dr., thank you for the excellent response, which I am sure many will be able to implement in their lives.

  7. Hi William,
    Once I heard someone say “It’s none of my business what others think of me or your programs” and I had to think about that statement and it’s true. My business is staying true to myself while helping others. How someone else interprets it really is none of my business. So, I agree with you, my success is totally up to me. Great to meet you through TSA! 🙂

    1. Lesly,
      it’s amazing, that so many of the people in our business, looses the key element, in truly supporting others’ personal growth, and success. You must help people grow first, before they even would have a chance at being successful, based on their belief, in what that is.

      Thank you for your evaluation on my post. Truly we must all at sometime come to the same conclusion of what a support system is. That time is now and not in the future. We can and must, place great value on each person, who we come in contact with, that is willing to accept our mentoring.

  8. What a refreshing blog post! So wonderful to hear somebody sincerely say “I am here to help you with whatever it is YOU need to succeed”. Congrats on saying it out loud.
    It is so important to have a support system. Without it, it is very difficult to reach the next level in our personal development. Having someone help who has done before what we are trying to accomplish is even more helpful to shorten the learning curve. Thanks for being such a giving person!

    1. Karin,
      thank you for that warm honest review. I do agree with you that any ethical way to shorten the learning curve, is well desired. Mentors can help release the daily stress, of being overwhelmed, with all the training required to understand any program, one chooses to build. We must be open, and available at the times, that are convenience for the ones we have accepted to help. Most leaders forget, that no matter the many times someone may need help. If you give quality information, and assistance. Then people will need less, hand holding, per say. The nurturing stage will not last long and the reward will be fantastic.

      Thank you for that edification on support.

  9. Hi William,
    You hit it right on! your success will be 100% determined by your level of personal development. People believe the myths that you can just join a membership site, the leads will roll in and hey presto, you are making oodles of money…

    Sorry to disappoint. It takes leadership, mentorship, experience, skills and real relationships with others to break through to incredible success. You know this though, William. I am very happy to meet you and I look forward to great collaboration in joining forces to share this important message with others.


    1. Clare,

      Always a pleasure to get such straight forward truth on the subject matter from one who has been so inspiring to all. Your clarity has been useful and a foundation!

      I agree with you on the openness, each must be willing to have, for personal growth. You have targeted the first step in accomplishing, creating a real business. The personal sacrifice, and determination in learning daily, that will help one grow. This is so important, before one would jump in to a frenzy, focused on just get people to join, without learning the business, themselves. To many have failed, based on lack of knowledge.

      If everyone would learn, from your wise, instruction. We would have more great leaders, with all the right tools. Then they would understand, how to utilize those tools, to help others. Once, that was accomplished, there would be no limitations, on what can be accomplished.

      Thank you for opening so many minds, to focus first, on personal growth. Not on the monetary gain, at the beginning. That will be produce, based on involving energy, in the personal development. Plus, daily education, which most people get lost, in understanding.

      I enjoy your comments, and please stop by again, to help all readers understand, what is really involved.

  10. It is indeed refreshing to know there are other mentors out there whose primary concern is the success of those he mentors. Keep up the good work, Billy. I’m glad to have met you through TSA and my blog. 🙂

    Willena Flewelling

    1. Willena,
      thank you for visiting my blog, and responding with supportive words on mentor-ship. I really believe that we all have something to give to others, that will edify them in such away, as action is inedible.

      Once we get that spark of inspiration burning, within the people that we mentor. They will be an unstoppable force. You have succeeded in generating a flow of positive energy, throughout that person. They in-turn will be eager to duplicate the same teachings to others, who ask for help and guidance. Your job was well done!

      Thanks again Willena for your sincere words of encouragement.

  11. Hey William,

    You are correct, we are in a battle in these “hype infested waters.”
    A true leader in this industry is interested in building other people up, developing them and helping them discover their purpose….

    Grateful that you are sharing this-

    1. Jamie, it seems that you have reflected great understanding of the human ability to really take the steps, that may seem uncomfortable in the beginning. After taking that step into the unknown. People will start to accept, changing they way they were exposed to believing, in we have limits for success. Is excepting a false belief, that they should let go of. Once people are exposed to truths. They will begin to act as in a way, of positive actions without limitations!

      You have broken your alkalies heal, to say. Let go of every limited teachings, when it comes to what is reality. Then, take clarity in knowing you are the only one, who limits your goal, of true success.

      I can not explain what your success should be, nor anyone else. You, know what you desire, and it is up to you to gain mentors, for each step to succeed, each daily goal. Then you, will have abandon, that comfort zone, and reach levels, thought to be unreachable!

      That is what develops one to greatness, and leadership, in its fullness. By taking responsibility upon ones self. Now, this is the starting point, that everyone should examine.

      Thank you for the valued time, and clarity you have presented, with such clarity, which I will support!

  12. Hi William – Great post! Personal development will definitely lead to success! It is key no matter what products or services you sell. We have to keep growing and moving forward!

    1. Glyna,
      thank you for you visit and supportive words. I can only continue to keep focused on personal development, of others. That is, if I truly want to help them succeed, in their projects now and in the future.

      Thank you again and please continue with your support!

  13. Hi Billy, I too agree about personal growth and development. I was really lucky when I first started out in Network marketing, because my business partners introduced me to personal growth and the law of attraction. There was a team of us who took the same coaching courses and personal growth sessions. One of my mentors used to have her own coaching session each week, where she would coach people one at a time in the group. It was wonderful the way those listening would also benefit from other people’s sessions. Having fun is key also! bye for now, Julieanne

    1. Julieanne, I agree with coaching or mentoring one on one is what is required, if you are in building a true team of dedicated people. You not only teach, yet train them to change their paradigm. This helps with what we need focusing on, personal development.

      If you only succeed in teaching people about a business plan. You will not get to the purpose of networking. That being, to make a lifetime connection of like-minded people who really require, an experience person to guide them, to their level of success. You put value toward quality support. Getting people to open their minds to unlimited possibilities. This will change the way of prior programing, that had them limited in growth.

      I agree with taking quality time, with everyone who request for your mentor-ship. Then edifying, every step towards their goals. That is one factor, I am being consistent with, on my teams.

      I thank you for your contribution in awakening, the desire within our readers. They and I, will progress to new levels to accomplish, our understanding of what being successful requires. Helping others achievements and guiding them through all the hard times. That is when they will appreciate your support, and become aware of your dedication level. Commitment is a key element in any mentors qualities.

      Please continue your expertise, in developing leaders in our business. This will only strengthen the burning dedication, in all of us.

  14. Hey Bill,

    Thanks for sharing another great post with a strong emphasis on personal development, which is where it all begins.

    We can’t allow anyone to define us, we have to be true to ourselves and follow our own path and ALWAYS be accountable.

    Remind yourself – if it’s meant to be it’s up to me.

    You are what you think about most of the time, so fill your mind with positive thoughts. Be a continuous learner and use Personal development and self improvement to identify areas of your life that you would like to change for the better.

    You must have an attitude of continual self-improvement. Every time you overcome a challenge and succeed, you will gain the confidence you need to achieve new personal development goals. Plus, each time it will be quicker and easier.

    I think the following quote by the amazing Brian Tracy says it best..

    “Personal development is your springboard to personal excellence. On-going, continuous, nonstop personal development literally assures you that there is no limit to what you can accomplish.”

    To your massive success,

  15. Marc,

    Great insight, as to attitude! You hit that on the point…

    Personal development, is the key, period. You can not accomplish growth, of a business, if you are not at the point of thinking, as a business owner. You must educate yourself, daily. Never a break, when it comes to learning the business!

    Getting with people who are at each point that you learn, will increase the understanding process. That is why I love being part of a group, that honestly helps people build, more that just a business. We are talking about life time friends! This makes it all the best.

    Marc, thank you again for sharing, with such simplicity! Please stop by again!

  16. Hello William

    If people listen to the hype they will be like a ship lost at sea with out any navigation equipment. Hype is not needed when focusing on the person and their needs. When someone hears this “Hay, I have the best thing for your”, they should immediately begin looking somewhere else.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City USA

    1. Perry,
      Very to the point. You have a unique way, of being blunt! I love it…

      I agree, with you on listening, for the self-selling ques, coming from a person. Allot of people are not aware of, the different techniques utilize, in a real sales pitch. Things have come a long way, in sells. Network Marketing, Affiliated Marketing are sells. I know, been there, and done that! Never again for me….

      The hardness of people, when there only focus, is the dollar, amazes me? I do not waste my time, to listen to any, sells pitches. If you are not coming to learn, what I need, or my desires. Please, just keep on moving, there are more compassionate people, who genuinely care, about my needs. I am not looking for the next best thing, to purchase, or join. I am looking to start, a real business. Not, make someone else money, by paying to join a group of people, required to purchase produce, each month? That is crazy, and makes every look, mindless. Is not that what everyone, is making an attempt, to leave. A place where the company is making money, off of you, spending yours? You must pay for, transportation to and from work, I don’t. You must pay for lunch, everyday you have to be, at your 9-5, I don’t. You have to tolerate office politics, and attitudes, I don’t. You get it by now…..yes?

      I created my HBB, so I just get up, when I want. I do what I want, and when. I go out, if I chose to. I eat at home, or go the movies in the midday. I travel after receiving a phone call, from a long distant friend, who wants company. I leave, and go away, on a drop of a dime. I answer to no one, except myself. I do not go to meetings, or conferences. I do not spend money, unless I choose to. This is the difference of owning a real HBB, v.s anything else, owned by a company, you would like to call it, what ever? I take any amount of money, being generated on my efforts, from over 30 years in business. I only do what makes me, feel good. What I have a true passions, for and love! Nothing else matters, except me helping others realize, they have no limitations and will succeed, with the right mentor, and coach. They also, require personal growth, in order to achieve their, own success. Based on, what they determine, that to be.

      I thank you Perry, for your powerful insight, on our subject matter. I look forward, in your blogs, next post.

      Here is to your, success!

  17. Hi William

    Thanks for a good post about your Business and personal development.

    In this moment of tome I busy learning how the subconscious mind is working
    and it all start there no other place . out minds I so power full and with personal development we can just make it so more stronger.

    I you over come that and master it you can start to build your business from with in and not from with out, You will just stand amaze when things just fall in to place for you .

    Great post


    1. Theuns, so well put with all that emotion jumping out of your words. WOW!

      That is deeply felt. I agree, personal development first. Then doing for others out of the kindness of your heart. Solving issues as the arrive, and support all who ask. Then things will fall in place for you.

      Yes, giving first is the primary factor in building, a real relationship with others. They become real friends. Overtime, they will need services and products, that you can supply. It would not matter, if they can get that same service/product else where. You are a true friend, and make them feel good. You have been there day in and out. You edify them, and keep them empowered. They in return, will be lifetime customers, with the pleasure of true friendship. That is the ultimate goal in business.

      Thank you, for your supporting words of comfort and guidance. Please, return soon to share more.

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