The Biggest Obstacles And Challenges For People In Our Industry?

To understand what having a HBB, is all about. Everyone seems confused with what is really going on, in our industry. It’s not about, who you know or product. That is why, all are struggling to make anything work. Bouncing around all over the place. Calm and peace is needed today!

I agree, develop real relationships with everyone, you connect with. You are the product…just understand that. No one is joining any opportunity or purchasing product, based on them liking a company. Just get to the bottom line here!

OK, you are the product. You must have a burning desire, within for personal growth. Then manifest all that power, to really support others. Energize them, and edify them daily. It’s about finding out what anyone, mother, sister and all the unlimited people, desire and dream about. Build those real relationships, and listen to what everyone is saying. Stop with the sells pitches, they never work. That is a big problem. Very view of our great mentors, coaches, and leaders. Instill support daily, to everyone in their business. You must listen to everyone, and stop focusing on you! It’s about the other person growing personally. Learning how to duplication you!

You are a great leader and visionary. Get to know what their determination, of success is. Then focus on a plan, that has daily activity for them to reach that success. Coach them in personal development, by referring books, and getting them involved in mastermind groups. This is a fantastic way to duplication support. Now, you have build a real lifetime relationship, that they are truly friends and clients. You are the great problem solver. Now you develop another person. That is the cycle of things being simple. It’s not a race. This is a real business, that if built correctly, on solid foundation. It will last more than your lifetime.

Gain everyone’s respect and confidence by really being involved in their lives. Support them daily with edification, and other methods. Then, teaching them how to utilize the Visualization method. This will harness, all their energy to manifest, unlimited achievements. Now that is Simplicity!

The Biggest obstacles are ourselves, with taking the focus off of self. Then applying it to others for their success. Challenges are understanding that we are the only products. People join People not opportunities. People purchase products from those who excite them. Who have a track record of supporting them in life. Those who edify them and not pointing out negative things about them. Those who only focus, has been on their success, as they determined it. Also, helps them develop their personal growth.

In closing, get involved with everyone in building a real relationship. Motivate them as the great mentors and coaches, as you are. Then duplicate yourself within them. Manifest unlimited energy, in all your actions and conversations. This excites everyone and they will want to follow you no matter where. They will purchase a roll of toilet paper from you. No matter how much more it cost them. It’s about making people understand their value. No limits exist, and they are shown that.

Please, leave a comment to help all who are making an attempt, to become leaders in our business.

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29 Replies to “The Biggest Obstacles And Challenges For People In Our Industry?”

  1. Hey William, good to read your article again this week. It is an interesting subject. While I agree with what you said, I think it has a little to do with the people we associate with. If they are constantly negative nothing we do is going to help them. It will as you said help us. I do prefer to be around people with my same mindset. William “Make it a Great week”

    1. Ross, nice to hear from you today! I agree, to be watchful of those who are negative that we work with. Yet, can’t we as great motivators change the atmosphere, to one that is exciting, and full of positive activity. Thus, will surround that negative person with love, and edification. They will have no choice than to chemically react, in a positive way. That is one way to get them in that zone!

      Ross, always a pleasure when you stop by. You really keep me going! Hope to read your new blogs post soon!

  2. Hi William ~ I really liked that you came right out and stated that regardless of our industry or company affiliation, ultimately we’re all the product. People join companies and opportunities not primarily b/c of the co. or product(s) yet because of us ~ people join us. They know us, like us and trust us. Your post takes this relationship to the next level by offering suggestions of what to do next to nurture the relationship, and help those who join you to become leaders. I really enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing 🙂 Christine

    1. Christine, all ways challenging us! Wonderful…

      I agree, and can not add anything, nor would I. You are a true asset in our business and one I would follow, all the way! I had to say it. Yes, being aware you are the product will help everyone understand. No selling is required, to achieve your greatness. If anything is taken form this post, is that!

      Christine, I am on my way over to your fantastic site. I look forward in the lesson I will learn today! Thank you for taking your time out, to help our readers over here!

  3. Hi William,
    You are so right. These days, YOU are the brand and it’s true – you, are the product. Today’s advertising and marketing is going towards creative, individual, innovative marketing : Being your own leader and CEO. In some ways it’s overwhelming because this is such new territory because we no longer have to “follow”, WE can be our own individual company. I think that’s pretty exciting. Nice discussion! 🙂

    1. Lesly, you magnify my words to the ultimate level I wanted to achieve! Good for you..

      I agree, this is a exciting time and we must attract people of comfort. People of greatness that will shine a room, with their presents. That is everyone we come in contact with, Yes!

      It is up to our visionaries and mentors to empower, that shine in others. Edification, will be the tool on this journey. I don’t now about you, yet everyday I receive edification from someone. It feels wonderful, and gives me motivation to reach high goals, in supporting others. That is a amazing feeling, that last all month, for me.

      Lesly, you have gotten me started, on another path. I thank you for dropping by and motivating our readers and I. Thank you, for all the positive energy you release, in all your words of encouragement, to unlimited people. I look forward to reading your blogs new post!

  4. Hi guys, please forgive the ignorance of this old man, but what is HBB?

    Not that I have laid out my ineptitude in the open, the concept of branding was alien to me until recently, even after over a decade of in the online business. Before that I thought branding was all about what the big boys needed to do.

    Thank you William for your insight,

    Keep the Smiles,


    1. Stevie, no worries even a wise man can learn! HBB is for “Home Base Business”. No this is not Affiliate Marketing, MLM, Internet Marketing or any other such stuff. HBB is for a person, who is dedicated at home, running their real business. Not selling products or items of other people. Coaching, Mentoring, Teaching and being a true Visionary to all, for the cause of empowering others, to hunger for personal growth. Then transforming all that energy, to achieving what that person determines, their success to be. Then having them live their dreams, while achievement to success is being accomplished. Truly Amazing…..

      This is a fantastic way to develop your own product. Ebooks and Articles, to help the masses come to some kind of unity, in our industry. How about, a coaching tape to help those who need hands on help. Your imagination is the only limitation, when creating tools that will help others grow personally. Then they will be equipped with tools and your focus is to mentor them, until they reach that higher level of being mentors themselves. It takes time, yet this is not a race. This is people’s lives being transformed for every!

      Stevie, loved your site and will be visiting it again. Thank you for stopping by!

  5. William

    I like how you emphasize really being involved with your team. That is really what it takes that interaction with you on a daily basis can give people the lift or the motivation they needed to do things they have put off or not done all together.


    1. Steve, very well put on daily support for you team. I agree, that this is part of your schedule put in place, to accomplish those goals you determined, will being you to that higher level of achievement. The ultimate level of success as you had determined, is counting on being involved and helping others. The more you support others goals. The faster you will achieve yours!

      Steve, always a pleasure and great learning experience with you! I look forward to your blogs next post!

  6. Hey Bill,

    Yet another great post on a very important topic. Networkers are faced with more challenges and obstacles today than ever before and it is up to us, as Leaders to take them down the correct path.

    One of the signs of a true Leader is to be able to assist others in their efforts to become Leaders.

    In order to lead others, you must be disciplined and strive to improve yourself every day through your own self development.
    In order to gain the respect of others, strive to lead by example in every area of your life.

    If you can bring out the best in others and give them the support they need and a healthy team environment, you will be setting the stage for the success of your business partners.

    Relationship building and giving of yourself with no expectations is the glue that will enable you to attract people to you, who want to be in business with YOU.

    I love the way you spelled out so many of the important attributes that we must have as Coaches, Mentors and Leaders in order to help others to overcome the many obstacles we are faced with.

    To your continued success in “keeping it simple”

    1. Marc, you are a genius and supportive friend. I see your activity and it is a reflection of a great leader, in our business. You have agreed to lead by example and are living proof.

      I agree, Coaches, Mentors and Leaders must overcome many obstacles faced with daily. Not even their own, being in a team environment. You must be a super problem solver, which is natural for true leaders. It is a skill of a project manager to organize and keep the positive flow going. Motivating all that are counting on their abilities to lead. Now, that can be a frightening situation, if not being mentored themselves. No one can accomplish greatness alone. You may want to, from bad experience with false mentors. Hey, we have all had that, been there stuff. Yet, give someone a chance to show you the right methods, to be utilize. Will save you years of more disappointments.

      Marc, you have shown your courage and leadership, through all the areas that are needed to be a great mentor. You burning desire, is displayed on every key stroke, by leaving usable content. I look forward in growing and sharing with you. We are going to change the way others are empowered, to the point of starving for personal development. Then we can transform them, into more great mentors, coaches and visionaries.

      Thank Mar, for stopping by and infusing me with so much energy. Just knowing someone like yourself. Believes in the same activities, in helping others first. This make it all worth it.

      May we never loose, our amazing desire, to support others with a servant’s heart!

  7. “You are the product…just understand that.” Spot on. If more people understood (or accepted) this simple truth they would be quickly amazed at how much their bottom lines improved.

    Network marketing today is not much different than 10 years ago. While, yes, we’re online now and have some powerful tools we didn’t used to have, just like back then you CANNOT succeed unless you shake those hands, make those connections and build those relationships.

    1. Ylva, that is so true with “Shaking Hands” with everyone you come in contact with. Building true relationships that are going to last a lifetime. Think about it, for one moment. Only connecting with those you feel comfortable with, is the way to go. You are going to become a part of their lives. This should make you focus on creating a bond. I do not know about you. However, I for one would not be involved with anyone, who I could not get along with. One who is not willing to grow personally, and achieve greatness as they determined.

      Now, I love everyone and will continue to pray for them. Yes, I am friendly with all who I come in contact with daily. Yes, I take no offense, to words spoken without love. That is just me. Everyone is different, and must face their own reflections of attitude, as I say.

      We will all be greater in developing more mentors and coaches. If unity can be established, in the near future. Product is not an object that one pushes on others. You are not selling yourself. You are the product and giving of yourself is what people desire. You must be honest and ethical in all your dealings. Do not sell. You come off cheap and false. Be yourself and show your supportive qualities, with so much energy. All who hear your voice, would be amazed and empowered. Choose your words carefully, and manifest all that fantastic power to the surface!

      Thank you Ylva, for getting those creative juices going! I look forward to your next blog post. You are a true visionary in our business, and it is reflected on the quality content you have always produced. Keep doing what you do!

  8. So many people fail to realize that not only is it a “people business” but you have to be a likeable, actionable, and trustworthy person and if your not you best get busy becoming one! So much of the home based business industry comes down to “soft science” skills that get overlooked time and again because they are not sexy like social media. Social media can do a great job wrecking your precious invisibility if you don’t get your head together and become a personal of quality. Better to invest in yourself first, foremost and always!

    1. Kim,
      WOW! You went all the way with bringing us back to reality. I agree, invest in one self is the key.

      Learn about who you want to be and do it! Keep ethical and honest answers when questioned. Hey, if you don’t have the answer right then and there. Tell them, I will look into it. That will not make you a weak leader, no. You must do research most of the time, to answer questions and resolve issues correctly.

      After all, it is your name on the line when giving a response. People trust in your leader abilities, and also are on the path of duplicating you! Create those fantastic real supportive leaders.

      Kim, always a pleasure when you stop by. I love your straight forward approach. Please, return soon!

  9. William,
    You said it in your first paragraph and that’s what suck with me, “Calm and peace is needed today!” Gee whilickers is that piece missing today. We live frantic, hectic and chaotic lives. Rush, rush, rush, post over here, meet over there, plan an event and network until we’re blue in the face.

    I like the part in The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale where he talks about the calming affect of merely saying the work “tranquility”. It’s melodic nature has a soothing influence. It’s what we need more of today – tranquility! Ahhhhhh.


    1. Rick, your right on point with focusing on “tranquility”. Everyone should take a time out, per say. Smell the roses and relax for a little while.

      It is not a race that we are committed to. We are changing lives, and have a huge effect on the end results. When we choose to become leaders in this business. We understood all the challenges that would be faced. Taking one step at a time is the only way, for a smooth transaction.

      Thanks Rick, for refocusing us all on the calming affect needed today! Well done…

  10. Hi Wiliam

    Thank again for your great post.

    YES YES YES you are 100% right , it is not about you or your Company Ext.
    It is about the other person. If you can make him see that you are interested in him more that you wanting him to know what you do, yes he love to know what you are doing but let him ask you that Question not you telling him that. And don’t spill all the beans at one’s if you ask you just answer what you want to know.


    1. Theuns, being truly involved in supporting others, with an unlimited passion, is being transparent. There are no hidden agendas, that we as great coaches, need to be concerned with.

      Only accomplishing what we have a deep empowering passion for, is key. We are duplicating ourselves. We are assisting others to see themselves as mentors, coaches, teachers and powerful leaders, that our industry requires to survive. That is, being at a level of ethical unified activity.

      Always a pleasure Theuns. Please keep interacting with our readers sharing, your valid point of perception. Love to see your next great post!

  11. Hi Bill,

    Wow, my brother. This is deep stuff and every word is true. The more I practice these principles in my own life and business the more I find my business partners for life.

    I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are one of my top most inspirational mentors and friends.

    Talk Soon and Take Good Care,

    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

    1. David, it is an honor and blessing being in your life. I look forward to many wonderful years of sharing the bliss with others.

      I agree, the context here is for us to open the eyes of all our readers. If we can accomplish unification and a real support system. This is worth all.

      Thank you David, and I look forward in seeing your next amazing article on your blog, today!

  12. What great advice William! I worked a direct sales organization for nearly a decade and part of my job was to conduct “train the trainer” coaching – it was easy to tell who had “star” potential by observing how they interacted with other people – primarily, listening more than talking. Those who really succeed in that business are the one’s who care enough to get to know and understand the people on their teams. Inspirational – thanks!

    1. Marquita, you display here, great supporting information for our readers. I agree, listening more than speaking is essential, in developing a real understanding of others.

      Your are a great asset, in our industry and a amazing coaching specialist. I would follow your advice anytime. I know all who agree to be involved with you, will grow to higher levels of personal development. Then they will duplicate your clear understanding of achieving their success, as they determined it to be.

      Great sharing, and I look forward today in reading your blog. I know more wisdom will be received. Thank you for stopping by and please return soon…

  13. Hello William,

    That is my sir name also, but I prefer Willie, the nick name a great mentor gave me in my youth.

    You hit on some key points: many of us are bouncing around all over the place, and we are the product and the people we come into contact with, to share our business with, are also the product we have to deal with.

    One of my first mentors in the MLM industry was a very successful indusrty leader, Dale Calvert.

    Dale has always said our real product is people, thus we have to learn how to effectively deal with people if we want to have success in our business and have it grow.

    Everyone now days talk about you inc, and I agree you certainly have to make a good impression, but you also have to give of yourself.

    One great benefit I find in IM and NWM is we who are in these industries get to choose with whom we want to work and do business with.

    It’s time to stop running around like chickens with our heads cut off and get serious helping others to achieve their dreams, that is if those whom we try to help, want better.



    1. Willie, you have demonstrated true understanding of what it takes to be a great mentor, coach, leader and visionary in our business. Fantastic!

      I agree, we must build those relationship to understand the needs of those we choose to work with. Being a real supportive source, and motivating power with all, is the ultimate goal.

      I look forward to reading your blog with more knowledge we can share with our readers. Keep helping others the way you do…..

  14. Hello William:

    I enjoyed your post here. In business it has always been, & will Always BE about RELATIONSHIP, getting to know folks, taking a genuine interest in them, & finding ways to serve them.

    Thanks for this important reminder William

    Matt Geib The Great

    1. Matt, your a true leader that I would love to build a more solid relationship…

      I agree, it is always about building a real relationship. Then being supportive daily with all who you agreed to be involved with. Not expecting anything in return. Now, that is true support.

      Your a great mentor and visionary in our global industry. I appreciate your supportive comments, and look forward in your return.

      I can’t what to read your next wonderful blog post.

  15. Hello William

    The products and the company are not the most important aspect of our business, if they were then we would have no place in the business. Our business is about relationships, however those relationships begin by asking questions and listening to prospective partners. Asking questions helps them to find their real driving force, which is much more than money and things. You gave us some powerful advise in this statement, “Stop with the sales pitches”. William this is an article that should be read and internalized because of the many golden nuggets that you shared.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

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