Understanding Your Business Choices

Being passionate in what you do is key. The products in MLM that one must purchase monthly is tricky. You must understand the needs of the masses instead of your love of a product, some company is requiring you to purchase on a monthly basis, to qualify for a little revenue of return. Yet, you must load up on things of no practical continued usage to you. That is when you realize that $49.95 per month auto-payment is just not worth it. To late on getting back your money and apologies required to all your family, friends. What a joke!

That is why, I believe in mentoring, coaching and leading others in being successful as each determines, what success to them is. That is a real HBB and can be very profitable. It is not about selling products. It is about developing real relationships and empowering others to have that burning desire for personal growth.

You are the product, period. You build relationships with those people who have common desires. Your going to be with them the rest of your life. This is a key fact in developing a real relationship. Then you are mentoring each person and helping them reach each daily step, to accomplish great levels of achievement. They then become a duplication of you! You then start with more people repeating the process.

You may ask, how can you be creating revenue, if your only building lifetime relationships. Hey, anyone who supports me and helps me achieve personal growth. They are the ones who I will purchase things during my lifetime. It is that simple. They also are visionaries who lead you to understanding and personal development. They also, solve daily problems, you have been expressing to them.

You must give first and then help others. Put yourself out of the equation as me, me. Focus on empowering others in personal development. Then coaching, mentoring them, with edification daily. Leading them to resolve all issues based on you being a great visionary. Never selling anything except yourself, as a true hands on supporter.

You now are in the position to listen and teach others, how to master a skill of visualization. They have no limits except in their minds. Show them how to live their dreams on a daily basis. Hey, I love to travel the globe helping people understand, they can achieve everything their hearts desire. The only thing standing in their way is limited thinking. I teach them how to visualize, which manifest things they desire. They tell me what is success as they determine. I mentor and empower them to the point of intense desire, burning within. They are so empowered for personal development, and duplication of being mentors, coaches, leaders and a visionary in our industry.

Helping others with a servant’s heart. Giving them their dreams and showing them real support, all the way to success as they determined. It is so amazing, all the stories of success I have received. You will always love what you choose to become. A great mentor, coach, leader and visionary in your own HBB.

That is priceless!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing. I look forward to comments which will support a clear understanding for our readers. I look forward to your return for more insightful articles, being created to help empower and teach .

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45 Replies to “Understanding Your Business Choices”

  1. Network marketing is a “people business.” Actually, I think every business is mainly based on serving people. But this profession is especially focused on building up people. It has been called personal development. It is based on relationships, which are better than money. It is based on feelings and attitudes. It is based on love, caring and sharing. If you understand this, the money will follow.

    The most common mistake beginners make in network marketing is to try to do it alone, or with a few downline. It is a team sport, and the first team you have is your upline. They are more experienced and usually more successful, and they will work for you at no cost to you.

    1. Buddy, your words are very supportive to helping others…

      I agree, taking the time to understand working with others is the only way to be in this industry. No one can do it alone. All who have attempted the lone wolf mentality have fallen. Never misunderstand the power of the team. As my great friend Marc Korn states:

      T= Together
      E= Everyone
      A= Achieves
      M= More

      Breaking that down as to give first and work in unity. This is a key element that has and will work time and time again. Get with a team is the first step in developing into a great leader, mentor, coach and teacher.

      Buddy, I feel your a great visionary who has traveled on both sides at onetime. Willing to share to others, will stop them from going through that painful journey. You have saved priceless heartache, and lost time by sharing this valued observation.

      I look forward in your next post. I will be visiting your blog to see your amazing ability to transform the masses. Please, return soon.

  2. Hi Wiiliam,
    You are so right about building relationships. Being a begginer blogger, I am so amazed at the help that I have received. In our fast paced world it seems that people are not patience enough to take the time to get to know people. Relationships take time. The cannot be built in one post or phone call.
    Thanks for your insights.


    1. Joyce, lets get to supporting and motivating those who do not understand how to build real relationships. What this will bring for all who are involved…

      I agree, many people just won’t get it. How to build a real business or HBB. You must start by being passionate of what you do. If not, this is the wrong thing for you to be involved in. Your not going to make a million dollars overnight. This is a lifetime and life changing journey.

      You have to be supportive and transparent in all ethical activities. Get you out of the equation! Place focus on others by edifying them daily. Mentoring them with a burning desire, to accomplish the steps to success that they determined.

      Coach them in to each activity of support needed. Teach them skills required to become mentors, teachers, coaches, and visionary. Show them how to manifest things into being. By utilizing and mastering the powerful visualization skill. This is priceless, and must be developed overtime.

      We will bring passion back to this industry, one person at a time. Patience is something one must practice daily. Think of things that make you happy and joyful. Share that love and support to all. Develop skills and then share them. Just give first and expect nothing in return. Get with a group that will support your growth, and success as you determined.

      Joyce, I feel peace and calmness from you. Your a passionate person with a burning desire to explode so much energy. Let it be focused on sharing with others to motivate them.

      I thank you Joyce, for your visit. I look forward in visiting your blog and learning new techniques of patients and how to apply it.

    1. Andy, observation on your part…

      I agree, first develop that relationship that is for a lifetime. Do not take it lightly for your being trusted to help others succeed as they determined it to be. Learn everything about their lives. Then as problems come, they will turn to you for a resolution. You being a great leader, you will be able to supply the source to resolve all issues. This is a practice service that you have mastered. That is the key in giving first and receiving after.

      Andy, what a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for your support and I look forward in seeing more insightful post.

  3. Hey Bill,

    Excellent post…you hit it out of the park!! I think you hit on EVERY important point that a HBB owner needs to be aware of.

    The model for success is different today than it was in years past and the ones that continue to build with the old methods of recruiting and selling products will find that they are not going to help their business partners succeed and will not have retention and duplication in their business.

    You have to be willing to GIVE before you can receive and that means adding value and helping others and then and only then will the Universe give back to you.

    In order to stay the course and remain in the game long enough to succeed, you need to develop your Self Improvement skills and be a continuous learner and surround yourself with great support systems.

    This is a PROCESS and not a RACE and you can’t do it alone.

    You are 150% correct when you say that WE are the product. People don’t join a business, they join YOU!

    So… if YOU, Inc. can provide the support, leadership and guidance, YOU will have many raving fans and people that want to be in business and buy from YOU!!

    To your continued dedication to HBB,

    1. Marc, your amazing and empowering me daily…

      Marc what can I say, except that you for all your support. I know your a great leader and mentor. I have had the privilage no, the honor of building a real relationship with you. I know Marc, you are a visionary. Anyone who can place a thought in my mind and then I utilize the skill of visualization. Must be a real hands on supporter of others.

      I’m going out on the limb. Marc, I look forward in growing with you through bad weather and good. It’s all the same when your passionate with helping other succeed as they determined. Living the dream and sharing the love is worth it.

      I will be visiting your blog today. I thank you for all your support here ant at Monitium. Man what a good time we are having. Love Ya, brother…

  4. Bill,

    I like that ” its not about me!” It’s about helping others because if you don’t help others you aren’t helping yourself. Great descriptive post. I am now following this blog.

    1. Tim, words of support and comfort…

      I agree, helping others is about we being transparent, that helps us grow. The more you put service as the fist step, during the process of building real relationships, is priceless. You can accomplish anything without limits. You mind is the only thing that can make limitations on your visions.

      Tim, thanks for stopping by and I will be visiting your blog shortly for more insight on what is needed today!

  5. William I agree with Marc Korn man this post is powerful. I mean the reaching out and really taking an interest in the people on your team to this degree would be powerful.

    If all people considered themselves sponsors and mentors and then did half of what you describe here this would be an industry you would have to beat people off with a bat.

    I really enjoy your passion on the subject and I know you live this. I can tell by the way you contribute so well in TSA your post and comments are amazing. Good job.


    1. Steve, a man with supporting and passionate words of edification…

      I agree, we as in you and I with others of TSA. We are the first step in this vision. Your a great leader in our industry. There are so many out here who needs this.

      I can’t help but to wonder why there has never been a platform to create real leaders, coaches, mentors, and teachers in our industry. This would uncomplicated things and have uniformity. Then we can teach others on a more massive scale. It takes a team of dedicated leaders to accomplish this.

      Steve, I look forward to you next exciting post for all our readers. I pray for unity and recreation of great leaders…Amen!

  6. “Helping others with a servant’s heart.” I love this. Really beautiful. It’s so easy to get caught up in the “getting” instead of the “giving.” Our true path to success has to include honest service to others.

    1. Ylva, so inspiring words of calmness…

      I agree, we can loose track of our true steps. Yet, with much determination and passion for helping others. We soon return to the correct mindset. Hey, we are only human and must meditate daily on positive actions. Then we can recharge and move on. Serving others and empowering them is key.

      Ylva, always look forward for your visits. Your a huge passionate mentor and I look forward in reading your new blog post.

  7. William! This is such a great, and true post. I can not agree more.

    If you give out immense value, value will find its way back to you, it is simple karma. Mentoring and coaching is an industry on it’s own, especially when you combine it with the powers of personal development. It is simply wonderful the things you can achieve when you open your mind, it will all play out in front of you. If you help someone achieve their dream, I am sure your own would come true. if not, I can not imagine a great sense of accomplishment than helping someone realize, and achieve it.

    I look forward to applying this further into my life, Great post!


    1. Brandon, your remarkable and that what makes us develop into leaders….

      I agree, just helping others succeed as they determined. This is what it’s all about with me. The passion shared to accomplish great levels of understanding. Building true relationships for a lifetime. Growing personally daily by sharing and caring. Golden!

      Brandon, not only you amaze me with so much wisdom and clarity. You keep me balance with true compassion for what I do. I know you have so much power to share with others. I see you developing into a great leader and coach in our industry. Your already a great visionary with unlimited energy. You empower others to a level of awe.

      Thank you for taking time to visit. I look forward in reading your blogs post.

  8. Hi William,

    Wow…excellent stuff!
    This post is priceless!

    I like how you lead off with passion. If we are not passionate about what we are doing, chances are we won’t stick around through the bumps and bruises.

    You’re right, it’s not about selling products. It’s about selling yourself as being different than everyone else. Selling yourself as the leader, mentor, and coach they have been looking for. And, if we are truly leading from a place of values and helping others first, then it’s not really selling at all… it’s who we are, without compromise.

    Thanks for this great post William. I can’t wait to share your thoughts to others.
    All the best,

    1. Kevin, very supporting words that energize me to continue helping others.

      I agree, if you have true passion of what your doing. Then it’s not selling or a job per say. That is how you were met to live. Only doing what you love and helping others accomplish their success as they determined. Living the dreams that we manifest and teaching others how to accomplish the same. Lifetime skill being share from love…

      Kevin, I feel real strong passion about you. I look forward in reading your blog and come back soon.

  9. Hi William!

    Great points for smart business owners, whether it’s a home based business or otherwise! Thankfully, we are returning to the old, established way of doing business and that is by truly loving (being passionate about) what we do; always learning and teaching; and, building valuable, trusting relationships with people. I can’t imagine a better than that to conduct business.

    1. Loren, your so supportive and create a warm atmosphere….

      I agree, the old ways never left. New people in the business were mislead into some hype belief. Now, it is being corrected by the real mentor, teachers, coaches, and visionaries. We will establish true duplication, using ethical activities.

      Business has changed and if you can not build true relationship that will build trust and confidence. Then you have no passion for creating a real business. Then this may not be for you. This is not a race by any means. This is a lifetime journey and can not be accomplished by yourself. So, if you were mislead. I apologize, and pray for you not giving up. It’s never too late for creating a real business with ethical leaders in our industry. We are here and willing to show you how.

      Loren, I know your a great leader in our business, and have demonstrated true passion. Your willing to help all who come your way. This is an amazing talent you have.

      I look forward in visiting your blog. Please, return soon.

  10. Hey William, great job here of both laying out your passion and empowering others at the same time. It is obvious that you put a lot of thought and heart into these words.

    I seem to have this love-hate relationship with attraction marketing. I love the principles, what it stands for, and the way it is truly meant to better yourself while helping others. What I don’t like is that it is no way to feed the family today!

    I think a hybrid plan is in order. Do the marketing, make the sales, build the people, grow from the relationships, and prosper together forever!

    1. Cheryl, concerning words which must be address for clarity….

      I agree, we need daily revenue to take care of our needs, such as family eating and bills. That is where being with a true visionary, coach, mentor and teacher comes in. This person is qualified and experience more that 30 years of service in our industry. Calling yourself a great mentor, coach, teacher and visionary is earned.

      If your with a mentor and they don’t have a continued plan of daily revenue for you and your families daily needs. They are not fully develped to have the honor of a true leader in our industry.

      True leaders take care of every aspect and have the resource to get everyone who is following them. Resouces that will support every area of a persons life. This is a key requirement so focus can be only on personal developement and success based on how you determined. They would mentor you into being a duplication of a great coach, mentor, teacher and visionary. All while your are generating a real usable daily revenue from their source.

      One can not create a real business without being totally focused on developemt. This can only be done without stress of feeding a family and keep the electric on. This is why you must use due diligence, being involved with a new mentor. These are steps everyone needs to consider.

      Get with a real leader who has support resources in place. They also would have a group of like minded people as a team. This is how a real business is built. This is how you have real duplication of self.

      We are out here. Yet, you must utilize due diligence to find us. That is how you create a real relationship with others. That is how you bond with others. That is how you can have a burning desire for personal growth. That is how you become a great mentor, leader, teacher, and coach. Then the duplication process is complete. Now, you take what you have learned and repeat the process. It is that simple with a real leader. We just keep duplicating the process.

      I know you are a visionary Cheryl, who has paid her dues, per say. I look forward in your next blog post.

  11. Excellent post and I agree with you 100%. Even though I believe you need passion for the product your company promotes so others see your excitement and commitment it is about the “We”.You can’t do it alone you need your team members.That is where that Residual Income comes in and makes Network Marketing a team business or people business.When you are a giver to your team and help them you will reap the rewards.
    Thanks William!

    1. Beverly, supportive outlook…

      I agree, being passionate about your product and others seeking it is a key. Always knowing that product is you? You are the true product and being transparent and supportive is key. Building real relationships is the first step. Then that bond is developed and they will see your compassion. You will empower them with manifesting a hunger, within to want your support in resolving their problems. You would then offer solutions based on your resources. That is how residual income is earned and not made. Making relationships with real passion and people will purchase anything from you. This is even without knowing about your sources. They just trust you will have a solution to their problems.

      Beverly, your a great asset in our industry. Others truly learn daily from you and follow your advise. That show great character and passion.

      Thank you for stopping by and supporting our readers and I.

  12. Building relationships, helping others with their best interest in mind is unquestioningly the call of this era. Hit people between the eyes with your best opportunity shot and you’ve lost them. Once trust can be established and dialogue initiated maybe, maybe at some point business might just enter the picture. The more people who know you as a man or woman of integrity (someone who does what they say they will do) only then can a bond and relationship be developed.

    Nice article William, points well made. People who see your vision are very lucky folks.


    PS Being a mentor with a servant’s heart only works when one is pure of heart.

    1. Rick, your supportive words inspire this writer to continue on my journey, in helping the masses…

      I agree, trust is needed and building it requires patients. You must be willing to bond with everyone who put their lives, per say in your hands. Never taking lightly the awesome responsibility you have chosen. Keeping yourself focused on them is the task.

      Very well put Rick. Your a true visionary, and I look forward in learning more of compassion for others from you.

      Thank you for sharing this insight to all our readers and I.

  13. Hey William,

    If only more people felt and acted the way you do, perhaps we could once and for all get rid of the “scam” mentality when people hear the words network marketing.

    I have recently become involved with 2 groups of people who obviously think the same way you do. They help marketers in our company without regard to whether they’re in the same team or not. To them, all that matters is that you’re promoting the same company and making the pie bigger for all.

    While everyone knows we do this to earn a living, everyone should also know that unless you’re giving greater use value to your customer than the monetary value you’re asking in return, you’re doing them and yourself a disservice.

    1. David, so powerful in your approach…

      I agree, to always give quality support to all we are involved with. We are showing them who we are and how far our support will be. Being transparent is the key. The company really doesn’t matter to people.

      People will follow you and buy product based on them feeling a true bond with you. You must build a real relationships first. Knowing there desires and dreams is a process of this development. Then trust is formed and they will purchase a piece of toilet paper worth $5.00 for you. Even when they can walk to the store for less. It’s about the comfort and trust you build. This while creating a real relationship.

      If someone has supported me and solved my problems daily. I would purchase all my needs from them. You are the product and not any company. I would not care about a company, when we have a true bond of trust. One you build over time, with quality support from a servant’s heart. Somethings to meditate on for a while, would be who are you and what do you have that will solve my problems?

      Dave, your a great mentor and mover shaker in our industry. You have supported unlimited people with passion. You are a visionary at the highest level, and it is reflected in your ethical actions for years. I would not doubt your mentorship skills and will be honored to learn in the future from you! Even a wise-man can learn…..

      I look forward in building a real relationship with you Dave. I will be visiting your blog for more insight.

      Thank you for stopping by and look forward in your next visit.

  14. Choosing a business opportunity that is appealing to people is very important. Yet, I believe that you have to also love what you’re promoting. My personal preference has always been the first criterion for me. Of course, I would never promote something that has not a great deal of potential but the first thing I am interested in is if I love what I do. It’s the only way to remain enthusiastic about it for years an years.
    Thanks for this great article,

    1. George, the man with vision and great observation skills….

      I agree, to love what you chose to due. I would not get involved with anything that I have no passion and love for. That includes people I give my word to support. If I can’t visualize myself in being involved with someone the rest of my life. They will not be involved with my business. I would all ways share some love, and support for their personal growth. That is as far my journey will go with them.

      I do not believe in anything being the product, except self. If any readers get anything, you are the product. You must love yourself before you can love others. So, you must love the product, which is you. Just get that!

      George, your a true passionate coach and mentor in our business. I look forward in many years of development with you.

      I look forward to reading your next new blog post, on your site.

  15. William,
    I agree with what you’re saying. I believe it has to start with confidence in ourselves. When we honestly believe in ourselves, we’ll know how to love and accept others and help them believe in themselves. That is the begining of support like you said!
    Thank you!

    1. Linda, your right on point and I hear ya…..

      I agree, confidence in one’s self is awesome. Loving one’s self is more powerful and will be reflected in our service to others. This is when you would let your light shine so bright, as to blind all negativity. Empowering others with all that love, is a goal and skill. Teaching others their inner strengths, by edifying them daily on each step accomplish. This will get their attitudes up to higher levels. Their confidence will shoot to the Moon!

      Coaching them daily in the right directions. Mentoring them each step of the journey and keeping real hands on support. These and many more techniques, are serious supportive skills. Teach them all skills that will duplicate a great leader, coach, and mentor.

      Now, they are ready to become real visionaries. Teach them how to utilize the ultimate skill of visualization. Show examples and let them use their burning desires to manifest all things into being. That is true skill.

      Get them involved with a solid ethical group. Just as your in with TSA. That is how greatness is achieved. Doing and being part of something greater than yourself. Leaving you out of the equation, and give to others, for there personal growth with success as they determined, as the end result. Now they are great coaches, mentors, leaders and visionaries in our industry. You both just duplicate the process. Leave out all the hype and glory. Give that to them. They are what matter and nothing else. Show that by being persistent with their goals being accomplished.

      Linda, thank you for stopping by and sharing your vast knowledge, with our readers and I. Your a fantastic person with loving support and it shows.

      I look forward in visiting you blog. Let’s see what we can improve on today!

  16. Great post! All the things you mentioned apply to All business, not just HBB. “You are the product, period. You build relationships with those people who have common desires.” As a physician, I try to remember this with every patient. I know from experience that I have to be the healthiest person in the room in order for my patients to believe what I’m telling them, and they won’t really listen until I’ve developed a relationship.

    1. Shannon, you are a great asset to all…

      I agree, living and being passionate about what you choose to due is key. I live my passion and dreams without any limitations. I desire to support all in personal development and achieving what they determine as success. I take me out of the equation, and only focus on them. This is how I build lifetime relationships, by being transparent to all. I have no secrets and will remain ethical in all my activities.

      Shannon, I know you to be a passionate person, with great leadership skills. You are one of our energized leaders in the business. I for one would follow your mentoring.

      Thank you for taking time from you busy schedule, in sharing amazing wisdom. My readers and I will love to see your next response. I look forward in reading your blog. Knowing the end result, can only make me more award of human behavior.

  17. Hey William,

    Great post, you’ve covered a lot of ground here…but what I think is really important is the your point on being a servant. How many people just don’t get this? If we all could have this attitude, network marketing would see a major decline in the current attrition rate.

    1. Paul, you have a keen eye for observing what is important in our business. Keeping the people we agree to support, to reach their success as they determined. Serving with true compassion at all times. Remaining persistent in edifying them daily to manifest their greatness.

      To stop attrition in our industry. We must complete the duplication process. Allot of people never develop into real mentor, teachers and coaches. They make the attempt to not be willing to learn for a mentor. Nor, understand the importance of being in a support group. This is the cause of so many people being burned out, before they have a passion level to empower themselves, to higher levels of achievement. This is no problem if we duplicate ourselves in them. Resonate the right atmosphere of excitement, with determination to learn. That is so powerful and can help people move in the direction, required to reach each step of maturity.

      Empower others to the point of their passion, and hunger for personal growth is overwhelming. Then take all that energy and focus them on the ethical steps to achieve, for success as they determined. Once they have reached this point. You must edify them daily, to support there confidence in them being great coaches, leaders, mentor and visionaries. You have accomplished a lifetime relationship, and duplicated another leader in our industry. Now, they will repeat the cycle and you will also. That will stop the attrition rate. Having one platform to retain all people who you have motivated, mentored, coached and tough to be great leaders. Then direct them into where to go from there.

      Now, there is a place that has conquered this problem. You being a visionary should utilize due diligence, and research where this platform is.

      Paul, I feel your a passionate leader in our industry. I will love to see how you develop into a great mentor, coach, leader and visionary.

      I thank you for visiting our location. I look forward to more sharing form you in the near future. Keep on giving to others and supporting with that servant’s heart….

  18. This is really food for thought. I think it is harder to sell yourself than sell a product but yet, that is how it works these days. Building relationships is crucial. So many people scamming out there. You have to prove that you’re not one of them. And I like how you mentioned passion. Thanks for this great post. It got me thinking on what I need to do to see improvements in my business.

    1. Lian, always a pleasure hearing from you….

      I agree, if you think of selling yourself v.s. you are the product, it will seem difficult. If you know who you are. Then only doing what you have a true passion for. Being a giver to others and truly support their personal growth. Building a real relationship first. Then anyone will be willing to follow you based on all the support you gave.

      You must visualize you being a great mentor, coach, teacher. Getting with a supportive group of people, who can help you grow. Then once you have accomplished true duplication of a great mentor, coach, teacher and visionary. That is only when you help others to become the next leaders in our industry.

      I thank you Lian, for stopping by and sharing with our readers and I. Please, return soon and share with us. If you need help let us know at TSA. You may contact me if needed. We have great supporters within TSA that will mentor you to the point of duplication.

      Thank you again and keep that burning passion within to achieve great things.

  19. You have a point that most people would love to build to – being a mentor, available to travel the world to help others. The difficulty would be a.) getting to the point where you could effectively mentor others, creating a significant income doing it and b.) getting to the financial position they need NOW. Which ultimately boils down to time, the here and now, the bills are due today.

    Your post reminds me of “The Go Getter” written by Bob Burg and David John Mann. They wrote a wonderful book telling how you can provide value to others, how you can help others while still creating a profit for yourself.

    Excellent book for anyone serious about building a business.

    1. Joyce, what a pleasure in you stopping by, and adding value to our post…

      I agree, there will be challenges for the mentor, teacher, coach and visionary when they accept the challenge of serving others. That is how they reached these levels, of leaderships. So, anyone who has reached the highest level of mentor, teacher, coach and visionary, are already making significant income. This would have your first obstacle non-existing?

      The last point of issue, would be supporting others to reach the level of having income now, to pay bills due today. Well, that is why you are a great visionary? You would have in place, a procedure for generating daily revenue, to support their needs. This way, they would be able to focus on steps required for personal development, and achieving their success as they determined.

      I for one, have a process for my unlimited people, to have daily income to support their current financial needs. While keeping them focused on what really matters. Their true journey in accomplishing their success as they determined.

      This is what our readers should understand. This is not a race, no. This is a lifetime journey. I would not advise anyone to quite their day jobs, just yet. Allow time to feel and see the results. Then using due-diligence, you will know when you can afford to leave that 9-5. All results are based on each persons hunger for achievement.

      You as a great experienced professional. Should be the one to guide others on each step, as the achieve each higher level towards their success. Then coaching them to duplicate you! That being, a leader in our industry. You would know the second step for you would be duplication. How you achieve that is by being a true visionary or utilizing your mentor. It depends on your experience level. Saying your a great coach, mentor, teacher and visionary. Doesn’t make it so. You must know without doubt, that you have reached the levels required to state….I am a great coach, mentor, leader and visionary.

      Others would see it in you. This is by the way, you would be responsive to them. How you would share all knowledge for the better of others. How passionate you are in others future achievements. How, you leave you out of every equation when coaching, mentoring, teaching others. It’s about them and no one else. It is about them finally reaching their ultimate goal of success, as they determined. You are just coaching and nurturing them during the journey. Building a true lifetime relationship, that will be reflected by them being the new developed mentor, coach, teacher and visionary you are.

      That is keeping it simple. You need to resonate passion in what you do. Then empower others to do the same. Making money daily for the immediate needs is simple, if your a true visionary. That is when you share that source with all who have come to you. You only focus on them do the same. That being on things that will increase their personal development and success being achieved. That is all.

      Thank you Joyce, always a pleasure when you stop by. Thank you for clarifying a deep concern, that our reader can relate with. Then you being the great visionary, understood how this little writer was going to react. I look forward to your next visit.

  20. Hi William,

    Everything in business (and life) is about establishing, building, nurturing, and maintaining relationships. People like to do business with people they know and trust and trust only comes from earning it. It is amazing how relationships we have built over the years with others often come back into play in our current professional lives. When done right, the benefits follow.

    Thanks for sharing your insights!

    1. Julie, so inspiring with much insight for all…

      I agree, building real hands on relationships. Being compassionate about learning everything from those you choose to mentor. By giving real support and timely responses to their needs. You are establishing a bond of trust. Now, all benefits of caring and sharing your skills that improves their personal growth, manifest into being.

      Julie, amazing and powerful post of yours. You have proven to be a fantastic mentor and visionary. Your have so much passion in your words of support. I know all who have a chance to build relationships with you. They will have success as they determined.

      Thank you for stopping by and I look forward in reading your next article on your blog.

  21. Great post, William! I’ve seen a lot of people who become very pushy when it comes to pushing for products that they forget that there are people involved. Thanks for reminding us why it is so important to remember this.

  22. Excellent post.

    It is all about building relationships.
    Passion, vision, patience, action and above all that you care about people!

    It is all about your posture and seeing what people are truly looking for.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Hi William,

    This is an excellent article. I just returned from Unstoppable Entrepreneur Immersion held in San Diego this past weekend, and everything you discussed was presented and practiced throughout the weekend. Are you sure you didn’t attend and I didn’t have the opportunity to meet you since there were so many of us? I’m kidding..haha

    A lot of people miss the big picture of what they are doing, and why they are doing it. We really are in the “Personal Development” business and it is all about starting, building, and nurturing relationships. Our center of purpose must be about branding ourselves so we attract others who are in need of mentoring, training, and/or coaching. Without branding, we are doomed from the start. Once we have established a strong, valuable brand, we are in the position to serve others and people know we will be of service to them. They will seek out those who they feel will help them to reach their goals. The bottom line is, from my perspective is, “I want to help you get what you want.” So simple. So clear.

    Building relationships isn’t “the new way” to market anything, online or offline. I hear that all the time because of the social media technology the internet has provided to us. The internet is an informational and educational vehicle to help us accomplish whatever goals we have set for ourselves. From the beginning of time, marketers functioned on the same premise of service to their potential customers. Today, we prefer to call customers, our partners, and some of our partners are for a lifetime. “You are the product, period.” We use our product to serve, model leadership, and success.

    Thanks again!

    Raena Lynn

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