Being Passionate About Your Dreams

We must visualize, and set goals based on that dream. All will manifest once you have master that skill of visualization. That is what I have lived by for over thirty-years. I believe in you and the power of your mind. No limitation exist…

Dreaming is something we may have gotten out of practice, with all the daily activities. Being a responsible person, per say. Has sent us in a downward pattern of routine. False, reality that has been instilled in us, by our so called higher education institutions. Blocked our passion to dream. That with ridicule from love ones. Don’t be a dreamer, and get your head out the clouds. WOW! If people would only be supportive…

If we go back to our child hood. Really close those eyes, and visualize your first bike. How about, that first soft ice cream, from the truck that you had to always run so fast for. Once you made it stop, with all your friends. No one could talk for awhile, without taking many breaks for being out of breath. Well, anything you wanted you utilize “The Skill” to master.

Visualization, once put in to daily practice, based on what your desires, dream and success as you determined. Will manifest all things, into being. It works, and I am living proof.
You will not have to waste time on how. That is not your job. Just see it in your mind. Write down, you will achieve this or that by such a date. Then live as though it is already here! That is the power you have had and forgot to continue using it. Your only limited is in your mind. Change now!

The more you support others and share that love. The more you will be closer in each step of success, as you determined. Always using due diligence, in every decision is required.
If you focus on supporting others. Really helping them live their dreams, by mentoring them to be successful. That is success based on what they have determined it to be. Then edify them daily, will resonate a burning passion within, for personal growth. Now, coach them through each step to achieve their success. Mentoring them all the way of living their dreams. No doubts and all empowerment!

I feel, this is much needed. Your style of support will show, by your passionate determination you have, in really supporting others. Helping others achieve greatness, as they see it. Your a passionate mentor, coach, teacher and visionary. A great leader in our industry. I for one, would appreciate the empowerment you give to others. Duplicating yourself to create, ethical new leader in our business. This is simplicity at it’s best!

I look forward to sharing another encouraging article. Please, leave a comment to support our readers and I.

I am in debited to you. Please, continue to empower all our readers. By supplying content on the subject presented. This was a wonderful experience…

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26 Replies to “Being Passionate About Your Dreams”

  1. When we are passionate about our dreams, it is easier to help others to be passionate too. And when our passions are similar in values, if not also the same company, it’s that much easier to coach and mentor someone.

    Thanks for the awesome insights!

    Willena Flewelling

    1. Willena, a great observation…

      I agree, passion is a strong driving force. When people we choose to support share that same passion it is going to be a wonderful journey. This makes it worth all and a situation that will bring much happiness for all.

      Willena, thank you for all the support you give. Your a real amazing person with so much to give others.

      I look forward to your next visit of enlightenment.

  2. I truly believe in the power of the mind! Visualization techniques are huge. Putting yourself in the shoes of the person you want to be. That is why they say, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!” It is so simple and gives you the confidence you need, and also helps you be prepared once you are “THERE.”

    1. Nicole, great content on this subject…

      I agree, the art of using visualization technique is huge. You have a lifetime to master it. Yet, a skill that can be put to use. It is built in each person. We just got to old to realized how to manifest this technique to the surface

      Nicole your a real resourceful leader. I look forward in your next amazing reply.

  3. Hello William,

    Like you I too believe in the power of Visualization. Most would probably label me, a, “DREAMER”.

    I’m cool with that, it’s worked great so far, for me.

    I really don’t see any point in living, if one does not have some sort of a vision for themselves.

    Can you imagine, going on a far away trip and not knowing where the heck you are going, nor where you want to go? (vision.)

    I believe vision pulls you toward it!

    Without a vision for your life, in my opinion, you are living life on auto pilot, flowing along the rivers edge of life, crashing into rocks. With vision you can plan for obstacles and how to better avoid them.

    If one desires change in their life, they better have some type vision of how the end result is supposed to look, else you may put in all that time and energy, to get there and find out you’ve carried out someone else’s vision.

    Even the bible admonishes us to write down the vision and make it plain, that he may run who reads it.

    Where there is no vision, they perish.

    Without vision I would think there could not be any chance of hope.



    1. Willie, a passionate message you leave….

      I agree, we all need to start back with the basis of writing down things. Our visions and review them daily. This is your morning starting point and bedtime last viewing. Hey, after you have written it down. Then visualize it daily. Meditate on it every chance you get. It will manifest to be. The more passion you apply and happiness. The faster it will become.

      Stay in that state of gratitude, happiness, and love. Show passion in all activity. Truly support others with that servant’s heart. Your end result will be one of great joy.

      Willie, always a pleasure having you as a visitor. Please, stop by again soon.

  4. Hey William

    Nice post. For most its the daily grind especially if they are still in the rat race, that they lose sight of their dreams and put it off. It is easy although some may not enjoy their overall current situation to forget about their dreams because they are so accustomed to their comfort zone.

    But dreaming and sometimes wishing to see what the life you want to have is a good way to put their life in check and see why they got into business and entrepreneurship in the first place. A dream board posted above their desk might be a good way as a positive reminder and to they whys of dreaming.

    1. CJ, your right on track with this post….

      I agree, we all get so deeply involved with the 9-5 mentality. You loose the way and forget what you doing. Just going back and forth through each day accomplishing nothing. This is so painful when you wake-up and start to re-evaluate your life.

      Now, is the time to yes, make that dream board. Cut pictures and drawings of every area in your life you want to make changes of. Place those new images on a board. Then take time each day to mentality and then visualize having it now. Now, you must live as you have received it, now. Let all think your crazy, yet dreaming and living that dream is what it’s about. That is all worth it. Get back to dreaming and change your life. This is all part of personal growth without limits.

      CJ, powerful presentation and thank you for visiting. I love this share and it supports my life style.

  5. I have been a dreamer for a many years and because of that I have achieved most of the small things that I have achieved.
    However, I have not got to my real dream yet and am still actively working on it.

    I believe that the mind will believe whatever we tell it. One of the greatest examples to me was Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) who kept saying “I am the greatest” and he became just that.

    1. Trevor, that was wonderful edification of Cassius Clay….

      I agree, about what the mind believes it will achieve. Yes, this is a known fact of living with positive actions and beliefs.

      Trevor, you state not having your real dream yet? Use the dream board method and place it in front of you daily. Then utilize that visualization skill to manifest it now. However, you choose it will be. I have faith and seeing you comments you must to.

      Trevor, it is an honor and pleasure having you take time and visit today. Thanks and I look forward in reading more supportive post.

  6. I would like to say that an entrepreneur should be able to dream and do the best to make these dreams come true. Do the best to realize the most amazing dreams into reality and one day miracle will happen!

    1. John, great supportive words of encouragement….

      I agree everyone should dream and believe it will happen. Yet, apply the second key factor of faith. Knowing by asking and visualizing it with manifest into being, now. You should then start day dreaming as though you have it now. Change you life style to match ownership. You must place everything in order like as if you have what you asked for now.

      John, thank you so much for you visit. You have given our readers and I something to share. I look towards you next visit.

  7. What a wonderful place this would be if we supported each other! Thanks for the great article – most of us grow up surrounded by negativity – it is so hard to believe in yourself when no one else does! Thanks for pointing out the steps to take to get us believing in the positive. It can seem like an uphill battle – but reading article like yours at the exact moment that it is needed really helps! Thanks so much!

    1. Lori, supportive and moving words of confidence….

      I agree, with learning to edify oneself, would make a huge difference in anyone’s confidence. With practice this can become a daily activity, that will work wonders.

      Your a passionate person, and have too much to offer others in support. That alone is empowering to keep you fired-up. Think of yourself as a giant energy platform. Now, resonate all that energy to empower yourself and others around you. Just find the good in everyday and share that with others. Lift others daily and you can not stop the positive emotions you will feel when doing just that.

      Take your focus on others and supporting them daily. Find a good quality in them and edify them about it. This will bring that beautiful smile you have. You can’t have any doubt about your ability to bring happiness into others lives.

      That is what will get you moving daily. Looking forward to inspire others and visualize that smile on their face. This will have even a rainy day beautiful. Your joy will be the sun in people’s lives.

      Lori, love when you visit and leave such emotional comments. You just get me started and empower me to share that love with others.

      Thanks for you visit and I look for many more in the future.

  8. The only difference between making a dream happen and carrying out a task is simply whether you are passionate about it. I learned this since I joined the online business. If we are going to look back at the careers of successful people, we will find that almost every one of them first visualized who they wanted to be…long before they actually achieved success. Indeed, visualization is really powerful and I believe in it. If I want something, I usually picture myself having that thing and it works..Great post William.


    1. Jans, your energy is felt from this writer…

      I agree, the special skill of visualization goes back to ancient times. Everyone who want anything can have it. They first must get to the point of understanding no limitations, only in their minds. Get read of everything you learned so far on you having limitations. They do not exist. Never have throughout time.

      Now, get with your mentor and they will teach you this simple skill. Then it will become a daily activity for you to enjoy all the things you choose. It is wonderful and works.

      Jans, it is a pleasure with your visit. I thank you and can not wait for you new blog post.

  9. Great post.
    I am an absolute advocate on this subject.

    I see the vision two years from now down to every detail and live it as if was today!
    Visualize and it will materialize!
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Maggie, you made my day….

      I agree, being an advocate is what makes people complete amazing challenges. No limitations.

      Passionate moves to help others will achieve anything without being limited. You have it and now is time to share it. Your empowering others with each word you choose to use in presenting supportive information for usage.

      Maggie, always a blessing when you stop by. I look forward to you next visit. Also, your next blog article. Your YouTube channel is fantastic and I am a member. Thanks for everything.

  10. Your mind must be in sync with your goals, William. And the best way to make that happen is to infuse it with passion and compassion.

    The more you really work to bringing other people up to your level, the higher the level of your success will be.

  11. Hey Bill,

    Thanks for sharing another inspiring, passionate and heartfelt post..

    It doesn’t matter what your chosen field is…if you want to have real success, you need to find passion in what you do in order to carry you through the tough times.

    It starts with a DREAM, which is just the beginning of the journey. Once you visualize your dream, make a plan and live with the intention to realize that dream with your daily activities…your dream will become reality.

    Don’t let others deter you in your journey. You are what you think about most of the time, so fill your mind with positive thoughts.

    I agree 110% that you should find a Coach or Mentor that will be in sync with your goals and will work with you to achieve them.

    To your continued excellence,

    1. Marc, a determined leader with true ethical support for all…

      I agree, don’t allow others to stop your dreaming. Let them think your crazy. Let them laugh at your activities. Let them say your living in a dream world. Then when you have reached your success as you determined.

      Go to them and share the love. Give them the empowerment to reach and live their dreams. Instill in all the passion to manifest that desire to change. To hunger for personal growth. To be magnetized by all that energy radiating from you. Then coach them each step, to reach their success as they determined it to be.

      Marc, your a great friend and leader in our industry. You show a true support for all with unlimited energy to give to others. I appreciate this chance, to be in your wonderful life.

      Thanks for sharing and supporting this little writer.

  12. One of the more effective strategies I’ve come across to awaken the dreamer within oneself is to “Go back ti being a baby.”

    Ironically, it is children who dream without limits and us adults who clip their wings of liberty early on in their lives.

    I too have had my fair share of ridicule and mockery for thinking big. Over time I learnt to let it pass over my head and simply tune out all that noise and focus on just laying the foundations of my visions.

    This hasn’t let me down ever since.


    1. Yasser, wonderful way of bringing our readers back in time…

      I agree, go back to innocent times. When nothing could stop you from living in a dream world. You believed everything is possible no matter what anyone said. That is a good starting point in visualization.

      Yasser, thank you for bringing me back. This is a reinforcement to my belief. No limits, and share the love through relentless, compassionate support for others.

  13. Hi William,
    yes, visualization is very powerful.

    And yes, wouldn’t it be nice if children grew up with support and parents who believed in them.
    Even though I have worked with affirmations, faith and trusting the process for years I still don’t find it easy to have a dream and visualize. Taking that into consideration I have done very well.

    Thank you for the great article!

    1. Yorinda, following your feelings is great…

      I agree, some may never master dreaming as when a little child. With or without parents or loved ones. One has had dreams of living in a better situation. Some call it vision.

      As visualization is concerned. That is a master skill that will take a great time to accomplish. This is why it is important to accept trying things without a supportive team. You will not understand and master skills, that will not just help you with personal growth. Take you out of the equation. Now, think of others who need to re-learn to dream and live it. You are to support the masses, and give them empowerment. Support their dreams and desires. They will be able to dream and visualize with the right support of an amazing passionate team of people like-minded. Ones who are always there when you needed them. Ones who edify you daily, and help resolve issues that arise. It takes a team to be successful as you determined.

      Think big and of others, without placing yourself as the center of the Universe. It’s about helping others and supporting them with real hands on activities. Feeling good about bringing joy, hope and belief into their lives. Is this not what it is all about?

      Yorinda, I feel a deep desire from your words, time to release all the energy manifesting within yourself. You have a huge level of commitment, that has empowered unlimited people in your journey.

      I thank you for stopping by and hope that one day you will have a mentor, who will share how to dream and live it. How, to master the skill of visualization. There are no limits other than in your mind. What you can conceive, will be achieved. That is visualization.

      Grab a picture of an object you desire. Then memorize what colors and shapes, while being aware of the feeling, within during this process. Now, close your eyes and see it. Notice in your possession. It is yours and it will manifest based on your belief. Meditate on it daily. Tell yourself you have it now. Now, live as though it is already received. That is the art of visualization. There is more yet, this will get you to dream of it. To Meditate daily on it. That is the beginning of change. Be passionate about everything you choose to do. Only do things that make you happy…smile every day!

      Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to our next visit from you.

      Very Truly Yours…

  14. Hi William,

    Being passionate about what you are doing also provides sustainability. All businesses take time to develop and all will have obstacles to overcome. If you lack passionate about what you are doing, it is much harder to find the self-motivation required to push through fears and hurdles and much easier to quit in favor of the ‘next big thing’. Besides, it is just simply more fun doing something that you look forward to each day.

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