Doing The Right Thing!

So, prior to reviewing three new sites. Gathering my lifelong search. To gain knowledge and amazing adventures. That is harder than most believe. Once you get outside. Off that crazy computer. Keep all gadgets at home. Discipline myself off of phone. Only if it rings and important. Now my ex-coworker. He, still checks in, loyally. We, are men who spend 35 years as running partners. We, have to grow up, right? calling to check in twice a week for over a year. What is going on with such friends. I got rid of all those energy drainers. Harder, when most are family..Lol

Well, the funny things is on my radio. Big fan since the T.V. is call the idiot box. As, my grandparents use to say. Stuck with me all my life. No wonder I get so much done. Most men my age play T.V. games. I never found interested. Always figure real life is more than enough drama and energy draining. Love the saying “Energy Draining”. Well to the point. They are talking health. Yes, me and 232 million other’s home at this hour. Me, I retired at 32 years old. Yes, this is based on grace and opportunities. Remember, not watching much TV. Had time to be in the real world. Hint, hint…

They were speaking about a pill for this. I stopped after 10 minutes. Then, notice 10 pills for other 10 pills and then powder junk. What  I am hearing this right. I notice my recordings. I told you that I am engulfed loving research all my life? Well, I am in love with research all my life…Lol Back to it then. So, then notice all things have a pattern. I see different than normal. My vision is blessed by seeing the glow around people and feel their deep gut emotions. I use to freak people out. I had to stop sharing it. Oops..after all these years I just started back up

So, compared to endless people. Reaching out to me. To evaluate this or that. Some good ideas but nothing is new since man gained more understanding. It is just presented in ways. To manipulate us to change our perception. To the point of reacting on purchase of useless stuff. Joining useless programs, groups, tribes. Paying $23.00 for soup. What is with this $49.95 for paper made by someone who paste & copied from someone else. That makes no sense. To speak in the mirror each day. Wait, you are paying monthly auto ship for paper to encourage you to continue doing what you been doing since discovered a mirror? When you say it like that. It makes you disappointed at your sponsor, right?

Just a little hint. We as humans only have choice. That is all we can say realistically of ownership. The rest we are called stewarts. Can’t take anything with you when you ascend except???? Choice!

Well, look for more insight for now on. I have change my way of helping by investing in people. If you are a person, Which I pray you are…Just reach out to me. We, are a global group who want to help only people who. Have been cheated and still are. Those who feel a deep hunger to help others. Those who serve because that is there passion. No worries it is not a joke. I am normally just goofy. I love the truth and exposing lies.

Hey, be careful online. Really, complete your due diligence prior to allowing anyone in your world. That includes companies with hope of making money online. They prey on weakness. Three Vanity, Greed and Fear. It is simple to have anyone purchase anything. When you have a natural gift of perception adjustments. I have it since young. Yet, only use it for exposing those who continue not being ethical. I would like each person to take advantage of #60DayChallenge. It will blow your mind. They are giving away real usable …Oops can’t share not authorized. Follow that link. I am only here to serve. I appreciate your time. Please, I cannot live without interaction. Share your theories and ideas on this article. No worries I can take it.


I serve with a true servants hart!

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  1. I willingly accept all comments and understand they are various perceptions. You will receive a valid reply.

    Try helping us keep this site alive with activity voice your perception on our subject.

    Thanks in advance

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