To Create Great Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, And Visionaries.

In order to create great coaches, mentors, teachers and visionaries in our industry. We must build real relationships, with all we connect with. They come to us as great leaders, to achieve what they determined as success.

It is our obligation to listen. Keeping ourselves out of the equation. Focusing only on what they share, as their success. Then as visionaries, we must coach them daily if needed. To establish steps to complete the end result, success as they determined.

Once we have accomplished that higher level, with them reaching their goal. We then have empowered, a deep burning passion for personal development. Take all that energy, and mentor them with their personal growth. It’s not a race, and that is what we as teachers must instill.

Now, we have reached the highest level of achievement. It is time to edify them daily, and watch them transform into great mentors, coaches, leader and visionaries in our business. That is the cycle of duplication.

We are the product, and the success being achieved by others, is the process leading to duplication. That is our service of support, and this shows character. Truly serving others with a servant’s heart…

Now this is priceless, which develops lifetime friendships, and clients. You are the great leader, mentor, coach and visionary. You must give first to all, and expect nothing in return. That is being supportive with passion. What you give will be returned….

This is priceless, and very much needed in our business. More great coaches and mentors developing a true duplication process! Priceless…

Thank you for your time and interest. Please, would you be so kind as to leave a comment, that will help all gain more clarity on our subject. Thank you again!

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  1. Love this!

    It is truly not about YOU , it is the person that you have connected with.
    It is about networking with people, build relationships, and caring about what that persons needs are.

    Show you care.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Maggie, your observant and a supporter of people…

      I agree, building those real relationships. Many state they have no time to do. Yet, they still just pitch and loose money in the process. If your not willing to care about people. Then you should go into something else. This business is about people and not the dollar. Yes, we all need to work towards creating wealth. Yet, as building a business takes time. You should contact your mentor for what process they have in place for having revenue today while building that real business.

      Thank you Maggie for sharing and supporting our readers. Look forward in your next visit.

  2. Hi Wiliam

    THX again for the info you give out with love.

    They say also it is “how you become” after you
    did follow a leader or mentor , so can you teach others
    what you learn from your mentors and leaders and you
    become there leader.

    We must duplicate what we learn and become what we teach. πŸ™‚


    1. Theuns, your a man after my own heart…

      I agree, duplication is the total process of the ultimate goal. We learn from great leaders how to become mentors, teachers, visionaries and coaches. We then become one. Then share information to others to duplicate the process. While building true relationships that last a lifetime. Thus, creating unlimited friends that are clients, we resolve their problems daily. That is the cycle.

      Keeping it simple and sharing the love.

      Theuns, look forward in your next visit. Keep living your dreams…

  3. William,
    Isn’t it amazing that we all connect with so many people every day especially when we are in the midst of social media and yet, very few real relationships emerge from those connections. My company is all about “connecting to engage” since I truly don’t believe we can expect results from anything we do without proper engagement – this relates to people and life itself.
    I am so glad that we are starting on a road to build a true relationship – we have just begun the engagement and I so grateful for that.


    1. Clare, spoken like a true visionary…

      I to am grateful for being in the engagement step, of building a real relationship. I agree, without a proper engagement as the first level of building a relationship. It’s all pretend and there will be no value. Thus, you will never achieve the end results, that would be the purpose of it all.

      Clare, great to here from you so soon. I love reading your blog and getting something out of all your post here. Your a great leader and visionary in our industry.

      I thank you for finding the time to visit our little blog here. I look forward in hearing from you again.

  4. Hello William,

    You are completely correct. To teach in order to achieve a superior level. And in so doing help realize a vision.

    And do to for the sole purpose of sharing, that which flows back and forth and which makes us better.

    Thank you for this article. I enjoyed it very much.

    Keep the Smiles,


    1. Stevie, one with words that float so soothingly through our very soles…

      Your an inspiration, on every visit to this blog. I do agree, we teach and then learn. The sharing portion is grace within, which manifest all things into being.

      We are helping others realize, how to complete a process that will help them develop personally, and create a meaningful business during the process.

  5. A great mentor is truly a gift to work with. Mentoring and coaching others to become great coaches requires humility, patience and getting your own ego and self-interests out of the way. When we truly serve others and teach them how to serve others, we are duplicating something wonderful.


    1. Dr. Erica, only you would have the ability to present duplication in such away of awe…

      I agree, we must live in humility while being patient and self-discipline in all activity. Leaving I out of the equation. Focusing on others only. Listening and not just hearing what others are saying. Once we receive what another believes as success. We take action and coach them into each step towards that goal, success. Edifying them daily. Teaching them the ultimate skill of visualization, which manifest all into being. Then mentoring them as they bloom into duplications of ourselves. The cycle just repeats itself…

      Dr. Erica always a blessing when you grace our blog. I love to learn from your kindness, and be empowered to inspire others. I look forward to your next visit.

  6. You are right on, William. It is all about the other person, and how I can help him with his struggles. For my part, it doesn’t even matter if he joins me in my company… I help him in any way I can, to build his business, regardless of what company he is with… because that’s how my mentors treated me. Every once in a while someone WILL join me. But that’s not my primary purpose.

    And don’t you find it’s so much more rewarding that way, when you seek the other person’s good first? Truly it’s a win-win situation.

    Willena Flewelling

    1. Willena, your passion and support is shown…

      I agree, we get so lost in really supporting others we do not look for people joining or asking for our services for revenue gain. Yet, when it comes the emotions are high and all the real support being given is worth it.

      Willena, thank you for all you do in our industry and please continue to support others with patients.

    1. Gary, spoken with strength a focus…

      I agree, building real relationships may be difficult for many. Yet, if you just do it like walking. It takes time to develop. When you were a little child, then the learning started. Your fist step into this big world was exciting, just ask your parents.

      Just like anything. You have to take action first. Then it gets easier for you.

      Gary, I thank you for making this your first visit, and make sure to come back soon. I look forward in visiting your blog soon, for a new post. I look to learn much more, about importing to China the right way. From such a visionary as yourself.

  7. Hi William,

    What a great post and explaining duplication in such a simple way!
    You are totally right that in our industry the understanding must emerge right from the beginning that we first have to Give (and we have to give a lot, especially our time) to build a following. A following from which we can learn at the same time to improve our ways how we can connect with people. People need to realize these attitude and take it on board for themselves… then the duplication process started. It always gives me goosebumps when I hear the words from friends I made online and who turned out to be partners/customers as well… “Thank you so much that I found such a great mentor/coach like You”… This is a great achievement, which can lead to much higher blessings.

    Thx again for sharing this thought and duplication principle.

    All the best,


    1. Alex, wonderful supportive words to live by….

      I agree, at the beginning it will take allot of your time and energy to support that new person who intrust their future in your hands. That is what all great leaders understand and except without hesitation.

      Removing I, and focusing on others goes along way in the process of developing others to become great mentors, teachers, leaders, coaches and visionaries.

      That is the purpose of giving from the heart. Being true believers of passionate support, for the betterment of others. Now that is priceless.

      Alex, always a learning experience upon your arrival. Well done….I look forward in your next visit. Thank you for your time and sharing valued content.

  8. Hi William,

    Business relationships are no different than our personal relationships. For them to be truly effective and satisfying, one must be giving, understanding, unselfish, and caring. From a business perspective and one’s message – it is always about what’s in it for “them” – not “you”. It is interesting that in today’s business environment, it is almost imperative to give something away for free – yet when I am giving freely, I don’t see it as a forced directive. I see it as the beginning of a relationship and more often than not, I find that relationship develops into a mutually-beneficial one. That old adage “Payback is a b*ch”, if looked at from a positive perspective means you will reap the rewards of your efforts – in my mind at least πŸ™‚

    1. Julie, complete straight and to the point, well done….

      I agree, knowingly giving from the heart, and for the improvement of others. This is becoming well known, if one wishes to improve their business in whole.

      You have utilized due diligence in this. It shows based on the clarity of the message. Give without expecting anything in return. You will become trusted and really build unlimited relationships, that will create rewards beyond you imagination.

      Julie, this was very enjoyable for me. Thank you for all the support that has continued to enrich our readers and I. I look forward with excitement, upon your next visit. Thank you for your valued time.

  9. Hey Bill,

    It’s great to see you cranking out great post after great post… with that very important message about relationship building and developing Leaders.

    You have to be willing to GIVE before you can receive and that means adding value and helping others and then and only then will the Universe give back to you.

    Connecting is one thing, but building genuine relationships is quite another.

    I think more and more Networkers are beginning to grasp the need to add value and to give to others. But, do they truly realize that you have to give freely with no expectations even if these new friends don’t join your business.

    It is the essence of attraction marketing, which everyone needs to practice if they want to succeed.

    There is no better feeling than to be able to increase your online and offline web of friendships that are truly meaningful and to know that these are individuals that you have helped and that have helped you to achieve success and WANT to be in business with you.

    You are so correct that once we are able to help people with their Personal Growth, we are setting them on the path to a lifetime of success.

    It has been a GREAT pleasure getting to know you and I look forward to our team reaching new heights and creating a new breed of Networker who gives first and keeps on providing value.

    To your continued inspiration,

    1. Marc, supporter of the people’s passion….

      I agree, giving without expecting anything is the key to maturity in being a great mentor, coach, leader, and visionary. You can not achieve any levels of greatness without giving from the heart.

      As Marc stated, giving without receiving yet, still serving those who may not have anything to due with your business. Relationships go on for a lifetime. This should be known and made aware. This is not a game or race. Your responsible for real people’s lives. To take that lightly, will be the end of your business.

      Realize, others dreams and help them manifest it into being. That is their success as they determined it to be. Do you remember how to edify yourself daily. Well, do it for others and let all that energy resonate through their being. This will empower them to great achievements that may surprise you both.

      Marc, your my partner, a great visionary. You are always a positive person with unlimited energy in supporting others. Always there when you need him. I thank you for all your wonderful patients and support. I look forward in a very positive prosperous future together.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing with our readers real supportive directives to live by.

  10. Hi William, it’s great to see you talk about how important it is to connect with people. Coaches can create another income stream that duplicates. By having a coaching program we can learn how to properly building relationships online that leads to a phone consultation but the rest can be tricky I think.

    By gathering as much information on the first call we can really know who our prospect is. We need to know them so well that we feel that at the end of out first call we are confident that we have a solution for them the next time we meet. The only way to gather information is to really ask open ended questions so we can properly listen to needs.

    By taking notes and writing down keywords we can remind ourselves of what we need to do for these prospects. Pre qualifying is the key to good coaching and there are so many things we need answers for but I think needs are the most important.

    I know that if don’t start building that if relationship and trust and credibility on the first call I’ll start getting a bunch of no shows for the next consultation but by effectively communicating how confident you are about what their problem is and how you’ll be solving a solution is so important in creating a solid customer base and watching a cycle of duplication.

    Thanks for posting this info on becoming someone that fills the real needs of people looking for a better life and building true wealth. I really enjoy your posts William and think you do a great service for the industry. Keep the posts coming.

    Rick Salas

    1. Rick, thanks for the continued support on our subjects…

      I agree that we must really listen to people we come in connection with. They may be the one who needs more support than we may be able to give. Some people who are coaches and expose themselves to the masses. May come upon someone they really find challenging. For what ever reason, they know there will not be enough time in their current schedule, to assist that one person.

      That is why they being great leaders, coaches, mentors teachers, and visionaries. Would have in place a referral system with other great coaches. You would have pre-planned a connection with a like mined coach, that has the time and experience to help that person.

      I take me out of the equation. Then just utilize targeting techniques when listening and responding to people I coach. Then if I know, based on what they determined is their success, a second party will be required. I evaluate steps to accomplish, and introduced them to another fantastic passionate coach as I. They hit it off and all is well. I helped two people and retained my branding as never turn anyone down. Help with a servant’s heart, all.

      That is why having a network of great leaders is essential. I love all my mastermind groups. That is why it is important to build those relationships and continue to communicate weekly using daily contact methods. Hey, there are various methods of communication. Just make a connection with all once a week. Keep up by inquiring on general growth questions. Just do it.

      Rick, your a nice added visitor today. I love when you join us here and contribute useable content. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward in your next visit.

  11. A short and sweet comment. I am thinking about making the tag line for my new ‘Marketing for Daydreamers’ …Peace, love, Me – Because its all about You!
    It might sound confusing, but we have to be the leaders we seek in the world and the change we want to see first in order to help others. I guess it goes back to that put your oxygen mask on first kind of thing. Peace, Love, You…William.

    1. Nicole, you got me smiling and laughing….

      I agree, being one who is always growing personally. I understand to change oneself is essential. That is what your mentor, coach would be working with you on. You mastering the skill of visualization would manifest your thoughts into being. Keeping faith, believing what you do not see as being. You must live as a great leader in our industry. So, take that step on faith alone. Start the process of branding that new tag line “Marketing for Daydreamers” now.

      The only way you will ever become a great leader, mentor, coach, teacher and visionary. Is to duplicate someone who already is one. That is their job to develop other great leaders…etc…

      You are a new great…etc…So, know start moving and living as one. No limitations and no more doubts. If you never found a mentor or coach to motivate you. To empower that hunger to change. Then get with one within your network.

      People just starting should not just jump into anything without using due-diligence. That includes locating a mentor. If you don’t locate a passion person who will motivate, edify and coach you daily. Then you will not develop into a great leader in our industry. Saying your one will not do it. You can not accomplish much alone. You must be tough. Then you can teach others. Just do something to locate that passionate coach you would like to be. That is the easy part. Sticking with it is the hard part.

      This is a life journey and not a race. If you have that desire for success as you determined. That is the first step. Then find that mentor, coach. That is the second step. Then learn and apply those daily techniques for your personal growth. WOW! Now you have made it. A level of becoming the next great leader, coach, mentor, teacher, and visionary with all the special skills. You just duplicate the process of creating another you, at your highest level. All the how to’s will manifest when you serve others, with total compassion.

      Everyone can understand my words and follow them. The question which keeps coming back is. How do you have daily or weekly or monthly instant revenue generated, to feed your family. To take care of love ones. To maintain the health and welfare of you family. Great Leaders, Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, and Visionaries, educate. There is a system you learn as being a real passionate resourceful leader in our business. This is key to keep everyone your mentoring receiving revenue, even if it is monthly until they achieve their level of success. That is when the real unlimited amounts will be created by them.

      Remember due-diligence? You must inquire with your mentor on what their system is, during your development stages. Every true leader has that system. Weekly and Monthly sustainable revenue generator.

      That is Simplicity, at its finest!

      Nicole, you make my day brighten, with all that energy to create a new twist. I love your persistence for greatness, which you have always had. You now are one of our great mentors and your work should manifest more people being attracted to you for guidance. Being transparent is your gift and a great one.

      Thank you for you visit and I look forward to your next.

  12. Hi William,

    Coaches, mentors, teachers and visionaries have an affect and influence on all of us. We are creatures of habit and knowledge. Learning from the success, failures and experiences of ourselves and those we follow. Surround yourself with the right people and then become the leader for others to follow.

    Thanks for sharing. Mike Sweeney

    1. Mike, I like this post to the point….

      I agree, first we learn from powerful leaders who mentor us. Then we grow personally and create a real business with a teams support. This is a wonderful and uncomplicated process. If it is done correctly a passionately. Just love what you doing and it will be a pleasure everyday.

      Mike, I look forward in getting over to your blog for more great content. I thank you for stopping by and look forward in your return.

  13. Hi William, building relationships and nurturing them is definitely the most important part of a networking business. One of the best leaders in my business said to me, after he’d become successful – “it was your belief in me that kept me going through the challenging times”.

    Thank you for your post William, regards from Julieanne

    1. Julieanne, I love your straight to the point mentality….

      I agree, the people that you coach and mentor. They are your power source. You edify them daily and get great results. They thank you and show greatness which is reflected on your passion to support them. It displays personal growth on the highest level. This make all the fires, per say. Worth all the patients applied daily, and hours that it demands, to be a great coach and mentor in our industry.

      Julieanne, your a fantastic leader and mentor in our business. I enjoy learning from your every visit. We need more great people like yourself. I know your duplicating leaders as I write.

      Look forward in your next visit. Thank you so much….

  14. Hi William
    I left the corporate world because I got tired of working hard, being honest and caring about others only to be ‘stabbed in the back’ by people I trusted. I didn’t want to join them so the only thing was to leave. Its such an improvement that relationship marketing is gaining popularity. Consumers buy from people they know like and trust and running my own business I can be true to myself with both those who work for me and my clients too.

    1. Anne, great courage with taken a leap of faith…

      I agree relationship marketing is making a true comeback.It never has changed for the great leaders in our industry. Allot of people just leave this equation out for faster returns. When this is done, they will not last in this business.

      People will not stay with any organization that has no support structure as they were lead to believe. That is what this new awareness, with building real relationships, that last a lifetime. Will change everyone’s prospective in this business. This is for the greater good.

      Anne, thanks for stopping by and please return soon. It to so much faith in what you have accomplished so far.

  15. Hi William,

    I feel many people find it counter-intuitive to engage in giving selflessly and expecting nothing in return. Yet the generous future dividends lie in that exact principle.

    Even when they do become mentors, not many have the real patience to pull people up. I do feel not everyone can coach, though everyone can learn.


    1. Yasser, fantastic comment…

      I agree being generous and supporting passionately all who come in contact with you. Is the key to starting that relationship that will grow. Everyone continues to learn and achieve great goals.

      Thank you Yasser for your visit. I look forward in seeing you new blog post.

  16. Another great article William and your points are right on. During my nearly a decade in direct sales it was fascinating and so rewarding working with entrepreneurs in all phases of building their businesses. With all the different personality types, and at least as many reasons for starting their own business, the one thing the stars all had in common was that they made building relationships a priority.

    1. Marquita, written as a true visionary…

      I agree, we all who want and desire greatness. Have that powerful pulling from within. That directs our passion to be in serving others by supporting them. Building those real relationships. They last a lifetime and one should take this seriously.

      It is an award of it’s own. Seeing all the smiling faces once each step towards goals are accomplished. The heated passion for doing more as each day progresses, is all worth being involved in developing success stories. I love it.

      Marquita, I always look for your visits. Once located, I read with knowing there will be a surprise awakening for me. Thank you for visiting and please come back soon.

  17. This is a great post. I really agree with your viewpoints William. Most of us don’t feel this way about how we treat others and if we do we just don’t show it often enough. We are at our best when we are giving freely to others. But not just monetarily, we should freely give our knowledge, wisdom, energy, and most of all time. That is what we were put here for, to help others.


    1. John, you have understood the truth in giving to others…

      I agree, giving one’s self with sharing methods and techniques. Giving your time to assit others with their daily needs. It could be to clarify something they need to follow, yet no clear understanding based on the words that were choosen for instructions. Giving passionately is the best activity to make you so happy, and the receipiant. Not expecting anything in return, except joy. That is giving which we need more in our business and life.

      John, thank you for all your support and kinds words. I know you have helped all readers and I understand the gift of giving comes from the heart.

      I look forward in you next visit.

  18. Thanks for this great post on duplication William,

    I love that you focus on really mentoring and leadership in terms of duplication and not just the mechanics of it. There is so much more value in that than in the mechanics or technique based approaches to duplication.

    I totally agree that the heart of it is connecting with and fostering the success of others and getting out of the way. The “sales people” in Network Marketing can have some short term success, but the most massive teams are built by those who focus on leading and mentoring over closing and selling.

    1. Paul, you have hit the target on the nose…

      I agree, duplication has many areas yet it will be learned faster by simplifying the process. Create great mentors and leaders in our industry. They will become teachers and visionaries with further experience. You continue to coach them all the way. That will complete the duplication process in our business.

      Paul, you kept it simple and powerful. I though I do the same. I like that way you presented the process for all to understand. You are great teacher in our industry and always a pleasure upon your visit.

      I look forward in reading your next new blog post. Thank you for stopping by.

  19. Hi William,
    I also believe that we get what we are after if we continue to give it to others. The important piece to know, which you mentioned, is about NOT expecting anything back in return. For if you do expect something, the giving part wasn’t truly authentic and from the heart.

    Thanks for the great post and reminder that we are all leaders in the eyes of another whether we know it or not.

    -Jaclyn Castro

    1. Jaclyn, so on point with where our focus should be…

      I agree, we all are leaders in the eyes of another whether we know it or not. That is great in everyday living and providing for the health plus welfare of our families. Yes, your correct with friends and loved ones.

      I would not believe without experience and training from a business leader,or coach can one be one? Life and business may exist together. Yet, business or our industry not just anyone can make it. That is if they were not trained by a mentor, coach in our industry. The retention rate is proof of that.

      Having a servant’s heart and giving to all without expecting anything is a way of life for real great visionaries and leaders in our industry. That is why everyone should utilize due-diligence in each step. From learning about who is presenting a project. To the company to which that person is making an attempt to get you to join. To all people who will be on the team of mentors, coaches and leaders giving you daily support if needed. There are so many factors that it takes more than just being a non-business leader for our families and offices. Yet, if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it. It takes years to be qualified as a great coach, teacher, leader, mentor and visionary.

      I have seen countless people claim to be leaders and coaches. Yet, the very basic understanding, every person is intrusting their life with you, is not in the equation. You must have experience and know how to support them with all the daily issues you must resolve. Organizing their whole life style for greatness is essential. That is why so many people become exposed as would-be guru’s, great teacher, mentors, coaches, and visionaries. It’s up to each individual to pray for discernment and to utilize due-diligence.

      Jaclyn, thank you for more motivating response. You truly get me going and I love it. Thanks and please return soon.

  20. You are on target, William.

    Coaching, mentoring… it is really the essence of duplication. Without sincere and relentless mentoring dedication, so many budding entrepreneurs would be left without direction or purpose.

    I think each of us is compelled to share our unique path to success with those that follow behind us.

    1. David, good review…

      I agree, mentoring is dedication. That goes without saying when we choose to be involved in peoples life. When you approach someone and start to get to know them. Some of us believe that is building a real relationship and a lasting bond of trust.

      This is when your listening to them. Your out of the equation. It’s about what they have to say and want. You are an active listener and target what they desire and dream. That being the total of what they determined as success. Now , you have what you need to make that into reality for them.

      Edifying them by responding from your heart. Supporting their way of thinking. Not imposing anything on them. Then empowering them to desire personal growth. That is when you coach them to read this and to try…this. Suggestions not requirement. Your not bossing them. Your expressing a different way of what they are going to do. Just putting passion into it for simple enjoyment.

      You got to love what you do for a positive end result. Do not make a list of daily routines for them to accomplish. Please, they are to be amazed at how much fun they are having. Create happy feeling by sharing how passionate it is to you that new person. WOW.. and all you have to do is listen. No selling, just listen to learn all you can. It is not a race. It is a lifetime journey. Master that and all will unfold at a timely rate.’

      I know everyday is a beautiful day. I live in serving others and that is my joy. I am happy by seeing others progress towards their goals. I am honored to be apart of their lives. It gives me unlimited energy speaking with people on how to accomplish their dreams and desires. Then show them in a fun way how it will be accomplished. Remembering their dreams and desires = success as they determined. This is so exciting. When you keep it simple and have lots of fun.

      David, it was so wonderful reading your comment. I got lost a little but that is what you do. You have inspired me and others. Please, return soon and share that gift you have of empowering others to do more.

  21. William – great post my friend! I get so much from helping others and providing value without expecting anything in return – the relationships that are formed are priceless.

    Thank you for the value that you provide to our community.

    ~ Donnie

    1. Donnie, you have discovered the truth in giving….

      I agree give with value based on the needs of others. Don’t over think the activity. Just do what makes your heart fill with joy. That you can feel throughout. You put a smile on someone’s face is bringing them happiness and that is giving also. Think big and small. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Willingly giving from your heart says allot about your character.

      Donnie, always a pleasure and I look forward to your next visit.

  22. Hello William,

    After reading your post I am put into rememberence of some of the many great things I learned from mentors who were trainers in the MLM companies I was in over the years.

    People like Dale Calvert, Brian Caruthers and Darnell Self.

    They were and are great trainers and mentors in their own right, but I remember each of them commenting that the greatest pleasure they recieved from be a trainer was to teach others what they themselves had learned.

    It was as if, when they taught others, they also learned more too.

    It is just not right to not want to try and help others to better enhance their lives, although many do not appreciate it. Yet it is our duty to spread ourselves around as we go through this lives journey.

    Thanks for sharing.



    1. Willie, yet more supporting comments…

      I agree, as we support others and mentor, coach and teach. We become students being involved with so much personal growth, one learns. You teach and learn.

      As we give more to others we gain so much. Yet, you must have a great attitude and be patient. This will go along way in supporting others with passion.

      Willie, again thanks for all your supporting words. Your a true leader in our industry and it is displayed with you powerful words of insight.

    1. Sadie, that is what this is all about enjoying the sharing with others.

      I agree when you have been teaching and mentoring for so long. You realize all this is and has been a real journey for all who have been involved. You will learn most during these times.

      Sadie, thank you for your visit. I look forward to you next.

  23. Hello William

    I believe that you gave the key in this statement; “Listen. Keeping ourselves out of the equation. Focusing only on what they share, as their success. Then as visionaries, we must coach them daily if needed” Our calling is to enable them to develop their purpose. Thanks for this excellent article.

    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

    1. Perry, fantastic supportive post….

      I agree with all that was stated. Just to add be passionate about what you have chosen to due. This is a real business with real life situations. Do not take it lightly and be supportive daily if need be. Love what you do and make it enjoyable.

      Perry, thank you for taking your valued time in this visit. I look forward to your next amazing post. I will get to view your next new blog post, soon.

  24. Great information here William. As I’ve grown and learned to keep the focus off of me and on the person with whom I’m speaking, I’ve found I’m no longer nervous or anxious. I believe it is because I’ve taken ME out of the equation. You really can’t say the wrong thing if you are honestly listening and focusing on what it best for the person with whom you are speaking.

    Another wonderful post….thanks – Debi

    1. Debi, wonderfully put…

      I agree, you can’t go wrong if you take yourself out of the equation. You just listen, not just heard. Actively listen to what is being expressed. That is a key factor in accomplishing understanding what a person has expressed as their success to be. Then working with them to setup each step is a breeze.

      Debi, I feel so proud of you accomplishing removing those negative feelings by understand how to build real relationships by utilizing a simple skill of active listining. You are magnificent and should be happy for yourself. That is a huge step towards great things for you and those who your mentoring.

      Now, your a great mentor, one who mastered the art of listing and gaining understanding of the person committed to help during their lifetime. That is awesome.

      I look forward to your next amazing blog post. I know it will move me in many wonderful ways. Thank you for you visit and I look forward to more.

  25. Hey Bill,

    I really like what you state here: “We are the product”
    No matter what your offer is, this is the truth that we all need to understand.
    Your ability to provide value upfront is the most important objective…especially in the area of home business building.
    You must be a teacher that teaches others to be a teacher… a coach of coaches.

    Great Post, My Friend-

    1. James, so supportive and understanding…

      I agree, teaching others to duplicate your activities is a key factor. We are held with a great responsibility in our business. To product massive new mentors, coaches, teachers, and visionaries who ultimately become great leaders in our industry. Well trainined and passionate supporters of others. That is our job.

      James, your a wonderful person with leadership skills to share with others. That makes you a great mentor. I thank you for your visit and look forward to your next blog post.

  26. William,

    Thank you for explaining this important so well. I agree that focusing on the other person both mentally and physically (by eye contact, etc.) is the most powerful element in winning friends, influencing, and leading people.

    People naturally tend to be most concerned about themselves, so if we focus on them, we are on the same side. As you say, a servant’s heart” is the key.

    1. Buddy, well written words with power…

      I agree focus on the other person is key. I know that you may not see them. Yet, if you smile on the phone, the other person can feel it. You voice increases with strength. There are phone techniques utilize, personally and professionally that enhances each call. That is one skill a mentor will share for you personal growth.

      Serving others is a life style for me. Others have a burning desire of service. Each will develop their own passion. Just do it with joy and it will be received with all the care in the world. Love what you do and support everyone you can with a passionate attitude.

      Buddy, thank you for stopping by and share this powerful guidance for all my readers and I. I look forward in reading your blogs post.

  27. This is great, William! I LOVE being a teacher and being able to instill what I know into others, so they can do the same! It gives me such satisfaction — which I get in return and didn’t even look for it! Truly, helping others makes a person feel amazing — whether or not they do anything personally for you in return.

    God bless!


    1. Tk, written with so much feelings….

      I agree, with helping others energizes me to a level of uncontrollable happiness. I love giving and watch what happens in the person who I have supported, life. That is an amazing end result that makes it all worth it.

      Tk, thank you from my heart. You stopping by has given me some more great ideas on producing more usable content for others to be motivated to join in supporting others with passion.

      I look forward to you next visit.

  28. Hi William,

    I think that life is all about relationships (not just business). It’s about whom you’ve touched along the way and how you’ve touched them. That is after all, a great part of the legacy that we leave behind.

    I also think that teaching and supporting others first is in part, for ourselves and the feelings that we get from giving so in a way, we are still getting something from it even if we did so ‘selflessly’ and without expectation.
    Thanks for you post.

    1. Linnea, amazing concept to be applied daily…

      I agree it’s all about building lifelong relationships. Then supporting those people consistently. knowing that what we do, will last a lifetime. Supporting others with passion, and being transparent are always helpful ways to promote another person.

      Linnea, I feel your a passionate mentor and it shows in your comment. We need more people as yourself in our industry. It would be a better joyful place to be.

      Thank you for supporting our readers and I. I look forward to your next visit.

  29. For years, my leadership skills have needed improvement. But as I worked on them, I started to notice the impact on those around me. That motivated me even more to develop my skills even further.

    So are so right about helping others! Thanks

    1. Debbie, great focus on noticing people around you and how you can effect them…

      I agree, personal growth is for all. Not just the ones we mentor. When you coach others you learn. That is the key to personal growth.

      Debbie, always a pleasure when you visit. I know your a great mentor and your eagerness to look for ways to sharpen skills to lead, show it all.

      I look forward to your next visit. Thank you for stopping by.

  30. William,

    Man this is real inspired wisdom from an inspired leader. When I read this I want to be more of that leader you describe and really help people find the life, wealth and freedom that they deserve. And you right we can only truly help people when we figure out what there standards of success are then do everything we can to help them.

    Their standards of success not ours. So true about staying out of the equation.


    1. Steve, very inspiring…

      I agree, we only help people when we really get to know them, and discover what it is they truly want to accomplish. What they consider reaching success, as they determined. That will take allot of patients and listening. Leaving you out of the equation.

      Steve, your a great mentor and transparent. You have the passion to lead other to reach all levels.

      I thank you for stopping by and sharing. I look forward to your next visit.

  31. Hi William, I really appreciated your thoughts on coaching and mentoring. Leaders must determine what level our prospects are at and them help them accordingly. Some really need that one on one attention, but others need a bit of help and need to be set free. Most importantly if we assure them we believe in them, they will also believe.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    1. Lynn, great insight into mentoring and coaching…

      I agree, leaders should evaluate how much support is needed daily. Some require more than others. Yet, we as leaders must get in the habit of consistent contact with all our team members on a weekly basis. Not leaving them alone, per say. But keeping a open communication is a must.

      If we setup a weekly method of communication be it phone, email, skype or a conference weekly calling. It must be done to keep in unity with other developed leaders in our organization.

      Lynn, always a pleasure when you stop by. I look forward in your next visit.

  32. William
    You are indeed a great mentor. You speak of always giving first and coaching and mentoring and then allow it to be duplicated.
    I believe when you are as giving as you are not expecting anything in return your prize will be more than doubled least you expect it.
    In your writing I feel your deep passion for your work. Well done.

    1. Irene, observant and focused on your insight…

      I agree when true giving is from you heart. You can only have end results that are amazing. You continue to see good in everything and everyone. That keeps one balanced and focused on truly serving others.

      I love helping others in all situations. I feel their compassion and desire to support them. Just keeping real and lending a hand when I can.

      Thank you for your kind words and support. I look forward in hearing from you soon.

  33. Hey William,

    Too few people conduct themselves with the level of integrity and commitment required to reach the levels of success in coaching and helping others that you speak of.

    At first it’s not easy to pay focused attention to other people. Stray thoughts will enter the mind as someone else speaks. It’s only through conscious effort that one is able to reign in those stray thoughts and put focus back where it belongs. On the person who is speaking to you.

    Once this basic skill is mastered, it becomes easier to ask the proper questions which will lead the team member or client to their desired conclusion.

    That’s when our greatest ability to influence becomes second nature and we are much more effective at guiding our new friends to their goals.

    1. Dave, at true visionary and great mentor…

      I agree, that skill to master is targeting listening. This is tough at Government levels and private businesses. Yet, we as coaches fail to master it before challenging ourselves, to help others achieve any level of success as they determined.

      Dave, your one of our great leaders in the industry. I look forward to you supportive wisdom in the near future.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing with my readers and I.

  34. Hello William, past midnight, and started reading your posts. No idea, how these words of wisdom come through me, and would like to share these with you. Each of these quotes of wisdom have a part of you. Enjoy these words my new friend.

    Formal education will make a living; self-education will make you a fortune. Jim Rohn and so true.

    William, you are an inspiration to many, and a dedicated mentor with a servants heart. A honor for me to be working together to freedom.
    “There’s a special kind of freedom friends enjoy. Freedom to share
    innermost thoughts, to ask a favor, to show their true feelings.
    The freedom to simply be themselves.”

    Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow. Nothing is more exciting and bonding in relationships than creating together.

    All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners. Looking
    for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they’re not learning,
    they’re not growing. not moving toward excellence. – Denis Waitley
    Learning how to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs, and how to eliminate the fears that drain your power.

    The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.
    The most valuable gift you have is to offer yourself.
    Keep on writing these great posts with a inner message.
    Truly Caring for Your Success!

    1. Irene, so supporting…
      I am at awe and will stay in humility with just saying thank you for your insight and wisdom. I will meditate on this and accept it for the empowering feeling bubbling within me at this moment.

      Irene, your a great motivator, mentor, visionary and leader globally. What you accomplish for others, is unmeasurable. We appreciate all the dedication and calmness you have given us.

      Thank you for being transparent and caring with passion. I am dedicated to your goals, and will be diligent in my quest in supporting others.

  35. Hi William,

    Mmm. Love this! You are so right. The whole point of being a great leader is to edify others, to help them, teach them, praise their successes and moan their losses. To build solid relationships that are beneficial to each. To truly care and go out of your way to help those that need it.

    I read something the other day, a quote. I don’t remember the exact phrasing but it was something like this:

    The difference between a boss and a leader is… a boss says “go” and a leader says “let’s go.”

    I really liked that and it seems to be what you’re saying here as well.

    1. Deb, so on point…

      I agree, “WE” is needed in all statements when communicating with those we have chosen to support. I love that quote and will remember it always.

      Helping other and teaching while learning for the experience is good.

      Deb, I always look forward when you have the time to visit and share. I love your style and look forward in the next visit.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing.

      Very Truly Yours…

  36. I found this to be inspirational myself and hope others will as well.

    It isn’t about us anyone on any level has some knowledge that someone else doesn’t so why not share it right and especially if its of value and helps them with a problem a concern or roadblock.

    I often come across valuable stuff on a weekly basis and think hey this could really benefit someone else why not share it ?, and besides one needs to get it out into the open as a a release of sorts.

    1. CJ, amazing…
      I agree, we must expose supportive methods and inspire others with information that is usable. Having real content and directions. Explaining in our own words methods, feelings and all emotions of empowerment. This will help the masses in a positive way, as it was to be.

      CJ, I feel your a passionate leader and have allot to offer others. I look forward in you sharing more with us. Thank you for stopping by.

      Very Truly Yours…

  37. Hi William,

    You know, as a marketing consultant, I focused on this part of your post:

    “It is our obligation to listen. Keeping ourselves out of the equation. Focusing only on what they share, as their success. Then as visionaries, we must coach them daily if needed. To establish steps to complete the end result, success as they determined.”

    Listening and hearing what a prospective client needs/wants IS so incredibly important because if we don’t, we won’t get the job πŸ™‚ Seriously, being able to “hear” what others are saying, understand what they are saying and what they need, goes a long way in really being able to help them be it as a marketing consultant, a friend, a parent, a coach, etc.

    1. Julie, fantastic…
      I agree hearing is the first step. Utilizing the skill of target listen, is needed to accomplish understanding. It takes time to master active listing skills. In the l long term it will be worth it.

      Your a great mentor and consultant in our business. You only have demonstrated unlimited understanding, and patients in our communication. I know your a amazing person, who loves to supply true support for others.

      Julie, remain compassionate about what you do. It shines and empowers all of our readers and I, to achieve great things in our lives.

      Thank you for visiting and please stop by again soon.

      Very Truly Yours…

  38. Bill,
    You are so right ! It’s all about relationships – everything really isn’t it. We just have to take ourselves back a little sometimes and not try to push people. That way – by pushing – we might get somebody “in” for a while but if the continuous support is not there – the relationship – they will go elsewhere. To try something else for a little while… This has happened to me. I was the one trying for a while and in the lack of relationship and support, went elsewhere. But not anymore ! I am enjoying a Great Team and the support of True Leaders. And I’m LOVING blogging !
    Waiting for your next insight,

    1. Katri, wonderful….

      I agree, continued support is required when building that lifetime relationship, with those we agreed to be involved with. To long has the retention climbed to unbelievable highs.

      Now, is the time for all of us to be honest with ourselves. Stop accepting to get involved with supporting people’s dreams. When you only are thinking about getting them into the next best think. Be honest a change this diseased way of living, if you want to call it that?

      Let’s end that thinking of me, me. Now we can be transparent and really support with compassion. Being there daily if required. There are methods of communication that can be used during the week. Keeping in contact is the key. Everyone knows how to ask for help. Just be there when they do.

      Katri, always a pleasure when you stop by and share. I look forward to your next amazing blog post. Keep on healing “Tapping” away….

      Very Truly Yours…

  39. William,

    To be a coach, mentor, teacher, or visionary is to be nothing more than someone who inspires and does not expect anything in return. However, in not expecting we get bigger returns and dividends than previously imagined. Excellent article!


    1. Andy, observant you are….

      I agree, we need to inspire and edify people daily. The ones that asked and we accepted the awesome responsibility to coach, and guide them to achieve great goals. That will lead them to their ultimate end result, success as they determined.

      Being a mentor is more than just inspiring others. It is a way of living though supporting others, with a servant’s heart. Coaching is more edifying and getting others to a point of empowerment, which manifest a hunger to grow personally, and accomplish each step required to reach daily goals. Then having the vision to see how you can resolve any issue, that will display it self through this journey.

      Teaching is learning. As you teach you learn with the person your supporting. Teaching is hands on involvement with that person. Leaving yourself out of the equations and listening to what they want. How they plan do accomplish this or that. Then by teaching them a method that worked for you. Your learning how to come to the same activity with a proven method. This will achieve the end result they wanted. If they knew how to…they would not need your assistance.

      There are more details in each hat, that a true hands on leader in our industry must be aware of. This is why it takes a team and not one person can do it on their own. Unity within that team, will save allot of time and energy.

      Andy, always a pleasure when you visit. I look forward to your next.

      Very Truly Yours…

  40. there is some fantastic information here although I am not sure that any one person can create a role for another person.

    I know that you pointed out that we should listen and then find out what the person wants. They then have to create the situation themselves, with our help of course.

    1. Trevor, so clear with understanding…

      I agree, no one can create another’s success. No, each person will know what they desire and dream of. We understand that those two elements equal success as they determined.

      Trevor, thank you for visiting our location here. It is great that you placed clarity on this subject. Always a pleasure.

      Very Truly Yours…

  41. That was well put man. I’ve never heard the duplication process described that way, but it makes total sense….It’s like I’ve been taught all that stuff before, but no one actually spelled it out for me. Thanks for turning the light bulb on for me.

    1. Steve, anything that has come to light is based on a passion within that will not sit still. I feel you have always had the understanding and just needed to have edification.

      I am so pleased to have manifested that clarity in duplication. I pray that you will be persistent in coaching others, in the simple form of duplication, as it really is.

      I know your a great mentor and coach in our industry. You dedication to help others see things clearly is a gift.

      I thank you for supporting our readers and look forward to your next visit.

    1. Kevin,

      thank you for your agreement with my vision on coaching. I pray it will help other leaders take the steps needed to increase our growth of duplication.

      I look forward in reading your blog for more insight.

  42. I completely agree with you my dear. We are here to connect and engage with others and the more we work together to raise each other up then the better off we’ll all be. Coaching and mentoring is critical to helping others and the more we can help others the better.

    Some of the other comments talk about connecting and not fully creating relationships. I see that a lot and appreciate my new connections and for those that take the extra step to build the relationship – it becomes even more welcome.

    1. VaNessa a true passionate and supportive leader in our industry…

      I agree, real relationships bonded on trust. Now, with that in place the journey to accomplish all steps required for success as they determined. That should be a piece of cake, per say.

      VaNassa, thank you so much for sharing. This gives our readers and I support on the subject matter. The more input we receive the better we understand. Thank you.

      • May, joy and peace surround you, Jay.

      I, appreciate participation. The, purpose is to stimulate. Your, remarkable imagination. The, get you to visualize. The, hidden message. That, is being shared. The, more you interact. The, better the insight, for others.

      Jay, you added substance. Consider, allow me to listen. As, you share. Your, vision of a future. In, your life. That, knowledge. Will, help me. Share deeper content. You, would be completing a “Selfless Act of Kindness” That is, action. Bigger, than self. My, choice in life.

      Either way, Jay you are appreciated.

      Will (Brotherbill)

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