It’s about you, no one else matters. Just get that!

It’s about you, no one else matters. Just get that!

I help people get involved with a club -VIP Wealth Club – they explain and train, how to use the Internet to make a second paycheck. This fantastic usage to utilize as my professional training force. So I may leverage my time, with more people, who require my one on ones.

Finally, real people giving sincere support, and their only focused, on your success. I mean, what you have been through, and where you are going. Your true story of being successful. They have no hype, on obstacles or objects, they acquired during their own steps. Your current goals, are where all the attention is focused.

You will have the tools, and serious training. Think about professional athletes. They must train year around. Watch tapes, and practice to keep sharp while maintaining physical strength. Why should you be any different, if you take creating a solid foundation, with real usable income, seriously. You must train, at least two hours a week. This by exercising that brain of yours. You need real professional people in our field to guide you. To show you how to use all those tools, to market products, recruit, and support people who you bring with you.

To be a great teacher, one must first learn. Even a Wiseman can learn? Always show due-diligence in researching material presented to you. That is what this is all about. A real human, making introductions to a source. This source, you may have never known existed.

Thank you for your time, and contact me with any questions, OK.



I had an amazing awakening moment today. By following my feeling to complete some serious, research in our business. This was to solve some bumps, that were becoming obstacles, in my path to success.

You see my purpose here at BN and hundreds of other locations, is to support others. It has nothing to do with my personal development or successes with failures. It is all about everyone else being successful and their stories of getting there. That is my interest and focus, your success.

Helping others get involved with a, lets say club as BN. The club explains how to use the internet to make a second paycheck. I focus on others being truly successful based on their level of success.

This is my awakening, to write more and have contact daily. I feel a powerful attraction, to people in need. That gift, is to be a tool of support, for others to utilize, willingly.

Would not this be a perfect place, if everyone had no hidden agendas, and really got involved with helping others, become successful. All this based on the individuals goals, and not their own. WOW!

So ,when someone ask you “Hay, what do you do for a living”. You answer “ I help people get involved, with a club, that explains how to use the Internet, to make a second paycheck”. At that point you would be honest and direct them to the source. That is all you do to help others. The rest will come once they make contact, with like minded people. Real human support, from people who really care of others success.

So, ask yourself, what is your tool of support for others success. The more you give out, will return ten fold. Try it on a daily bases for twenty-one days. It takes that long to change a habit. The Source, take it!

Seriously Successful

Seriously Successful

The first step is to understand that anyone, yes even you can, and will become successful in producing a real prosperous business. The key is persistence, and determination. That, with the help of a group of people who are supportive all the way.

Master Mind Group

You must located others who are determined being successful, as you!. They must be like minded individuals, who specialize in different areas of the given project being evaluated at that time. Six people, with yourself. That would be the total number in the group, seven. This factor is necessary for each project you want to explore. When you gather this group of people. Each one would play their role, in making the many, into one powerful team.


Try to imagine, a place where there are no fees, catches, and surprises of expenses. This is not common in our business. Yet, We have located just the place, and there is no cost! What?

After years of developing several models to succeed. We have placed all required elements to create a continued successful platform. That will only increase with time, and effort for you and our group to succeed. This is without a single cost, for you to join us! Never will you find anything like this. We are not asking now, nor ever, a dollar from your pocket.

Any monies to produce any step will be generated from the source. By informing others of this powerful free source. You will generate unlimited income for just giving information to others. Ethical and honest methods being utilized, daily.

If you can read, and understand simple steps. Then you will succeed with a better knowledge on how it is accomplished. This is with only several hours a week. You should ask yourself at this point. Doing what activity? Well, you would:

1. Read information given to you at your own pace.
2. Follow us as we give you steps to complete, at assigned times.
3. Be persistent in all activity.
4. Help others accomplish the same.

This is what it has, and will always take to be successful. To gather income that will only increase weekly. This is based on you not recruiting others. Not selling anything. Not spending your hard earned money on books, tapes, and potions. Just giving others free information from the unlimited free leads given to you! Yes, people who have request for your contact. No phone calls are required. No expenses.

Hay, if you want to sell product, then get into the supermarket business. We are not duplicating anything that has been accomplished before.
We only ask for your permission to publish your story of success. This is the only price that we require. What you will gain is priceless, and profitable!

Look I could sell unlimited products as has been done in the past. Yet, go to the local store if you want to spend your money, OK.

Bottom Line

We are changing lives daily, with the responsibility of taking positive actions to build you and others, a foundation that generates income. How much you may ask? Well that depends on each individuals needs, and goals.

We must know what you would like to accomplish, as to the level of income that you believe to be successful. That is, in owning your own business that takes nothing, yet gives ethical, and honest returns.

Real Human Support

You will have a support team, of real people with the same goal in mind. Your success in accomplishing a strong foundation of continued income in your account. This again, is at no cost to you now, or in the future.

We have gathered several sources, that there is no cost to utilize, for our goals. Combined their systems into one method. The cost for accomplishing this, zero!

The Catch

OK, we make income from only teaching others how to gain economic independence at no cost. We give each excepted team member:

1. A real website of their own. This is to establish a real business location. Yes, No Cost!
2. We build it, and manage it for all our members. We give all SEO services, ( Listing your site all over the internet) at zero cost!
3. We supply our members, the source of unlimited people, with all their contact information. They have request for contact for your products and services. This will have your site monetized. ( Making money for you) Only you have access to their information. Once you receive them, all information is destroyed from the system.
4. We provide another source, that will manage all your contacts, with information at one location. No cost for this. This source also, provides stats to market on a professional level. Priceless!


Global travel to locations, as part of being successful. This is attached with giving you income for sharing that reward source, with others. No out of pocket expense. You would have created income from your zero cost business. WOW!


Education in our business free, and daily communication with others globally. This supports your personal growth. This is a key element in our business.
A new beginning with no limitation, you will accomplish. You will create real income with no cost, except a little of your time.

Never contacting your friends and family. You are going to finally be one of the people writing about how you located an ethical, honest way to help people. While creating a real solid foundation, of continued income. This is real money, that you can touch and spend on anything you want. Never a cost is the focus point here!


We want to help one person at a time. To introduce this fantastic, new way of helping others, which increases your wealth. Leaving a real legacy for generations to come! Let your name mean something that you can finally hold your head up. No more disbelief in only the other person gets to have everything. No more friends and family destroying your dreams and desires.

Remember, your only limited by the way you think! Educate yourself in knowing there has never been anything you can’t achieve!
Now is the time to start that bright path towards, true success. Yours is right here, waiting for you to open your eyes to unlimited, free ethical habits.
All that is required, is you making that first step and joining others who are well on their way in accomplishing their true success stories.

Just first read “Think and Grow Rich”. It cost nothing but your time. Go to your local library and take it out. Hay, they even have it on tape! That is the first lesson, free.

Something To Think About

Everything we walk you through, is free. Why do people pay for information? Why do people keep spending money, they do not have? Why do people continue to follow others that have never accomplished their own goals? Would you ask a person to teach you how to purchase a home and keep it. If they never accomplished this, themselves?

That is what people are doing everyday. All these and other questions will be answered if you ask the right person. Well, hello my name is William Earl Amis, Jr. III and I will answer all your questions with support documentation!

Read, Educate, and then get back to me, OK.

Anything that is offered has no time limit. Your not missing out on anything if you complete your due diligence, in researching facts before you act. Get in that habit for twenty-one days. Then come in contact with me. We will always be here! OK.

“The key element one must master”

Man is mind for ever more he takes, the tool of thought shaping as he wills. Brings forth a thousand joys, or a thousand ills. He comes to think it, then it comes to past. Environment, is just his looking glass.

So are you learning something today? Please let me know if this is helpful and you require more information.

“Alls Well”

A Gift To Earn Your Trust

A Free Gift For Your Trust

I believe that one must earn respect and trust, right? Well this is my way of giving all who are new and old here with us a gift. Everyone of us are here at this location to network and educate ourselves. By accomplishing those two objectives will keep us on the right path to success.

Next, get unlimited free leads with names, address, phone and emails that request contact daily. No catches or cost! All free and unlimited to grow your businesses, quickly. Join! at no cost They are right here! No Cost Ever! Unlimited!

This is just my way of jump starting membership here at Betternetworker. The more the word gets out, the faster your business will grow.

Immediately you will have a lead which includes:

1. First and last name.
2. Mailing address.
3. Telephone number.
4. Email address.
5. Date and time the person filled out the form on our website that they wanted their own business.
6. Ip address the person was on when they filled out the form.
7. A link to verify the mailing address, telephone number, and ip address.

All you have to do is contact these leads and you will find that at least 50% are good qualified leads. The very same ratio as if you were to purchase leads. Why? Because these are the same leads other people purchase for $0.65 to $7.00 each.

Once you get the lead it is deleted from our database so as not to go to any other members. Join Today! No Cost, No Catches. Daily support from our team without a price!

Just my way of giving you a lifetime of free resources for all your projects to be successful!

Alls Well Laughing


Business Support Services

Well, this has been over a year in the making. All required research and communication globally, has paid off!

How would you like for all your business needs to be completed by one source. Like a one stop service resolution department of your own. Yes, there is a place that is not only on the internet. Yet, is a physical place, also!

OK, this seems far fetch, but you be the judge. The one thing is it’s unique approach of no cost to your business, for all their realistic needed support services. They have created a niche, for support at no cost.Yes, you read that right?

The company wants to remain unnamed here, for ethical reasons. They believe not to introduce to the masses to early. The required start up, has been in the launching stages, for a year. Now it is complete. No company cost to offset for any service fees.

Imagine having a support resource, for your business growth, and survival in our current, and future economic state. They take your record keeping, and automate it at no cost. Then teaching you the correct techniques, to manage it yourself. You become flawless, which saves you hundreds of dollars in expenses. The other services are so much to place it here, at this location.


Research, is the key before anyone should start a business. Be it on the internet with MLM. Marketing or other streams of solid financial gains. One should complete a detail study on everything involved with each separate project. This is of course, before spending a dime on purchases.

If, an offer for you to get involved with any project. Request you to spend money, now! Run the other way, and never look back. Research is required before you commit to any legitimate project. This should be understood by whom ever is approaching you with an offer. Never jump into anything. Ethical projects have no time limit to join. You are not making any revenue by how many people join a real business. So, do yourself a favor and save your money. Keep your family and friends. Just take it easy.


If you have a library card (They are free). You have the most dangerous key known to man. Education that cost you nothing. Then read “Think and Grow Rich”. This is the book that everyone who has ever made money on the internet. Selling you and the others books, etc… They all started from this one step. Read the book, and do your just research. It cost you nothing, and will save you unlimited money. That is with this last key:


Repetition. Yes, read and continue to read. Then when you get it? Yes, by reading you will open up wisdom. This will lead you to understanding, which then knowledge is gained.

So, please don’t spend money after all is free? I will never understand why people still will pay for something that is free. There is no more reason, for spending money you can’t and should not spend, right?

Lets just say, finally! We, now have a one stop solution. The system was utilized by “The Problem Resolutions Department” in the 90s with the Internal Revenue Service. Individuals that worked in this group, were our advocates. Really, had our backs as human beings, trying to make a honest living. Now, you and I have that at our finger tips, without cost!


Well do yourself the favor of a lifetime. Research to location this business, and give them a good read in your own time. They are not going anywhere. You do not have to rush to contact them to day or this year. They are not looking for people to provide free business support service to the public. They are here to serve globally. This is accomplished based on company being debt free. Nothing to push on customers for operations. Just each business, MLM, Marketers, and persons who contact them. Will be required, to complete the intake interview. That’s is Simplicity at it’s best.

Well, I did my part to spread education on research being a key product of success. Repetition is the top key, right?

Until another time!

Alls Well Laughing

Bill Amis

True Success, No Cost


1. You and I work together for your growth and success,with no out of pocket cost to you, ever! Simplicity!

2. Phase 1 = You have our team growing your revenue stream daily, from this first free resource. Again no cost, from you.

3. Phase 2 = You learn from Better Networker articles, the education required to remain successful. Repetition, is the key to success on all levels.

4. Phase 3 = Follow our communications via email once a week and watch your revenue growth. Real income from our support system. No cost!

5. Phase 4 = Duplicate by communications with our team and those who we give you to education.

This will be the only exposer, to our support system. We are link minded, real people, that care about your success. There is no rush to join us for your success. We are not going anywhere. We do not sell things to each other. We make success stories and change peoples lives for ever! This, all of this, without a cost, from your pocket! WOW! Yes, you read that, right?

We have only one request after your success. OK, here comes the catch… We get to write about how we worked as a team, and publish your story, OK.

This takes nothing to think about. Yet, we are so supportive with everyone who we come in contact with. Once you are accepted with our community . We evaluate the real needs, and desires of everyone who response. Only focus on ethical, positive, and lucrative changes. All present and future situations, that you will have. We are and will remain, your only true resource, for support. Our services will never cost you out of pocket, OK. Just a phone call or drop an email for a resolution. This is the real human support way. We all have been waiting for, and never found. That is until now!

You receive our free support, for your lifetime. That will never cost you a dime, out of your pocket.

We focus one day at a time. This keeps everything simple, right. A person with a need and now has a one stop resource. All with never a cost out of your pocket.just want to start one day at a time. This means to get you real spending revenue, for your health and welfare. There are, and never will be, any strings attached.

First go to the company that supplies us with all revenue to accomplish your future revenue growth at no cost to you. Please remember to return here to go to where to start your success.

I am the writer here, and you can verify my true authentication at that location:

After you have completed the required research of where support comes from and how to get started. Drop me an email on my personal account. This way I will monitor your growth and If you need to communicate with me. I will help you one on one. I answer all my emails and not a system.

Well, here is to your future of building a real solid financial foundation, without a cost out of your pocket!

Summary: Research where the support comes from Enter Here, Read the article of support Enter Here. Last, join our team at no cost Enter Here.

Alls Well

Bill Amis

617-288-6600 office 24hrs a day, OK.

Foundation Building

Foundation building will be including all the step by step actions to complete this vital step in your success. It will only take five to ten minutes to complete. We will even walk you through it step by step. That will not only be the only contact you have with us. Just contact us daily if you require on any support subject you need assistance for. We have of forty-plus years of sources to improve any situation, without an out of pocket cost. Stay tune for the first step…”Foundation Building”.