I had an amazing awakening moment today. By following my feeling to complete some serious, research in our business. This was to solve some bumps, that were becoming obstacles, in my path to success.

You see my purpose here at BN and hundreds of other locations, is to support others. It has nothing to do with my personal development or successes with failures. It is all about everyone else being successful and their stories of getting there. That is my interest and focus, your success.

Helping others get involved with a, lets say club as BN. The club explains how to use the internet to make a second paycheck. I focus on others being truly successful based on their level of success.

This is my awakening, to write more and have contact daily. I feel a powerful attraction, to people in need. That gift, is to be a tool of support, for others to utilize, willingly.

Would not this be a perfect place, if everyone had no hidden agendas, and really got involved with helping others, become successful. All this based on the individuals goals, and not their own. WOW!

So ,when someone ask you “Hay, what do you do for a living”. You answer “ I help people get involved, with a club, that explains how to use the Internet, to make a second paycheck”. At that point you would be honest and direct them to the source. That is all you do to help others. The rest will come once they make contact, with like minded people. Real human support, from people who really care of others success.

So, ask yourself, what is your tool of support for others success. The more you give out, will return ten fold. Try it on a daily bases for twenty-one days. It takes that long to change a habit. The Source, take it!

4 Replies to “Awakening”

  1. I’ve heard it said that true network marketing is personal development with a compensation plan attached. I believe it. My own personal development must come first, or I have nothing to offer to others.

    And then, what I do offer others is free, will help them tremendously in their personal development, and will also help them to succeed in their home business, whether they ever join mine or not.

    Awesome stuff! And highly rewarding.

    Willena Flewelling

  2. Willena,
    once again you contribute useful comments to my blog. I thank you for all your support. Also, in helping others become the great leaders in our business. Please continue to visit and leave valued information, as you all ways have.

  3. It is so important to help others. I do it in my business and personal life. The most important thing is listening. So many people have lost their true voice, and listening is such a valuable gift.

    1. Debbie, your absolutely correct, in the skill of listening, is harder to find in our business. Everyone, wants to be the next guru?

      I agree, with we need to practice in listening, to one another more. You know, if we spend the time to listen, we can solve more people’s problems, as solvers and not sellers! Just something to think about. Hum…..

      Debbie, I love your style, keeping it simple, and to the point. Always a wonderful pleasure, when you stop by. I look forward, to more of your insight, on our subject! I can’t wait, for your blog’s next post! Knowing, it is going to be something amazing, and useful….

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