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Well, this has been over a year in the making. All required research and communication globally, has paid off!

How would you like for all your business needs to be completed by one source. Like a one stop service resolution department of your own. Yes, there is a place that is not only on the internet. Yet, is a physical place, also!

OK, this seems far fetch, but you be the judge. The one thing is it’s unique approach of no cost to your business, for all their realistic needed support services. They have created a niche, for support at no cost.Yes, you read that right?

The company wants to remain unnamed here, for ethical reasons. They believe not to introduce to the masses to early. The required start up, has been in the launching stages, for a year. Now it is complete. No company cost to offset for any service fees.

Imagine having a support resource, for your business growth, and survival in our current, and future economic state. They take your record keeping, and automate it at no cost. Then teaching you the correct techniques, to manage it yourself. You become flawless, which saves you hundreds of dollars in expenses. The other services are so much to place it here, at this location.


Research, is the key before anyone should start a business. Be it on the internet with MLM. Marketing or other streams of solid financial gains. One should complete a detail study on everything involved with each separate project. This is of course, before spending a dime on purchases.

If, an offer for you to get involved with any project. Request you to spend money, now! Run the other way, and never look back. Research is required before you commit to any legitimate project. This should be understood by whom ever is approaching you with an offer. Never jump into anything. Ethical projects have no time limit to join. You are not making any revenue by how many people join a real business. So, do yourself a favor and save your money. Keep your family and friends. Just take it easy.


If you have a library card (They are free). You have the most dangerous key known to man. Education that cost you nothing. Then read “Think and Grow Rich”. This is the book that everyone who has ever made money on the internet. Selling you and the others books, etc… They all started from this one step. Read the book, and do your just research. It cost you nothing, and will save you unlimited money. That is with this last key:


Repetition. Yes, read and continue to read. Then when you get it? Yes, by reading you will open up wisdom. This will lead you to understanding, which then knowledge is gained.

So, please don’t spend money after all is free? I will never understand why people still will pay for something that is free. There is no more reason, for spending money you can’t and should not spend, right?

Lets just say, finally! We, now have a one stop solution. The system was utilized by “The Problem Resolutions Department” in the 90s with the Internal Revenue Service. Individuals that worked in this group, were our advocates. Really, had our backs as human beings, trying to make a honest living. Now, you and I have that at our finger tips, without cost!


Well do yourself the favor of a lifetime. Research to location this business, and give them a good read in your own time. They are not going anywhere. You do not have to rush to contact them to day or this year. They are not looking for people to provide free business support service to the public. They are here to serve globally. This is accomplished based on company being debt free. Nothing to push on customers for operations. Just each business, MLM, Marketers, and persons who contact them. Will be required, to complete the intake interview. That’s is Simplicity at it’s best.

Well, I did my part to spread education on research being a key product of success. Repetition is the top key, right?

Until another time!

Alls Well Laughing

Bill Amis

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