Earning vs Pitching

Today was an amazing day full of choices, just perception. The only ownership we can state having; “Choice”. No person, place or thing belongs to us. We are just stewards while living. 

This is an awakening time for all of us. The days and nights just seem so heavy with choices for ourselves, and others we feel obligated knowing that being accountable is just the proper ethical acceptance. Well, most of us feel over challenged being in-house from this present day social gathering restriction.

Now, we must admit for those of us who own a real company vs selling others products and services. There is a huge dent in our reality. When our economy is open vs now. This is a time to recreate all things, even as much ourselves!

Now people have begun to go back to online classes. Get reinstated with our industry of choice. Those forced to work for a living per say. They are frustrated with not getting out just to go to work. It is a funny thing vs when you felt it hard to get out of the bed to go to work. Complaining about just anything with yourself and your spouse. Yelling at children as you dash into your daily routine. Hey, some even miss it so much they are leaving each other based on really spending quality time was just something most kept saying to one another. It is an awakening time as I stated.

We found it necessary to do our part in harmony and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. We have begun to reach out to all our clients/customers and especially our own family around the world. This is a time of real human interaction. Hey learning that we earn people’s choices to allow us to work for their companies, and self. We believe it was strategically placed to have everyone come back to relationship repairing as we call it. Keeping in touch not to pitch products but allowing to learn qualities with exciting adventures that inspire hope and love. 

This is what we call the “Grace” overflow period in our history. Real transparency and hope being spread worldwide. This is real human interaction and everyone feels different seen by transparency through all online platforms. Exiting sharing and also overkill per say from professionals exposing their uncontrolled frustration on just about all things. Venting at the level that their customers really see them for the first time. Most have lost vast incomes and clients from never being transparent from the beginning. That is why we live at the highest standards. Being transparent and keeping it real from the start.

I hope to help you and every reader know that we give free professional support. We only desire to earn your supportive needs in all areas professionally. This may be a rare thing. We have not charged for our support services over forty years now. This is true ethical transparency from the beginning. That is why we did not lose any revenue and clients. There is not pitching from us and that is so pure and rare. 

We hope to complete just one daily act of kindness through supporting you and any company. Nothing is more important than to earn your consideration in becoming our next amazing investment. Yes, we choose to invest in people vs things. 

Thanks for allowing me to share openly our focus on earning your consideration to allow us in supporting you and if you have a company that as well. You are an investment nevertheless, being a person worthy of our time is most important.

Just Saying…


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First Contact

We have been overwhelmed with vast people not aware of “Vetting” people and companies prior to “First Contact”.

There is a protocol in business. Professionals utilize it each moment. Prior to reaching out for sales and offer of “Business” support services. One should consider completing “Due Diligence”.

We understand the pressure most people who have a “Business” vs “Company” is facing. The daily challenges to just keep alive, per say. No relief seen in the near future.

That is just your chosen perception and not a guarantee. You make that choice to change based on your experience and support resources. Perhaps you may consider realizing lasting relationships with existing clients need strengthening. How, real human interaction will retain and grow new clients with their efforts not yours? This is just one of several “Foundational” support services freely given when you know the right resource

Just realize knowledge is only accomplished by experience. Just existing is not enough anymore. There is no other realization for your survival than gaining experience with interacting and not pushing sales. It makes people feel that you care not about proper “First Contact” protocol. Consider making sure you “Vet” people and companies prior to approaching them.

When you learn from a valid source. Where to start researching people and companies. That will enable you to develop a professional profile for each one. Then, you will awaken to a pure understanding of “First Contact” protocol.

Why not be known as a person who understands “learning” about people and companies prior to contact. That may be “Old School”. Nevertheless, it is the best and never changing protocol to follow.

Once again just leave a comment on your perception of this article. You are the “Life-blood” per say of our article. You are appreciated.

This is written based on real experience which gained the knowledge to share. Also, you can gain free support in the “How To” from us. We are a source over forty-years. Never a cost, just real human interaction.

Think about doing it right the first time. Allow us to walk you through a foundational protocol. We live to serve and hold ourselves to the “Highest Standards”.

My purpose is to encourage action. Not just words but action, with others who look to support growth, and release entrapment thinking.


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I am told that “Purpose” is the spiritual and moral context for your life

We can begin to believe without seeing what we deeply desire. When you have focus, nothing nor anyone can stop things from manifesting in your life. Believe in service, as we all will find that is the way. To be prosperous and have no basic lack in life.

The struggle is not what to get involved with, to make money? No, it is to accept each person now and from existence is unique. We all have unique and individual purposes. Nevertheless, we are all here to serve humanity.

The awakening is to consider developing a mindset of service. Then, you will start to shape your perception. Strategic people and opportunities will arrive consistently. That is a natural way of things. 

When you get sick and tired of popping in and out of the next opportunities. Think, your purpose is more than selling products and processes. The awaken will happen when you arrive at a choice, yes choice. That is all we have is choices. Then, you will seek opportunities that inspire hope in others and support a passion to eradicate basic shortcomings in other’s lives. That opens your mind to vast possibilities.

You will attract like minded passionate others. They will not know why they are attracted to your ideas of service and creation of qualifying projects to enhance globally change. No more thinking selfishly. That is the key to prosperity in thought, life and love. Selfless acts of kindness.

Perhaps this message will encourage you to hope for more in your life. How about focusing on knowing  you have all the wisdom needed, since birth. Now, to gain knowledge of anything. One may consider taking physical action brings what we call knowledge. Get it?

Take creating a real company vs “I have a business”. When someone comes to me with “I have my own business”. That screams to my soul, this person is a salesman. They sell others products and ideas. There is nothing wrong with that. We need physical laborers whose marketing is physical and mental when done right. 

The only basic truth is “Real Human Interaction” as a driving purpose. Once you choose to be involved with real people face to face vs internet “Fake” reality. Then, you will be at the beginning of amazing adventure learning cultures and meeting a network of honest, passionate others such as you. They also have been developing “Skill Sets”.

Hey, this is a sharing from my experiences, and welcome you to get involved with a true deep comment or statement. All are needed and welcome here!

Just Say,


Environment Looking Glass

No matter the challenge most people are led to “Chaos Acceptance”, state of mind. Perhaps we can encourage others, not accept only what is seen? Caution yes, however never stop developing unwavering focus for solutions.

Learning to accept, nothing is accomplished alone. We are the world’s leaders of development and influence. Must consider coming together to resolve all challenges. Together unity is accomplished. Many advisers and taking action is the means to resolve all obstacles.

My visions manifest consistently by only sharing parts with those who have accomplished and maintained each part of the whole solution. That is the natural development of end results with amazing outcomes.

I call upon each of you to reach out to me with your ideas that you desire to accomplish supportive services, for the good of all. Leaving out Vanity, Greed and Fear in this our “Strategic” move.

Be encouraged to get involved with projects greater than self. That is the ultimate challenge and I live this over 30 years now. Developing daily new “Skill Sets”. That is what I seek in each person I am graced to have strategically placed in my life.

Perhaps we can get together soon and help the multitudes in removing basic needs. Now, more than ever I pray this will start all my contacts caring to be involved without expecting something in exchange. Yes, there will be overwhelming joy in accomplishing such projects. Yes, you will be graced with unbelievable prosperity not only monetary. A sense of honor and ethics balancing achieved, with every development!

This is priceless, a life without limited visions. Only except honesty, transparency and ethical choices.

My purpose is to encourage action. Not just words but action, with others who look to support growth, and release entrapment thinking.


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“We will be here today and five years from now”

Sometimes Reaching Out Matters!

We forget about real human interaction daily. Based on all the quick ways that we can believe typing in various hardware is real? The need to interact in person is becoming a lost natural way of being hands on supportive.

I have traveled more than most prior to age thirty. Some would say our lives expand only by experiences. Most would say no so based on technology. We can pretend to shape our perceptions living through virtual travel and going anywhere online with vivid pictures that can be felt with the right supportive tools. That is not the same as physical experience. That physical experience in all things is the only way one can gain what we all seek “Knowledge”.

You can have your online virtual travels. I only live through my own live experiences. I go around to encourage others to accept doing the same. Not like my choices of travel yet their own. Just imagine a world of real people. Getting out of their homes and towns. Learning new cultures by making meaningful new connection offline. Yes, I said it offline.

Well, this will be an amazing ride if you visit again and read experiences from my own travels. People, Places and Things. Old fashion real hands on interaction. No more accepting new shiny things that you pay with hope of feeling something new. That is just insane. You have to physically get out of your rooms, homes and towns. Take a look at new cultural experiences by physical touch, taste and feel. Wow, to think in time back we use to only travel to and from for adventure and pleasures. Education and stimulation was our focus. Why not you now?

Thanks for taking time and reading my introduction to a new way of sharing to inspire amazing travels for us all. I will motivate you and help you consider to enhance you perception of your so called life. No, there is nothing being sold only stimulation for action. Dare yourself to experience daily changing stimuli.

We will embark on new adventure together in real life and share stores that manifest hope for a life without lacking in any area. I offer you all to interact with sharing your experiences similar to the ones I share.

You all know that the life of a site is interaction. Please, leave a comment based on the subject matter. I will personally reply. If you would like to travel, reach out to me and maybe become our monthly winner of our possible 3-Day cruise and other amazing tempting exciting activities. Our way of giving hope and encouraging more interactivity in your life.

William Earl Amis, Jr. III

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Believe In Visions Once More!

All Is Possible

Time and time again. We all have had moments of silence in our lives. I am not the exception to this weird delima, in life and business…

We had seven people who are dear to us family and friends. Pass away this year alone. Knowing that we all good and not good. End the same way , deceased. We could believe that the more we accomplish serving others. Maybe that would earn us some grace but that is not how it is done in heavenly places and in life.

We have chosen to serve you and all who humble themselves and reach out to us. That would be the first step in accomplishing all you desire. There is a positive flow of things for all of us to accept and change our perception on life. This is the only way to accomplish much by being involved in something larger than yourself. Take your focus off of you have to do this or that. Allow us, you and myself to join forces per se. Get things balances and help you gain that visual future self.

Nothing is more precious than seeing visions manifest. That is what happens each day in our lives. Nothing we have done graces us to this perception. It is a fact that two or more people focused and determined. To accomplish all that is good for everyone. Not selfish and Vanity, Fear and Greed emotions involved. That is the only time nothing will come to anything in your life.

That is just how life balances things and wasting time to rationalize the details is a waste of life and time. Accept doing for others makes it so much easier to accomplish your goals, dreams and visualization of a future self. It is proven by my life and those who I have had the honor of serving even now.

We leave the past dead, per se. There is nothing gained looking back in the rear mirror as we all say…

How about you write down how you visualize yourself in the future. Then, reachout to challenge us to help you. Just by that beginning step things in your life will suddenly change for the better. No one can accomplish anything worth value alone. No one not even you.

Look at how wonderful life is and stop seeking selfish endings. Cars, homes and junk last but a minutes. How about overflow of prosperity from now until you ascend…That is worth more than gold and anything. How to obtain this without expenses, hurting people and sales?

This is the question that we will share by example. Walking you through each step that you accomplish more each day. The power per se…holding you back from gaining daily knowledge of all things. Your imagination with consistent activity that molds and manifest your visions. Once you have mastered living vs working for things. You will be able to help others and travel with courage . Unyielding belief in more than your own abilities. You have not been able to do as you desire and when. So you so called abilities are just in your own imagination. You can get higher education but no one will walk you through how to apply book knowledge to real life situations. How does or can it help accomplish support for all mankind. How about just to have you live without worries and stress? More accomplished with a life of no limitation overall, right?

Let us get started with the first step. You writing down your vision of the future you. We will accomplish amazing things together. There is nor will ever be any cost to our lifetime support and real human interaction. Can’t find this anywhere and never will. Learn more contact me and I will share with your help. More and all about you…

Thanks for understanding things take time worth having. It just took all this time for you to locate us. We are in more places but desire to help one person at a time. Just put me to the test?

We appreciate all who interact here buy providing your perception on the subject of bing truly involved in others lives. Bringing back “Real Human Interaction”

Peace Is Your Guide…

Stop think and take action with courage!

Sharing one’s experience to encourage and influence others, priceless. That has and will continue to be my only purpose writing to promote interaction from you, the reader.

Perhaps you allow me to challenge you today. Get to consider to allow me in serving you to get balance in your life and prosperity in all areas. Hey, if I tell you how to make 2.3 million dollars. There would be unlimited people calling day and night seeking some formula, process. That is a problem with all of us. Greed, Vanity and Fear is the temptational tools used in the art of promotion. That leads normal people to waste money as the end results. Loss of jobs, family and marriages.

I will confess and dedication today. Anyone who reads our articles will become aware of vast knowledge that goes past the normal thinking into a new prosperous perception. All at no cost This will be accomplished without selling, pitching and grifting( sometimes used with a plural verb ) a group of methods for obtaining money falsely through the use of swindles, frauds, dishonest gambling, etc.).

“People, listen to me today. No one should be paying anyone ever for quality self-experienced knowledge to prosper in all areas of life and business economics”

This is the first awareness

Your mouth causes all things to happen. No matter positive or negative. Most people do not meditate prior to jumping into action. Making choices asking those who have nothing did nothing and will never do anything, except make sure they act as though they control the world per se. Those in your life will always believe against your given abilities. Waiting for you to once again fall on your face per se. You have been going about this thing wrong. You consider leaving the past out of your thoughts, mouth and life. Then, and only then you will be able to begin moving into a new and prosperous life. I live this and practice the art of being one who dedicated his life for over 43 years now. Just to help people, causes and countries. We all are dedicated and open invitation to you without and expiration. Allow us to serve you as we have for over a decade. We will be ready when you are. We invest in people now and in the future.

Perhaps learn to research, meditate and wait for the revelational instructions. Inquire with us. We are a Global Alliance fellowship. People living amazing lives without lacking and focused on providing one stop support at no cost ever! Those of us who experience all things share and when someone reaches out for personal and business needs. We listen, then together walk through that day solutions. Then, put into physical task to get it done. It is already done! That is what we live by.”

Understand all of us live at an unusual higher standard most can not and will not. So, first knowledge is most times wait and complete due diligence on a give choice. Then, seek help stop Vanity, Greed and Fear. Asking for help is not weakness. That was the first supportive message. More to come sometime soon…

“No lack in any part of your life”

We respect all people who share a common desire to enhance where they are in life and business. We together will make it done without expenses and false purchases of junk. Stop buying junk online and make a difference in your life based on your vision of a future self. It’s about you are the investment not selling junk for others to prosper. Really why would I not have my own real company and help others though finding my vision of a future me. Peace is your guide for daly decisions.

“Stay Fiercely Courageous”

William Earl Amis, Jr. III

We appreciate you and welcome to our exposing the truth,
William Earl Amis Jr. III
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