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This Is Going To Hurt

Just getting into looking around each day. Making sure that I am where is needed the most in my communities. I travel once a month. That is my own time. It works for me and meeting new exciting people works. The stories people have, are amazing. Empowering times when you travel just to complete "Selfless Acts Of Kindness".

This brings me to what everyone, has been upset with. The idea of making ends meet. The days and nights are hard for most people. They, complain about internet. The only things all over is, "How To Get Rich". They, are being lead into false activites. These, people who post false results. Trying to count people as numbers. Making a small amount of blood money. In return, their own lives are full of the messery they are bringing to innocent people. The game online is false.

Let's review a little facts. First, anyone recruiting for selling someone's product = sales person. Second, anyone selling their dream. That has others doing all the work = systems. Third and last, anyone recruiting others in feel good groups. One's that repeat the same words over and over again = programs.

Wake-up and understand. If they work, and made millions for everyone. No one would be working 9-5. Hey, for all who are out their selling false dreams. Shame. Listen readers, you will not make million having a W2 lifestyle. Just will not happen my friends. Next, please complete research or contact me. We, walk through the person/company and group. No cost for my time. That is me completing a "Selfless Act Of Kindness".

Hey, I have nothing but time. I do not work for anyone except serving others. There is nothing we cannot work through. I have many years to contribute for all daily issues. Try me and we will have this Veteran share quality work once again.

Just get this from this short article. No one who is making money needs to have a hidden agenda. Focus on those who do not have money to begin with. I hope that soon, all those who claim to have money. Put it where their mouth is. Try to help those who have nothing grow. Feed their families and learn a quality way to really help others. Share their passion with enthusiasm. Empowering others to start to create memories that will inspire others. That will bring so much joy and prosperity in their life. The more you give without expecting anything. That is when you truly achieve worthwhile fortune.


A word for the author


"No words will support you. They, only can motivate for a while. Yet, someone accountable on your side. That can move you through a lifetime. The choice is only and always has been, yours. Learn, then take action".

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  1. Hi William,

    I learned the hard way that those who over-hyped things were usually liars. Because I’m a very honest person it never occurred to me that they would lie! At first I assumed I was the only person with a blog not making a fortune LOL.

    Then I met the helpful people at PAC (some of whom have commented on your blog here) and it started to make sense.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hi, Joy amazing insightfulness

      Yes, there are those who genuinely desire to help people. They feel content when doing so. That be the only reward they seek. That is what I love about associating only with people who create amazing memories to inspire others. Yes, lots of us have sites that make zero money of off ads and such. Those are the one’s you will get usable information.

      Thanks for making a valid point, Joy.

  2. People need to work with integrity. If there intentions is purely profit they may do well in the beginning but they will not have staying power.
    Elise Cohen Ho recently posted…Bad Ass Dad, Frank PratherMy Profile

  3. Thank you so much for this perspective.

  4. Hi William,

    Certainly there are people who run their business purely for profit.

    They may have no qualms about ripping people off or taking advantage of them.

    But there are also many serious and reputable people online.

    As an entrepreneur, it’s up to you to seek those people out and stick closely by them.

    People trying to build a business online don’t usually have trouble finding information.

    There’s so much of it already out there.

    What they really need is finding someone to help them work through it all.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…3 Key Strategies to Sustain Blog GrowthMy Profile

    • Donna, you are wise and always breaking things down so we can understand all view points. That is what keeps me on my toes, per say.

      The vast information has been out prior before any normal people had access the what we now call the internet. But, what makes it sad it is not being used.

      You are right, walking people through all the stuff. People are creatures of habits. Most, believe that even though they have no idea what they got into. They, know a better short cut. None- exist. You have to put in the field work, research. No one except a few of us love research. Yes, rather read manuals vs. novels.

      Maybe if there was a clone machine we can make more of Donna…LOL Then, all those people being mislead will have a wonderful and empower mentor as I have all these years with you. That is a perfect world, Donna.


  5. Good Morning Bill! I was just visiting over at Donna’s blog and caught your comment and thought I would swing on over and give you a shout out as well as read your awesome post!

    As always it was very heartfelt, and NO it did not hurt LOL

    Have a Super weekend my friend.
    Thanks for the inspiration this morning..
    Chery :))

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