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3 fundamentals

I want to take everyone through three steps that has helped most people, who started off. Realizing, the sooner they learn about our industry. Make a decision based on nothing but pure desire. To make their own dreams into reality.


I felt compelled to get this out today. My long time friend Ronnie Phillips. Drove by my compound today. Amazed, I was listening to him share his experience with working at his age. Only turned young 53 and feels thought wasting time making other’s dreams come true. Those were his words. I laugh at that statement. That is what I felt when I was in my twenties, yet did what I had to do. It is not a matter of how long it take each person. We are all unique, so it will take you a different amount of time, than say, me. I stopped working at age 33 and now in my 50’s I felt amazingly well.


Each day there is not one person, speaking with me. I just listen, as hard as it is to keep my mouth shut. I am getting better at it. Yet, no one is not taking action little by little. Hey, Ronnie has a little truck and doing his thing. While still part-time parking cars at his age? Yet, we are going to work together. I live for challenges in other’s lives.


Let us talk about Clarity, which is the first of the three fundamentals. There is not way to gain this without writing your vision in detail. Yes, it will change as you grow. That is a fact. Also, there is never going to be a time where it will not stop growing. That is part of this journey we call life. Get over this and then start writing a rough draft.


Once you fine tune it. Read it out loud to yourself. Over and over each day. Let the words sync into your brain. You will alway refer to it, until you ascend. That is how you gain clarity each day.


The next time we will go over the second fundamental. You will not guess until I share it. So, you will just have to wait. After this one is shared. The third will be shared and an ending that will motivate your mind. You will never be the same, as those who witness before you. I love it and you will also.


Thank you, for your continued support on my site. I live to serve others and making a living by giving. When you get sick and tired of all the hype out here. Just get with us and allow a walk through to education yourself in our industry as a whole. Lots of people are very upset with us for sharing this educational production. It is priceless and valued into the thousands. We live to give free information. Hey, if you compiled 10 years of research and lived in every library. Then, you would be able to produce such an amazing educational piece. Love it!

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