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Fundamentals Count!


I want to take everyone through three steps that has helped most people, who started off. Realizing, the sooner they learn about our industry. Make a decision based on nothing but pure desire. To make their own dreams into reality.


I felt compelled to get this out today. My long time friend Ronnie Phillips. Drove by my compound today. Amazed, I was listening to him share his experience with working at his age. Only turned young 53 and feels thought wasting time making other’s dreams come true. Those were his words. I laugh at that statement. That is what I felt when I was in my twenties, yet did what I had to do. It is not a matter of how long it take each person. We are all unique, so it will take you a different amount of time, than say, me. I stopped working at age 33 and now in my 50’s I felt amazingly well.


Each day there is not one person, speaking with me. I just listen, as hard as it is to keep my mouth shut. I am getting better at it. Yet, no one is not taking action little by little. Hey, Ronnie has a little truck and doing his thing. While still part-time parking cars at his age? Yet, we are going to work together. I live for challenges in other’s lives.


Let us talk about Clarity, which is the first of the three fundamentals. There is no way to gain this, without writing your vision in detail. Yes, it will change as you grow. That is a fact. Also, there is never going to be a time, where it will not stop growing. That is part of this journey, we call life. Get over this and then start writing a rough draft.


Once you fine tune it. Read it out loud to yourself. Over and over each day. Let the words sync into your brain. You will always refer to it, until you ascend. That is how you gain clarity each day.


The next time, we will go over the second fundamental. You will not guess until I share it. So, you will just have to wait. After this one is shared. The third will be shared and an ending that will motivate your mind. You will never be the same, as those who witness before you. I love it and you will also.


Thank you, for your continued support on my site. I live to serve others and making a living by giving. When you get sick and tired of all the hype out here. Just get with us and allow a walk through to education yourself in our industry as a whole. Lots of people are very upset with us for sharing this educational production. It is priceless and valued into the thousands. We live to give free information. Hey, if you compiled 10 years of research and lived in every library. Then, you would be able to produce such an amazing educational piece. Love it!

ending for all blog post

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  1. You’ve got it right, William.

    Without clarity, we don’t know where we’re heading. And if we don’t know that, then who knows where we’ll end up?

    Sound ludicrous, no?

    But how many people do we teach and coach that do things exactly that way. But you’re right. We’ve gotta keep our mouth shut so they can learn to walk their own path.

    Developing clarity, writing it down as you described… that’s a must-do fundamental of success. In anything. Thanks for your continual wisdom, and willingness to share it with us all, William.

    It’s always such a pleasure visiting your blog.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted…Do You Want To Rank Page One On Google?My Profile

  2. Donna, one of my favorite people!

    Yes, we have that mouth thing in common. It is a struggle for me as well. I believe in affirmations only done with proper activity. Just saying something over and over again. Will not get anything done without executing focused activity.

    Donna, your presents is a huge uplifting for us. I thank you for all the time you took to visit. Looking forward in growing with you.

  3. Hi William,

    Oh I had to laugh when you wrote about each day you listen to people and it’s hard to keep your mouth shut! Oh boy do I resonate with that one lol. After thirty some odd years, I still have to put my “magical duct tape” over my mouth when listening to a client. I know..I do have a big mouth and can tawlk very fast with my Brooklyn accent lol.

    But I digress…Clarity is one thing we all need. I started doing affirmations a long time ago. I stuck to my 30 day affirmation the first time I did it, and now it became easy as pie!

    Lets face it, we are all growing and as we do, we need to keep on doing so. Speaking an affirmation in the here and now and saying it aloud helps me so much. Life is an endless journey, and if we want to grow, this is one modality that can work. It hits the subconscious mind and clears out the “critic” that stops you from going forward.

    Well done!

    donna merrill recently posted…Coaching For Online EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • Donna,

      Whatever, works and is honorable with ethical intentions. Believing in yourself and what you say is the hardest obstacle. We can say things at times. Even, finding our faith tested.

      Nice, Donna, and I love your natural way of speaking. I could listen to you for hours at a time. Keep us smiling!

  4. William,
    valuable writings are always useful to the person who is ready for it..

    Looking back to the past, it always remind me to be assertive and some how I do it automatically in all I do, say and think.

    Thanks for sharing.
    nick catricala recently posted…Regular School Time is Here AgainMy Profile

  5. I agree that clarity of vision is fundamental and that reviewing that vision daily is essential.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted…7 Simple Steps to Create an Authentic Plan That WorksMy Profile

    • Leanne, you are unique in everything you do!

      Vision without the ability to review daily. Will only fade such as a dream. I feel empowered each day. I look at the same written vision, yet it has been modified hundreds of time. Until I ascend, it will always be a living breathing part of me.

      This is a statement I live by. I learn the importance of living, breathing and yes, eating your vision daily. Living it by focused execution of actions. Breathing by never stop moving forward with every breath. Eating by not jumping around to the next best sounding way to create this majical funding source. Those, are dangerous and many have lost their families, friends and jobs. Stop the madness, as I say.

      Leanne, you are a wild child, per say. I love reading your articles and have a better understanding of self. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your tips on clarifying your visions and ways to absorb this to make them happen.

    I look forward to reading about the next two fundementals and please keep us informed of Ronnie’s progress.
    Sue Bride recently posted…7 Sure Fire Ways to Write Absolutely Compelling Blog PostsMy Profile

    • Sue, it is always a pleasure to hear from you!

      Ronnie, is doing well and has taken the needed steps for promoting his handy man business. I have stepped up to help in our community. I have vast connections with home owners. I started an introduction and helping him organize is foundation.

      Thank you for supporting our site. You bring it straight as it should be. There is never a doubt where you are coming from. Your insight is a value to me and our readers.

  7. You are so right that fundamentals count! It took me a long, long time to get to the point of having clarity in business – and even in life – but once I got it, I found that I had easier and better success. Fundamentals matter a great deal! I can’t wait to read your next article!
    Christi Johnson recently posted…On Being A Marketer Who Loves To Write – May The Two Of Me Continue To Meet!My Profile

    • Christi, you are a layer of Sun Shine!

      It takes all of us time of not getting it right. Then, once we mature. It is found that we must understand the real no hype fundamentals of this thing. You have found it.

      I will make sure the next article picks up on the next one. I feel compelled to share it now?

      Thank you for all the continued support. Each visit helps and when you interact. That brings fuel into our site. Thank you!

  8. William, Once again you have offered valuable advice and help for all of us! Getting clarity on what you want to accomplish with your business and life is so important for moving forward with a plan of action. Writing it down makes it real and allows you to fine tune and figure it out so you can accomplish your goals. I look forward to finding out more about the other fundamentals that you will cover in future posts. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights!
    Shelley Alexander recently posted…Nectarine Superfoods SmoothieMy Profile

    • Shelley, nice to hear from you again!

      Yes, clarity is the greatest starting point. If you write it and understand that accepting it will grow as you do. Then, there will not be any confusion. You refer to it as a “Bible” or other book. Yet, changes will develop as you get closure to manifesting your vision of your future.

      Shelly, you are one of our strong leaders in our industry. I appreciate our relationship. Also, know that you are needed and respected.

  9. Hi William. I found your post very inspiring and I agree with you. It is through our daily affirmations that we can reach our goals. Thank you so much for sharing this bit of wisdom. Have a great day :)
    HoudaK recently posted…Why I Do What I Do! My PassionMy Profile

    • Houdak, affirmations alone will not get us much. We have to apply the focused execution of daily activity which will manifest our visions.

      We can have everyone in the world, stating affirmations. Developing brainstorming groups. Also, meeting up the butt. Yet, without daily focused activity synced with our vision. Nothing is accomplished except a “Good Day” feeling. Emotions and the balance of, will not accomplish anything without action.

      Houdak, thank you for your insight on our subject. I believe you have found the starting point to gaining clarity. Just add that activity which belongs hand and foot, to say.

      I appreciate your interaction, which is the live blood of any site. Looking forward in growing to know about you, the person soon.

  10. I quite agree William!

    Fundamentals most certainly do count! Nobody go very far in any endeavor, without first mastering the fundamentals!

    And having clarity most certainly makes our stated target, so much easier to hit! Thanks and I definitely look forward to your next two installments!
    Mark recently posted…How To Use Offline Inexpensive Direct Mailers To Increase Your Online Profits!My Profile

    • Mark, you are one of our favorite supporters here!

      Clarity can only be gained with review of one’s goals. Breaking it into three parts to get it done. I found through the years. Doing just this one method of gaining clarity. Works each and every time I am faced with a new challenge.

      Thank you so much, Mark. You are on who fuels this site. Each visit you bring insight on the subject at hand. I appreciate your continued support.

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