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“Free Will, To Be Creative”

1fresh ideas

As I was studying all week. Searching for fresh ideas. Which, will help me become creative. In walking people through, their daily challenges. I notice, we all are gifted, with a creative mind, from birth. May it be, when growing. Our various environments, restrict our ability to imagine. We,buried all confidence, in our aptitude to create something, from nothing.  


Yes, sounds like someone has a “Light Bulb” moment?


Hey, all the meditation and searching pays off. Always, being prudent in accepting awareness, of time to act. I use to live spontaneous, in doing things without being careful. Taking time to evaluate, the end result. Was just not the attitude I had. Just doing something, based on just feeling good. That is what children, can afford to do. We, are there to pick up the pieces. That is, their development.


Maybe, that is just how many people, overlook this action. Yet, will fall on their faces and spend money on this or that. There are way too many emails. They all seem to be schemes, pitches and insulting. There are vast temptations in marketing, now. Almost, impossible to find ethical, honest and transparent, in their approach. We, are overwhelmed and find ourselves stuck. Until, we spend thousand and more. All the years of losing friends, families and lot of time, regular jobs. That cycle, just keeps going. You would think, one would be smacked, awake?

3future vision

How, do we gain knowledge? That, will help us move forward. No searching, for that quick buck. Yet, visualizing a future. One which, we are a great part of being selflessness, in creating solutions for others, needs. What a future, that would be?


Now, we come to the point. Where, you would like me to walk you through all of this, simply. Clarity, can only manifest by doing the right, daily activities. Concentration of Education. Not the kind one would think of. As a result, you would have from schools. The real education, is experience and application of what you learned. This is a lifetime journey, for self-development. You only graduate, once you ascend. The truth is, now in front of you. The choice to do something, is now. You now, know the truth. This alone, should make the renewing of your mind, happen. That is where, real change will shape. Everything else, will seem to fall in place. No more distractions!


Thank you, for all your continued support, for our location. May you, always find some useful content, here. We live, to use our given time and talents. To walk others through, their daily challenges. Would you, be one who needs support, without a motive? If so, we pray you will make contact, today. There is no judgement. Only transparence. Real people, walking you through those difficult “Road Blocks”. No hidden, agendas. Which, would make them, humbled?


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  1. I just read an article that proposed that creativity can be learned so what you write here is very relevant. It is all about keeping an open mind, being observant, continuing to learn and looking for ways to be unique.
    Sue Bride recently posted…31 Days of Free Square Images For Facebook & InstagramMy Profile

    • Sue, thanks for supporting my experience being shared. It is real and much a subject most do not find time to understand this important topic. You have great insight.

      Thank you for continued support to our site. I feel confident that you will have much to share in the near future.

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