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An Awakening!


As I reviewed, my prior experience, with interaction. I noticed a pattern of follow-up. The way we all were instructed. Seeing, if there was additional information needed. We keep saying "Follow-Up" is needed. Until that person can or will be satisfied. Enough to accept our offer, product or program. That was, the wrong mentality and actions.

Think about this. Would you like someone to treat you, as just a number? Well, most people who believe others, are making a fortune with selling someone else product, program or others. Would be mistaken and I will walk you through, how it really is done. Now, there are rare times , when someone is offering their products or services, with you in mind. Yes, it will enhance your lifestyle and help with relationships. Yet, only if you are willing to evaluate their perception. Take your time, to see how and if it will help your situation, at all?



Those of us, who have been in an industry for over 30 years. We understand, that you have choices and that is what we look at. When our first contact, is made. Now, I would just listen to you share. How, you got to where you are. Finding a common passion, we share, such as serving others. Then, help you focus on finding, your one core passion. You will know, by the feeling of it being an activity that  makes the hairs on the back of your neck, stand! It is that one activity, which you feel, compelled to share, with whom ever. You just need, to find a way to make it payout, right?

That is why, if one thing you can learn today. Get many advisers. Then, meditate on what they share. Which, will only their perception.  So, the bottom line. You will have to make a choice. Only, after you have seen all options. To make your core passion sharing, payout. Keep it this simple, and you will be able to accomplish it. Sharing your perceptions, is the goal. Try not to focus on what others have. This is not a competition. There is enough room, for each person on earth. There is and never will be, a shortage of solutions.


I will always, be around for support. There are those of us, who live to serve, at no price. We love giving free support, in all areas of enhancing one's lifestyle. Finding some of us, is a seeking. I would advise you to accomplish.


Thank you, all for supporting our blog, here. Lots of older articles were left off, from the original blog content. I do apologize. I will look back and see if I would bring some updates, to topics that were presented. In the meantime, you may want to take a look. At how, you got to where you are now? Then, be real about what your core passion is. Which can, serve others. Leave yourself, out of the thought process. If you find a thing that others need, want and desire in their lives. You have found your own way. To serve and enjoy doing it. It will be all based on your own core passion, being shared. Solving daily challenges, with what you can present. That is the way, we do it right.





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  1. Hello Bill. Great post my friend, My mom used to always tell me to close my mouth and listen, her message was loud and clear “God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason” WOWSY Right?

    So many years later I still can hear her saying this to me when I go to make those follow up calls.

    Pretty good lesson Right?

    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Discover Why Leadership Is So Important For SuccessMy Profile

    • Yes, Cherry great reason. Most people will never get it. Hey, if you learn to listen more and keep our mouth shut. People will think you have insight.

      Most people love to hear themselves. You would be known as a wise person when you practice saying nothing.

  2. Thanks for the great tips. Yes we have all heard about the follow up, and have tried it as taught, and from the results have wondered what wrong was I doing. But your tips show clearly how it has to be done-giving solutions.
    Siphosith recently posted…3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes And How To Avoid ThemMy Profile

    • Yes, Siphosith you have seen the way to create a consistent advantage. Being one who listens and understands the wisdom in solving solutions for others. That is a service which will always be in high demand. It is priceless when you are gifted with such talents.

      Thank you for continued support. Siphosith, you have given me hope. I will be working smarter to help more people, now. Thank you for empowering my thoughts and actions.

  3. I completely agree that we call need help and need to realize the best sources for that assistance. Asking for help is hard enough but listening and accepting the reply can be even more difficult. Thanks!
    Matthew Pfau recently posted…Nevada’s New Home Defense Laws and Justifiable HomicideMy Profile

    • Mat, that is the key. I have to pray each time I am listening to others. I ask to keep my big mouth shut. It works when I focus on what someone is really sharing.

      That reply can be a huge beginning of something great or doom.

      Thanks Mat for bringing us your insight. I believe taking a step and humble our-self to ask for support. Is always the best way to get things done right the first time. No one knows everything. Many advisers is the only way to live and progress.

  4. I’ve realized that it’s only the things that I’m passionate about compel me to keep going and now I’m working on making them pay. I’ve joined various online MLM programs and believed that if I just kept going with it I’d succeed. So I kept going but the only thing I found interesting was what I learned about marketing, and the online connections I’ve made. I didn’t have a passion for what I was selling.

    I’m very familiar with the idea of constant “follow up” because of all the emails I get that, often daily, that offer no value but just try to sell. I know some have success with this but I wonder if this is only because of a gigantic sized list? The only few times I bought things through these emails was when I was first starting out and didn’t know any better. Now I go on recommendations from those I know and trust.
    Sue Bride recently posted…How To Increase Awareness For A CauseMy Profile

    • Sue you have gained insight with all the experience you have. That is what most people never realize. We have to learn how to properly respond and sometimes it is just doing nothing.

      All emails have value. Such as all snail mail has value. You may want to recognize who is the sender. If it is a person or company. That entity is a real thing. So, do as we do reverse and make a new contact. Never can have enough. Then, just check in three times a month. Via snail mail postcards and such. Have a real human touch goes a long way.

      Thanks Sue for sharing you perception and experience. You are appreciated here!

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