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Courage, is a lost emotion?

Just considering, how much all things change, yet stay the same

I was talking with a group of Veteran's at the Post. Laughing and learned that there are no new ideas about anything we view. Think about it, just for a moment. Like any shows on. They are just a bite of the old stuff that we grew up with.

You had "Three's Company" When two single girls need a roommate to share their Santa Monica apartment, they decide to offer a room to the guy they find passed out in the bathtub after the going-away party for their last roommate. Hijinks ensue. Now, take "Three 1/2 Men" I could go on and on.



Then, you have door to door sales. When, people took bride in speaking directly with people. Sharing something they spent hours learning about and gaining excitement. Their natural enthusiasm, is what makes each person purchase a product they might not even ever use.

Having the courage to really only involve your presentations. Only with products and services you believe in. Those, you actually have experience in using. That will make it real in natural "Word of Mouth" method of sharing something new and exciting. My fault in life, being over enthusiastic. It paid huge back in the day when I was serving people for a living. I sold, vast products globally.



Being natural, is almost a lost art. I hope and pray to start sharing real examples, here. I want to express the amazing reality of having fun and creating memories that empower others. Just by being myself 100%. Sharing what others are enthusiastic about.

I spend countless hours creating fundraisers for only solid selfless projects. I love it and except nothing for doing so. That is my passion, serving worthy causes. That is what I do. Ask yourself the last time you just got involved with a worthy cause that has nothing in it for you?


Hey, if anyone out here has a project. That needs some real hands on support with awareness and fundraising. Reach out to me and we can have you walk me through. You never know, if your heart is in it. Then, you may get me to help and pull all my vast resources for you support. No, there is no hidden agenda and I am not excepting anything for giving support to a worthy cause.


Think about these things and let us work for the betterment of all. Those, who just need to have someone with clarity. Enter their lives, with truth and transparency. Having a mindset, with just focus on serving others is being courageous and transparent. You are unique and have a way to get support by reaching out.


Just giving much is my focus. If I can complete one Selfless act of kindness, each day. That may catch on?

Thanks for everyone getting involve with interaction on this site. We, make sure there are no sales junk and all usable and empowering shares. 

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