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An Entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”.


That rings out in my mind all day. I have studied and practice living. Not, just sitting around talking. Action, is best when you focus on "This is, Benefiting Others". Now, what every you feel, really doesn't matter. The only focus is idea, action and awareness. That is simple. Learn, to break every action, you choose. Be careful to understand. Your choices, will have an effect on your life.

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There is a school Chichetekelo school of Arts & Science. Hey, it's been in operation under the vision of Chairman Floyd Mayfield. He is an experience man who places faith first. Just a way of saying a vision is real once you take the right action to manifest. It is easy once you do it over and over again. Nothing worth while, is absent ,of risk. That is why everyone online is just playing as they own a business.

Real companies must be established. There are only three steps to creating a real business and making things happen.

  1. The Board of Trustees
  2. Management
  3. Operations

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That is simple, as we break things down. You can overthink a thing. Never, get up and running the way you visioned. Loss of family, friends and all you money. Should have thought not to quit that day gig?

Well, there is still hope. that is what I spread each day and well worth it. No, I receive gratitude. That is enough for me based on you do all the work. People, want instant gratification. It will never happen. There is always the right season.

Here, let me put it this way. You must plant a seed prior to germination, right? Well, I just planted the biggest seed in readers lives. Now, it must manifest. Just like your ideas for a company. You want to see it manifest into something that not only helps you. Yet, helps others. That is the formula to make any idea work. It must produce good results. That only means, people have to benefit not you being one-way. Self pleasures, me, me, me. That is what, more than 89% of people desire, self-focus. Never, getting anywhere except broke. We have all experienced this starting off. Before computers. They, just make your monies move faster away. Until, you learn.

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Insight: May you find that if you focus your energy. To making others lives more livable. You will never feel your are working again. Simple get an idea and break it down in three parts. Now, gather others during the right time. To make it grow. You will never do it alone. Yet, mentors are always out here. Match up with people during each step to launch your business. If it is ethical and usable with a far price. Then, everyone with common sense. Will become your clients, customers and others. Just remember, to be consistent with sharing your appreciation for each person. Really, talk with them to learn about their passion in life. Meanwhile, gather information, such as full name, address and family members? What they are doing now and where they see themselves in the near future. Now, you have mailing address with their names. Keep sharing your appreciation to each one. Keep them updated with your growth and needs. Be transparent and all will be amazing.

I will continue, when I return. My blog, has grown so huge. The ability, to find time on placing a new article, each week. That is not realistic, in this season. May you find a need to call me and I will freely walk you through. Any, daily challenges. This is, what I live for.

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"Serving Others, With A True Servant's Heart".


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