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My voice message for you!

1quality books

I had a chance to read, many quality books, this week. It was a busy one. We, were involved with our general elections. Boston had it’s running for, the Ward’s representatives. I actually participated giving support, for one person to win, and she did. I thank God, for that and all the energy we put into it. That was well worth, the effort.


May we all find a cause worthy enough. That we feel compelled to participate in something greater than ourselves. That is what make you grow and we all may want to do this consistently.

2 selfless acts

My time is always devoted, in helping others. By actually giving my time and God given talents. I love waking up each day. Knowing, this is a huge beginning of another adventure. Allowing me to share and learn many new things. Creating opportunities, for me to complete selfless acts of kindness. That is, each day’s attitude and activities. Real person, with a core passion to help others.


We, must evaluate ourselves, from time to time. That is the only way we can see what our weaknesses are. Then, also our strengths. Once this is done, nothing can stop us from moving forward in growing. Being able to do more and contribute in our communities.

3 worthwhile activities

Hey, the more we can resolve issues and create new opportunities. The better our lives become. We have more time and can focus on worthwhile activities. Sometimes, we may get lost for a few seasons. The best part of living, is knowing that you can get back up and dust off the negativity that causes bad choices. Now, we can start by not allowing our thoughts to stay on emotions that make us forget, we control our actions and reactions. No one is to blame for our choices. We have free will and that makes our decisions more powerful. When we are given, this huge responsibility, there is time to think a little prior to reacting or acting on a thought.

4 beginnings

This is just a beginning of our interactions. May this start a conversation, with us. That we will grow to gain some kind of comfortable feelings to participate in sharing what we perceive as our own realities. Perception is the key. Yes, we can change our own and never should allow conflict and confusion, to enter our throughs in ma. When, we are making decisions, which are the basis of our, belief.


Thanks again for all the years supporting our site. That is with sharing quality usable information. I hope that you all continue to contribute such quality shares. No worries with comments not being seen. I will share them, with the public word for word. Also, my personal reply. We are in a new time to get things done. The more participation on an idea. The better outcome for growth.

5 end article