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Sometimes, We Must Start Over

Yes, that is what I have finally come to terms with. Lots of people are walked through their daily challenges. We provide that free support. Yet, everyone seems to be focused on the wrong things? 

4 your choice

When we get lost, the one thing to do is to start over. Just say to your self "I will start from the beginning". Then, write your plan as you develop a solid foundation. It is simple when you have passionate people supporting your growth. No one can accomplish anything worth while, alone.

Think about what is the first thing that must be reviewed? It can only be one choice, your core passion. Do not think about money money that is just greed. The only thing that will happen, is you will be self-centered and miss the way. The only thing you will be doing consistent. Is wasting money and chasing money. That will have you in the same situation over and over again, broke.

How, about using a good choice to seek help from those who have no agenda. Those who love to serve others and do not want anything for their support. Except, gratitude. That is how the real world operates. No pitching and believing massive mailings will accomplish your goal. No, it only turns vast number of people away from you.

Your focus in developing selfless activities that share gratitude toward those who effect your life. Celebrate everyone's milestones each day. Give real edification every change you get. Look each day, for just one person to sow goodness. May it be just listening to them share what is it they feel is a challenge. You can easily find a solution by listening and allowing them to finish. Then, together allow them a chance to brainstorm with you on that one solution. It works each and every time.


Those who manage to grow in knowledge, are the ones willing to sacrifice now. To accomplish greater things to come. It is not easy and only will be challenging. Just remember with the basic needs. Water, clothing, shelter and food. Nothing else is a real need. Everything else is a felt-need. A desire and that will come to pass as you mature in self-discipline.

Now, I am going to walk everyone through how to accomplish what ever you have visioned. That is ethical and legal. It works and always have from the beginning of time. Just have to have hope. That is one key.

Peace of Gof

Thank you for supporting this site, all these years. Those who just arrived. Things are going to only get better. Interaction is a must when you decide to make things happen. Get all negative things and people out of your environment. More on other activity that will benefit you mentally, physically and financially. We believe in doing and not just talking. So, you can follow me as I develop a brand new revenue source. We all need three or four to meet the high demands of life. It is easy once you do it once. The way to think about it. The one who can resolve others challenges. The one who can put themselves last. The one who can naturally serve others in ways and actions. That person will grow and never stop. Their life will change for the better and all they did is let go. Stop focusing on money? That is the problem for so many and it is growing more each day. People have begun believing in movies as being real. Wanting unrealistic lifestyles that are not really existing nor have. Do not believe all the hype you see or read. I will walk you through truth and you will enjoy the first day.


Next time we will gather you feelings from feed back. Then, walk through foundation building. You cannot live without a solid foundation. Never settle for where you are now. Always, seek more by giving more to others. That is how easy it is. It becomes naturally without any effort. Just let go and stop getting in the way of your direction. Be satisfied with being alive and then learn more to grow more.


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Should All Focus Be On Money?

Greed 1

I am, consistently in LinkedIn. My purpose has and always will be. To interaction, on a professional level. Now, after so many amazing years of established support I give naturally. Massive people, from all over. They are desperate, to recoup the money. They, continue to waste, on programs and such things. Non which have any type of value and a return on investment? That is just insanity, yes?

We, have come to find. That, if one wants to really focus on money, alone. You, will not make any. The solutions, is simple. Spend time, looking for people and learn as much in little time, you have. Then, make sure, prior to contact anyone. You, complete due diligence. Which, should start off by finding their LinkedIn, profile. This is one area, where more than 97% of its members. We stand for the global leaders, in our area of experiences. Most, are retired and still network for companies. Ones, which are serving the general public, in some way. Many, younger professionals work for a company in some supportive area. Either way, we are serious about keep it real and only reaching out to network. Not to sell products and join programs. If we need support online tools or anything to purchase. We only reach out to those in our connections. That is why you must represent yourself being totally transparent. Get to know us. Then, learning about our families and activities. You will naturally appreciate our connections. We take care of people we feel comfortable with. Just get this if anything at all.

Challenges 2

These years, have been good to me and my family. We pray each day. That, all the people globally. Just to find hope and kindness. Specially, during those challenges. The ones, which seem to never end. More on that, if you want to contact me. Talk and no I do not sell anything, nor want anyone’s money. I guess, that make me a rare person, these days.

Anyway, we can share how you can help others. By just doing that, through your core passion. You will never want, any basic needs, again. You, will be accomplishing daily selfless acts, of kindness. It works and I will place my time and God given talents. To support you free, all the way. You, will find your rhythm and never have worries again. No selling, pitching and wasted time. Stop spending monies, you do not have and wake up!

Selfless acts 3

I, appreciate everyone. Who has been blessed, to receive this sharing? I will produce, more articles to help everyone, achieve their milestones. What they feel, is their passion, purpose and establish real generational, legacies. Hey, my children’s children, will not have any debt. Own their own, properties. Thus, giving all their time and energy, in support to worthy causes. Ones, which, not only supplies everyone global, basic needs. That is water, shelter, food and clothing. Everything else, is a self-need, desire and not worthy, of your time. Any selfless act, coming from your heart, naturally. Focused, on bringing energy and water to those who are economically disadvantaged. Now, that is a purpose, for everyone’s life. Your, return on investment. Will be countless. Giving from your heart and making a difference, globally. You will reap massive rewards and not limited to just money. Then, you will have more responsibility to serve, our global community. Wealth, requires you to understand. You will have many challenges, with this type of well-being. Wealth, is nothing without your health and selfless acts. When you start to revert back to being selfish. Only focus is money without purpose in supporting others. Your basic needs are met. Think about, how to help our global needs. That is how, wealth is giving to you. Now, you know. There are, no more excuses?

wisdom shared 4

May you find time to read this one article, over again? This will allow you, to soak in all the benefits, then, pause and think about it. Find comfort knowing, at least one person will support you. In every area of your challenges. Never, accepting anything, except your appreciation. I am a real person, with a passion and God given experiences, to walk anyone through all challenges. Hey, if it is free, then it is for me. What about you?

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