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Time To Clean Your Stuff !


Operations1  May, no one experienced, what I have today. Just, going through catch up. In my Operations just happened. I started to get better and my mind was shifted to more positive things. Keeping in with moving and enjoying life each minute.No medicines, therapies and remedies, works. Not natural or man made. I went to prayer and my faith, is unbroken. It is, almost done and gone. I could tell you, after prayer  May, no one experienced, what I have today. Just, going through catch up. In my Operations department.

All  tasks, will pile up. If, you are not putting, your A-Game each day!

After reading a vast number of articles, and books, this week. I have noticed that people are getting more stressed. The experiences of new anxiety attacks, at my hospital, amazes the mind. It is worse, for the last 3 weeks. Everyone, who had an air conditioner. Had to sleep, with it on. You know, like when you are at a hotel, in the summer. Well, I was one of the people. Who manage to shift, and sleep directly under the A/C, each night for over 3 weeks.


Well, a cough developed. That would frighten, the toughest man alive? Ribs ache and lungs cramped. I asked the Dr. how does, lungs cramp. She stated it is a hacking cough. Those muscles, which helps contraction. They, are overworked. Hey, I told that doctor, sometimes during the day. It just starts and nothing I can do to stop it. I loose my ability 98% to breath. That is why after 3 weeks, I finally spoke to a Dr. Who is my Primary Care.



I was sharing this, to make a point. All the time we spend, complaining each day. Could be better spent. Focusing on solutions, to others problems. You will never go through anything, that you do not have a choice, to get out. The opportunities, to walk through each daily challenge? No more stress and pills. No anxiety attacks, that feel like having a strong, “Left Side” pain and numbness. The whole, shooting electrical pings and all. Feel like a stroke!


We, may want to take a real look. At, all the junk, we accumulated and clean house?


Making breathable room, in that office. That would be a start. I learned and many before me have also. It is in every book about empowering you, for something. Ready? Well, if you live in a mess and your office is also the same. That is a reflection, on your life and organizational skills. You will not go, very far. Most are, believing their own false, outside presentations, of themselves. This is an upside down, world we live in. You, may want, those areas in your life, straight. Before you can accomplish, anything that will last. keep your eye, focused in front and leave the temptation and urges alone. Just take the first step.
Thank you all for allowing me to share my experience, today. I will continue later with the regular articles. I have accepted to use my time and given talents. Only to support, empower and make a difference in others lives.


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