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Let Go, Gain Clarity!

1evething against meThere was not one time, in my life. I would believe, that every vision of my future, was nothing but little. I never thought to dream big and would not allow my imagination to flow. Why? Simple, environment does affect everything, you think about. All action is thought, first.


Now, as life keeps going by. Time has no stopping for anyone, until we ascend. Who knows, after that what really happens? Some of us believe, in being strong in our faith. Yet, all you have to do is listen, watch and learn. How, someone shares them self. They, express it with posting stuff online. They, reflect it when you interact, with them on all levels. Observation, and consistency are the key to this conversation, today!


My keen observation, caused me a lot of pain, growing. No one believed what I shared was actually verifiable. Challenged, at every turn. College, Air Force and my total life. That is until, I believed in myself. That is when everything, was so clear. My environment, was just a looking glass. I could change and create, at my will. Knowing, how to do so in my own, life. Now, I learned how to harness, all my energy, and focus. I, only had to make a choice.


Making it happen, with consistency, is not easy at all. No one alive today, can say it is. You have to be consistent, in everything you make a choice, to take action. You have to continue, to think and create images, in that mind of yours. Never, allow yourself not to be creative. Learn not to make a choice on anything, with just your own thoughts. No one can do much of anything, alone. We are created, to interact and use our imaginations. To create new and wonderous things. Just make it a point, each day to day dream. Just like when you were a child. The only difference is, you have the power to develop all images, into reality. Yes, thought becomes selfless, action. That will manifest greatness in you!


Now, all that you have been given today. Is just the starting point, of self-awareness. There is nothing, that you see around the world. Ever, not created first, with thought, WOW? Just remember, that and get empowered!
Thank, each and everyone for your continued, support. Did you know, that every time one visits this site. That is supporting us. Each person who gets bold and interacts with us, on each article. They, have taken a step towards gaining clarity on any subject. Perception, is given to each one of us. What you do with it, will determine your abilities to grow and help others. Key, service is the way to make everything, happen.



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How Important Is Interaction?

1 not being read

Well, I have read a vast number of blogs, since the first, online. Yet, most are just people writing stuff, that is never read? You see, their counting visitors. Yet, believe me. None of the visitors, are finding anything of value. Some, started to leave solid comments. Which, should spark some type of response, from the writer? No, there is not interaction and no more comments, from people. Who would, otherwise be interested in sharing their perception, on the subject being presented.

I can remember, a time back. When, we as a people. Live to get out of our homes and just interact with others. Even if it was just, to walk through the neighborhood. It was a time, when natural sharing happened. Hey, that was a time. There were no computers, automated response telephone systems. Remember, real people helping people. Lost art, as I say.


If, we all start putting an effort to interact, with others. Hey, get up and get out to walk a bit. Talk with people, you met. Not everyone, you judge looking, not as you would. Should be labeled, as not worthy for you time? Watch what you sow, remember...

Now, my point was to ask everyone who manages and writes on their own blogs. May you give the respect, to those who took time to read your perception, on a given subject. Then, write their perception to start a dialogue. Give it, by responding with a reply to their comments. It shows you appreciate their insight. It doesn't mean you have to agree with their perception, of what you shared? Yet, if you do not start to interact on your own blog. What is that saying about the information, you are sharing? Also, there is a well known etiquette, in the blogging world. It is called "Sharing The Love". Now, you believe "Hey, I am not reading everyone's new article or find one that I can interact. No way, will I also, reply to them leaving a comment, on my site. Well, that is just being self-centered. You are going to loose the little growth, just waiting. May you find time, to really manage your blog and get involved. After all, you did not think managing your own blog. Was, just you write stuff?

3wake up callMy hope, is that everyone now. Can have a reference, that you can feel good about. Knowing, it is out here and you know now. You can not continue to act, as you are playing like, you manage your blog? That is why, those who can not keep up with responding and "Sharing The Love", with those who took time to write a quality perception, on your topic. Pay a professional, who manages blogs. That is one of their duties. Another, would be to keep your blog up and running. Then, making you aware of who needs your attention, for you to "Share The Love".  Just reach out to professionals on LinkedIn. They, will line up to bid for supporting you.

I have a police, to be transparent. It is going great, so far. I welcome, anyone who needs me to walk them through, a challenge. To, reach out today. I am a real person and will give you the free support, you have been hoping for. I believe, if you are serious about making something happen. Then, many advisers are needed. No one, can make anything worth value, alone. That is a free lesson, you can take it or miss the way being zealous?



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Bob And The Rest? Put Them To The Test!

1time stopsThe time will never stop, and people get old. Yet, business will still be that, of people pretending. They are in a move and get addicted to all the attention. Love being in the light, per say. That is just a temporary thing. Along with feeling comfort, with owning mega homes and planes. The thing about items, they will wither away and so will you? That is just the end result, of being on this lifetime journey. It ends the same for all of us, nothing being taken with you.

No one, wants to think what they accomplished, is worthless. Well, no one wanted to think that cars would exist and man would fly to the moon. We, are never going to be in control of anything. You nor anyone, whom ever existed. Can ever be in control, of a situation, place or item. You do not know, what will happen from one moment, to the next. There is nothing new, and everything gets more expensive. Has the craftsmanship of building, changed? Worse and prices still grows. Hey, two days ago 3 dozen eggs under $3.00 US. Now, today I looked and it was over $6.79 for the same. There was a little sign which read, "Sorry due to the egg shortage....." what?

2sick of working

So, you are sick of working for someone else. You are never going to believe "It was on the internet" as a positive statement. People are just that, people. You can always feel, if someone is even close to being truthful. Even, if they share something amazing. Never, jump into what they suggest, will do this or that.

I love to read, hundreds of pitches, issued to my company. People just do not take the time, to complete their own research on anything or person. They, will just settle to see. If that person has a, facebook page. Then, start inquiring on YouTube. To see what pops upn. Not to forget about, Google Search. Which is their, supportive backup. That is not researching nor complete, due diligence. Not when it comes to spending money and time, you have left. After 10-16 hours a day, working for someone else?

3start somewhere

Hey, we all have to start somewhere. Just do something worth while. Yes, prior to jumping into anything. Do not join or participate, based on you emotional attachment. That includes a friend or associate. Trying to convenience you to do something, you have not completed your due diligence on, everyone and company involved.

If you take one thing, away with you. Just, never rush to make an extra dollar. It will not last anyway. Turn you head and it will be gone. Try to focus on selflessness, action. Be one, searching for solutions of other people's challenges. Then, you have found a way, to produce a change and bring hope back to someone, other than yourself. No motives and expecting something, besides gratitude. That should be your attitude each day. Not, searching for that money and fast ways to get it. It doesn't exist. Run, when people start to pitch you, with money involved between each word. Leave them alone, when they try to tempt you to spend money, to chase money. They will even share their personal account information. That is a sign, to state you will look into it. They are just setting themselves and you, for a huge fall. It will not last and they will jump into the next something? You will be left alone, still wondering how they can just return, with a new tempting offer. When will you learn?


Hey, I am not anyone's judge. Yet, if you live a life that others feel something, coming from just hearing your voice. You walk down the street and everyone always notice you exist. There is some kind of powerful attraction. People just find themselves, hungry to listen to you speak. Even if when you speak, is never about sales, religion and monies being involved.  That is the person, I would love to be involved with, right?

Thanks, once again for stopping by and reviewing my perception on this topic. Feel free to interact with us. The more the better. Hey, no two people have the same perception, on anything. That is what makes living ,so exciting. you get to meet people and have a chance to share various perceptions. Most, will lead to the same end result. Amazing, without even trying to lead others, astray.




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“Free Will, To Be Creative”

1fresh ideas

As I was studying all week. Searching for fresh ideas. Which, will help me become creative. In walking people through, their daily challenges. I notice, we all are gifted, with a creative mind, from birth. May it be, when growing. Our various environments, restrict our ability to imagine. We,buried all confidence, in our aptitude to create something, from nothing.  


Yes, sounds like someone has a “Light Bulb” moment?


Hey, all the meditation and searching pays off. Always, being prudent in accepting awareness, of time to act. I use to live spontaneous, in doing things without being careful. Taking time to evaluate, the end result. Was just not the attitude I had. Just doing something, based on just feeling good. That is what children, can afford to do. We, are there to pick up the pieces. That is, their development.


Maybe, that is just how many people, overlook this action. Yet, will fall on their faces and spend money on this or that. There are way too many emails. They all seem to be schemes, pitches and insulting. There are vast temptations in marketing, now. Almost, impossible to find ethical, honest and transparent, in their approach. We, are overwhelmed and find ourselves stuck. Until, we spend thousand and more. All the years of losing friends, families and lot of time, regular jobs. That cycle, just keeps going. You would think, one would be smacked, awake?

3future vision

How, do we gain knowledge? That, will help us move forward. No searching, for that quick buck. Yet, visualizing a future. One which, we are a great part of being selflessness, in creating solutions for others, needs. What a future, that would be?


Now, we come to the point. Where, you would like me to walk you through all of this, simply. Clarity, can only manifest by doing the right, daily activities. Concentration of Education. Not the kind one would think of. As a result, you would have from schools. The real education, is experience and application of what you learned. This is a lifetime journey, for self-development. You only graduate, once you ascend. The truth is, now in front of you. The choice to do something, is now. You now, know the truth. This alone, should make the renewing of your mind, happen. That is where, real change will shape. Everything else, will seem to fall in place. No more distractions!


Thank you, for all your continued support, for our location. May you, always find some useful content, here. We live, to use our given time and talents. To walk others through, their daily challenges. Would you, be one who needs support, without a motive? If so, we pray you will make contact, today. There is no judgement. Only transparence. Real people, walking you through those difficult “Road Blocks”. No hidden, agendas. Which, would make them, humbled?


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Being Me!

3oppennessI have noticed. When, I am consistent with being only transparent. When, contacting new and exciting people. I bring it straight, as to what I do and my core passion. I notice my forwardness, in being honest, naturally. I tell everyone, that I would love to save them money and sooner or later they become, not only good friends. Yet, customers for life. That is it!


Just doing this, has opened so many doors with my foundations, I support. Also, making tons of new friends, daily. All of them. Love, the way I am bold, as a Lion. Hey, I have no products and programs. Would not dream, of being involved. Waste of my valued time. I rather, play and enjoy traveling. I create daily adventures, to share and walk others through, enjoying life, now. Hey, celebrating not only mine. Yet, everyone I know and come to know. I rather celebrate life, with an attitude of gratitude. Looking at things, with a more happiness involved.

2emotional happiness


Hey, food taste better, my relationships are based on real, emotional happiness. We have a choice, each day. Get up and be happy. No matter, what challenges. Facing daily challenges, as a way of learning something new. About, your patience and gaining knowledge. When, you choose to react, in a happy way. Life, seems to open doors to the nicer things, in live.


When, someone approaches me from the past. We speak and catch up. Yet, never fails with the guys. They, want to bring up the old child activities. You know, the situations. The ones that had, negative results. We have moved on and live in the present. Only, with a focus on the future and positive results. I tell them, I am a new person and given a chance to live in happiness and leave the negative things and people, out of my life. The choice, is always there.


1 consistency

So, to move forward. I address me, as a person willing to learn each day. I want to share that with my readers. The next person, you meet. Tell them, about you and your core passion. If you have a business. Share the benefits, of them being a customer/client. Not, how they need this or that. Do not go into bad habits, of pitching. You, will find respect and growth.


If you, would like to share any of your perceptions. Please, do and allow all of us to learn something, new. We, are all different and see things not the same. No matter the end result The way you get to the same conclusion, is priceless, to you and me.


I, would love for anyone, who needs support. Feel free, to lean on me today. I am, always here to serve. There are so many of us, willing to help. Find people, who have experience in the challenge for today, you are facing. The more advisors, you have. The better, your life will be.


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