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Getting Real, Baby!

1meeting people

I love, meeting new people each day. Right now, I have walked a distance from home. To the local library. I have meet several people, just doing that. Who would know, that one knew my only and older brother, Wendell. I was amazed, at how he spoke in respect and excitement. You could feel the real emotions flow, from his words.


That is what we all want, from those we know. Just to have them, share with someone. They know of you. How, helpful you are and patient. You get the idea. So, why do we not remember. When, we get excited about some service, that helps us. We are so eager, to share it with others. Yet, never stop and think it out. That can backfire, most of the time. No one wants to be pitched!


May we find the time to really give thought to our presentations. Also, the most important part, is timing. Yes, we feel the need to jump and push this or that. Yet, if you take your time and listen to each person, share their daily challenge. Then, figure a way to help them. The next time you connect, would be perfect to share what may enhance, their lives and business. Keep it transparent. The experience will, feel good to them and yourself.


Yes, we all have motives. Let us try to keep our reasons to share something, real. Not focusing on money, pressure and fear. Like most people, who have no clue in marketing. It is not something like being a car salesperson. Pushing you to get in and sign. Pushing you to do all the things, you said you would not. No offence to Car Salespeople. Just making a point.


3helping othersSo, take our time to help others and allow this to be our focus. Motivation, would be the good overall feeling. You have walked someone through a challenge. They appreciate you more. You have opened a door. Which,  will soon be used for ethical reasons. Once you miss with someone and take advantage. That will stay part of you name, reputation. You will never, have anyone realize. Who you are and why you love, to serve others. Just sharing valued things, that work in your life. Compared that to, gathering products and programs. Just to push on people. Information overload is the result. When, you do what you do for money? It never last long.

4 your choice


The choice, is always yours. Just take it from me. The more you love helping others. The better your life is going to be, in all areas. Hey, what were you doing prior to catching the bug, to be an entrepreneur? Keep doing that. Until, you find your core passion. Which, helps others. Then, you have something to grow. One day, you will  leave. The activity you are doing, to produce revenue. That is how it works. Time and patience. Learning each day and have many advisers.
Thanks for stopping by. Please, get involved by sharing your perception. We value your presence and welcome a contact even just to talk. I will always extend my support in any area you find a challenge. Never asking you to put money in my hands. I live to serve and expect nothing.


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An Awakening!


As I reviewed, my prior experience, with interaction. I noticed a pattern of follow-up. The way we all were instructed. Seeing, if there was additional information needed. We keep saying "Follow-Up" is needed. Until that person can or will be satisfied. Enough to accept our offer, product or program. That was, the wrong mentality and actions.

Think about this. Would you like someone to treat you, as just a number? Well, most people who believe others, are making a fortune with selling someone else product, program or others. Would be mistaken and I will walk you through, how it really is done. Now, there are rare times , when someone is offering their products or services, with you in mind. Yes, it will enhance your lifestyle and help with relationships. Yet, only if you are willing to evaluate their perception. Take your time, to see how and if it will help your situation, at all?



Those of us, who have been in an industry for over 30 years. We understand, that you have choices and that is what we look at. When our first contact, is made. Now, I would just listen to you share. How, you got to where you are. Finding a common passion, we share, such as serving others. Then, help you focus on finding, your one core passion. You will know, by the feeling of it being an activity that  makes the hairs on the back of your neck, stand! It is that one activity, which you feel, compelled to share, with whom ever. You just need, to find a way to make it payout, right?

That is why, if one thing you can learn today. Get many advisers. Then, meditate on what they share. Which, will only their perception.  So, the bottom line. You will have to make a choice. Only, after you have seen all options. To make your core passion sharing, payout. Keep it this simple, and you will be able to accomplish it. Sharing your perceptions, is the goal. Try not to focus on what others have. This is not a competition. There is enough room, for each person on earth. There is and never will be, a shortage of solutions.


I will always, be around for support. There are those of us, who live to serve, at no price. We love giving free support, in all areas of enhancing one's lifestyle. Finding some of us, is a seeking. I would advise you to accomplish.


Thank you, all for supporting our blog, here. Lots of older articles were left off, from the original blog content. I do apologize. I will look back and see if I would bring some updates, to topics that were presented. In the meantime, you may want to take a look. At how, you got to where you are now? Then, be real about what your core passion is. Which can, serve others. Leave yourself, out of the thought process. If you find a thing that others need, want and desire in their lives. You have found your own way. To serve and enjoy doing it. It will be all based on your own core passion, being shared. Solving daily challenges, with what you can present. That is the way, we do it right.






Getting Back!

2nd family creat

It has almost been an entire month since my blog was up and running. We had so many ideas for change and lost some data on the way.

Yes, I backed up my entire blog . Some themes are not compatible. Thus, running into serious issues.

However, sharing from one's experience is the best thing. All you have to do is continue learning, supporting and sharing. Then, you can give good insight on various subjects.

I read a few blogs last week and getting around to this week. I will post articles as they develop.

Just wanted those who registered before. Please, feel free to do it once more. Your information is gone. Use your real first and last names. That way I can personally respond to a human.

Thanks for all you years of support. Everyone is appreciated.

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