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Let Another Take Center Stage?

The first time I opened my eyes this week and started to challenge myself to really just listen to each person who connects with me daily. I never put so much focus on such a task and thought this will be easy. Yet, never giving it thought when it was for a job requirement. Now, that I am my own boss it should be the same, right?


The joke was on me for I found most people only want to hear themselves talk. When we are on a subject of review for someone reaching out for help in an area in their lives they find overwhelming alone. The people I have chosen to help me with this case was the wrong choice. I did not know more people who are of a giving nature and one’s who are out to support people who ask for help at never a cost. They are the ones of our communities that will listen yet always stop your sharing and compare your experience with one of their own? Hey, I thought this was about listening and then resolving others situations. This amazed me as I am the one who had to catch this. So, I wanted to experience if this also happens with people I am not consulting and maybe  other professionals who seems nice.

I went to the best place I could think about and still most of the people want to be heard and never stop. I looked back at the comments left not only on my “Clean Blog” yet 100s of others and it was the same thing. People now just want to feel involved to hear themselves talk it was really freaking me out. I looked and read the same articles and comment based on what it made me feel their core message was based on my insight. I did not share something that happened to me which always throws readers of the purpose of their visit to someone else blog, to interact with the writer.


It was not my imagination and I found the same people do it over and over again. I do not know how to classify this found fault with some of our professionals out here. Example, I love to give people a chance to tell me about their services and products for my profile I have built of them. That is so my company can refer people in need when they need them, to the right person. Well sharing this is a great thing for me and I feel making huge leaps forward in getting people real help. I read so much and learn people can not wait to standby and jump into the middle of your conversation just to change the focus on non-related situations of themselves. It is not even that they realize they are doing this. I bring it up now without feeling emotional about it. They feel injured in someway yet a valued lesson is learned. If you are going to act like you care just stop focusing on you and leave your stuff out of the equations. Please, give the people a chance to share without you taking their time away with one of your stories. They have the stage at this time is what I tell people now and make a joke about it so I do not lose another friend based on their emotional hangups.

The reasoning behind this habit of 67% of our race is lack of attention and feeling of being needed, loved. Most people feel they are not appreciated so every chance they have they must be the center of attraction. Not realizing the ones who support others and do not take honors are the ones who are truly blessed and highly favored.


Do not allow others to know what you are doing for supporting other like giving donations. Why bost so you can claim some fake gloriory? Allow others the chance of being on center stage when you claim you have made it to a level that you live to give.


Thank you for your continued support by arriving at our site and interacting with each subject. Yes, share your feeling of what seems to be the core message to you. Each article has many messages and has been written by one writer. He believes that you will find one that will relate to a real life situation that needs to be spoken on. It does help to feel that you are not the only one who has been through situations. Thank you and return soon.


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