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The Fundamentals Are There!

I realized that not everyone understand how to recognize when they are about to give up on something that was fueled by pure passion. I mean the kind of passion that leaves a lump in your throat each day. You feel like your heart is racing 100 miles per hour consistently. You never feel tired and do not even give a thought to how many hours you have been at it. That is working with pure passion!


When I wake up in the morning after my alone time with me and my maker. I can not wait until I think about what vision if any came along during the little time I was allowed to sleep if any. I have been noticing it is always something to do with others and me making sure I am on time with doing what they ask of me to do. No matter what it is, my vision always have me doing some wild imaginary stuff. Things that can not happen in real time like flying without moving stuff.

However, when these rare visions happen, they have me wake-up with so much excitement that I can not wait to figure out how to make it happen in real-time. That is my daily challenges and they are very intense. I love a challenge and look to learn from them.


Yet, my mind has been catching up with my body lately. I have to give time to balance in the mornings and that is something I am not use to yet. Most people would give up doing just anything if they are faced with the same feelings of excitement in the morning yet knowing they can not act on them right away. It takes days before I can accomplish them once I place them into three easy steps.

I learned a long time ago if I break things needing to be done in parts, say three parts. I get it done easy without panic, confusion and giving up on it all together. When I walk people daily to do the same thing no matter how big or small the challenges maybe. They follow when we do it together then after long they give up and then revert back to the same issues. I do not have to understand the mind of a human to make sense of what is going on with them. They are not motivated unless I am with them That means they really do not have any interest in making things happen yet would love for others to do the work.


Being experienced in business and working with various types of people. We learn that if someone says they want to learn and do something that you find passionate. Then walk them through it as planting a seed. That is all you can do with them and the rest is up to them to get it done. If you walk people through the fundamentals of a thing they claim to love doing. Just by loving it, should be enough to keep them motivated if they are true.


That is what we think and never is right. No one can do anything for anyone else except themselves. You can support people by edification on amazing activities they accomplish. You can go as far as walking them through a given fundamental time and time again until they are confident. Yet, to be consistent in learning more and taking responsibility for themselves is something they must accept and then commit to.

I use to feel so bad for people when they spent time, money and had me support them all the way through something they feel will help enhance their lives. Most make it to understand the fundamentals and flourish. The 2% of people who just do not get it will not remain transparent and ask for more help to understand the fundamentals. They just drift back to their old ways of not getting it done right. You know them and it hurts to watch it. They seem to be like in the movies with reverting to jumping around wasting money and time on junk that will not get them to where they want to be in life. They just drop out from reality as you have opened their eyes to and we are not talking about days. No, we are talking about investing in people for years and then out of nowhere they vanish with all the energy, time you spent with them gone.


Let me be clear that you have to move forward without giving it a thought. You will see them around and hear the next best thing they found and how it will work this time. Hey, nothing will work if you do not change yourself to be real. Understanding fundamentals will never change yet it will have you on a solid foundation that will help you gain the growth, prosperity and understanding all of us have sooner than most.


Thank you again for supporting our site here and may we all just except that not everyone has the Entrepreneurial Spirit we few have. Most just play as they are someone else without loving them self first. We can only continue to find those who want to change and enhance their lifestyles for the better.


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Change Already, the year has?

Yes, I caught you doing the same things as years gone by, nothing worth building upon. You continue just to waste endless hours playing online games, and complain that what you are trying to accomplish is not producing results you had visioned.

There is always a time to stop and get this stuff right now. You have all the excuses and they are worthless. You have to take charge and put those games on hold with everything else just for a moment. You are not promised tomorrow so stop acting like you have it.


Once we realize that life is finite. We wake the heck up and get busy to leave some type of legacy if we are true of heart people. People who realize the bigger you can dream of being part of something that will help massive people enhance their lives in someway. The more things positive seem to happen daily for you when you put away playing those online games.

Learn how to create daily adventures and it will feel as life is a huge online game which you make things happen. Never stop doing activity that only supports growth towards each goal you set until it is accomplished. Then you will never know failure again. You only fail if you stop before it happens. That is just about in anything you can put your mind to.

Once you can change that dream into a visual picture show. You are on your way in creating unlimited possibilities such as we few are able to do now. Time it took to learn the fundamentals. Which is your first step in doing anything worth doing, fundamentals.


Most are out here happy for the new year 2014. Well, I am one on the few who celebrate each day no matter the year. I do not know when my time will come yet rich and poor have the same end result, ascending.


So, the next time your wasting time online playing those games. Just think of the money, and time you vested into creating a foundation and then hopes of resources of revenue. They are not going to grow by you just sitting around complaining about this or that.


Hey, you were shown a location right to learn and master the fundamentals of growth. Stop waiting for others to hold your hand and get off your butt with navigation through each and every area on a given location you have access to.


People rely on holding of the hand process when it comes to learning new and exciting things. All one must to is tap buttons and read until they understand the fundamentals. Then put them to use as videos teach them. The rhythm will be found and then lights out!

Hey, we all can learn new things and no fear should be involved. You started out with nothing and the most you can visualize is more than nothing. So, celebrate each day as doing things you wanted and when. You may not have the chance tomorrow. Now, do not start with gloom no, rejoice in knowing you are the creator of you future if you visualize it.


Thank you for taking time out and supporting our site here. I love to listen and find out what your passions are and how you will take it to share it. The next step for you would be to learn how just doing that you can fund all your personal needs and business projects.  Take care!


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