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All In The Attitude!

This week has been so much talk about people comparing what the other is doing and why it is healthy for us to be so into knowing it. This is the theme over and over again with each other article I have read through this week.


Making plans to see what everyone else is doing and comparing it to what you are in love with doing is not healthy. People make things up as they go instead of changing things about themselves which they find useless. Just like when I use to wear sneakers more days than six. Now, I would not be seen in sneakers unless it is a rare occasions for painting or something of a physical yet limited physical level. I do love shoes not sneakers.


My business helps unlimited people to accomplish their core passions without all the expenses and walking them through steps to get things done within their own business helps achieve so much for their lives. If I spend one minute to see how others would help this person in the challenges I do and continue to support. I would have no time to get stuff actually done.


Having me spend time searching for one new person to learn their contributions to our communities is a serious daily task. Do I look for ways to make it easier for me to gather such information and experiences faster, no. I love making the effort in looking around the streets, museums and such hangouts for people who seem facing challenges I have been doing this for more years than most have been alive. It brings out the natural cat like talents of being aware of more things surrounding me in any given moment.


I love the smells and beauty of the neighborhoods which I find that people who end up being my new contact and which I gather all sorts of fun and exciting experiences from them. Most people no matter , love to share experiences with strangers. I feel this is based on they may never see them again. Then I throw in a free photo session during our interview with them is just a joy to each person. No matter if they live on the streets or in a high rise. Everyone loves a photo opp.


Taking the experience with me and our people in developing ways to enhance others lives is the full purpose of my daily adventures in the searching world I have created. My pictures speak for them and I make sure when used to create my cards of gratitude it speaks the core message I found during my interaction with each person. This is exciting and brings joy to them and me.

It is so easy to make people smile if you smile first. You heal your body by just this one thing and I wanted to get people to start using their given talents to interact with each others. Then next week we will begin to walk you through three easy steps that have been very nurturing and profitable to me along with most of our Global Family Partners. You too will share in it and love the feeling if anything else.


When you pop online to make money you get nothing no matter how hard you try and who makes you spend money you do not have. You lack the mental attitude to attract it to you. You also have to start by doing it right the first time and that is where experience comes in. There has never been a button you can press nor someone showing you something that can be done once. You have to believe in you and that it the first step in getting your mental attitude right for this journey which is for a lifetime. We will be here all the way and free support for a lifetime is all we can give with our sharing of experiences which made our lifestyles profitable and productive.

You will get what you want from my series I will present part one you just received. Next is the area most do not like with each new part I will remind you of last weeks core message. This way by the end if you take actions each day. You will find that everything you ever wanted is now manifest and you never saw it until then that one moment. You will look in the mirror and tell yourself this must be a dream. No, I am confident to awaken something within you and not until my choosing. You will never know what the heck made it happen and that is the best part of having each day an adventure and appreciate everything about it. Just be grateful for one thing and acknowledge it each day. That is all I am asking of you.


Please, interact if you feel the need to which each blog is only alive by that action. I rather you speak your insight on my subject for each article than to praise the design of my blog. Please, our blogs are the voice of the person, me William. I want you to feel who I am and be worthy of any and all praises being received for messages you have felt by reading my words.


Thank you for stopping by and enjoy our prior articles which I pray will be of interest or just a way to awaken your feelings to share and find your core passion. Then we can work to help you share that passion in a way to have just sharing it pay for all your personal desires and business needs. What a wonderful world that will be.


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Order In Chaos

I have lost something on Wednesday and it has transformed me into being one who will not tolerate weakness within me at any given time. God did not make people other than to be empowering and encouraging to others in times of supportive need. Lots more on this one subject matter, yet this is not the point.


My adventure was so huge it is still going on from Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving of this year. The huge difference is I was not adding Budweiser to the mix the day before Thanksgiving.  I have never travel down this road making all types of prep-foods. Enjoying some close friends and having just a blessed day.


My new and improved “Operational Budget” has been visualized and now written down on a piece of paper. Now, yes I am ready to conquer the world per say.


After further review I felt missing my core part of it all. Those people all around me being magnetized with what it is being sharing by me to a small group of people, I love to start off with introducing myself as Billyjr. Then the rest is up to the crowned.


Now facing this unknown time being without legs, and motion based on broken right leg. Things at first seem overwhelming looking at it one way. Then I prayed, yes for hours alone in a dark place. No room mate in this hospital and all the piece I needed to get right. I knew something was wrong with my rhythm and had to find it again.


Please, always remember things that happen to you, you allowed. It doesn't matter if someone physically placed their hands on you or not. You alone have the choice to walk away even if they had a weapon. Most people believe the stronger will be the one to come out on the right side. That is not true.

Sometimes one must leave it alone and move forward in live. I choose to leave the matter alone and ignore comments from those who have no clue of what really happened and why. I have so much faith in GOD that the situation is forgiven and I moved on.


Just wanted to say hello to everyone and thanks for your prayers. All the support letters flooding my home mail and email accounts brings warmth and hope back into my life. I seek no justice for me and will not press charges against the younger man. Life will balance all things in time. We are to move ahead with a smile, of passionate love and support.


Please, interaction is the lifeline of a blog and yours is wanted with much open arms. I look forward to many more years speaking of greatness and sharing empowering moments.


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