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Focus On What Is To Come

Instead of thinking about debt, confusion and hopelessness. We all should focus on the things to come. One person had shown me that by thinking about the next day as an artist painting on canvas. We can shape our tomorrows with certainty only with the strength of unyielding belief. 

You do not have to believe in God just to have faith. You can be in your world and shape all things you believe to be. Then take action in many ways ethical to make it happen. The only dreams that do not manifest are those you choose to stop make happening. Most people just need the support to know what steps will get them closer each day to reaching that dream.

Let us get serious and stop making excuses on who is to blame for this or that. You make up your mind that this thing will happen and find the steps to make it so.

I have lived both sides long ago and find that each vision I receive is sparked from being involved in helping others and not focusing in my self gain in any way. That is the so called magic of being prosperous. No hidden tricks and purchasing of stuff. Just real hands on getting things done without expecting others to do the groundwork for you.

Today we have so many people making it hard to believe in anything except what and how we are taught in schools. Times have changed and those who are not willing to adjust on the way will be left by the wayside. Nothing to gain and just working to make others’ dreams become reality. You are left with scraps and others laughing at your unwillingness to enhance your own life.

When is it that you believed what people were saying and it mattered that you gave up on hope, dreaming and making each day a great adventure. Hey if you work 9-5 that is only your fault and we need people like you to serve others the only way you feel safe. You have choices and that is about it. Yet, making them and the end results is only your responsibility.

So, if and when you get sick and tired of being sick and tired of slave labor without any security from that company who you sold out to. Then the choice to enhance your lifestyle is waiting. There is never a right or wrong time. No matter how young or old you are doing it right the first time is what this is all  about.

I am dedicated to help everyone focus on what is to come. You only control the choice and the actions that you have to be prepared to take on daily is a challenge. Balancing your current responsibilities and knowing it will take up to 3-4 years before you will be free to do as you wish and when. You will see an enhancement within your revenue to the point that you will feel that your years of slave labor are over. That is when you have to rethink before quitting that 9-5 job. You should not think about that until your new revenue sources are 3xs the amount you make. Then you are safe to feel comfortable to increase your hours within that area to expand your revenue sources more. Then later you will create a real business with a solid foundation.

Most people jump around from sources of revenue never growing each one at a time to the highest level within that location can payout basically. Then find another source of revenue to repeat the three step process that we before you have understood and know it will never be mastered yet contained with the fundamentals being mastered.

More on this in detail later next week and I pray all will be well for you and your family. Those who feel the moving within their bodies to do more and accomplish great things for mankind are the ones who will make a change that will result in leaving their true legacies. Those who continue to chase fantasies without any foundation and guidance will inherit only the wind.

Remember within numbers things are done and for the better of all. You can not ever accomplish much alone. So, start networking with solid ethical people who have the same Entrepreneurial Spirit as we. You can and will enhance every area of your life with the proper support and guidance. Take your time and learn with making some what growth in your current situation.

Thank you for supporting my site and continue to interact with us here. Even a wise man can learn. Me learning each day is part of my daily activities. Most give up on dreams and never get it until it is too late, they ascend. We all will , and what you do for others in the time you are here is what counts. Also, each day is here for you to experience something new and love living your own adventures you create. Nothing is given to those who have no vision and action to make those vision materialize. That is a process you will learn and must.


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Preparing for the worse!

I found myself involved with so many people last week at a huge yet powerful gathering in Boston. We had been invited based our community outreach causes for so many years.


Well, the comfort level was absent and that was something new to us all. Everyone was there to deal with rejection of a proposed change in our methods of gaining support from various organizations such as we had always been able to accomplish in the past.


You see, we all were rejected access from all the funds once given freely for each cause that was to be taken up by our company and many others. No more it was over as everyone felt. That is the reason behind all the confusion of why we were summoned to meet at this location.


How could this happen after so many years of growth to fund favorable causes within our communities. Now, our new Mayor and different faces with their own agendas, which left our causes out of the equation.

We felt compelled at first to respond in panic as so many of our friends have right that night. Yet, we prepared for the worse at the beginning knowing someday we would have to fund our own causes without leaning on others for so long. That decision had nothing to do with our company being strong and continue to support our causes we committed to without financial burden.


This is why it is important to have a foundation which is solid and has a powerful Operational Budget to fund all projects current and hopefully in the future. We are blessed to have foresight in this one area and thought to share the importance of getting it right the first time.


I personally had to restructure my life several times. Once I meet people and learn about the various services they can and do provide to our communities. That is such a huge awareness for me and I dive right in to gathering all their support services in my Rolodex. This is how I learn by gathering usable information about everyone I meet. That way keeping in touch with them is priceless with knowing one day they will help us and others in our time of need.


This is the normal way to network with each other and no sales pitches are involved. For once I would love to go one week without people pitching junk at me and really share usable information that will help both of us. This is the way to grow and learn.

I make it a point to meet one new person a day and learn something of value to me. I then will be able to share that value with others when the time is right. It is about being involved and take responsibility with supportive action when needed.


Thank you for supporting this location and being one who interacts here. That is the life of our site and most people find it hard to start to interact on any of our subjects. Just you sharing your experiences would be far more valuable than saying nothing.


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