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Selling is a Business, what a joke?

Started to comment, Turned into an article?

OK...selling myself as one who shares only somethings that enhance my lifestyle is not selling at all. People do not purchase for a product yet the person who they feel and connection to.

I have been offsite hundreds of times during a month. I only visit business to see how I can provide my free support services which will enhance their business and personal challenges. The things I use in my business to keep me organized and updated is what they choose or not to enhance their Lifestyles.

These are not products I bring nor dreams to give my free support services. I believe it is all about what your business is. I provide free support service for people and businesses in every area at no cost for a lifetime. That is what Amis Interactive Communities has and will continue to do long after I have ascended. I have my legacy. Yet, my two resources of revenue do not define nor are a part of my business. They fund my personal desires and business needs. That is the difference.

Those who sell products of another company they are just sales people with an illusion that how they produce their revenue is a business? That is where the confusion with people lay. If you sell someone's products and do not use them you are a sales person. If you are in affiliate marketing you are a sales person. If you sell Amway, Mary K and the others you are a sales person. Your business is to sell product each and every month whether you use it or not. You do not sell you do not continue to get paid most of the time. Yet more than 98% of those people have no real business. Those are just revenue sources to fund personal needs and that is it because they were never taught how to create a real business. They only know and believe resources of revenue are a business?

There is something called using something and sharing your experience of what you use for no other purpose than you love it. I go to a movie, I love movies and talk only about good ones. I have so much enthusiasm in my sharing people jump to go to that movie. I make nothing and give word of mouth advertising without pay. It is because I use the theater and love movies. Now, if I stand outside and make attempts to get people to come in based on a commission. I am just a sales person with perks.


Thanks for reading… please comment if appropriate and if the above information helped you in any way… your comment will be gratefully appreciated, it will encourage me to write more and in the long run will support others, so go ahead, do good and good will come back to you tenfold.


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Lasting Impressions

My, how people who just come into your life will have a lasting impression. This is something I long forgot how to recognize was to gather all the knowledge possible. They will always move on and away. That is the pain placed in that inner part of our being. Yet, knowing we all move on and grow away from those who have less than imaginations. That makes me feel unbalanced when I notice these things in my life.


Being an action junkie, I place a huge percent of my daily personal growth and business with being insightful. I am only human and that is a fault I seem to forget about. I have feeling just like everyone else, yet I choose to always show patience, transparency and humor in my life.Hey, like I said being only human I fall many times and just a work in progress. That is why it is called “A lifetime Journey”, let’s travel it together.


There was this eager older man who can talk his way through every time we get together, the uneasy learning curves. He just acts as though all that is shown, was already understood. Yet, time goes by and he has gain no understanding of the fundamentals of things. He over analyze everything ever shown to him. For over 30 years, I laugh inside based on being too eager will make anyone lose the way. Excitement gets people confused when they believe then is the best time to make a lifetime decision. Think for a while is the best thing. Get all the facts and be accountable for your choices without blame. Serious times are in need of powerful words. Time for all of us to wake-up and take responsibility for everything that we allowed to happen, be and will be. No use to faking it along the way until you are lonely and have nothing to show for all the time you have been blessed to breath on this earth. Now, who stole your dream and why are you making someone else’s yours?


No one needs to worry or want what others have achieved. Each person must love and live through their own choices. You can do and accomplish anything you visualize with the proper support and action. This is just the fundamental of things. Learn this and apply it daily without doubt. Then and only then can you start to appreciate the years others have spent showing you valued skills and techniques. All for you just to learn and accept everything has fundamentals. That is all we need to have and then take appropriate action to get things done. You just adjust on the way like all of us who have made things happen for others and ourselves.


I look back and see that each day I have been learning with more to come. I have not forgotten lesson of past with impatient people, such as myself. Yes, that is a flaw and I have many more to come. . There will always be different ways to accomplished anything. Just find your own way and then learn the fundamentals. Now, just take action and adjust along the way.


Repeat, repeat and rinse!


Hey, I would love to thank everyone for allowing me in your lives. I had some challenges with bringing back this blog content and my operations for one week. Things happen for the best and now we are back to serve and learn. I appreciate the years of support and like to send a thank you to Nick C...he is a great man who has taught me a valued lesson in my life.


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Mirage of a business

I love it , you have felt the purpose of us all. We do not know when the time will come for us to ascend. Who are we to say when something will be in the future. Hey, what is the future for you is not mine. I live and do what I desire and love each day which is by my freedom of choice. I have placed my life in harms way many times overseas just for this one freedom.

We are creatures of promptings and you can feel deep inside when something is right or wrong for you. You only get caught up with doing things you later feel was wrong when you fought that inner voice, and developed a conscious after the act against your will power. That is your insightful brain telling you that allowing some emotions to be involved with making choices are wrong. We go through this all while enjoying our unique lifetime journey. So, yes it is about the continuous journey we each shape by our actions and choices to lead us up to good and positive actions, we hope.

Just to it with due diligence in making choices to move forward. That will have you stop, think and never over analyze which is when you miss something. Do not ask me what you miss, it is just something.

Enjoy and act like yourself when you are alone or in a group surrounding. Just be yourself.

Love you and what you can imagine will manifest with continuous movement. Hey, if there is a hole in front of you go over, around it. What ever it takes keep the momentum forward and enjoy it. Shape your days as adventures even if you just got out of bed and brushed your teeth. Make it a great adventure which you can and should.

The future is always going to be something that is never reached until you days are done here with us. Then there is no more future for you? So, keep that in mind when you are doing something for the future which you will never reach, not now?

You can plan for this or that to happen when ever. Yet, that meaning of future is infinite.

Thanks for your support be reading this share and interaction is greatly appreciated. I challenge you to start fresh right now. Get out and do something you really enjoy no matter what has to happen to free up the time. You will feel so free after you just do it and adjust along the way. Start to realize that 40 hours for 40 years just might be an illusion for more than you know. Hey, just ask your neighbors these days and understand your choices are yours and no one can take that from you. Learn to start to live and you create each day so why not make it an adventure such as what I live each day. It is easy and you can enjoy it too.

I just want everyone to start shaping their lives to what they imagined it to be. Not making excuses over and over again. That is a wimpy way to say your are comfortable living and creating someone else dream. When did you sell out and why? Growing up is just a term people use to make you feel that our given gift of being creative is a waste of time. Start to see those who through that phrase around and you will see where they ended up. If you want to change start with your surroundings and the negative people in your life. Hey, the choice is yours so why continue to waste your life?Thank you all for your continued support and you all are welcome to contact me day or night. I look forward in providing excellent support services for all who just ask. I enjoy interacting with everyone and if you leave a comment which leaves your name and site. I will visit your site and recommend any article that has usable information to the masses. Looking forward in reading some interesting ideas from you.

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