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There Should Not Be Just Seasons Of Giving

sesons of giving 1

There should not be just seasons of giving. I found all year long. People who have touched and been a great part of my growth. Not limited to just personal, growth. Worth sharing my gratitude for the part they played.


Many will feel that giving should be a two way things. About 94% of people. Will only give when they believe of gaining something to increase a part of their life. Be it work related or personal.

truth giving 2


That is not valued as giving. Truth be told on giving. I learned the more you give without having a hidden agenda. The more your life changes without effort. Things just get easier. You whole being is made alive. It feels, for the first time. You taste things, differently. Value, is on every minute of the day. Being thankful, for just being able to open your eyes. The things, once not even thought about. Now, are valued and expression of total gratitude, is overwhelming. Actually, changes your perception, on everything.


What if everyone could stop doing what is needed for living. Keeping food in your stomach. How about a roof over your head. Heck, if you have children, even more. Clothes on your back. Water to drink. Those are the only core needs a human, must have to survive. The rest is just self-need. In other words, Felt-Needs.

open 3

So, take a look at a video that will have you in tears and also. Open up your heart to the highest level. You will not be able to forget this video in a lifetime. Only people who are selfish and self-centered. Those who only focus in on money, money and nothing else matters. They keep telling themselves. If I have all this money. Nothing can stop me from buying, this or that. I can do anything I want. I will never have to work for anyone, ever. More focused on them and no one else. Those people, will never understand what it means to serve others from your heart. Not having an agenda for giving. Not expecting anything for giving. That is when life will change.


Take a look and the second one is for those who are under 40 years of age. Make a difference in someone else's life. Look for one selfless act of kindness activity, daily. I tell you now, your whole life is about to change. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


Everyone can enjoy and appreciate this video.


Under 40 people, shout out!


If you have enjoyed and were moved by those two videos. Then, would like to share your gratitude to those in your life and those who have touched your life. Just start here!

listen to your heart end

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Sometimes, We Must Start Over

Yes, that is what I have finally come to terms with. Lots of people are walked through their daily challenges. We provide that free support. Yet, everyone seems to be focused on the wrong things? 

4 your choice

When we get lost, the one thing to do is to start over. Just say to your self "I will start from the beginning". Then, write your plan as you develop a solid foundation. It is simple when you have passionate people supporting your growth. No one can accomplish anything worth while, alone.

Think about what is the first thing that must be reviewed? It can only be one choice, your core passion. Do not think about money money that is just greed. The only thing that will happen, is you will be self-centered and miss the way. The only thing you will be doing consistent. Is wasting money and chasing money. That will have you in the same situation over and over again, broke.

How, about using a good choice to seek help from those who have no agenda. Those who love to serve others and do not want anything for their support. Except, gratitude. That is how the real world operates. No pitching and believing massive mailings will accomplish your goal. No, it only turns vast number of people away from you.

Your focus in developing selfless activities that share gratitude toward those who effect your life. Celebrate everyone's milestones each day. Give real edification every change you get. Look each day, for just one person to sow goodness. May it be just listening to them share what is it they feel is a challenge. You can easily find a solution by listening and allowing them to finish. Then, together allow them a chance to brainstorm with you on that one solution. It works each and every time.


Those who manage to grow in knowledge, are the ones willing to sacrifice now. To accomplish greater things to come. It is not easy and only will be challenging. Just remember with the basic needs. Water, clothing, shelter and food. Nothing else is a real need. Everything else is a felt-need. A desire and that will come to pass as you mature in self-discipline.

Now, I am going to walk everyone through how to accomplish what ever you have visioned. That is ethical and legal. It works and always have from the beginning of time. Just have to have hope. That is one key.

Peace of Gof

Thank you for supporting this site, all these years. Those who just arrived. Things are going to only get better. Interaction is a must when you decide to make things happen. Get all negative things and people out of your environment. More on other activity that will benefit you mentally, physically and financially. We believe in doing and not just talking. So, you can follow me as I develop a brand new revenue source. We all need three or four to meet the high demands of life. It is easy once you do it once. The way to think about it. The one who can resolve others challenges. The one who can put themselves last. The one who can naturally serve others in ways and actions. That person will grow and never stop. Their life will change for the better and all they did is let go. Stop focusing on money? That is the problem for so many and it is growing more each day. People have begun believing in movies as being real. Wanting unrealistic lifestyles that are not really existing nor have. Do not believe all the hype you see or read. I will walk you through truth and you will enjoy the first day.


Next time we will gather you feelings from feed back. Then, walk through foundation building. You cannot live without a solid foundation. Never settle for where you are now. Always, seek more by giving more to others. That is how easy it is. It becomes naturally without any effort. Just let go and stop getting in the way of your direction. Be satisfied with being alive and then learn more to grow more.


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An Awakening!


As I reviewed, my prior experience, with interaction. I noticed a pattern of follow-up. The way we all were instructed. Seeing, if there was additional information needed. We keep saying "Follow-Up" is needed. Until that person can or will be satisfied. Enough to accept our offer, product or program. That was, the wrong mentality and actions.

Think about this. Would you like someone to treat you, as just a number? Well, most people who believe others, are making a fortune with selling someone else product, program or others. Would be mistaken and I will walk you through, how it really is done. Now, there are rare times , when someone is offering their products or services, with you in mind. Yes, it will enhance your lifestyle and help with relationships. Yet, only if you are willing to evaluate their perception. Take your time, to see how and if it will help your situation, at all?



Those of us, who have been in an industry for over 30 years. We understand, that you have choices and that is what we look at. When our first contact, is made. Now, I would just listen to you share. How, you got to where you are. Finding a common passion, we share, such as serving others. Then, help you focus on finding, your one core passion. You will know, by the feeling of it being an activity that  makes the hairs on the back of your neck, stand! It is that one activity, which you feel, compelled to share, with whom ever. You just need, to find a way to make it payout, right?

That is why, if one thing you can learn today. Get many advisers. Then, meditate on what they share. Which, will only their perception.  So, the bottom line. You will have to make a choice. Only, after you have seen all options. To make your core passion sharing, payout. Keep it this simple, and you will be able to accomplish it. Sharing your perceptions, is the goal. Try not to focus on what others have. This is not a competition. There is enough room, for each person on earth. There is and never will be, a shortage of solutions.


I will always, be around for support. There are those of us, who live to serve, at no price. We love giving free support, in all areas of enhancing one's lifestyle. Finding some of us, is a seeking. I would advise you to accomplish.


Thank you, all for supporting our blog, here. Lots of older articles were left off, from the original blog content. I do apologize. I will look back and see if I would bring some updates, to topics that were presented. In the meantime, you may want to take a look. At how, you got to where you are now? Then, be real about what your core passion is. Which can, serve others. Leave yourself, out of the thought process. If you find a thing that others need, want and desire in their lives. You have found your own way. To serve and enjoy doing it. It will be all based on your own core passion, being shared. Solving daily challenges, with what you can present. That is the way, we do it right.






Let Another Take Center Stage?

The first time I opened my eyes this week and started to challenge myself to really just listen to each person who connects with me daily. I never put so much focus on such a task and thought this will be easy. Yet, never giving it thought when it was for a job requirement. Now, that I am my own boss it should be the same, right?


The joke was on me for I found most people only want to hear themselves talk. When we are on a subject of review for someone reaching out for help in an area in their lives they find overwhelming alone. The people I have chosen to help me with this case was the wrong choice. I did not know more people who are of a giving nature and one’s who are out to support people who ask for help at never a cost. They are the ones of our communities that will listen yet always stop your sharing and compare your experience with one of their own? Hey, I thought this was about listening and then resolving others situations. This amazed me as I am the one who had to catch this. So, I wanted to experience if this also happens with people I am not consulting and maybe  other professionals who seems nice.

I went to the best place I could think about and still most of the people want to be heard and never stop. I looked back at the comments left not only on my “Clean Blog” yet 100s of others and it was the same thing. People now just want to feel involved to hear themselves talk it was really freaking me out. I looked and read the same articles and comment based on what it made me feel their core message was based on my insight. I did not share something that happened to me which always throws readers of the purpose of their visit to someone else blog, to interact with the writer.


It was not my imagination and I found the same people do it over and over again. I do not know how to classify this found fault with some of our professionals out here. Example, I love to give people a chance to tell me about their services and products for my profile I have built of them. That is so my company can refer people in need when they need them, to the right person. Well sharing this is a great thing for me and I feel making huge leaps forward in getting people real help. I read so much and learn people can not wait to standby and jump into the middle of your conversation just to change the focus on non-related situations of themselves. It is not even that they realize they are doing this. I bring it up now without feeling emotional about it. They feel injured in someway yet a valued lesson is learned. If you are going to act like you care just stop focusing on you and leave your stuff out of the equations. Please, give the people a chance to share without you taking their time away with one of your stories. They have the stage at this time is what I tell people now and make a joke about it so I do not lose another friend based on their emotional hangups.

The reasoning behind this habit of 67% of our race is lack of attention and feeling of being needed, loved. Most people feel they are not appreciated so every chance they have they must be the center of attraction. Not realizing the ones who support others and do not take honors are the ones who are truly blessed and highly favored.


Do not allow others to know what you are doing for supporting other like giving donations. Why bost so you can claim some fake gloriory? Allow others the chance of being on center stage when you claim you have made it to a level that you live to give.


Thank you for your continued support by arriving at our site and interacting with each subject. Yes, share your feeling of what seems to be the core message to you. Each article has many messages and has been written by one writer. He believes that you will find one that will relate to a real life situation that needs to be spoken on. It does help to feel that you are not the only one who has been through situations. Thank you and return soon.


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To Create Great Coaches, Mentors, Teachers, And Visionaries.

In order to create great coaches, mentors, teachers and visionaries in our industry. We must build real relationships, with all we connect with. They come to us as great leaders, to achieve what they determined as success.

It is our obligation to listen. Keeping ourselves out of the equation. Focusing only on what they share, as their success. Then as visionaries, we must coach them daily if needed. To establish steps to complete the end result, success as they determined.

Once we have accomplished that higher level, with them reaching their goal. We then have empowered, a deep burning passion for personal development. Take all that energy, and mentor them with their personal growth. It's not a race, and that is what we as teachers must instill.

Now, we have reached the highest level of achievement. It is time to edify them daily, and watch them transform into great mentors, coaches, leader and visionaries in our business. That is the cycle of duplication.

We are the product, and the success being achieved by others, is the process leading to duplication. That is our service of support, and this shows character. Truly serving others with a servant's heart...

Now this is priceless, which develops lifetime friendships, and clients. You are the great leader, mentor, coach and visionary. You must give first to all, and expect nothing in return. That is being supportive with passion. What you give will be returned....

This is priceless, and very much needed in our business. More great coaches and mentors developing a true duplication process! Priceless...

Thank you for your time and interest. Please, would you be so kind as to leave a comment, that will help all gain more clarity on our subject. Thank you again!

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Being Passionate About Your Dreams

We must visualize, and set goals based on that dream. All will manifest once you have master that skill of visualization. That is what I have lived by for over thirty-years. I believe in you and the power of your mind. No limitation exist…

Dreaming is something we may have gotten out of practice, with all the daily activities. Being a responsible person, per say. Has sent us in a downward pattern of routine. False, reality that has been instilled in us, by our so called higher education institutions. Blocked our passion to dream. That with ridicule from love ones. Don’t be a dreamer, and get your head out the clouds. WOW! If people would only be supportive…

If we go back to our child hood. Really close those eyes, and visualize your first bike. How about, that first soft ice cream, from the truck that you had to always run so fast for. Once you made it stop, with all your friends. No one could talk for awhile, without taking many breaks for being out of breath. Well, anything you wanted you utilize “The Skill” to master.

Visualization, once put in to daily practice, based on what your desires, dream and success as you determined. Will manifest all things, into being. It works, and I am living proof.
You will not have to waste time on how. That is not your job. Just see it in your mind. Write down, you will achieve this or that by such a date. Then live as though it is already here! That is the power you have had and forgot to continue using it. Your only limited is in your mind. Change now!

The more you support others and share that love. The more you will be closer in each step of success, as you determined. Always using due diligence, in every decision is required.
If you focus on supporting others. Really helping them live their dreams, by mentoring them to be successful. That is success based on what they have determined it to be. Then edify them daily, will resonate a burning passion within, for personal growth. Now, coach them through each step to achieve their success. Mentoring them all the way of living their dreams. No doubts and all empowerment!

I feel, this is much needed. Your style of support will show, by your passionate determination you have, in really supporting others. Helping others achieve greatness, as they see it. Your a passionate mentor, coach, teacher and visionary. A great leader in our industry. I for one, would appreciate the empowerment you give to others. Duplicating yourself to create, ethical new leader in our business. This is simplicity at it’s best!

I look forward to sharing another encouraging article. Please, leave a comment to support our readers and I.

I am in debited to you. Please, continue to empower all our readers. By supplying content on the subject presented. This was a wonderful experience…

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Understanding Your Business Choices

Being passionate in what you do is key. The products in MLM that one must purchase monthly is tricky. You must understand the needs of the masses instead of your love of a product, some company is requiring you to purchase on a monthly basis, to qualify for a little revenue of return. Yet, you must load up on things of no practical continued usage to you. That is when you realize that $49.95 per month auto-payment is just not worth it. To late on getting back your money and apologies required to all your family, friends. What a joke!

That is why, I believe in mentoring, coaching and leading others in being successful as each determines, what success to them is. That is a real HBB and can be very profitable. It is not about selling products. It is about developing real relationships and empowering others to have that burning desire for personal growth.

You are the product, period. You build relationships with those people who have common desires. Your going to be with them the rest of your life. This is a key fact in developing a real relationship. Then you are mentoring each person and helping them reach each daily step, to accomplish great levels of achievement. They then become a duplication of you! You then start with more people repeating the process.

You may ask, how can you be creating revenue, if your only building lifetime relationships. Hey, anyone who supports me and helps me achieve personal growth. They are the ones who I will purchase things during my lifetime. It is that simple. They also are visionaries who lead you to understanding and personal development. They also, solve daily problems, you have been expressing to them.

You must give first and then help others. Put yourself out of the equation as me, me. Focus on empowering others in personal development. Then coaching, mentoring them, with edification daily. Leading them to resolve all issues based on you being a great visionary. Never selling anything except yourself, as a true hands on supporter.

You now are in the position to listen and teach others, how to master a skill of visualization. They have no limits except in their minds. Show them how to live their dreams on a daily basis. Hey, I love to travel the globe helping people understand, they can achieve everything their hearts desire. The only thing standing in their way is limited thinking. I teach them how to visualize, which manifest things they desire. They tell me what is success as they determine. I mentor and empower them to the point of intense desire, burning within. They are so empowered for personal development, and duplication of being mentors, coaches, leaders and a visionary in our industry.

Helping others with a servant's heart. Giving them their dreams and showing them real support, all the way to success as they determined. It is so amazing, all the stories of success I have received. You will always love what you choose to become. A great mentor, coach, leader and visionary in your own HBB.

That is priceless!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing. I look forward to comments which will support a clear understanding for our readers. I look forward to your return for more insightful articles, being created to help empower and teach .

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The Biggest Obstacles And Challenges For People In Our Industry?

To understand what having a HBB, is all about. Everyone seems confused with what is really going on, in our industry. It's not about, who you know or product. That is why, all are struggling to make anything work. Bouncing around all over the place. Calm and peace is needed today!

I agree, develop real relationships with everyone, you connect with. You are the product...just understand that. No one is joining any opportunity or purchasing product, based on them liking a company. Just get to the bottom line here!

OK, you are the product. You must have a burning desire, within for personal growth. Then manifest all that power, to really support others. Energize them, and edify them daily. It’s about finding out what anyone, mother, sister and all the unlimited people, desire and dream about. Build those real relationships, and listen to what everyone is saying. Stop with the sells pitches, they never work. That is a big problem. Very view of our great mentors, coaches, and leaders. Instill support daily, to everyone in their business. You must listen to everyone, and stop focusing on you! It's about the other person growing personally. Learning how to duplication you!

You are a great leader and visionary. Get to know what their determination, of success is. Then focus on a plan, that has daily activity for them to reach that success. Coach them in personal development, by referring books, and getting them involved in mastermind groups. This is a fantastic way to duplication support. Now, you have build a real lifetime relationship, that they are truly friends and clients. You are the great problem solver. Now you develop another person. That is the cycle of things being simple. It's not a race. This is a real business, that if built correctly, on solid foundation. It will last more than your lifetime.

Gain everyone's respect and confidence by really being involved in their lives. Support them daily with edification, and other methods. Then, teaching them how to utilize the Visualization method. This will harness, all their energy to manifest, unlimited achievements. Now that is Simplicity!

The Biggest obstacles are ourselves, with taking the focus off of self. Then applying it to others for their success. Challenges are understanding that we are the only products. People join People not opportunities. People purchase products from those who excite them. Who have a track record of supporting them in life. Those who edify them and not pointing out negative things about them. Those who only focus, has been on their success, as they determined it. Also, helps them develop their personal growth.

In closing, get involved with everyone in building a real relationship. Motivate them as the great mentors and coaches, as you are. Then duplicate yourself within them. Manifest unlimited energy, in all your actions and conversations. This excites everyone and they will want to follow you no matter where. They will purchase a roll of toilet paper from you. No matter how much more it cost them. It's about making people understand their value. No limits exist, and they are shown that.

Please, leave a comment to help all who are making an attempt, to become leaders in our business.

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The Real Support for Home Base Business, MLM, Networking, Free

I am amazed at all the years I have been in business, to conclude that ethical, honest support by those who attempt to get me to join there business, may not exist. I mean, we all need the number one solution to success on the internet, fresh real opt-in leads at no cost!

I must have been involved for over 27 years, in this business, and never been with a group, product or membership. That has a successful record, which more than 10% of the members, are really making any income. Until, I have had the pleasure, no the honor, of meeting real people, who's only focus is for the individual growth of each member. Not looking to have hundreds of people join, what ever project they are in at the moment. (This only creates people joining to leave quickly, and that is a hugh problem, with all internet businesses) But, with all ethical actions, and the human touch, they get to know each person they are responsible for, thus, making successful transactions, of growth.

These are the unique people, that one needs to be involved with, in order to really accomplish the true meaning, of networking success. They are not selling anything, and continue to remain in contact from day one. When you need them, they are always one minute away, with unlimited resources, to resolve all delays in your growth. This is a moral way of doing business, which is rare these day. You must admit, that now people are jumping in, and out of everything, that sounds good. Their way is lost, and the hard earned income, reduces quickly.

I have come to the conclusion, that for real support and growth, to accomplish what we all are here to do, succeed! We need to remain focus, on one ideal at a time, and have a real human support system to gain consistent growth.

If you think that your going to make thousands of dollars a month in a real ethical networking business, you are only going to loose thousands of dollars, that you can't afford. Once you treat your business as a business. You will have no problems understanding that growth takes time and we need to budget for that.

To get involved in this business knowing it takes time, and no, you will not make millions of dollars your first three years or more. You will develop, the unique ethical actions, it takes to make your dreams, of a solid financial foundation, become reality! You will, accomplish a continued stream of income, from a source. Which is setup, to have multiple sources, that produce revenue from different locations. All being done from one location. This is one of the keys, to being successful, with our business on the internet. Yet, a few of us will ever let the 97% know this, that is to keep everyone else spending or wasting money on books, potions, pills and other useless products.

Delayed gratification, is another key to being successful. One dollar per person a month is more than enough revenue, that is if it was continuous with no ending! That will give you an ideal of what is to be expected in this real world.

If you are only required to learn about marketing, and the company, while income was being created for you, at no cost ever! Would not this be worth growing, at a pace that is sturdy, without end? I believe, being involved in helping others be successful, has made my life change for the better. No cost and no more catches. I get sick of monthly payments, for no real product and no growth.

Yes, it is proven that one must invest in a business, in order to be successful. Yet, why not that investment be education, and the support team, pays that monthly payment? Until the point, of your business, has no required monthly payment? I mean, this is what someone stating, "Join Us" we will give you real support, and grow your business, should result in, right?

Hay, everyone who wants to have people trust them in getting involved, with their projects, should be willing to offset the cost. I would want to join a group, that offsets, the regular monthly cost. While I learn the business, and they grow my membership, to the point when, no monthly cost would be required! WOW, now that is a real offer. I believe no one would ever have to think about joining!

That is it in a nutshell, of the "Real Support" and we all will be looking for such an offer coming to us. These economical times demand such a bold offer. Hay, think about it, someone would show their business is real, and be willing to put their money where their mouth is, to say. I would believe that person believes in that business, and has profited from it, to the point they are willing to support me 100% with spending their money monthly, until my own business, has grown to a solid financial foundation, without a monthly payment due!

What do you think of this? A "Real Support"


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