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Lost Connection, Check Your Email

Crazy Right?

So, I have reviewed mountains of articles and found that more than 87% have no comments = no life. Yes, we can write a new article like those challenging themselves, daily. So, what does that get you if it is just topics that has not meaning to anyone except yourself, none!

Take it like this. We, write to have others share their experiences with the topic. No two people will ever have the same experience, no matter going through the same motions. We, are made like that. So, why would anyone comment on your blog? You must read theirs and add enhancement on their subject. Something from your own experiences on what they are sharing. Hard? No, if you really choose one of their articles that has meaning in your life. Not, just the newest article on their site.

Simple, yes if you take it seriously. Not to have self promotion on something that you are marketing? No, all of us do not like to read an article that is just hype on something that makes you money. You must give something to people of value. How, just being real and only sharing what you have accomplished based on experience. No one is every going to be perfect.  Stay positive and honest. Share stories in your own way that shows your audience how through perseverance you have the end result with adjusting your original plan of action.

Here, notice how just reading three articles from those who visit my site. I have those three people, share their experiences on the topic of my article. That keeps my site alive, yes!

Think of it like this. Talking to yourself, as I do often. Can only have you agree with yourself. Yet, speaking and sharing with others, not at them. Gives you so much insight with clarity. You can resolve current confusion in your life. Sharing, your overcomings. That is selfless, based on helping those who may be going through what you have found, finally complete. No, there is never one way to have the same end results. You do not have to agree with someones conclusion in their article. Yet, share the positive highlights you agree with the end result based on your steps. That is how we interact on each others sites. That is the lifeblood which keeps your site alive.

Respect and transparency are all that is required. Being yourself, and choose to share your insight. Stop quoting people who are dead, those who have no clue who you are. Stop using their historical quotes. How, are we going to learn about you as a authority figure in your area of experience. When, you cannot have the courage to make a statement and hold your head high. You do not have to then, quote people who are historical. As saying " Look xyz, agrees with my way of doing this". That shows all of us you lack confidence and the ability to say yes means yes and my no means just that no. Take it as me being an authority on the subject matter I share.  We, would respect you more and when shared with our readers. You will gather more support of being a real authority on xyz.

Hey, just get involved and stand by what you share. That is the total meaning of my article. Share and be honest. Also, show respect and support those who leave a mark of clarity on your site. It is always wise to learn each day than to be a person who only self promotes. 


If you found yourself here. Just sharing your insight on this or any article. I appreciate each of you .When, you need to have real support through daily obstacles in your life. Be it personal or business. Reach out to me and we, will move mountains. I do not charge for free support. My way of completing my "Selfless Act of Kindness" daily. It helps keep my life balance and feels so good to do something for others without accepting anything in return. Try it and your life will enhance in every area.




Making People Aware Of Your Offer

Just Don’t Get It

So, why are so many people who are just trying to give the public a service/product for use. Never able to keep people as consistent clients/customers. Who, get enthusiastic about what you have to offer. To the point, of becoming your own army of getting the word out. The best method of marketing is? “Word of Mouth”.

We, searched so many blogs/sites with real usable information. Not, the average ridiculous ads on each section. Your eyes get tired trying to find a worthy article through the maze. That is all that stuff is. Over rated stuff for sale. No meat & potatoes, as I call it.


Consider, finally locating a place that only edifies wisdom of usage. Sharing vs Selling you hype. Showing you how to walk through challenges of real time. Not online methods of marketing and the edge tools to help rank number on on some search engine. That is just stuff and has nothing to do with me as a person?

Let us try to gain real advice. The people who have accomplish just a piece of my vision of my future. I will ask one person at a time. To share a piece of what I see needed to move through the next milestone. That is called real usable information.


The way to accomplish all of this. Interactions through “Old School Methods”. Wait for it, just open your mouth on a phone, in person. Go out and be alive away from the computer. You must take each day as a chance to discover adventure in every activity of the day. Open you mind, to no limits. Search to complete just one “Selfless Act of Kindness” without an agenda. No pay no stuff. Just doing for someone as a kind act.

Benefit, is you meet someone new in face, everyday. You will get outside with fresh air and live for once. Leave your computer home. Use your common sense and pen with paper. Have cards to give to those you can help at some other time. If you give first and freely. Watch how you whole life will change. Your business or job will enhance.

If you decide you would love to learn more and be a part of something greater than self. Reach out to me below. I am a real live person. I have no tools, gadgets and lotions to sell.  I willingly give my time and experience to support you through challenges.  

1) Foundation
2) Awareness
3) Service


You want to really make a difference. Ask anyone if they are living their legacy? Well, I have for over 30 years and continue to. That is the difference between living through the word and playing as a business owner. You still have a W2 then, stop thinking you're an entrepreneur. Wake up and contact me today!

Being over enthusiastic is my flaw in life. Yet, each moment is alive for me. I create amazing memories which only inspire others. What can you say?

Thank you for arriving and I hope you share you insight to this information. I live to learn and your interaction is the lifeblood of this blog.